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Missions 01-10

Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Missions 01-10

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This side quest consists of 36 different missions, with civilians as your clients. You'll get useful rewards in return for your services. Since this is a side quest, it's completely optional. But you'll miss out on a lot of useful abilities and items, so ignoring it altogether isn't a good idea.

Client #01: Jacqueline
Location: Second Miltia Sector 1 (In front of doctor's clinic).
Reward: Secret Key 1
Note 1: Available after Moby Cafe event.
Note 2: Talk to her with female character to activate the mission.
Description: She wants you to deliver her Love Letter to Sidney. So go to the Iron Man bar at the Kukai Foundation, and give it to him.

Client #02: Sikes
Location: Laying on the bed inside the doctor's clinic.
Reward: Secret Key 2
Note 1: Complete GS campaign #1 before you talk to him to activate this mission.
Description: Deliver the Heart, Diamond, Club and Spade Letters to recipients. Give the letters to the following people:

Spade Letter - Enrico (2nd Miltia Area 40 Publishing Agency)
Club Letter - Ulrica (2nd Miltia Spaceport)
Heart Letter - Eugene (Durandal Park Area)
Diamond Letter - Patricia (Kukai Foundation. Near the fountain in Urban Area.

Client #03: Sheila
Location: Kukai Foundation - Lavare (she's standing next to the washing machine) .
Reward: Secret Key 6
Note 1: Available after the Moby Cafe event
Description: She needs your help in getting rid of mice. So proceed north into the next room and climb the ladder up to the attic. You'll have to catch 10 mice within 1 minute & 30 seconds, by pressing the square button. If you fail talk to Amber to retry. Receive "Secret Box" from her once you succeed. Return to Sheila for your reward.

Client #04: Spumoni
Location: Elsa B1 (outside droid scanning room).
Reward: Skill Upgrade D x20; Rejuvenator E.
Note 1: Available after you finish Ormus Stronghold.
Description: Droid Zaza has gone missing. And of course finding him will be your job. Talk to the following people IN ORDER, and they'll give 7 pieces of clues, dropped by Zaza:

Woody (Vector Second Division)
Mika (Kukai Foundation - Fishing Lab)
Lorraine (2nd Miltia City - Area 40 Publishing Agency)
Sean (Durandal Park Area)
Yolanda (2nd Miltia City - Sector 2)
Jessica (Kukai Foundation Sector 2. Near the water fountain)
Sylvia (U.M.N. Control Center).

After that go to the Launch Boarding Area of the Foundation, and examine the broken droid. Enter the code (2587643) to revive Zaza.

Client #05: Jun
Location: Uzuki Residence
Reward: Decoder 1; Archangel's Requiem (Double Attack for Jr & Shion).
Note 1: Available after the Uzuki Residence event.
Description: You have 3 minutes to arrange the books on the shelf, so that both the vertical and horizontal patterns are aligned correctly. You can press X midway through the puzzle to give up. Talk to Jun again to retry.

Client #06: Chop
Location: Moby Cafe kitchen
Reward: Decoder 17; Curry Recipe
Note 1: Available after completing Ormus Stronghold.
Note 2: Talk to him with a female character to activate mission.
Description: You must help him cook a dish that would impress his teacher, Punch who in turn happens to be the head chef of the Iron Man bar. All you have to do is add the correct seasoning 45 times, within 1 minute & 30 seconds, by pressing the corresponding buttons. ( O - pepper; X - sugar; triangle - salt; square - soy sauce)

Client #07: Miguel
Location: Area 40 Publishing Agency - storage room
Reward: Skill Upgrade D x3; MOMO's Swimsuit; Jr.'s Swimsuit
Note 1: Available after Moby 's Cafe event
Description: Put up 20 posters around 2nd Miltia City. You must first ask Miguel about the techniques in putting up posters, before you can actually project them.

(2) - the open space on the wall where segment address #6 is.
(4) - the wall just below the back door of Moby's Cafe kitchen
(1) - wall just around the corner outside Moby Cafe
(1) - inside Moby's Cafe
(3) - wall next to bunny mascot in sector 1
(1) - open space on the wall left of the Burger Cafe in sector 1
(1) - wall behind the save point in sector 1
(2) - inside Ballet Award building in sector 1
(2) - inside Research Lab in sector 1
(1) - inside Doctor's Clinic
(1) - wall to the right of the Research Lab entrance in sector 1
(1) - wall next to the Power Distribution Facility in sector 2

Client #08: Lizzy
Location: 2nd Miltia City Sector 2. Outside Power Distribution Facility
Reward: Burst Veil (Double Attack for Shion and MOMO)
Note 1: Available after Moby's Cafe event
Description: You'll receive the Facility Key from him. Use it to go down, and attempt to fix the power supply. Your goal here is to press the button at the northmost end of the room, to restore the power distribution levels to normal. I recommend that you turn off the vibration function of the controller for this mission. Otherwise, your arm's gonna hurt if you keep running into those electric sparks along the way.

Client #09: Maple
Location: 2nd Miltia City. Along the path leading to Sector 2 from Sector 1
Reward: Elemental Nocturne (Double Attack for Jr. & chaos).
Note 1: Available after Moby's Cafe event
Description: You must retrieve her Teddy Bear from Bonny. Proceed to the sector 2. Head up the escalator and go east to trigger the 1st of 3 confrontations with Bonnie. Continue along the path for encounter #2. Keep going until you reach the ramp. Go down to trigger encounter #3. Pick up the shiny object and return to Maple.

Client #10: Luty
Location: 2nd Miltia City. Doctor's Clinic
Reward: Secret Key 15
Note 1: Available after completing Ormus Stronghold
Description: She needs your help in making a flower bloom. You must obtain seeds and fertilizers first in order to start planting. Get seeds from these people:

Winter Seed - Hammond (Area 40 Publishing Agency)
Summer Seed - Atash (2nd Miltia Spaceport)
Spring Seed - Droid Dubonnet (Elsa Cabin 2)
Autumn Seed - Kino (Our Treasure Hotel)

You can only have a maximum of 5 fertilizers. Ask Padma at the Doctor's Clinic for 1, then talk to Rosa at the 2nd Miltian Spaceport 4 times, to get 4 Hyper Fertlizers. Go back to Luty, examine the pot(?) behind her to plant a seed. You MUST plant the SPRING SEED, and fertilize it 4x to make a blue flower bloom. Planting many other seed will make you fail your mission. You'll still get your reward though.

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