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Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Leave the room and access the save point to your left. Continue northeast into the next room. Here, proceed south to the communications room, then talk to Allen to get the sedatives. Go back to Shion's room. examine the bed up ahead. When you regain control make your way back to the communications room, for yet another cut-scene. Save your game outside Shion's room and head west through the door. Take the elevator down to the lower area.

Follow the path and go through 2 doors, defeating the mechs along the way. You'll eventually get to a large room. From here, go east and blow up the crates for Ether Pack S (x2). Head right a little further, blasting some more boxes to get a Med Kit L. Proceed into the Storage Room by heading south.

Inside, shoot the wall to the left several times to blow it up. Open the treasure chest at the other side to get Decoder 18. Head back out and blast the crates for a Med Kit M and Rejuvenator DX. Go up the ladder at the right wall. At the top, go west, examine the switch, and press it. This should destroy the truck below; thus giving you access to a new room. Go back down and return to the previous area.

Go northeast and save your game. Enter the room next to the save point. You'll be at a long hallway with 8 rooms marked "A-I". Proceed to room "A" and blast the boxes to reveal Segment Address #7. Return to the previous area. Now go through the other room a little further left. Destroy the crates in here to get an Ether Pack M. Blast the bridge support and head up the now collapsed bridge. From here go south, blast the box at the end for Bio Sphere (x2). Continue north into the next room.

Your goal here is, to create a bridge to get to the other side. But first head down the ladder and blast the crates to find Segment Address #1 at the back. (If you did GS Quest #5, you should have the decoder for this door by now. The treasure inside is Secret Key 8.) Leave the room, then come back to reset the boxes. Start constructing your makeshift bridge:

- First destroy the crate directly ahead.
- Destroy 3 boxes to your left.
- Destroy 3 boxes directly left of where you are.
- Blast 2 of the boxes south of your current position.
- Go down the ladder. Blow up the box to the left of the black crate.
- Blast the next 2 boxes behind the one you just destroyed.
- Destroy the solitary box to to your left, and 1 of the boxes behind it.
- Go left and destroy all the boxes directly ahead, Ignoring the 4 boxes stacked atop each other.
- Destroy the single crate to your left. Head back up the ladder & go across your incomplete bridge.
- Destroy the solitary crate in front of you.
- And finally, destroy both crates to your left.

Continue south into the next room. Keep going south and up the stairs to the next area. You'll now be at the upper section of the "Dock". Head east for a short cut-scene. When you regain control, press the switch to activate the elevator. Ride it down, save, then ride it back up. Go north through the door.

There will be lots of conveyor belts here. Just move along the belts, and drop into the hole marked "#4". Head down the stairs to the next area. Here, blast both crates and keep going up. The crate blocking the stairs contains Skill Upgrade C (x2). Enter the door at the top. Continue east to the next room. There's a huge water tank in here.

Destroy 3 of the support crates under the panel (starting from left). Climb the stairs and step at the top-left corner of the platform, to make it tilt. Then head to the bottom-right corner of the platform, to destroy the crate underneath. A treasure chest will float out from it. Go back to the top-left corner, to tilt the platform once more. Open the chest to get Decoder 15. Proceed southeast to get on the catwalk, and continue south through the door.

Save your game. Proceed north, running against the strong air current. Go along the center of the path, and use the elevator platform up ahead to block some of the wind. Run a bit right up to it, and quickly go right behind the glass pane. Press the switch to turn off the fan. Climb the ladder at the upper-left section of the platform. Take the elevator up to the next area.

After the short-cutscene, beat the crap out of both mechs that dared to stop you. (So much for the boss music ^^) Go through the small door up ahead. In the next room, head up a bit for some long cut-scenes.
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