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Resident Evil 4 PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

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We have a collection of cheats that include how to get the Chicago typewriter, unlocking the Gating Gun without the red monk operating it and secret weapons.

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Unlock P.R.L. 412

On Professional difficulty clear Leon's Story to unlock the PRL 412 weapon. It has two settings (stun and kill) which you activate by holding or tapping the fire button. It also has infinite ammunition.

Unlock Weapon Powers

Custom tune ALL the stats of each of the following weapons to their maximum to unlock the following effect.


Increases firepower to 1.8


Increases firepower to 3.4

Red 9:

Increases firepower to 6.5


Increases firepower to 10.0 and 8.0 at long range


Increases firepower to 30.0


Magazine capacity increases to 100.


Magazine capacity increases to 100. shotgun:

Effective damage range of the gun increases.


Critacal head shot probability increases 5 times.


Bullets are able to penetrate up to 5 bodies.

Semi-Automatic Rifle:

Decreases firing speed to 0.42 seconds.

Unlock Game Trailers

Remain idle at the 'Title' screen and eventually after a short period of time 2 trailers will start to play and begin to cycle.

Unlock Chicago Typewriter

This Tommy gun has unlimited ammunition and has a 10.0 Firepower and a TMP-like firing rate. It can be used to kill Veldugo without freezing him and will dispatch Ganados and Los Illuminados almost instantly. It becomes available for purchase for one million Pesetas when you complete the Separate Ways mini-game. To unlock this weapon for the Separate Ways mini-game you must have a cleared saved file for the Separate Ways mini-game and completed Assignment Ada. When you next play the Separate Ways mini-game and load the cleared saved game file the Chicago Typewriter will be available for purchase for 300,000 Pesetas.


Character Unlockables

Unlock Ada Wong:

In game type A score 4000 or more points or alternately hit all of the targets on game type A.

Unlock Bella Sisters:

On game type B score 4000 or more points or alternately hit all of the targets on game type B.

Unlock Don Pedro:

In game type C Score 4000 or more points or alternately hit all of the targets on game type C.

Unlock J.J.:

In game type D score 4000 or more points or Hit all the targest in game D except Ashley. Unlock Ashley Graham:

In game type A score 3000 or more points.

Unlock Leon with Rocket Launcher:

In game type A Score 3000 or more points.

Unlock Leon with Shotgun:

In game type A score 3000 or more points.

Unlock Leon ..

Locks, Traps and Bonus Characters

Opening Locks:

Save ammunition by using your knife to cut locks and open doors.

Avoid Damage from Traps:

When you see a trap (bear traps and explosives) avoid them by keeping your distance and shooting them in the middle using your laser sight.

Unlock Bonus Characters in Mercenaries Mini-Game

Get a 4 star rank in the following areas to unlock the corresponding character.

Unlock Albert Wesker:

Get a 4 Star rank in Waterworld.

Unlock Hunk:

Get a 4 Star rank in Island Commando Base.

Unlock Jack Krauser:

Get a 4 Star rank in Castle.

Unlock Ada Wong:

Get a 4 Star rank in Pueblo.

Unlock the Gating Gun without the Red Monk Operating It

This is a sneaky little glitch that will make the Gatling gun appear but without the red monk operating it. To do this go through the game normally and allow the red monk to escape. Return to the turret room and the monk will be operating the gattling gun, immediately leave the turret room and go to the main hall with the merchant and 'Save' the game. Re-load the game and enter the turret and chase the red monk until he returns to the turret room. When you now return to the turret room the turret will be raised and the red monk will be outside of the turret ring and without the turret on his side he can be defeated easily.

Save your ammo

To save ammo when killing single small enimies shoot the legs till they fall down then slash them w/ your knife. Also shoot them in the head and kick them. It simple.

How to get 1000,000 gold

Get 10 guns upgrade all the guns to 100,000 gold to sell to the merchant. Sell all the guns.Now you have 1000,000 gold.

A little secret

Ok I was just playing Resident evil 4 when I held down R1 and right before the light appeared I press start and changed my weapon and the next thing I knew I was Walking/Running faster and I was also knifing faster but when I press start I stop running/walking fast?

Cool guns(unlockable)

To unlock the infinte rockets and matilda(3 round burst pistol)beat game on any mode 1 unlock my favorite the chicago type-writer beat assinment ada mini game and seperate ways,look forget what you heard ok I have the gun those other people don't know what there saying.anyway to unlock the p.r.l beat the game on unlock the hand connon get 5 star rank with every character on mercinarys mini-game.



The Rules for Survival

1: Always keep your guns loaded.

2: Never buy the Rocket Launcher, it's a waste of money, it's a waste of time, and you only get one shot.

3: Always know your surroundings.

4: Go back to the other Resident Evils, remember how you HAVE to hit them in the head? Do that, it kills them faster.

5: Have a problem? Try something new, you might surprise yourself.

6: Always stay on the move and fire only when you have room.

7: Kill the guy closest to you first, then the next one.

8: Have a problem with a chainsaw guy? Shoot him in the leg twice, he will be on the ground so you can shoot him in the head and not worry about him getting too close.

9: Have a problem with a Regenerator and you don't have an infrared scope? (I hate them too.) Use your left over g..

Easiest way to defeat krauser in ada's mode

Before fighter krauser make sure you have a shotgun and 3 incedinary grenades and 1 frag grenade.When fighting with krauser shoot his legs with the shotgun and he will be crouching.Quickly throw a incedinary grenade and he will move on to Second section.Again do the same as you did in the first section and he will go to the third section.while in the third section shoot his legs with shotgun throw incedinary grenade he will wake up again shoot him in his legs and throw a frag grenade and then krauser will be dead

Hope it helps!

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Defeating Salazar


You know that hint that says to use a shotgun? Well there is an easier way!

Take out your mine thrower and hit the tentical on your right now hit the one with the eye (for best results hit it directly in the eye).

It should open up so you can whip out your rocket launcher and kill that midget mother f*****.

Make everything go faster

I was surprised I didn't see this on here, but It's not, so I decided to add it. First buy the Stinger Shotgun.

Then pull it out, and aim it but right before the red dot appears press start, and switch to a different weapon. Now Leon should walk/run faster, knife faster. Shoot faster, etc.

I think the effect ends when you go into a door, and go into another level, or when you press start again.

Free Weapons

You can obtain several weapons in this game for free. Here I will list the locations of these weapons:

Handgun - Automatically available from the start of the game.

Shotgun - Found in the house that triggers the villager attack cut-scene in the village in 1-1. It is in the upstairs bedroom, hoisted on the wall. However, on the Easy difficulty, it is automatically available from the start of the game, like the Handgun.

Punisher - Shoot 10 of the 15 Blue Medallions around the village and cemetery. The Merchant will give you this gun for free the next time you see him. If you shoot all 15 of the Blue Medallions, you'll also get a free Firepower upgrade for the gun.

Rocket Launcher - Found towards the end of 3-3, in the large room with the bridge c..

Get killed by Luis

When your in the cabin and you and Luis fights together, just shoot him a few times and it will come a cutscene where he says: Adjos Leaon.

And he will shoot you in the chest and you will get game over.

Ashley's Suit Of Armor

When you complete the main game, you unlock seperate ways, when you beat that you unlock the Mafia suit for Leon, but when you play through the game again in that suit, Ashley wears a suit of armor, which can be seriously annoying at times, with all the clunking when she walks and stuff, but it comes with a few niffty attributes, those are

Added Easter Eggs/Abilities


1. When Leon catches Ashley every time she jumps down a ladder, he holds his back due to the weight of her.

2.If the enemy tries to carry her away, they drop her instantly because the armor shes wearing is too heavy

3.You get a special pose when playing as Ashley on the Key/Treasure menu

4.She becomes invincible, no attacks what..


Ok,get the action replay max cheat to play as leon,then beat assiment ada as ada,then get the chicgo typriter,then save and then activate the play as leon cheat ecuipet the chicgo typewriter and do the pose thing and since leon doesnt have the pimpsuit on,he wont trow anything up

Easy way to kill the Ramon Salazar boss.

When Salazard and his right/left hand becomes the monster.

And gets the huge Tentacle.

Stand infront of the tentacle with the eye.

Shot the eye a few times.

The best way( In my opinion) Is to shoot the eye with a fully upgraded shotgun or use a magnum gun. ( The magnun gun works best when the firepower is fully upgraded)

When the cutscene appears and the ''Cage'' opens and the ''Man thing'' gets out.

Just shoot it with a Rocket Launcher.

It takes one shot.

This way is very easy!

But.. Dont miss with the Launcher (Unless it has unlimated shots)

Another did you know

By now common knowlage and common sense but for not so smart people here it is did you know that if you buy the treasure map and get ALL the treasures and don't sell ANY of them till the end you shoud have enough to buy the Infinate Rocket Launcher.

Things to know


Most tresure can be combined to make it more valuable so don't sell all of your tresure.

Tresure you may not have found

Past the door were you put the kings and queens grail there is a window you can jump out this will lead you to the butterflie lamp thats out side the room were ashly gets kidnaped buy the flying bugs. In that room were ashly gets taken there is a thing hanging from the roof if you keep shooting at it it will fall unlocking a secret cut scene and leaving you eith lots of red,blue and green eyes to combine with the butterflie lamp.

Unlockable games and Special costume

When you clear the main game you unlock leons R.P.D costume, the infinite rocket launcher for 100000, the chigago typriter machine gun for 100000, the seprate wa..

Secret weapons

complete the game on easy to unlock infinate rocket launcher and the matilda (revolver) once you complete the game go on extras and complete assignment ada to unlock the chigago typewriter (tommy gun infinate ammo) but it is only in seperate ways in extras so you complete seperate ways to ulock it in the main game


Seperate Ways:Complete the game

Assignment Ada:Complete the game

The Mercinaries:Complete the game

Leons R.P.D costume:Complete the game on Easy difficulty

Movie Browser:Complete the game

Secret Shotgun

At the place AFTER the del lago fight activate the ditman glitch you need a striker shotgun then before the laser appears choose a different weapon get on the boat go to the merchant activate the glitch again push, now push the boxes you will sorta glitch thorough them go up the ladder then jump down really fast you'll be in the air run into the wall until you are about level with the merchants dock go to the right (NOT ON THE DOCK!) you will find ada's shotgun from separate ways and a couple of other things ( WARNING ps2 works too but game freezes up when you go to inventory screen) ENJOY ;)

No Chainsaw Guys And 2 Shotguns

When You Go Into The Village The First Time Don't Go And Get The Shotgun When You Get It The Chainsaw Guys Come Just Wait It Out. When You Meet The Merchant Buy The Shotgun Then When You Get Back To The Village Go To Where The Shotgun Is And Grab It So You Have 2 Shotguns And You Didn't Have To Fight The Chainsaw Guys.

Note: If You Grab The First Shotgun In The Village You Can't Get The One From The Merchant Because It Says You Have One Which You Do. Also If You Grab The Shotgun In The Village You Have To FightThe Chainsaw Guys If You Don't Believe ME Try It.

P.R.L. 412 Laser Cannon

The P.R.L. 412 Laser Cannon can be won by winning the pro level BUT you can only use it on the pro level.

Save health for leon & ashlay

Leave Ashlay behind zombie proof place & fight with zombies & then call her

Using J.J.

On the 5th chapter, mercenaries mode, or separate ways, there is a big soldier carrying a big Gatling gun named J.J. You can use him to use your advantage to help you out. His bullets, will not only hurt you, but the other Ganados' as well.

The bullets kill them in one hit. So when your surrounded by a lot of people, get in front of them, and if J.J. is nearby he'll blast them all for you. And the best part is that in Mercenaries mode, even when he kills his teammates, it'll still count towards a kill for you.

Hope this helps!

The best way to protect Ashley......

When you go back into the village there are places for Ashley to hide, they are orangeish redish colored, they look a little like dumpsters. All you have to do is walk up to the dumpster looking things until you see a command that says R2 Hide. Press the R2 button and Ashley will hide in the dumpster things. Until you reach the Castle these dumpsters are along the way. Clear the village before calling Ashley to you, or the zombie dudes will attempt to kidnap her, and then you have to save her all over again, this time all you have to do is kill the zombie before the zombie gets to an exit point. Normally you have between 5 to 10 seconds to kill the zombie or you get the Mission Failed screen.

When you clear the village call Ashley to you and move on. Every time you see a dumps..

Fun with Del Lago

Here's something I thought would be a little fun to try out...

In Chapter 1-3, as you are heading off to fight Del Lago, head onto the dock where the boat is moored, but don't get onto the boat. Instead, get out any weapon and start shooting into the lake. After shooting enough times, Del Lago will emerge and devour Leon, along with half the dock.

If you knew that already, here's something I bet you didn't know. It's a glitch caused by triggering the same cut-scene. Fire into the lake, but don't do it from the dock. Shoot from further away. When Del Lago emerges to eat you, he will only eat the dock, as you are not standing on it. However, the game will count it as a death, and you will see the 'You Died' message, despite the fact that you can actually hear L..

Annoy Ashley.

When Ashley is standing on the top of a cliff or a lader and you are standing under her, just aim up under her skirt and she will call you a pervert or something like that.

Avoiding The Chop

When the villager enters the room with the large executioners axe quickly tap L1 and R1.

The Mercinaries mode

Leon is probably the hardest of all to win with and on level one and four because of the instant kill from the chainsaw killers BUT they can be easy. Of couse the exploding barrel helps but that can take a while and you are time limited. Now an easier way is to climb some where high and use the shot gun th blow them off the fall should harm them some but very little, and the knee head comb works wonders too.

Two Gigantes

O.K. To kill both of these big bastards you must climb up the ladder and when they try and shake you off slide down and it should tell you to hit X do this and wait till the monster is over the pool and hit X again. It may take a couple tries.

Easy kills

When a Plagus explodes from the head of the people, use a flash grenade and it will die immidiatly.

Bottle Caps from the merchant

Well the merchant let's you play the "Shooting Range", and when ever you visit there would be six new bottle caps the first row has Leon with shotgun,Leon with handgun,Leon with rocket launcher,Ashley Graham,Luis and Ada Wong. I would write more about the other letters/rows but so many well the rest are Ganando's or whatever

Hope this was helpful =)

Oh.. Yeah this was my first time and there was so many so I chose bottle caps oh and you win money for each row you complete.

Ammo saving

If you want to save ammo ( this works great for professional mode), here's what you do: when fighting regular gonadoes shoot them in the leg, then kick them to the ground (if their not already laying down), now knife them while their down.

Done correctly and you can save alot of ammo you'll need later for the big mobs and bosses.

Extra Characters

Bonus characters in Mercenaries mini-game

Get a four star rank in the following areas to unlock the corresponding character in the Mercenaries mini-game: (It's some what complicated, but it's totally with it. If you need any help, ask me.)

Ada Wong: Pueblo

Albert Wesker: Waterworld

Hunk: Island Commando Base

Jack Krauser: Castle

Good luck with getting the characters. ~Hitokiri~

Davids hand made weapons

Wooden pole + Concrete Piece = Hammer

Pesticide spray + Lighter = Flame thrower

Alchol + Newspaper + Lighter = Molotov

Wooden stick + Knife = Spear

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