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Cool Boarders 2 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Cool Boarders 2


We have 11 cheats and tips on PlayStation.If you have any cheats or tips for Cool Boarders 2 please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Cool Boarders 2 Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Hard Mode

At the beginning of the game in Tour Competition mode hold L1 and press X.

Mirror Mode:highlight new on compitition screen ..

Mirror Mode:highlight new on compitition screen and press L1 and x you will get mirror mode
Alternate Clothing:At the first screen
where it says compitition,free style,etc. highlight compitition and press down,R1,up,R1,down,R2,up,R2,up,up,R1,
down R2 then go to freestyle. Irvin will then have a school girl outfit

All of the unlockables.

Play as Boss: Beat mirror mode competition.
Play as Snowman:Beat hard mode competition.
Play as Grey:Score 37.5 or more on halfpipe.
Freestyle special board:Get top score on all courses on freestyle for tricks.
All-around special board:Get top score on all courses on freestyle for total.
Alpine special board:Get top time on all courses on freestyle for total.
Competition courses:Beat competition once to unlock all courses that you race in on competition.
You can't unlock Kelly,Nick,Jicchi or Jamaican even though that doomboy guy said you could.

Small shortcuts

On Winding River you can get to the finish faster if you jump over curves in the cliff. It is a lot easier than doing a lot of sharp turnes which slow you dwon big time.

Make a difference.

Have you ever realised that people like Boss and Irin always win the cup with you. It happens to me all the time. A good way to get people like Nick and Jicchi who always do bad do well do rubbish in the race.Then near the end do well and the people in a huge group ahead(this happens when you do this)drop out.
This is usually the people who do brill and not the ones that don't do very well. Believe me I have made Nick and Jicchi come in the cup winners before.

Strange glitch

On Sunset Downhill if Jin is behind you on the part where you ride along the side of the cliff he goes really fast and gets far in front of you.
If this happens(which it does a lot, but not always)he will be hard to catch up with due to the fact that there isn't much of the course left.

Maintain speed whilst turning

When turning, hold down the D-Pad in the direction you want to turn in, and without removing it, move your thumb so that it's also pushing 'down' on the D-Pad. You'll appear to glide, in a way, around the turning, whilst maintain a speed similar to that which you reach when crouching.
You can't do this when utilising a sharp turn, though. It won't work, and you'll either just lose the speed anyway or not turn quickly and far enough, meaning you hit the wall or fall off the cliff.

Race as 'Jicchi'

Although Jicchi cannot be unlocked, you can change Jin's clothes into a combination that looks similar to the clothes that Jicchi wears. When selecting Jin's jacked, press right once, and select that jacket. Then, when selecting Jin's trousers/pants, press right once and select those. He will now look very similar to Jicchi. Use an Alpine Type 1 board to complete the combination.
Pity Jin sucks, though.
For the record, no characters have clothes that can make them look like Nick or Kelly.

The differences between regular and Hard mode, and how to combat

Hard mode on Competition is, as you may have already guessed, much harder. However, there are other notable differences. I will overview everything in this Hint. Here are the differences:
1. Stage 1 - Big Air. Early on, it's not too difficult to score the highest or second-highest amount of total points and start the race in first (or second) place. Provided you manage to do so, you should easily shake off any pursuers and win the following race. Take advantage of this, as later on (from around Round 5 and onwards), there's little chance of you scoring the highest amount of trick points. Boss, Kelly and Irin (and also Yaggi, if, for some reason, you're not playing as him) will be scoring exceptionally high points that you will be hard pressed to score more than. Ice Fang is th..

Cheat - faster spins

Okay, when you make a spin when performing a trick, you can spin much faster if you continue holding down the D-Pad in the direction you are spinning in and press Sqaure. You should spin a lot faster. This little trick is great at boosting your overall points for the trick - just know when and how long to use it in order to obtain a perfect 150 points score in Landing.
This also works for misties and flips.

THIS CHEAT WILL WORKunlock jamaican:get perfect ..


unlock jamaican:get perfect 50.0 on halfpipe

unlock kelly:score over 2500 points on big air:titans toe

unlock nick:score over 2000 points on big air:ice fang

unlock jicchi:score over 1500 points on big air:stadiam kicker

unlock these after unlocking boss,gray the alien and snowman.then unlock them in the order they are above.

CONGRATULATIONS you can race as the hidden characters in competition.

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