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How to Craft and Enhance Weapons and Armor

Salt and Sacrifice Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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How to Craft and Enhance Weapons and Armor in Salt and Sacrifice

Character leveling is not the only way you can get stronger in Salt and Sacrifice. It is also essential that you upgrade your gear by either crafting it or enhancing what you have already acquired if you hope to survive the game's later challenges. This How to Craft and Enhance Weapons and Armor guide will explain how the crafting system works in the game.

There are three ways to find new gear - as drops, treasure, or crafted Mage equipment. Regardless of how you get it the weapons and armor will be mediocre (it will either be Tier 0 or Tier 1). As you level up in the game you will be able to access the skill tree multiple times and invest points to make your character significantly stronger. However, it is important to remember you will only be able to use the weapons and armor when you have unlocked the attributes for your character linked to them. If for example you wanted your character to use heavy armor in the game, you would need to invest Skill Points into the heavy armor skill tree as you continue leveling your character.

All the gear that you equip in Salt and Sacrifice can be upgraded or enhanced in some way. In order to do so you need to head to the equipment enhancement station which can be found up from and to the left of the crafting table. Once there you will need to spend one of six types of Ashpyr which correspond to the gear's elemental affinity to upgrade the weapon or armor.

- Ashpyr:
Non-elemental physical and other standard gear.

- Blazepyr:
Fire-elemental gear.

- Frospyr:
Cold-elemental gear.

- Mosspyr:
Poison-elemental gear.

- Goldenpyr:
Light-elemental gear.

- Voidepyr:
Dark-elemental gear.

There are five levels of Pyrstone items:

- Single Pyrstone

- Twinpyr

- Pyrstone Trio

- Pyrstone Cluster

- Pyrstone Brick

Each level except for the Pyrstone Brick costs six units to upgrade to the next level, starting with a cost of one mat, then two, and finally three. You will find these crafting materials out in the wild where your primary source to acquire them will be hunting Mages and killing elementally aligned bosses. Most Mages in Salt and Sacrifice have two elemental affinities: one primary and one secondary. The gear you craft from the materials they drop will be their primary element, but they can drop both kinds of elemental crafting materials, as can the mobs they spawn. Every time you defeat a new mage type, you'll unlock the following for crafting:

- A set of weapons that use the same elements as the mage you defeated.

- A set of armor that is particularly good at resisting the same elements as the mage you defeated.

- A ring, amulet, and dagger that have special effects.

- A trophy that may be displayed in your hut. To get the key to your hut, speak to the NPC next to the Hunter Item Upgrade table once you've crafted at least one trophy. The hut is to her right.

If you are running low on crafting materials for the set, you will be able to farm the Mage continuously by going back to the Pardoner's Vale and re-entering the level.

Take a look at our Weapons Tier List to find out what the best weapons are in Salt and Sacrifice.

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