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Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Hints and Guide

We have 41 cheats and tips on PlayStation. If you have any cheats or tips for Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back please send them in here.

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Free Aku Aku Mask at Start of Levels:
As soon as Crash goes throuh the portal hold down R1 and X
Skip 1st Level:
If you skip the first cutscene you won't have to play the 1st level and will go directly to the first Warp Room.
View Secret Ending:
Get 100% Complete

Extra Race Level Time

Get more time in Hang Eight and the Plant Food levels where you have to race against the clock for a gem by entering the Bonus area and then purposely failing by jumping off the side of the platform. You will then restart in the level with more time than you were given at the begining of the race.

Extra Gems and Crystals Cheat!

OK, this cheat sounds crazy, but it works! First, go to Snow Go and go to that metal bouncing crate near the seal. Leave Crash there for about 4 minutes. Then, jump on that seal in front of you. You'll hear a sound. That means the cheat worked. Don't believe me? Press Triangle, and you'll see! I still don't know if there's a limit or something. Trust me, I have 113% on my save file.

Unlock Bonus Level

Wait until the second polar bear falls off the bridge in the 'Unbearable' level and then jump down after it and you will enter a bonus level.

alot of lives

In the snowy place theres a polar bear next to a level keep jumping on him and eventually he will give you lots of lives

A few cool things

All the coloured gems are located here:
Turtle Woods, Snow Go, That level 10 Eel thing, Plant Food and level 20.
Turtle Woods hint: First play the level WITHOUT getting any boxes. You should have a Blue Gem. Now die and you should still have it. Now get the box gem and the crystal and viola.
In Bear Down: At the end, jump on the mushrooms to the platform and you should be transported to the bit of air crash that you can't get boxes in. You have a box gem.
In Level 10: When there is a wall guarded by nitro's, you can go through that wall to get a green gem.
In Air Crash: There is a platform with boxes leading on to it. Jump on it and it will take you to a secret part of Snow Go. Finish it to get the red gem.
In Level 20: Wh..

Secret Warp Room Gate- Unbearable

This is quite difficult to do. Once escaping the Bearminator and dropping Polar, when you reach the gate, don't go in. Instead, slide-jump back toward the side (it's possible) where Polar was. Then walk a bit past him and suddenly you'll disappear. Note: This unlocks level 26, Totally Bear.

Yellow Gem on Plant Food

Another way to get the Yellow Gem is to go through the level normally. You should see a timer.
Continue through, take the bonus, fall, and you should get 1 more minute to finish the level. Get to the end and you should see the yellow gem.
Note that the timer will not stop after you get the gem.

In the warp room that has a polar bear in it kee..

In the warp room that has a polar bear in it keep jumping on the polar bear it will give you 11 lives

Red gem!!!!

To get to the red gem you will have to go into level 7(air crash). At the first surf board there will be an empty platform that you will need to jump on by jumping on the boxes in the water. NOTE: You can not jump off the board you will have to do it from the dock...From there it will take you to a hidden place in snow go, and at the end will be waiting the red gem....Good luck!!!


In Unbearable when you fall back down in the hole for extra boxxes, you can keep getting lives by going where the voodoo mask.
After you get there, go on the bouncy box onto the platform. Super jump O and X) and there will be two lives there.
Then die. Since there is a checkpoint right next to it, you can go right back and get those same two lives again.
They never go away. Slowly, you can build up your lives.

Don't have a name just kewl

In the level "bear down" level 13 go all the way to the end when you get to the end do not go forward go backward u'll see little frozen ice cubes jump on them and go onto the biggest one then you will teleport to the secret level 'air crash'


In Level 18 cold Hard Crash To effect That Trick Cheat Follow Him
1 - Get All Boxes After Checkpoint First Checkpoint
2 - Get The Boxes (WITHOUT THE BONUS ROUND) The Finished In Skull Platform DON'T GET THE CHECKPOINT IN Skull Platform.
3 - return To The Bonus Round And Get All Bonus Boxes
4 - When Return . Die . That Boxes You Have 70 Why??? Why must 54 That Why You get EXTRA BOXES
5 - GET ALL BOXES IN THE LEVEL (NOTE : If The Boxes Have 155 you must Go To The End Without get Any Box You SEE WHY? Because That Number Boxes In The Level 155 If More 156 or more The Gem not Appearing.
Thanks For MrBean35000vr If You Want...

Extra %

In a level such as snow go, go up to a metal jump crate (near the end) and jump on it for 3-4 minutes then jump on the enemy after it you should get either a gem or a crysral(there must be an emeny after it!)

This is how to get the Blue gem.1)Go to Turtle w..

This is how to get the Blue gem.

1)Go to Turtle woods.

2)Do not get any boxe's.

3)Slide jump over the wall of boxe's.

4)Get to the end of the level.

5)Then it will give you the Blue gem

In the level "UNBEARABLE" at the end when the ba..

In the level "UNBEARABLE" at the end when the baby polar bear throws you off across the hole, go back across the pit and you'll find the baby again. When you walk up to him you will be transported to a level called "TOTALLY BEAR." It's awesome.

Try it.

On level 16, "Hanging Out", there is a way to ge..

On level 16, "Hanging Out", there is a way to get extra lives.

It's a bit tough, though! How to get there: After dropping down the second time, and falling into the shallow water, go back towards yourself, instead of going forward.

Drop down into the hole, and you will see another level, where about four lives are hanging there.

TIP: Before going back, go forward and get the checkpoint. That will help if Crash dies.

In the warp room with the bear out the front, ju..

In the warp room with the bear out the front, jump on top of the bear and get 20 more lives!!!

Colored Gems:Turtle Woods-(blue)-to get the blue..

Colored Gems:

Turtle Woods-(blue)-to get the blue gem no boxes in 1st Level turtle woods.
The Eel Deal-(Green)-To get the green gem go past the dead end in the nitro box filled room.
Plant Food-(yellow)-to get the yellow gem get no boxes in the board Plant Food.
Red Gem-Get Air Crash warp (at 1st river ,bounce off boxes to platform. This should give you a snow go gate at the secret warp screen. Jump into it and beat the level to get the Red Gem.
Extra Lives-When you are on the 4th floor with the vortexes get into the level with the bees. Instead of going underground hit all 5 of them. Lives WILL be given.

1-Right before the first "check point" appears in turtle woods there is an octagon. Body Slam it and u will fall into a n..

All colourfull gems

Wanna know where to find all the coloured jems okay I will tell you
Level 1:DO NOT collect any boxes at the end you will find the blue saphire
Level 2:get to this secret warp room and go on snow go (sorry I can't explain how to get to the warp room it's too complicated)and complete it you will find the red ruby at the end
Level 10:keep going along the level untill you come to a point where it splits two ways go right into a nitro box room CAREFULLY get to the end of the room yes it will look like a door that is closed but don't judge things before you check them walk into the door you will go right through it onto a secret level that leads to the sparkling green jem then once got the gem come back into the nitro box room go out it and continue the mission..

Exra level.....

Right first of all in the one were the big polar bear chases you go to the second bridge that the bear falls down then and fall down it.
(you will need lots of lives)

Airt Crash Secrets

This level is so annoying because no matter what you do, you have to play it three times. The first time is a secret. Go through normally until you reach the first jetski. Do not hop on it. There will be some boxes floating in the water. Hop off of them to the platform on the right side. When you land on it, you will be transported out of the level in into the secret bonus level. There you can enter the bonus level in Snow Go in which you can obtain the Red Gem! Watch out, IT IS TOUGH!!! The second time be careful not to die, as there is a skull and crossbones platform where you can get this level's hidden gem. Lastly, just run through the level normal to get the normal gem. There you go!
P.S. There is no time trial like in other levels of this kind.

infinte livesif you see a bonus do 100body slams..

infinte lives

if you see a bonus do 100

body slams and there are 2 tnt!

boxes and remember make sure

you have 40 lives and 25-50

lives NOTE:If you do not have all of the gems, then you will restart the game make sure you have at least 20 gems 20/42 go to the last level.

THIS CHEAT REALLY ROCKS! Please you need 800 lives isn't this better than hockey? NO IT ISN'T!!! Go to the last crystal in make the crystal stay in hell!

BONUS Voodoo MaskAfter losing a life, hold Up+Ci..

BONUS Voodoo Mask

After losing a life, hold Up+Circle until crash moves again. Alternatively, while in a warp tunnel, press X(2), then hold X+Up. Release the buttons when crash receives a Voodoo mask after the next life is lost.

On "The Pits", when you have entered a pit , ju..

On "The Pits", when you have entered a pit , jump on the first rat to bounce out of the pit.

just before you get to the first polar bear leve..

just before you get to the first polar bear level jump on the polar bear outside the level a couple of times and you should get more lives

When you get to the end of Un-Bearable jump over..

When you get to the end of Un-Bearable jump over the
hole the bear fell down and run to the little bear to get
warped to Totally Bear.

Crash Bandicoot 2 To get the Blue gem go to Turt..

Crash Bandicoot 2
To get the Blue gem go to Turtle Woods Level 1 and complete
the level without hitting any boxes and you will recieve the
Blue gem
On the levels where Crash runs the opposite direction
(i.e. the boulder levels), you DO NOT have to slide under
the electric sparks. You can simply spin through them.
This makes getting through the level much easier, because
you can just concentrate on spinning the whole way rather
than alternating between spinning and sliding.
Purple Gem:
On level 20, Bee-Having, there is a checkpoint about
half-way through. On the right of the chasm is a pile
of grey boxes with NITRO boxes covering them. If you
jump to the highest level, you don't blow up, in..

Did you know ?

Hi, I'm gonna tell you a trick in the level called Bee-having.
The trick is that when you see a stair of nitros you have to pass through the stairs, it doesn't matter if you touch the nitro crates because those nitro crates are fake.

Yellow Gem!!!

This is what you do: Just simply get all the boxes EXCEPT the ones on the surfboard thing.
Easy! Huh?

Colour Gems

Here is how to get most of the colour gems:
Level 1: Turtle Woods Blue Gem; Just simply walk through the level Without getting any boxes and VOILA! The blue gem should be at the place where the box count is.
Level 2: Snow Go: Red Gem: First go in to Air Crash and on the first river DON'T get on the surfboard thing, there should be some boxes in front of you in the river, use them to jump on to the empty platform. The Platform should warp you to a secret warp area which opens the Snow Go Red Gem warp gate and just that level thing.
Eel Deal: Green Gem: There is a wall which is guarded by nitros just get yourself to the wall and you should be able to jump through it finish that bit and the green gem should be at the end of it.
Level 20: Bee-Havin..

Extra Time in Time Levels

When you go to Hang Eight or Plant Food, you'll realize that at some point there is a timer at the bottom left-hand of the screen.
You have to finish that level before that timer runs out to get a gem. If you want more time, go to the bonus and lose right away.
Then you'll be warped right next to the bonus and if you look at the timer, there's more time than usual.
Then, you can finish the level faster.

How to REPLAY bosses

If you want to replay a certain boss like tiny all you have to do is go to the warp room you faced the boss so
1:ripper roo
2koomoodo brothers
4 n gin
5 cortex
The boss you want to fight again go to that warp room and on the centre revolver press up then hold r1 r2 l1 l2 triangle untill you reach boss 100% works do this all the time

Get The Colored Gems

Blue Gem Level 1 : Do not get any boxes
Red gem level 2 : At Level 7 When You Get the first river do not get him jump to the boxes to the platform that gets you to secret warp room level 2 red gem path ‘ get enter and complete that path
Green gem level 10 : Get The right path (the dead end with the nitro) that not just a door that gets you to the green gem path
Yellow gem level 11 : get the end befone The Time runs out !
Puprle gem level 20 : get at the fake nitros that gets you to secret area for Puprle gem

alternate ending

In order to get this alternate ending you simply collect all the gems including the coulered ones then when this is done go to the final warp room and click to go up to the next area and you will get the alternate ending

How to get a box and a life:1.go to crash crush...

How to get a box and a life:

1.go to crash crush.

2.after the first run,continue along until you reach 2 separate ways.

3.go right.

4.get to the end. will find a box and a life.

If you're in need of some quick lives, go to Unb..

If you're in need of some quick lives, go to Unbearable and go underground where you see the third beehive.

Then go over the ground and when the bees come, spin once, and get a life.

This takes practice, but if done right, you can keep doing it and get as many lives as you want.

Secret Warp Room Gate: Bee Having

Remember the Death Round in this level (The skull-coated platform on the left side of the turn)? Complete it successfully (Or use the right path), and then balance across the narrow path thereafter substituting for a bridge.
Jump into the air before the Man-Eating Plant bites you, and land on it. After it disappears, you land on the small platform of grass. Although Crash is getting warped somewhere...

Level 15 99 life Glitch

On The Secret Area , You'll Find A 2 Crash Box Life (They Never END!) Hit Him Then Die , Go Up Again The Crash Box Life Still There! , That Will Not Give A Random! Hit Him Again And Die , They Will Still There
Do That Many Times To Get 99 Life!!!

How To Get All Secret Levels

Air Crash Complete The Part : Level 13 At The End Go Backward And Go To The Platform With Ice.
Snow Go Red Gem Path : Air Crash Level 7 When You Get The First River Don't Get Him Jump At The Boxes To The Platform.
Road To Rain Complete Part : Level 17 Kill The Plant With The Platform By Your Body.
Level 26 : Level 15 At The End Go Upward At The Giant Hole You Well See A Bear Go At The Bear.
Levek 27 : Level 16 When you Gets To The Water Go Backward You Well See a Hole Again With The Enemy And Secret Exit (NOTE : To Get Out Of The Enemy Press R1)

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