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Follow the dark path or use the light

Chrono Cross Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Chrono Cross

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Our collection of cheats includes unlocking New Game+ and getting a free tablet in Arni village.

More Chrono Cross Cheats and Tips

We have 9 cheats and tips on PlayStation.If you have any cheats or tips for Chrono Cross please send them in here. For more Codes for Chrono Cross go to:
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You can also ask your question on our Chrono Cross Questions & Answers page.

All Cheats and Tips - Latest First

How to beat Garai

Have your party be Lynx, Starky, and Radius. From there, equip a lot of elements that boost your magic, attack, defense, and magic defense, like strengthen, weakness, lores, hires, imbecile, weakminded, stuff like that. Have Starky hold your revives. Also when you use Lynx's tech skills try to get the field all black so his tech skills will destroy Garai.

How to get way more cheats

If you want to find a lot of cheats even on any game go to google web and type in chrono cross then a new web site will come up and you can get profiles cheats music and more (this works for any other game just click ps 1 on the top left and all the games will apear!!

To get glenn in the begininng you must go to ter..

To get glenn in the begininng you must go to terminia then give him your bellflower and make sure you have your sea swallow equiped because he thinks it is only given to a worthy fighter/warrior

Imagine this... you want the Mastermune, the bes..

Imagine this... you want the Mastermune, the best sword in the game (although the Spectral Swallow has a higher power the Mastermune will make a critical hit on fierce level attacks almost every time).

It's easy to find it. The problem is how to get it. To find the Mastermune you have to go to Island of the Dammed with Karsh on your party, in the Other World.

Head to Garai's Grave, you'll fight Solt & Peppor (steal some elements from them, I forgot wich... yellow elements i think) after that you'll recieve the Mementopendant.

After that, go to Home Worls and head to Forbidden Island. Don't know where that is?? It's a small island to the east of Mt. Pyre (where smoke comes out), aproach it at press the action button.

With Riddel on your party enter the hut and you'll find... Dario. After a few scenes, the Mastermune will appear and Dario will go berserk.

Fighting time... To beat Dario you'll have to ways. Either you equip the black plate on one character so he doesn't hurt you.... but if you didn't steal it or didn't fight the Black Dragon then you'll need a new strategy.

The secret is in it's attacks. Every time you hit im with a White, Yellow, Blue, Black element he will either attack you or heal himself.

But if you only use Red and Green Elements he will only cast Lo-Res and Nimble. Keep in mind you'll need all your grids with elements of these colour since he has a high HP.

I equiped all my characters with only Aeroblasters. After about 15 min. he will fall and Masa & Mune will awake and combine with your Sea Swallow to form the Martermune...

Congratulations, you are now the owner of the ultimate sword for Serge (although I beat Dario when I was still Linx)

I'm sending this so that people could get some h..

I'm sending this so that people could get some help on this game.

( note that this will work when you have only passed the whole game!!!).

when you have passed it you should get the machine which will help you control time. It only helps you to make time go faster or slower.

So if you want this so that when you go to [New game+] you could pass it and go even faster.

You must first defeat Linx and find out that the Dragons are not your friends but their your enemies. WOW!! Linx was your father if you want to know( Serge's father).

Anyway when you must go to terra tower and find your way up to the top and on your way you will fight some half horse and half man creatures.

One is yellow, red ,blue and the other are armed soldiers but not human and not monsters.

You will get the "Red field", "Green field", "Blue field"," Yellow field, elements. so when you reach the top and fight the fake "Time Devourer"( yeah he is a fake creature.

After you defeat him you are not over you will find out that was only the child. you must fight the real "Time Devourer"{ the fake one was like a lost soul like Serge}.

You will then have to go to OPASSA BEACH and go to the second whorm whole which is purple. Oh and that is were I found out that Linx was your Father Wazuki.

The Fozen Flame turned him in to his sleave,and chose you(Serge) into the CHRONO TRIGER.

the kids tell you this. the ones in oppasa beach, by the whorm whole.

After you use the time egg to defeat the Time Devourer you wil have passed the game and will keep your elements, and HP and weapons, however you will not be able to keep you SUMMONING ELEMENTS(The element that take up stars).

I Hope this was a helpfull hint for the ones who are trying to pass this game. If you want I will be more than happy if you could contact me.

Complete the game and then save it. Once you rel..

Complete the game and then save it. Once you reload the game you will get a 'New Game +'. Which will give you access to features such as your old level, summons and more.

When playing roulette in Fargo's casino boat, pa..

When playing roulette in Fargo's casino boat, pause the game. Keep pausing until you get the spinner pointing between South and West.

Then start hitting the action button repeatedly and take the game off of pause.

This will get the spinner to land on double your points most of the time. If you get it to the highest prize, it is a rainbow shell.

Free Tablet:If you go back to Arni Village in th..

Free Tablet:

If you go back to Arni Village in the second world, go to Gonji's hut( Gonji's hut is the one with the Record of Fate in it).

Once there, go to the room to the left where Gonji is. A picture with a japanese symbol is hanging on the wall.

Walk up to the picture and hit "x". A box will come up and say "(your name) received a Tablet. (I am not really sure if it is a tablet or not... it might not give you the same thing over and over again)

I want you to add the cheat, invincibility so yo..

I want you to add the cheat, invincibility so you can never die. I cannot, absolutely not get passed the part in the volcano where you battle the minature dragon.

It's so hard. This is my favorite cheat website. Please put in this code. so that you can never die. Thanks so much!!!

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