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Crash Bash Cheats and Tips

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Our collection of cheats includes unlocking infinite health, unlocking Splash Dash, access all levels and unlocking a demo.

More Crash Bash PlayStation Cheats and Tips

We have 21 cheats and tips on PlayStation. If you have any cheats or tips for Crash Bash please send them in here. For more Codes for Crash Bash go to:
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You can also ask your question on our Crash Bash Questions & Answers page.

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Unlockable Levels

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding effect

Unlock Splash Dash:

Defeat the final boss and collect 22 Gold Relics and then go to the 5th floor

Unlock Keg Kaboom:

Collect 25 Gems in the game and then go to the 5th floor

Unlock Swamp Fox:

Collect 24 Gems

Unlock Mallet Mash:

Collect 23 Gold Relics

Unlock Dante's Dash:

Collect 27 Trophies or complete ALL the levels in the game

Unlock Gold Relic Challenges:

Beat the Big Bad Fox level

Unlock Platinum Relic Challenges:

Beat the Mallet Mash level

Challenge Difficulty Level:

If you fail 10+ times on a challenge the difficulty setting is automatically lowered to make the ..

Unlock Demo and Infinite Health

Unlock Spro Year Of The Dragons Demo:

This secret playable demo is unlocked at the 'Title' screen by holding R1 + L1 + Square buttons and then pressing 'Start'.

Unlock Infinite Health:

During gameplay pause the game and press Up, Up, Down, Circle, Square, L1, R2. If you've entered the code correctly you will hear a confirmation sound.


These codes are enabled by pausing gameplay and entering them in. If the code has been entered correctly you will hear a confirmation sound.

Unlock Cheat Screen:

Press X, X, X, X, O, R1, R2, L2, Up, Left, Right, Down, Square.

Unlock Tawna as a Playable Character:

At the 'Player Select' screen hold L1 and R1.

Unlock Infinite Health:

Press Up, Up, Down, Circle, Square, L1, R2.

Unlock Unlimited Health:

Press Up, Up, Down, Circle, Square, L1, R1.

Unlock Infinite Points in Mallet Mash:

Press Up, Down, Square, Triangle.

Max Points (999) in Advent Mode:

Press Up, Up, Down, Up, Left, Left, Up, Up, Right, Circle, Square.


To beat the bearminator all you have to do is to knock the small polar bears off of the ice and then grab the missle. Then shoot him but be careful because he shoots the ice so make sure that you are not hit or you'll die. You just have to hit him three times to defeat him.

Good Luck!

Try the two player game when oneofyou is a good..

Try the two player game when oneofyou is a goodguy and oneof you is a bad guy.

When you have done all the levels (all trophies, jems and crystals) youwillget a secret levelat the end to decide who wins between good and evil once and for all.....!

On Jungle bash(Cristal),run after the others and..

On Jungle bash(Cristal),run after the others and the NITROS could hit them.It's quite useful!

Also,on Pogo Painter,(Cristal), don't use the boots or you could run into one of the mussrooms.

When you've been playing for about 1 minuite, musrooms will appear everywhere!

Hey! I got a couple of tips. 2 Player= If ..

Hey! I got a couple of tips.

2 Player= If You choose 2 players from the good team your opponents will be 2 evil players. 1 good & 1 evil vs 1 good & 1 evil. And so on.

Crate Crush= Tiny and Koala Kong are the best on Crate Crush.

Komodo bros= If your stuck the 3rd Boss (Komodo Bros) A tip on the first 2 sets of guns stay near the front and use mines when you can.

On the 3rd set of guns use the shields. And then just blow the hell outa the Komodo Bros themselves.

The best characters

When you start adventure mode start with Tiny or Koala Kong because they are strong in evrything.Also you can start with Brio or Cortex because they are powerful in the Tank Wars.

To get invisble skateboard, first, do the spyr..

To get invisble skateboard,

first, do the spyro cheat.

Then when you get both eggs get on the skateboard and fall of when your next to the a skate

generaitor jump over it and only touch

it with Spyro's back legs and you'll

have a board that is inisble.

Try not to to fall or you'll have to do it over

again.Peace I'm out!

To enable this cheat you must have the game Sp..

To enable this cheat you must have the game Spyro: Year of the Dragon.

On the screen for Spyro hold down R2, L1 and press Square and then you can get into a hidden playable demo for Crash Bash.

Komodo Brothers?

Do you have the SCEE Platinum Crash Bash game? If you do, the Komodo Brothers won't be your third boss, you'll get the Big Bad Fox instead!

Just in case anybody wanted to be curious about the third boss in the different games.

To unlock the Big Bad Fox, you need:

15 trophies, 10 gems and 7 crystals

I'm nearly there as Dingodile:

Dot Dash is really bugging me!

Here are some tips in some arenas: 1) I know ..

Here are some tips in some arenas:

1) I know 1 person said they had problems with the arena Beach Ball and now here's something useful. If the person opposite you has attracted a metal ball or more try to 1 or 2 yourself and hopefully the opponent won't hold them too long, fir your metal balls as soon as you see or hear him fire his and you should knock your opponents metal balls into the others.

2)On one of the Pogo Pandemonium arenas-I think it's Pogo-a-Gogo, but it's the one where you can only get points by making squares or rectangles within your own area.

The annoying thing is that you could take too long for others to destroy your points, well here's a bit of friendly advice- make small ones and this should get you points very easily without any bo..


An easy way to win in space bash, you make a little island around your opponent.They would not know what to do. Hoped it helped!


Crash/coco is good for crate crush (swing)

Cortex/brio is good for crate crush (accuracy/distance)

Also good for tank wars (gun) and polar push (jetpack)

Koala/tiny is good for crate crush (distance) good for ballistixs (extra kick)

Polar push (strength)

Dingo/rilla roo is good for crate crush (swing) and tank wars (gun)

Bash of cheats

Unlimited Health- Pause the game and enter: UP, UP, DOWN, CIRCLE, SQUARE, L1, R1.

Level Select- From Warp Room One, enter: TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, LEFT, LEFT, SQUARE + R1, TRIANGLE + R2, START, SELECT, CIRCLE, X, X

Character specialities?

If you want to make it easier next time you play the game look on those special challenges and they have the best characters for that take note of which ones are which and use that to your advantage.

How to win pogo painter

Access All Levels

Enter this code while in the warp room:

Triangle, Circle, Left(2), Square + R1, Triangle + R2, Start, Select, Circle, X(2). If done correctly you should be able to access any level.

Always make sure...

You are Cortex, Brio, Tiny or Cole as they throw bricks at you the fastest! Crash & Coco are rubbish.


N - tropy: start, circle circle square triangle triangle triang circle x x x select square.

Spyro ( player for crash bash not the spyro cheat): start circl 9 times, square 6 times.

Lots of cool hits for crash brothers

On the level you do after get the gem then crystal do not give up if it is to hard then you shall eventually would of finished th game now stats for the players:

5/5 good 1/5 poor

crash ***







riller roo**

I'm always bad either kong or cortex hate the other two.

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