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Omega System

Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Omega System

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Keep heading south, until you reach an obstacle blocking your path. Destroy it and ride the platform down. Stop on this floor, go right, defeat the enemy E.S. and blast the box behind to reveal a hidden passage. Go inside. Exit your E.S. to find Segment Address #17. The treasure chest in there contains Secret Key 28. Go back to the elevator and continue down.

Stop on the next floor. Go left and defeat yet another enemy E.S. Blast the crate behind it for a Nano Sphere. Take the elevator down to the next screen. Once again, stop on this floor, go right and blast the crate to get a Nano Repair Z. Head back left and save your game. Proceed further down
via the elevator.From here, head west, exit your E.S. and through the small door. One of the boxes in here contains a Med Kit M. Destroy the pile of boxes located at northwest part of the room. Proceed through the passage and up 2 flights of stairs. At the top, go into the door to your left.

Follow the path northeast, and blast both boxes at the end for a treasure chest containing Secret Key 24. Go back left and, press the button to unlock the large door at the main room. (where the elevator was) Leave the room. Outside, go through the east door, and press the button in here too.

Make your way back to your E.S, then continue north into the newly unlocked door. (Go back up and save first) Head northwest to the next screen. From here, just go along the path, exit your E.S., and take the elevator at the north-most end of the room to the next area. Here, head south down several flights of stairs, go through the passage at the bottom.

Save your game and take the elevator down. Press the button to turn on the power for the A.M.W.S. elevator. Go all the way back to the top, and examine the console there to operate it. Run down the stairs, pressing the red buttons along the way, to release the lock bars so that the elevator can pass through. Go through the passageway at the bottom of the stairs again. Save; take the elevator.

In the next area, board your E.S. Continue forward a bit for a boss fight.

Boss Battle - Inversion

Have Jr. and Ziggy pilot Asher, for the Corona Buster special attack. Also, it really helps if MOMO has both EP Regen, and EP Half skills equipped. Since you'll find yourself healing a lot for this fight. Equip Anti-Beam Armor on both your E.S. Just have Asher stock and use special attacks. Heal with Zebulun if you need to. This battle shouldn't be too hard.


After the battle, head north through the door. In this room, you can only destroy the boxes from the green side. The smaller objects contain items: Charge Boost; G Ether PD Guard; and Nano Sphere. In the next room, save your game. Go north and exit your E.S. on one of the docks to the right. Blast the purple door. Destroy the box inside for a Med Kit DX. Go back outside and into the other door, blast the box to get a Boost Max. Outside, you can either head through the west door, and move on in your E.S. or solve the block puzzle, to create a path for your characters.

I suggest solving the puzzle, since the E.S. path is dry. The puzzle consists of 10 columns of blocks. You have to form a bridge out of those, to get to the purple door on the left side. Destroy the blocks in this order:

- Any of the blue blocks in column 1. (starting from left)
- Any of the red blocks in column 6.
- The blue block at the bottom of column 3.
- Either red block in column 3.
- Any of the yellow blocks in column 2.
- The solitary yellow block in column 1.
- The blue block in column 2.
- Any of the blue blocks in column 6.
- The 3rd block in column 8. (the red one)
- Any of the yellow blocks in column 7.
- Any of the 3 yellow blocks in column 10.
- The solitary red block in column 9.

Exit the E.S. and cross the new bridge. Destroy the purple door, go in. Follow the path, and go south at the fork. The treasure chest at the end of the path contains Secret Key 27. Go back to the fork, and head east. Press the red button on the wall, then go through the door.

From there, just follow the path for 2 screens. Pick up the Ether Pack DX, Ether Pack M and Class Upgrade C along the way, by shooting the yellow objects on both sides. In the next area, shoot the object at the center of the room to reveal a save point. Save and go north onto the platform to move on. Go forward a bit for a short cut-scene, then a boss fight.

Boss Battle - Cathedral

This boss isn't so hard if you know how to exploit its weaknesses. Cathedral switches between 3 forms, each with different weak zones -- White Robe (CCCC), Call to Arms (BCCB) & Cry of the Rapture (BBC). The latter 2 forms are actually gender discriminant -- Call to Arms dislikes females, and Cry of the Rapture hates males. You don't really have to use an all-male, or all-female party when fighting those 2 forms. Just don't attack it with a character whose gender it dislikes, and you'll be fine.

The other thing is Call to Arms is weak against Ether Attacks, while Cry of the Rapture is vulnerable to physical attacks. So here's what you should do: Fight Call to Arms with a character that can inflict Down, and 2 others with an ether-type double attack. Dual Spell Ray (chaos-Shion double attack) can inflict as much as 12000 - 14000 damage (Hi Critical), while Down is in effect.

As for Cry of the Rapture, use Cross Fist (double attack for Ziggy & KOS-MOS) It can cause around 5000+ - 8000 damage (Critial or Hi Critical), with Down in effect. Gravity Bomb (Shion-KOSMOS double attack) also works quite well. Just attack it with KOS-MOS afterwards. Once Cathedral uses "Mirror of Truth", just switch out the character whose soul gets revealed.

And finally, the other form, White Robe uses a move called "Advent of Sweet Whispers" which causes L Stun (all characters). So be sure to learn Stun Guard.


After that battle, go back to the previous area and SAVE. Continue north onto the other platform to the next area. Cut-scenes. Boss fight.

Boss Battle - Patriarch

This battle is pretty much average in terms of difficulty. First equip both Aura Coat and Beam Coat on your battle party. Having Slow & Blind Guards also helps. Then have at least 2 characters learn Aura Veil. The best combination for this battle has to be Jr., KOS-MOS/Ziggy, & MOMO. When the battle begins, move Jr. behind Patriarch, cast Attacker, and start shooting. Also, use the ether combo "Aura Wall" if possible, since it will save you a lot of turns, compared to casting Aura Veils on each character.

His first form shouldn't be that much of a problem, so I suggest saving you full-charged stock and boost gauges for later. It is best to steal Awakening IV early on.

His 2nd form is essentially the same as the first. Only this time, you must also worry about Proto Omega. It won't interfere until the geezer orders it to though, so take that chance to eliminate the old man quick. Using the Cross Fist double attack, while the old man is down, can cause as much as 5000 - 6000+ damage (critical), so use it if you can.

This is the time to use combos, so hit him with all you got. I'm sure you're well aware of what to do now, since you've managed to come this far. Chances are, you'll defeat him even before he calls for Proto Omega. If not, just keep your HP high. Beam Coat will definitely be great help if equipped.

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