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Crash Team Racing Cheats for PlayStation

Cheats and Tips for Crash Team Racing


We have 60 cheats and tips on PlayStation. For more Codes for Crash Team Racing go to:
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I have a few things to say a good way of winning the cups is to do the following:

type in these codes where u&n= up, e&r= right, l&w = left, s&d = down (might not be the right way!) o = circle and a= triangle

Invisibility: UNSEEN (up,up,down,right,right,up)
Unlimitied Masks: WARLORDS (left,triangle,right,left,circle,right,down,down)
Infinite Wumpa Fruit: SERDS (do..
Hoe to use cheats in ADVENTURE mode
If you want to use a cheat in Adventure mode then select adventure at the main menu and when it gives you the options of a new game, or load a game hold L1 and Rl and put the cheat in there.
Here are some rare shortcuts:Coco Park shortcuts..
Here are some rare shortcuts:

Coco Park shortcuts

Just before the first boost pad you will notice that there is a patch of grass to the left. Cut across the grass and go for the pad.

Right after the finish line, there will be a triangle of purple hills. Get a good boost and jump in between the last one and the one before it. Dont ..
Stats of the Characters
Below are the stats of all the playable characters in Crash Team Racing for PS1 out of 5.

Crash/Dr. Neo Cortex (All-Rounder)
Speed: 3/5
Accel: 3/5
Turning: 3/5

Coco/N. Gin (Best acceleration)
Speed: 3/5
Accel: 5/5
Turning: 2/5

Dingodile/Tiny (Best speed)
Speed: 5/5
Accel: 3/5
Turning: 1/5

Polar/Pura (Best tu..
Here is some of my wisdom

Unlimited masks: Left, triangle, right, left, circle, right, down, down.

Turbo counter: Triangle, down, down, circle, up.

Unlock Penta Penguin: Down, right, triangle, down, left, triangle, up.

Unlock Pinstripe: Left, right, triangle, down, right, down.

99 Wumpa fruit: Down, right, right, down, down.
Fire Missiles Backward
When you get a missle, hold R2+down and press circle. This works about
75% of the time when done correctly. Also, you can fire bombs backward
By pressing down+circle, and fire potions forward by presing up+circle.
Unlock Penta Penguin
Hold L1 + R1 and press Down, Right, Triangle, Down, Left, Triangle, Up
Unlimited misiles: To get unlimited misiles, f..
Unlimited misiles: To get unlimited misiles, first punch in the unlimited bombs cheat

Then go toarcade mode and get into any race there,

Then on purpose run into a RED bottleand hope that you get a set of 3 misiles...

NOTE:it will not work if you get a single misile.

tip:punch in the unlimited wumpa fruit cheat also fo..
To get these cheats to work hld l1+r1 at the ma..
To get these cheats to work hld l1+r1 at the main menu screen and enter the following:


Komodoe joe:d,o.l,l,t,r,d

Papu Papu:l,t,r,d,r,o,l,l,d,

Pinstripe l,r,t,d,r,d,



Infinite voodoo masks:l,t,r,l,o,r,d,d

Ulimited wumpa fruit:d,r,r,d,d,
HOT AIR SKYWAY shortcuts - easy beat oxide's time
This track is very long, and it's lanes cross in many points. I'll introduce you into various shortcuts on this track. I CAN TELL YOU THESE WORK BECAUSE I HAVE DONE THEM AT LEAST ONCE.

First shortcut: on the straight part of the track before going through the spiral curves (and next is the high jump) run into a nitro or get hit by a bomb, missile, or anything that makes you bounce whe..
Whenever you go over a bump, push the R1 or L1 button to get a little boost.
The higher you go, the more boost you will get.
This really helps in a race.
At the 'Main' menu hold L1 + R1 and enter the following codes to unlock the corresponding effect. If you enter the code in correctly you will hear a sound as confirmation.

Unlock Turbo Track and 3 Bonus Arenas:
Press Right, Right, Left, Triangle, Right, Down, Down.

Display Turbo Counter:
Press Triangle, Down, Down, Circle, Up.

Unlock Infinite Bombs:
Hold L1+R1+R2+L2 for all codes o=o /=triangle d=..
Hold L1+R1+R2+L2 for all codes

o=o /=triangle d=down u=up l=left r=right s=square x=x

d,o,l,l,t,r,d = Komodo Joe.

d,l,r,u,d,r,r = Dr. N.Tropy.

l,t,r,d,r,o,l,l,d = Papu Papu.

l,r,t,d,r,d = Pinstripe.

u,u,d,r,r,u = Invisiblity.

d,r,t,d,l,t,u = Penta Penguin.

How to get extra battle tracksHere's how: first ..
How to get extra battle tracks

Here's how: first go to "ARCADE",

then say "CUP", then "EASY MODE".

Then choose a character and a "CUP".

Then beat it and do all of the "CUPS" in the "EASY MODE", then do the same in "NORMAL MODE"

(medium), and "HARD MODE". Then you have an extra track!!!

HOW TO GET INVISABILITY:Press these to buttons t..

Press these to buttons throughout the cheat.L1+R1.

Now press:down,left,right,up,down,right.

How to get 99 wompa fruit Press: L1+R1,down,right(x2),down(x2).
On the track that tiny tiger is the favourite of..
On the track that tiny tiger is the favourite of that is in papu papu's area when you get to the bit with the huge head through a green or red jar at it's head.

Shoot a misile at the door, shoot a bomb at the door or run into the door with the aku aku or the uka uka.
Dragon Mines
There is a shortcut in Dragon Mines!


Seriously now, don't use it without some form of protection as it involves going over the railway. OK, now on to the shortcut!

When you see the first railway line (and maybe a cart going alone it) make a direct turn right so that you a..
A Few Shortcuts
Here are a few handy shortcuts to help you beat your friends/enemies.

Polar Pass: You all probably knew this one, but after you exit the green cavern with the seals, there is a metal wall. By correct timing and/or some form of boost, you can jump the wall entirely.
Sewer Speedway: Shortly after the first jump with the two pipes and the turbo ramp, you'll see a long path with a la..
Hold R1 and L1 to do the following cheat:unlock ..
Hold R1 and L1 to do the following cheat:

unlock penta penguin:down,right,triangle,down,left,triangle,up.

unlock ripper roo:right,circle,circle,down,up,down,right

unlock N.troph:down,left,right,up,down,right,right

unlockpapu papu:left,triangle,right,down,right,circle,left,left,down.

unlock komodo joe:down,circle..

At the main screen Hold L1 & R1 and push square , Triangle , up (x3), left (x3) , down (x3) , rght (x3) , Triangle R2.

Then release L1 (but still hold R1) or vise Versa. then push circle ,square , circle , triangle , L1 (or R1 if that is what you released) . then release all buttons and press x.

How you can't get N. Oxide!!!You think you can g..
How you can't get N. Oxide!!!

You think you can get him with a code or by beating his times on all the tracks.(that are all very easy!)

But you can never get him!!!

If you think this is incorrect try to beat all the times and see what I mean!!

THE SHORTCUT CHEATIn Tiger Temple when you get o..

In Tiger Temple when you get out of that tunnel you will see a big wall that looks like a head throw any weapon at it except the TNT crate.
SHORTCUT: Tiger TempleAnd the end of the 1st pla..
SHORTCUT: Tiger Temple

And the end of the 1st place with the flamethrowers about 3-5 secs you should see a sort of big glass window shoot it and it will open for you and by the way it includes Aka Aku + Uka Uka masks
to get ripper roo,at the title screen press righ..
to get ripper roo,at the title screen press right,circle,circle,down,up,down,right
this may take a few tries,so take your time and make sure you do it right.
Enter these in by holding L1 and R1 in the main menu then type the codes

Character cheats

Penta penguin:down right triangle down left triangle up
Ripper roo:right circlex2 down up down right
N trophy:down left right up down rightx2
Papu papu:left triangle right down right circle leftx2 down
Pinstripe:left right triangle down right down
Komodoe joe:d..
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