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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Check below for some of the latest and most popular content on PlayStation. To find a game try the alphabetical listings just below or use the search option above.

SuperCheats currently has PlayStation cheats for 1,721 games, walkthroughs, and 5,005 questions asked with 8,098 answers.

Listing PlayStation Games - C*

Game Name Cheats Hints Q&A Walkthrough AR Codes Screens Walls Videos
C-12 Final ResistanceYES YES     
C3 Racing        
C: The Contra AdventureYES       
Cabela's Big Game Hunter  YES    YES
Cabela's Ultimate Deer Hunt        
Cadillac   YES    
Caesar's Palace        
Caesar's Palace 2000        
Caesars Palace 2000: Millennium Gold Edition  YES     
California Surfing        
California Water Sports        
Capcom Generation 1        
Capcom Generation 2        
Capcom Generation 3        
Capcom Generation 4        
Capcom Generation 5        
Capcom Generations        
Capcom vs. SNK Pro        
Captain Commando        
Captain Rave!!        
Captain Tsubasa J: Get in the TomorrowYES YESYES    
Captain Tsubasa: Aratanaru Densetsu Joshou   YES    
Car & Driver Presents: Grand Tour Racing '98        
Card Game Shuu        
Card Games        
Card II        
Card Shark        
CardCaptor Sakura: Crow Card Magic        
Cardinal SynYES YES     
Carmageddon 2        
Carnage HeartYES       
Carnage Heart EZ        
Carnage Heart EZ: Easy Zapping        
Carol the DarkAngel        
Carom Shot        
Carom Shot 2        
CART World SeriesYES       
CasperYES YES     
Casper: Friends Around the World        
Castlevania YESYES   YES 
Castlevania : Symphony of the NightYESYESYESYES    
Castlevania ChroniclesYES YES     
Castrol Honda Superbike        
Castrol Honda Superbike 2000        
Castrol Honda Superbike Racing        
Castrol Honda VTR        
Cat the Ripper: Jyusanninme no Tanteishi        
Catch! Kimochi Sensation        
CentipedeYES  YES    
Chakusin Melody Damon        
Chakusin Melody Damon Gold        
Chakusin Melody Damon Volume 2        
Chakusin Melody Damon Volume 3        
Chakusin Melody Damon Volume 4        
Champion Wrestler: Jikkyou Raibu        
Championship BassYES       
Championship MotocrossYES       
Championship Motocross 2001        
Championship Motocross 2001 Featuring Ricky Carmichael        
Championship Motocross Featuring Ricky Carmichael        
Championship Surfer        
Chaos Break        
Chaos Control        
Chase the Express        
Chase The ExpressYESYES      
Checkmate 2        
Chess 2000        
Chess and Reversi        
Chessmaster II        
Chiki Chiki Chicken        
Chiki Chiki Machine Mou Race        
China: The Forbidden City   YES    
Chocobo Collection        
Chocobo no Fushigi Dungeon        
Chocobo no Fushigi Dungeon 2        
Chocobo RacingYES YESYES    
Chocobo's Dungeon 2YESYESYESYES    
Chocolate KissYES       
Choro Q        
Choro Q 2        
Choro Q 3        
Choro Q Jet        
Choro Q Jet: Rainbow Wings        
Choro Q Marine Q        
Choro Q Marine: Q-Boat        
Choro Q Wonderful!        
Chris Kamara's Street Soccer        
Chronicles of the SwordYES       
Chrono Trigger  YESYES    
Cinema Eikaiwa: A Boy's Life        
Circuit Beat        
Circuit BreakersYES      YES
City Bravo!        
City Bravo! Busniess Hen        
Civilization 2YESYES      
Classic Road        
Classic Road 2        
Classic Road Yuushun 2        
Cleopatra Fortune  YES     
Clock Tower   YES    
Clock Tower 2 The Struggle WithinYES YES     
Clock Tower: Ghost Head        
Clock Tower: The First Fear  YESYES    
Cocktail Harmony        
Cocktail no Recipe        
Codename: TenkaYES       
Colin McRae RallyYESYES      
Colin McRea Rally 2YES       
College SlamYES       
Colony WarsYES YES     
Colony Wars 2YES       
Colony Wars III: Red SunYES YESYES    
Colony Wars: Vengeance  YESYES    
Colorful Logic        
Colorful Logic 2        
Colorful Logic 3        
Comanche GoldYES       
Combat Choro QYES       
Combination Pro Soccer        
Command and ConquerYES YES     
Command and Conquer Red AlertYESYESYES   YES 
Command and Conquer RetaliationYESYES      
Community Pom        
Complete Davis Cup Tennis        
Complete Onside Soccer        
Contender 2        
Contra: Legacy of WarYES YES     
Convert Ops: Nuclear DawnYES YES     
Cooking Fighter        
Cool BoardersYES       
Cool Boarders 2YESYES YES    
Cool Boarders 2001YESYES      
Cool Boarders 2: Killing SessionYESYES YES    
Cool Boarders 3YESYES      
Cool Boarders 4YESYESYES     
Cosmic Race        
CosmoWarrior Rei        
CosmoWarrior Zero        
Cotton Original        
Countdown Vampires        
Courier CrisisYES YES     
Covert Ops: Nuclear DawnYES YES     
Cowboy Bebop        
Cranky Pro        
Crash BandicootYESYESYESYES    
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes BackYESYESYESYES    
Crash Bandicoot 3YESYESYES     
Crash Bandicoot CarnivalYES       
Crash Bandicoot Collector's Edition        
Crash Bandicoot: WarpedYESYESYESYES    
Crazy Baron 2000        
Crazy Canoes        
Crazy Climber        
Crazy Climber 2000        
Creature Shock        
Creatures: Raised in Space        
Cricket 2000 YESYES     
Crime Crackers        
Crime Crackers 2        
Crime Killer        
Crisis Beat        
Crisis CityYES       
Critical Blow        
Critical DepthYES       
Croc AdventureYESYES      
Croc! Pau-Pau Island        
Croc: Legend of the GobbosYESYESYESYES    
Cross Romance        
Crossroad Crisis        
Crusader: No Remorse        
Crusaders of Might and MagicYES YES     
CRW: Counter Revolution War        
Crypt Killer        
CT Special Forces        
CT Special Forces 2        
CT Special Forces 3        
CT Special Forces: Back to Hell        
Cubix  YES     
Cubix - Robots For Everyone: Race'n Robots        
Culdcept Expansion        
Culdcept Expansion Plus        
Curiosity kills the cat?        
Cyber Egg: Battle Champion        
Cyber Org        
Cyber War        
Cyberbots: Full Metal MadnessYES       
Cybernetic Empire        
The Cameraman        
The Card        
The Card 2        
The Chess        
The Chessmaster 3D        
The City of Lost Children        
The Contra AdventureYES       
The Conveni        
The Conveni 2        
The Conveni Special        
The Crow: City of AngelsYES