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Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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When you load the Clear Data, you'll once again be aboard the Elsa, with the Professor waiting for you. Once you regain control after all those dialogues, head for the Lab in Second Miltia. Talk to the Other Professor and he'll give you the Sequencer B. Now go to Ormus Stronghold via the U.M.N. Use the item you just received to activate the Forbidden Device there.

Save your game. Shoot the whirlpool next to the save point to reveal a treasure chest containing a G Ether PD Guard. Then shoot the other whirlpool directly ahead. Go left, blast the pillar here to get a Nano Repair A. Continue south along the path going up. Defeat the Gnosis and open the
treasure chest with a G Poison Guard.

Head back down and continue north on the main path. One of the pillars contain a Nano Repair A. Keep going forward, then take a right near the end and head south. Dismount your E.S, to find Segment Address #8. Get the Robot Part Body inside. Board the E.S. and go back northwest. You should find a destructible part on the wall. Shoot it several times to get to the next area.

Head northeast at the split. One of the boxes here contains a Nano Repair A. Move on north. At the next screen, open the treasure chest for a G Stun Guard. Go back to the previous area, then head northwest at the split. Blast some more boxes for a Nano Repair Z. Press the switch, so that the metal catwalk is connected to the path at the middle up ahead. Continue north.

Destroy the boxes here as well to get another Nano Repair A. When you reach the path with 3 splits, go left and blast the boxes for a Nano Sphere. Head south onto the next screen. Once again, blast the boxes to get a Nano Sphere. Cross the metal bridge right and open the treasure chest for a G Poison EP Guard. Go back to the previous area, and head north at the main fork. One of the boxes here contains a Nano Repair Z. Move on to the next screen. Pick up the treasure chest with a G Blind Guard.

Go back to the main fork once more, and head right this time. Blast some more boxes to get a Nano Repair Z. Continue on further into the cave. Save your game, and head north for a boss fight.

Boss Battle - Scarabeille

Put Shion onboard Asher, and Ziggy in Zebulun. Make sure that Asher has Charge Recover, EMAX 300 & G Power Charge equipped. As for Zebulun, have Charge Clean on. Take advantage of the opportunity to stock both E.S. while Scarabeille is still being cautious. Next move Asher behind the boss, and use the Odin Buster special attack. Use Power Kick on Zebulun's turn.

The boss will start attacking after it bows. When that happens, just keep using Shot Buster with E.S. Asher, since it does pretty decent damage (6500 - 7000) with a lesser charge requirement. Try to use that during the "ETR" event slot to deal more damage. (14000+) Once you bring Scarabeille down to about 25000 or so HP, you'll see the message "Scarabeille increases gear speed." Don't attack it at this point, since it'll just intercept your attack and kill you.

Resume your attacks a turn after it does that. If it casts L Poison, remove the status using the stock command. (If you have Charge Clean on) Have Zebulun support Asher by using Power Kick repeatedly, and healing.


After that, head northeast and pick up Sequencer C from the treasure chest. Dive out through the forbidden device. Your next stop is the Subconcious Domain (Summer) Activate the Forbidden device (hidden under the shed at the 3rd screen) there.
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