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Crash Bandicoot 3 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Crash Bandicoot 3


We have 17 cheats and tips on PlayStation. If you have any cheats or tips for Crash Bandicoot 3 please send them in here.

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A way to get into levels without playing a new game

When your at the main menu when a demo is loading hold triangle and when the demo starts you will be in control of crash or coco complet the level your on and you will end up in the warp room
(Just to let you know all the warp rooms will be closed so you can't get out of the one you are in)
PS:If you wait for the third demo and do this you get all the powers

Dingodile really bug you? Once you've done him,y..

Dingodile really bug you? Once you've done him,you will have DOUBLE JUMP.

If you go back to him,when he starts firing sparks into the air,double jump over the icicles without giving him a chance!

Then just keep hitting him to pay him back for all the lives it cost you!

Oh,by the way,when you fight Cortex,once you've knocked him off his transport,double jump onto it.FUN!

Spyro The Dragon Demo. At main menu hit up, up, ..

Spyro The Dragon Demo. At main menu hit up, up, down, down, left, right,
left, right.


Having trouble geting Relics? Beat Cortex, get running power
hold R2 in a level. Get time trial then Crash will be running
you might get more precious relic then you wanted, it could get a gold relic: NOTE only works with levels that has Crash only walking.

When you get the 5 gold relics in the 1st worl..

When you get the 5 gold relics in the 1st world you open up a secret warp room and unlock 1 of it's levels. Every 5 relics after that you get a new level opened up.

Hint: When you get the blue secret gem do not go to the secret until you get the green gem also- It's used to cross a large gap

That's all for now.

Secret Levels:In the Road Crash Level look for a..

Secret Levels:
In the Road Crash Level look for an Alien Road Sign and run into it to get to
secret level Hot Coco
Go to the Dino Might Level and take the yellow gem path while running from
the triceratops run into the second pterodactyl and it will take you to
secret level Eggapus Rex


Unlock Warp Rooms
Complete the following tasks during the game to unlock the corresponding Warp Room.
Unlock Warp Room 2:
Defeat Tiny the Tiger
Unlock Warp Room 3:
Defeat Dingodile
Unlock Warp Room 4:
Defeat N. Trophy
Unlock Warp Room 5:
Defeat N. Gin

Unlock Load/Save Warp Room:
Collect 5 Relics

Coloured GemsPurple: When you do High Time, don'..

Coloured Gems

Purple: When you do High Time, don't die and half way through it a platform with a skull on it should appear. Complete it and the gems yours.

Yellow: You can not get it unless you have 10 relics. After you have 5 relics, a platform shall appear in the middle of the warproom. Go down on it and, after you have 10 relics, Hang em' High should open. Complete the level and after it you get the yellow gem.

Red: In Deep Trouble, you will notice at a certain point you can't get through. Go near the end and get both ! boxes. Then go back to where you can't get through and there should be a TNT there. Touch it and swim away then when it blows go through and complete the level.

Green: I..

When facing tiny when the lions are coming out s..

When facing tiny when the lions are coming out stay as far away from where the lions come out.

On level 1, Toad Village, and level 6, Gee Wiz y..

On level 1, Toad Village, and level 6, Gee Wiz you can kill the chickens with the bazooka. On level 3, Orient Express you can get the baskets to the side of you to get wumpa fruit.

On level 9, Tomb Time and level 16, Sphinxinator, when you have killed the monkeys in the pots, one will be cowering.

Jump on him to get wumpa fruit. Finally, when you have completed the game, go to level 5, Makin' Waves, and on one of the islands to your right you will see Crash Bandicoot dancing.

To get the platinum relic you first need the yel..

To get the platinum relic you first need the yellow gem:
To get thatyou need the secret warp room. u need 5 relics to open the warp room and 10 relics to play the secret level of hang em high.
After getting the gem ,go to level 11 and get on the gem, then to get to eggupus rex get caught by the 2 birg aftter the dino starts chasing you. He will take you to eggupus rex. Spin the egg and rex comes out.
Then get the time clock behind you. beat it within 57 seconds and you get the platinum relic..

when you have gotten all the gems cristals and t..

when you have gotten all the gems cristals and the keys the key have to
be gold go by crashs sister and get the last gem if you had 104% before thi you
will see a display of fire works!

Smash the boat!

In the first warp room, button 5 called 'Makin Waves' after the pirate ship, go round to the place where the seagull is.
There is a ramp with a man in a rowing boat going across. Go up the ramp and land on him. You will get a free life.

Crash Plays With A Blue Yo-Yo

During gameplay make Crash idle(don't move) and in a few seconds he will pull a blue yo-yo from his pocket and start doing tricks.

Getting lives(Remember, if you have an FAQ,mail ..

Getting lives

(Remember, if you have an FAQ,mail me at

13 Sloane St. Glen Innes,Auckland Postcode:1006 .No swears and/or any rude stuff. I will send the answer at Supercheats)

Alright, enough with the suspense, let's go!

GET LIVES:Get 100 apples/peaches(they're wumpa fruit, for the sake of blue raspberry)Isn't that obvious?

GET MORE LIVES:Complete the yellow gem secret but don't jump on the finishing platform. Jump over it and use the Triple Jump(slide, then double jump)to get past the steel boxes. There are 6 happy lives. Get them. In Sphynxinator go downwards and find the life boxes.

GET 99 LIVES: Keep doing Eggipus Rex(If you get another life after 99, it s..

This isnt really a cheat but its really cool and..

This isnt really a cheat but its really cool and it is true.

If you have 100% or you might just need to of beaten neo cortex go to the first world and go to the 5th level serch around carefully and neer the end youll find Fake Crash dancing on a Island!!

Secret Level

During the level Road Crash, you will see an alien sign on the side of the road. If you drive through it, you will be transported to Hot Coco.

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