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Follow the dark path or use the light

Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose

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Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose

Second Miltia City A

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You'll regain control of Ziggy at the Spaceport. Head down a bit for a save point, so save your game if you want. There really isn't much to see here, but you can check out the monitor to the right of this area, for some information. When you're done, proceed south to leave.

After that cut-scene, you'll have control of Jr. at the warehouse. Save your game, defeat the enemy and climb the stairs. Blast the crates here, and head out the door to your right. From here, head west down the stairs and blow up the box for Skill Upgrade A (x5). Go back, then east down the other stairs to the next area.

Keep heading north and blow up the gate at the end. Let the water take you to the area below. Climb the ladder and go north. Blast through the boxes, (the second one has an Antidote L inside.) follow the path and climb the ladder to the next area. There will be a short cut-scene.

When you reagin control, blast through the door and keep following the path until you reach the next area. The containers along the way has an Ether Pack S and Revive S (x2). Head south and a giant robot (Executus Sagitta) will chase you. Keep running until it catches up, then defeat it. After that battle, move on and climb the stairs to proceed.

Here, soldiers will drop from a helicopter to engage you, so once again, defeat them. Once done, run ahead then turn right when you see an opening. Destroy the table for Revive S (x2). Go back out and move on, take a right at the end, and blast the wall. Save your game. Ride the elevator up to the next area.

Note: Coming in contact with the moving fence will trigger battles. So I recommend that you fight a bit here to gain a few levels. Not to mention there's a save point nearby, so just touch it to heal.

Climb down the stairs and head west. Destroy the boxes -- one of the large crates contains Bio Sphere (x2). Move on a bit and you'll be ambushed by a mini boss.

Boss Battle - 0-88 Libra

This is another easy fight. Your party should consist of: Jr., MOMO, and "whoever". (preferably one that has learned curative ethers, and Thunder Sword) Once the battle begins, stock both Jr. and MOMO to full, then have your third character cast "Thunder Sword" on both of them. Just attack with the O circle button afterwards, while boosting whenever possible -- to take full advantage of the "break" effect.


Head north, get on the crane and blast it. Climb the ladder just a little bit east of your current position, in front. Go across the makeshift bridge to the next area. Just keep going forward, blasting obstacles, and defeating enemies. You'll reach the area with a save point, so of course make use of it. Proceed through the left door. Climb all those flights of stairs (while being chased down by mechs) and, exit through the door up north when you reach the top. Some more cut-scenes, then another boss fight.

Boss Battle - Scutum & Pilum

Once again, I recommend having both Jr. and MOMO in your party, mainly because of the Pierce Attribute in their attacks. As for the third character, someone that has curative ethers and Thunder or Aura Sword. Stock up both of your attackers (Jr. and MOMO) to full, and your final party member cast Thunder Sword on both of them. Also having Jr. cast Attacker on himself should help you end this fight even quicker. Unleash combos when the "Critical" Event Slot is shown.

Richard (Pilum) attacks with Impulsion -- which causes L Weak (Physical Defense Down) most of the time. It's not that powerful, but L Weak will leave you very vulnerable to Hermann's (Scutum) offensives. So just use Refresh L to remove the status. Scutum's attacks are also quite weak, except Sentenza so watch out for that.
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