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Beginner Tips and Tricks

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Weird West Beginner Tips and Tricks
Weird West Beginner Tips and Tricks

Listed below are several Beginner Tips and Tricks which will help you in Weird West.

Get a Horse

Make getting a horse your first priority in Weird West. Horses will enable you to traverse the world map faster and easier, and they also come with saddlebags which will allow you to collect more items for your inventory. This is very useful as your basic inventory fills up quickly and being able to pick up plenty of junk enables you to make more money selling it. All horses come with saddlebags and providing it is still alive your horse will always be nearby giving you quick access to any items you give it. Having a horse will also enable you to skip certain events.

Dig for Loot with your Shovel

One of the first things you will pick up on your journey in Weird West is a shovel. This tool can be used to bury bodies and dig up graves which can lead to you obtaining some decent loot. If used enough the shovel will break, it is therefore important that you keep track of its durability level on the inventory screen, so you know when to replace it. The lower the number shown on the inventory screen, the sooner the shovel will break.

Always Carry Lockpicks

Keep in mind that on your travels you will come across lots of locked cages that will have people or valuable inside them. It is essential that you always have lockpicks in your inventory so you can use these tools to open anything that is locked as getting hold of the actual keys can be problematic. You can either find lockpicks while looting or by purchasing them from General Stores.

Check your Surroundings Before Battles

Often before many of the fights are triggered in Weird West you will have a chance to plan an attack before the enemy sees you. Take this time to see if there is anything on the battlefield you can use to your advantage when the battle begins. Things to look out for and make a mental note of their locations include explosive barrels, chemical barrels, and lanterns, all of which can cause plenty of damage to your adversaries.

Recruit a Posse

In Weird West you can recruit up to two followers that will fight alongside you until they die. This means putting together a posse is important as it will help to even the odds in combat. Each character journey usually has a strong side character you can recruit early on. Otherwise, you can pay for followers in towns and sometimes rescue them elsewhere. The followers you recruit can be healed when you eat food, and they can also be manually bandaged. Keep in mind that some characters will not stay with you if your reputation drops too low.

Quicksave Often

In Weird West you will be forced into making major decisions which you cannot change once made so it is crucial that you quicksave often, especially before a big moment. If you get into the habit of quicksaving you will be able to experiment a little and not have to worry about losing too much progress if things go disasterously wrong.

Reveal Hidden Loot

You will come across certain piles of boulders in Weird West which when you use dynamite to destroy will blow up these rocks and often reveal hidden loot such as chests, ore, and other miscellaneous loot. Red explosive barrels can be used to destroy these boulders as well if you don't want to waste your dynamite. Keep in mind that content is randomly generated so there is no guarantee that there will always be loot hidden at the same place in each Weird West playthrough.

Use the Minimap

Don't neglect your minimap in Weird West as it has plenty of useful uses, these include telling you where the enemies are and where they are looking. It can also help you find enemies to loot. White Xs represent new bodies to loot and black ones represent ones you've already looted.

Take a look at our How to Bounty Hunt guide to find out how you claim rewards for tracking down criminals in Weird West.

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