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Crash Bandicoot: Warped Cheats and Tips

We have 24 cheats and tips on PlayStation. If you have any cheats or tips for Crash Bandicoot: Warped please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Crash Bandicoot: Warped Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Bonus Video (Japanese Version Only)

When the PlayStation logo appears on screen hold Down + Triangle + L1 + R2 .

Hidden Hot Coco Level

If you go to Road Crash and drive into the yellow alien sign you will go to the Hidden Hot Coco Level.

Unlock Fireworks Show

Collect 30 Gold Relics and then talk to Coco next to the Load/Save screen.

Instant Mask (PAL Version)

To get the mask for instant protection press Press X + Circle + Square + Triangle. This code will only work once per life.

Unlock Warp Rooms

Complete the following tasks during the game to unlock the corresponding Warp Room.

Unlock Warp Room 2:

Defeat Tiny the Tiger

Unlock Warp Room 3:

Defeat Dingodile

Unlock Warp Room 4:

Defeat N. Trophy

Unlock Warp Room 5:

Defeat N. Gin

Unlock Load/Save Warp Room:

Collect 5 Relics

On level 14 take the yellow gem ride. Keep goin..

On level 14 take the yellow gem ride. Keep going until until the large dinosaur chases Crash.

Let the second bird capture Crash to reach level 32 Called: "Eggipus Rex"

In the level Road Crash: run over the alien sign

and it will transport you to a secret level called

Hot Coco.

Start a new game with all the powers

To start a new game with all the powers you have to do the following: When you get to the main menu don't do anything just wait for a demo to come on but the demo you want is the bye bye blimps demo.This is usually the 3rd demo to come on. When the screen goes black when it's loading you must hold down the triangle button. When the demo loads you will be in control of Coco in bye bye blimps.Exit the level and you will appear in the centre of the warp room likw when you start a new game and all of the sectonis except for the 1st one will be locked. You will be able to keep playing the game and you will have every single super power.

Spyro demo

At the main menu press up x2 down x2 left right left right square.


After you defeat a boss, you'll get a powerup. Here are the powerups:

Tiny- Super Body Slam

Dingodile- Double Jump

N. Tropy-Tornado Spin

N. Gin- Friut Gun

Neo Cortex- Crash Dash

Secret gem

In warp room3 go to the dinisour level go on the extra level you need the gold gem for. Then when your running from the dinosour run into the second terodatl and you will be in a hiddin level.

There is a secret level called Eggipus Rex hidd..

There is a secret level called Eggipus Rex hidden in level 11 (Dino Might!).

To use this cheat you will need the yelow gem, to get it you will need a certain amount of time relics, go to the centre of the main warp room.

Jump on the object there, you will be taken to a secret warp room, one of the levels will take you to the secret entrence for Hang em' High, complete it using the secret entrence and you will be awarded with the yellow gem.

First go on Dino Might and when you get to the yellow gem platform go on it, you will be taken to a special part of the level.

When you get to the first triceratops run, when you get to the second pterodactyl run into it. It will take you to Eggipus ..

Easy Gold on Motorbike stages

When you enter one of these levels don't go when the light turns green wait a few minutes.This helps you by making sure the cars/UFOs don't knock you off course.

Make crash do some funny stuff

First, in the warp room, if you leave Crash Idle, he will do his neat little dance. Turn him around so he faces you. After a while he will take out his yo-yo and do some tricks for you. sometimes he will get all tangeled up in it.

Next, in the level "Double header", he will do the same thing, but after a while he will start to shiver and try to keep warm. Poor crash....

Oh yeah, and at the same level take out the bazooka and blow up a double header. Keep firing at it to watch it bounce.

For any medevil level with Wizards, use the bazooka on them. You will find out that their beard is a phoney, and they wear a white shirt and pink boxors under their cape. they take two hits to kill.

This one is kind of dull, but if you leave Coco idle on a Chine..

Kill dingodile easy

To destroy dingodile super fast use high jump to jump over the spikes surounding dingodile and spin him. Do this 3 times to kill him about 2 minutes faster than usual.

Stuck in time

When you are at the title of the game when the third demo comes up and the screens black hold triangle and you should enter the level bye bye blimps finish the level and when you go back to the warp room you will be stuck in time (warp room)

If you are ever stuck on a level don't worry bec..

If you are ever stuck on a level don't worry because ive completed CBW.

on the level N.Cortex dont ever try to break his Force field , because he'll just get the best of you.

Good times in Time trial mode

If you're doing time trial, try to care a bit less for Aku Aku(it's not cruel) because you don't have to waste time to go back to an Aku Aku box if you missed one.

Also if you have the power of the death tornado spin try doing the skid and before you've done the skid use the death tornado spin, trust me it helps, it helped me get 3 platinum relics.

Platinum relics

Everyone knows that there are sapphire and gold relics but there are also platinum relics.

To get them you need to get all of the crystals and gems then verse neo cortex.if you beat him there should be a new ending.

After the credits are gone when you go to another level the time chart should show a relic (platinum) with a time next to it.

They are very very very hard to get so try your best I only have 3 or 4 and I've been trying for 2 weeks.

See ya......

Talking N.trophy

After Defeating the boss N.trophy quickly jump back across the white panels that you use to get to him (which is tricky and may need some practising) and he will say something like "my time is up..... But yours will soon"


When you unlock all of the warp rooms, you can go stand on a thing that looks like a circle and I forget if you press up or down and you can go to a secret room where robots are made and given skins and you can see what level they're being transported to. Weird or cool? Only YOU can decide. *dramatic background music is playing*

Some Secrets you might not now about.

Secret ending-Get ALL Crystals,Gems,(inluding colored and secret ones),relics(Dosent matter what color they are).After you do that,all buttons will disapear except for Cortex's Boss Button.Beat him to unlock a funny ending.Also you will have 104%.(lol,COOL!)

Fake Crash-Get the Secret Ending and find him in Toad Village(Level 1),and in Level 5(I forgot the name)

Platinum Relic times and Devolper's Times-The Platinum Relic times will be unlocked when you get the secret ending.(it will be shown once you beat the gold relic time)and the Developer's Times will be shown during the secret anding credits.


When you fight dingodile when all ice crystals are gone wait 'til he fires to the sky for a new set of crystals, but beforethe crystals drop punch him and get out to the edge.If done correctly the crystals drop down then dingodile blows up destroying the crystals and another set of crystals drop

A new stage before the FINAL boss

In the second time you have to race on a motorbike which is in the 3rd stage(n.trophy's level)dont go fast, take your time and keep looking on the side of the road untill you find a road sign on the left side of the road that has a picture of an alien. It sends you to a stage that has red water and fake crash someone on an island where you have to use coco on the water ski.

Rings Of Power- Speed Boost

In the secret level "Rings Of Power", you can press the square button while cruising through a ring to get purple stars circle your plane and shave off some time. Very good timing is required, and if done correctly it has a 100% working chance. After getting such a large boost, your plane may be a bit more difficult to control.

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