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Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Save your game. Continue west around the corner, and take a left at the fork. Move along the path, destroy the boxes at the end for Med Kit S (x2). Descend the stairs, defeat the mech blocking your way. After that, proceed north up the ladder to the left. Here, blast the wall right next to you, defeat that mech, and open the treasure chest containing Secret Key 13 at the back.

Head back south around the corner and press the switch, to open the flood gate below. Make your way back to the very first split path of this dungeon, climb down the stairs to the left, and follow the path to the next screen. In this room, you'll have to adjust the water level, so that it will be equal to 0. Press the buttons in this order: CENTER (#6) -- TOP (#5) -- BOTTOM (#2) -- CENTER (#6) -- BOTTOM (#2). Once done, head left and go along the path; climb the ladder up to proceed to the next room.

Follow the path, climb down the ladder, then head south and climb another ladder to the top. Continue north through the door for a cut-scene. When you regain control, exit through the north door. You'll be in a large room, with lots of splits. For now go east, follow the path, while blasting through the cobwebs. You'll come across some boxes here; destroy them to get Skill Upgrade A (x5). At the next split, head north. You'll eventually reach a path with 3 splits. Now head north towards the end of the path. Blow up the boxes for Antidote H.(x2). Segment Address #5 is here as well. Get Secret Key 20 inside.

Go back to the fork, and this time go west down the stairs. Keep going forward, blasting through some more cobwebs and into the door at the end. Go forward a bit and save then, head east down the stairs. Get on the train to proceed to the next sector of Labyrinthos.

From here, go west along the path and, blast the boxes to get a Med Kit S. Head back and head north through the door. Here, make your way to the north-most part of the area, save and defeat the mech, to get the chest with Decoder 5 behind it. After that, go around the path heading south. Take the passage next to the entrance, to the next room.

There will be lots of boxes here. Just head for the top-rightmost part of the area to find your exit, behind a set of boxes. You'll also get the following items around here: Antidote L, Med Kit M, Rejuvenator DX.

In the next room, you'll be faced with another puzzle. What you have to do here is hit the cylinders, to rotate the the cross-beams along with the walls below. You'll have to open a path to the door located northwest in order to proceed. Note that this solution solves the puzzle in one go, meaning you don't need to leave the room to reset the walls and cross-beams. The pair of cylinders at the top will be labeled #1 and #2, the one at the center is #3 and the pair at the bottom will be #4 and #5.

  • First to open a path to the treasure chest at the right side containing a Boost Max: Hit cylinder #5 ONCE; cylinder #2 THRICE; cylinder #4 THRICE; & cylinder #3 ONCE.

  • To open a path to the left treasure chest, which contains Class Upgrade B (x6): Hit cylinder #3 THRICE; cylinder #4 TWICE; cylinder #2 TWICE; then cylinder #3 THRICE.

  • And finally, to open a path leading to the exit: Hit cylinder #1 ONCE; cylinder #3 ONCE; cylinder #4 TWICE; & cylinder #3 ONCE.

  • Proceed through the door, and continue south to the next screen. You'll be at the upper section of the main room. Head southwest and press the switch to activate the elevator. Ride it down to the lower area and save. Go around the path heading south, exit through one of the passages into another room. Continue west up the stairs, head south and blow up the boxes for a Boost Max. Go back north up the stairs to the left, and press the switch. Proceed back down, go southwest along the newly opened path. At the split, head north, then west at the next one. Open the treasure chest for a Rejuvenator E.

    Back-track southeast and press the switch to lower the divider; thus forming a makeshift bridge. Now go back to the beginning of the area, climb the stairs and press the switch. From here head south, take a left, then north. (Press the switch along the way.) Follow the path, blast the boxes at the end for a Bio Sphere. Press the switch. Go south down the stairs, then move along the path northeast. Proceed through the door to the next area.

    Another puzzle that requires you to form a bridge, out of the blocks to get to the other side.

    _ _ _ _ _
    |_|_|_|_|_| * To get the treasure chest at the left side, containing Skill Upgrade B (x6)
    |1|2|_|_|_| * Push PILE #1 NORTH; Push PILE #2 SOUTH;
    |_|_|_|_|3| * Push PILE #4 NORTH and finally, push PILE #5 SOUTH.
    |_|4|5|_|_| * Reset the blocks & head for the exit: Push PILE #3 NORTH;
    |6|_|_|_|_| * Push PILE #6 SOUTH; Push PILE #4 SOUTH;
    |_|_|_|_|_| * Then push PILE #5 NORTH.

    Outside, continue southeast to the next screen. From here head southeast once more, and press the switch to activate the elevator. Ride it down, then save your game. Take the elevator platform at the center of the room, down to the lower level. Continue through the door. In this room, head west along the path and ride the elevator up. Press the switch on the yellow console to raise the giant partition below. Now go back down via the elevator. Go around the path to the back, and press the switch. Go up once more, press the switch on the yellow console again. This will bring the partition back down, giving you access to the newly unlocked

    From your current position, head east then down the stairs. Continue southwest into the large door for some cut-scenes. When you regain control, press the red button to unlock the door labeled "B" outside. Leave the room. Here climb the stairs to the right. Press the button on the yellow console again, then the elevator switch not far from it. Take the platform down. Continue north through the door. You'll find yet another elevator, so ride it down to the isolation area.

    Save your game. Shoot the objects on both sides to get an Antidote H and a Bio Sphere. Proceed north through several layers of doors, while defeating enemies along the way. (I recommend that you save after each battle) Watch some more cut-scenes, and of course a boss fight follows.

    Boss Battle - Margulis

    I must say that this battle is neither easy nor hard. The only reason I got a game over was because of me having too much fun stealing Awakening IIIs from his shadows. Most of Margulis' attacks are fire elemental, so equipping Flame Coat on your characters will help in damage reduction. Hammer Coat is also recommended, since he has a pretty nasty strike-type attack, that hits all your characters. My party consisted of MOMO, Jr. and Jin.

    Do the usual -- stock up your characters to full, boost and unleash combos.I found that Air is a lot more effective than down, so use either Jin or KOS-MOS for this. I recommend that you start using combos with Margulis' back facing Jr. (To utilize the additional damage from "Back Hit") Casting Attacker on your characters will also help. Boost your characters in this order when using combos: Jr. (Triangle-Square) -> Jin (Triangle-[]-O-O-O) -> Jr. (O-O-O) -> MOMO (O-O-O).

    Attacking the shadow will make it absorb HP from the real Margulis. I recommend that you do this once in a while, since the shadow has weaker physical defense -- you deal more damage, thus the shadow absorbs more HP from the real one. Once you deal enough damage, the countdown for H-Stop begins. Be sure to defeat him before he gets a chance to use it, otherwise it's game over.

    This guy has Last Revenge equipped, so he'll survive with 1 HP and boost. Finish him off with Jin when that happens.


    Some lengthy cut-scenes follow. You'll eventually regin control at the Durandal. At this point, GS campaign # 14, 16, 18, 20, 26, 30, & 35 will be available. Complete them if you like. Once you're ready, proceed to the Elsa and talk to captain Matthews, and head for the Omega System.

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