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Best Early Perks Guide

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Weird West Best Early Perks Guide

Each of the playable characters in Weird West has unique abilities which you can take advantage of during the game. You can also add to these abilities with perks, these are helpful bonuses that will make your journey through the West a little easier. Take a look at our Best Early Perks Guide to find out which ones will be the most beneficial early in the game.

What are Golden Aces Of Spades

Golden Aces Of Spades are shiny cards with an orange glow that you find during your time in Weird West and the only thing you can do with them is use them to buy perks which will give special boosts to your character. Golden Aces of Spades are not easy to come by which means you need to be selective about the perks you acquire and continue to upgrade. You will find these cards out in the open or inside chests. It is also possible to obtain them as vendor wares or hidden behind rock formations that can be blown up with dynamite.

Perks List

Listed below are all the perks you can get from the Golden Aces of Spades cards and the ones we consider to be the best first picks. Keep in mind that many of the perks are tailored to fit specific playstles, the ones we have chosen are perks that are good first picks for almost all the characters.


Inflict 25% more damage to unaware targets.

Bullet Dodger

Increase fire rate during dodge leap by 25%.


Deal 25% more explosive damage with dynamite and cluster dynamite.


Reduce shop prices and service fees by -5%.


Increase your maximum hit points by 10%.

High Jumper

Jump 10% higher, and take less fall damage.


Move 5% faster when aiming with rifles, shotguns, or bows.


Gain a 25% chance to save one of your lockpicks from breaking when picking a lock.

Posse Leader

Boost posse members’ damage output and maximum hit points by 15%.

Quick Reload

Increase reload speed by 10% with firearms.

Quick Stealth

Increase speed by 10% while crouched.


Find 10% more money in containers.

Trail Medic

Recover 20% more hit points when using bandages.

Best Early Perks

Healthy Perk

There are formidable enemies everywhere in Weird West so this should be the first perk you invest in if you are new to the game as it increases your max hit points. It will also load a previous save, once you are dead. The downside to this perk is that the health increase isn't significant until you get to level 3. There will be many times during the game where you will be outnumbered so having a a bit of extra health will come in useful.

Level 1: 10% increase in Hit Points

Level 2: 25% increase in Hit Points

Level 3: 50% increase in Hit Points

Locksmith Perk

It becomes evident in the early stages of Weird West that locked cages are going to be an important part of the game, and you will want to unlock them to grab the loot they contain or free the captive that is inside. The keys to these cages can be found nearby but they are usually problematic to get hold of. With the Locksmith perk you will save one of your lockpicks from breaking when picking a lock.

Level 1: 25% chance to save one lockpick

Level 2: 50% chance to save one lockpick

Level 3: 90% chance to save one lockpick

Quick Stealth

This is a useful perk to have if you are a stealthy player or intend to do some bounty hunting to earn money as the increase in crouch speed will make it much easier to sneak past enemies on patrol and reach your target. Moving faster when crouched will mean you're a lot more likely to reach the next hiding place before some enemy turns around and spots you.

Level 1: 10% increased crouch speed

Level 2: 20% increased crouch speed

Level 3: 40% increased crouch speed

Take a look at our How to Bounty Hunt guide to find out everything you need to know about this activity in Weird West.

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