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Nimp Relics Guide

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Weird West Nimp Relics Guide
Weird West Nimp Relics Guide

Nimp Relics is an item found throughout the world of Weird West that gives you the opportunity to upgrade your character's abilities and weapons. This Nimp Relics Guide tells you everything you need to know about upgrading your character with Nimp Relics.

How to get Nimp Relics

Each of the five characters in the episodes of Weird West have four abilities that are unique to them. Also, each weapon type in the game has a series of skills tied to it, and by using Nimp Relics you can upgrade each of these abilities and weapons. Nimp Relics resemble little bone necklaces, they are carved from the flesh of ancient creatures and give off a purple glow.

Nimp Relics can be acquired as a reward when you explore the different environments during the game. They tend to be found hidden in chests, behind locked doors, in secret areas, and at the end of dungeons. There is also the possibility you will earn them as a reward for completing a quest or a side objective. Keep in mind that when you switch episodes, the previous character will keep any unused Nimp Relics in their inventory, so you can get access to them by getting them to join your posse, or by killing them and looting their body. The upgrades for both your characters and their weapons each cost one or two Nimp Relics to acquire.

Character Abilities

Bounty Hunter Class Abilities


Makes nearby enemies become allies for 8 seconds.

Quick Thinker

Slows down time for 6 seconds, while also increasing your move speed.

Roundhouse Kick

Kicks deal extra damage and extra knockback for 20 seconds.

Shrapnel Mine

Sets an explosive trap that’s triggered once an enemy is nearby.

Pigman Class Abilities

Putrid Cloud:

Leaves puddles of poison wherever you’re standing for 3 seconds.

Rubber Skin:

Ricochets bullets off your body for 10 seconds, hitting nearby enemies.


Deals 70 damage in a small radius around you, stunning enemies.

Unstoppable Charge:

Quickly charge forward, dealing 80 damage and stunning enemies that are hit.

Devotee Class Abilities

Inun's Healing:

Creates a healing circle for 10 seconds that slowly regenerates the HP of all that enter it.

Inun's Strength:

Creates a circle for 10 seconds that boosts the armor of anyone that enters by 20%.


Unlocked from the start of the Devotee's journey, allowing you to briefly turn into a werewolf.

Yeb's Fire:

Summons a ring of fire for 8 seconds.

Yeb's Invisibility:

You and your posse become invisible, but move slower.

Protector Class Abilities

Cousin Bear:

Summons a spectral bear that fights with you for 15 seconds.


Move quietly and 25% faster for 10 seconds. Perfect for stealth, since you can run around freely without making noise.

Thunderbird Strike:

Summon a lightning bolt that strikes at your position.

Western Wind:

Creates a tornado that moves forward, launching enemies and objects.

Oneirist Class Abilities

Astral Projection:

Summons a clone for 8 seconds that draws enemy attention, while also making you invisible.


Teleport 8 meters, stunning enemies afterwards.

Spirit Ward:

Creates a shield that absorbs projectiles and converts them to health for 8 seconds.

Summon Wisps:

Summons 3 lightning wisps which will home in on nearby enemies and detonate on impact.

Weapon Skills



+50% melee attack speed for 10 seconds.


+50% damage for 10 seconds; +100% damage if the target is already bleeding.


Rush the target and deal high damage.

Spinning Strike:

Strike all enemies around you, stunning them for three seconds.


Ambush Arrow:

The next arrow stuns the target for 5 seconds.

Heartfinder Arrow:

The next arrow shot ignores armor and causes bleeding.

Splash Arrows:

All arrows deal AoE damage for 10 seconds; will apply fire, poison, stun, or armor-piercing if a corresponding effect is also active.

Swift Shots:

Increased fire rate for 10 seconds.


Fan The Hammer:

Fire all the remaining bullets in your magazine at a single target.

High Noon:

Fire a single shot at every target in your sights (maximum of 6 shots).

Lightning Rounds:

All bullets are infused with electricity for 8 seconds.


Explosive Shells:

Fire an explosive round that detonates on impact; uses 2 shells.

Rapid Reload:

Fire shells without having to reload for 5 seconds.

Both Barrels:

The next shot deals critical damage and has a 100% chance to make enemies bleed; uses two shells.


Bullet Hail:

+20% firing speed for 10 seconds; successful hits increase your firing speed further.

Right Between The Eyes:

The next shot is a guaranteed critical hit that ignores armor.

Sentry Silencer:

The next shot is silent and deals +200% damage to unaware targets.

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