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Resident Evil 4 Cheats for GameCube

Cheats and Tips for Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 5 Guide
Resident Evil 4 Guide
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We have a collection of cheats that includes unlocking Albert Wesker, weapons and Professional difficulty. We'll also show you an easy way to kill Ganados.

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We have 73 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Resident Evil 4 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : PC : iPhone/iPad : PlayStation 4

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Resident Evil 4 cheats

Unlock Assignment Ada Mini-game:
Beat the game to unlock the mini game
Unlock Hunk in Mercenaries:
Get a 4 star rating on the Island Commando map of the game.
Unlock Ada Wong in Mercenaries:
Get a 4 star rating on the Pueblo map of the game.

Unlock Albert Wesker in Mercenaries:
Get a 4 star rating on the Waterworld map of the game.

Unlock Jack Krauser in Mercenaries:
Get a 4 star rating on the Castle map of the game.
Unlock Matilda Weapon (which fires 3 round bursts):
Successfully clear the game.
Unlock Hand Cannon Weapon:
Get the five star ranking on the mercenaries mini-game.

Unlock Rocket Launcher:
Beat the game on Normal and you get a chance too buy the Matilda ($..

Resident Evil 4 cheats

Unlock Rocket Launcher and the Mitilda Handgun:
Clear the game on Normal and you get a chance to buy the Rocket Launcher and the Matilda. The Rocket Launcher is $1,000,000 and the Matilda (which fires 3 round bursts) is $70,000.
Unlock Hand Cannon Weapon:
On the Mercenaries mini-game get a five star ranking.


Unlock Professional Difficulty:
Successfully complete the main game once on Normal difficulty. In Professional difficulty everything is exactly the same except that the enemies are harder to kill.
Unlocking the Punisher Pistol:
Do the secret quest the man who sells you upgrades for weapons gives you. You have to search 2 areas of the game for the blue medallions and shoot ALL 15.

The ditmans glitch

When ever you get the striker you can do this. So equip the striker and resume game, ready the weapon (just before the gun is straight) and hit the inventory button and equip any other gun( can't be a shotgun).this will make you move faster and shoot faster. If this doesn't work send me a message and I will get to you.

Secret weapons

There are 4 secrete weapons to unlock in this game. The infinite rocket launcher is available once you beat the game. The same is with the matilda. It is a handgun with a 3- round rapid fire capability. If you beat assignment ada, you'll be offered the chicago typewriter. This is a machine that has infinite ammo and costs 1,000,000 pesetas. The handcannon is available if you get a 5* ranking on every level with every character the mercenaries mini-game. It will cost you a fortune to upgrade. But it's worth it. It will have infinite power and ammo.

play as ahley with a weapon

to play as ahley with a weapon go to the level where you play as her and use a have all weapons cheat.And bingo she has a weapon.

I' got the places for all the weaponsHandgun-Def..

I' got the places for all the weapons
Punisher-complete the blue medallion quest
Blactail-available from the merchant after getting into castle (i think)
Broken Butterfly- 1st castle merchant
Killer 7 - near the end of the game available from merchants on the island
NOTE:Killer 7 may be more powerful than Broken Butterfly at first but only has 3 more upgrades after that but the Broken Butterfly after all the firepower upgrades is a 50.0 which can take down a boss in 4 hits.
Handcannon-available after beatin the game
Matilda- after beating the game available at 1st merchant
Infinite rocket launcher- after beating game but cost 1,000,000 ptas
Chicago typwriter (in..

Easy way to kill ganados

Beat the game once and then start a new need a red9 and you have to upgrade it to the max including the exclusive.then on the pueblo it will take 1-2 shots to kill them.this is excluding the chainsaw s.o.b.


I' ve done this before these are other scenes I have discovered but some I do not know the location.
1. If Ashley needs you to catch her while she jumps down a ladder or is climbing up one if you toggle the camera angle up her skirt she will call you a perve.
2. In the village cheif's house where you find the insignia key and the note on the bed walk out the door by the bed there will be a cutscene then walk back inside and ms. Wong will aid you in another cutscene once again starring the cheif.
3.At the lake monster place by the dock shoot the water with a shotgun you will hear a rumble keep doing this and there will be a cutscene. NOTE: Do NOT do this if you haven't saved you game in the house yet !!!

Fun with Del Lago

Here's something I thought would be a little fun to try out...
In Chapter 1-3, as you are heading off to fight Del Lago, head onto the dock where the boat is moored, but don't get onto the boat. Instead, get out any weapon and start shooting into the lake. After shooting enough times, Del Lago will emerge and devour Leon, along with half the dock.
If you knew that already, here's something I bet you didn't know. It's a glitch caused by triggering the same cut-scene. Fire into the lake, but don't do it from the dock. Shoot from further away. When Del Lago emerges to eat you, he will only eat the dock, as you are not standing on it. However, the game will count it as a death, and you will see the 'You Died' message, despite the fact that you can actually hear L..

Save amo and skip chainsaw dude

When you get to the first village were you use the banoculars to look...take the left path and go inside the closest house...then get ready to shoot everyone in your way..try to stay alive..because there isnt alot of people you need 2 kill.once the first preview comes up when it looks like there are alot of villagers going 2 get you...there isnt just go outside but don't go into any more houses our this cheat wont work just kill untill there isnt anymore people left then you waont have to face off with the chain saw dude and like 20 other people trust me...u might save more amo and don't get discouraged if you die a few times trying to do this just try untill you succeed

The red 9 is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's how you do something cool,
1.beat the game
2. Get 70,000pestas red9
4.upgrade it to the max
Now, it holds 22 bullets, reloads faster,and, it can kill those s.o.b's with 1 bullet
(disreguard this if the chainsaw-happy bozo's around!)

Get the hand-cannon

Beat mercanaries mode with all 5 people and get a 5-star ranking on each level with each person.

Easy enemy takedowns

Aim for the legs. If they are running, they will practiclly trip.

Unlockable Weapons

Matilda - Complete the game once.
Infinite Launcher - Complete the game once.
Chicago Typewriter (Tommy Gun) - Complete the bonus mini-game "Assignment Ada".
HandCannon - Get a 5 Star Rating on the "Mercenaries" Mini-game with every character on Every Stage.

Treasures combinations

Here are a list of treasures you can combine with each other to sell them for more than you could get for them individually:
Beerstein + Red Catseye + Green Catseye + Yellow Catseye = 20,000 pasentas.
Elegent Mask + Red Gem + Purple Gem + Green Gem = 30,000 pasentas (I think, not entirely sure about this one)
Butterfly Lamp + Red Eye + Green Eye + Blue Eye = 32,000 pasentas.
Crown + Crown Jewel + Royal Insignia = Salazar Family Crown = 48,000 pasentas.
Golden Lynx + Red Stone of Faith + Green Stone of Judgement + Blue Stone of treason = 40,000 pasentas.
Important notes:-
The Crown Jewel can only be obtained by killing Salazar's Assisstant in the sewers.
You can find two Butterfly Lamps and at least t..

Unlock The Hand Cannon

To unlock this powerful beast you need to earn five stars for all of the characters on all of the stages in The Mercenaries sub-game. Unlike the Infinite Launcher and Chicago Typewriter, this weapon needs upgrading to achieve it's full potential (99.0 Firepower and Infinite Ammo). Watch out, if you try and sell it to a merchant he won't offer you any cash for it!

Blue Medallions

To get the specialized gun you have to shoot ten blue medallions.


Don't listen to those people who say that it taes alot of damage to krauser if you knife his head youll be dead before you do that but on the part that he turns into a plaga or whatever shot his legs and knife his face clean off but other times use a shotgun or a bb also on the part where he is on the other side use the rifle to shot him then he will run towards you then blow his face off kay

Beat bosses quicker

Here are a list of the bosses and the quickest way you can beat them:-
Del Lago: No strategy other than the normal one.
El Gigante: Rocket Launcher.
Chief Bitores Mendez: Two or three Rocket Launcher blasts should do the trick, so unless you have an Infinite Launcher, you can only use one to speed things up.
Garrador (blind guy with metal claws): Hit him with a Rocket Launcher. Salazar's Assistant: Freeze him using the canisters and then use a Rocket Launcher.
El Gigantes: Trap one of them in the lava and use a Rocket Launcher on the other or (if you can) trap both of them in the lava.
Ramon Salazar: Shoot the big eye on the large head until his weak spot (which is actually Ramon Salazar's main body) opens up and use a Roc..

Secret Luis Cutscene

You can get this cutscene when you are in the house with luis and gandos are breaking in - SPOILER BELOW -
Knife or shoot luis about 6 times and you will get a cutscene were luis says, "adios leon", and shoots him in the chest and kills him, he'll be breathing deep, be aware this obviously gets you a game over

easy salazaar defeat

Enter the room and after the salazaar tranformation cutscene move to the far right and shoot the arm coming out of the wall with the shotgun or tmp, then the arm will disappear for few seconds, this allows you to literally stand in one spot and attack salazaar at your own leisure.

cash and spinal

at the first house in the beginning shoot all three birds to get money and a spinal

Suplex move

(This only works on cultist ganados) When you are in the castle and you are fighting the cultist ganados, if you stun and get close to them you can perform a suplex move instead of a kick

Tag an Animal

To tag a crow you have to have a fully upgraded mine launcher all the way to exclusive and when you see a crow or a bat launch a mine at it and it will blink on the animal and the animal might stumble while trying to fly

The most wicked hint ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you get400,000 pesas,buy the red 9,upgrade it to the max, and it's probrably the best handgun in the game!(this will only work when you have beaten the game,and you start the cleared spot on your memory card,and you're leon)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kill the troll

Before fighting any troll buy a rocket launcher from the merchant and just shoot the troll once and he should die.
P.S if you rescued the wolf he will help you!

Infinite Handcannon Ammo

Aright, first you must beat the game at least once, then you must beat mercanaries 5 stars on every character.
(This may take some time). After that go pick a new game file and at the beginning there will be a merchant jacket.
Get the handcannon since it's 0 psetas.
If you have the money, upgrade everything includeing exclusive. Then you will have Infinite ammo on the Handcannon!
Hope I helped!

The Perfect way to KILL Saddler and finish the Final Chapter(Par

Well if you think that Saddler is really hard. Then you aren't thinking okay. Well all you have to do is when he transforms get out the mine thrower. Launch a mine at his body when it blows up he will fall. The run up to him and hit the action button and you will stab him in the eye. Do this about 2/3 time (easy), 5/6 (Normal). I don't know how many times on pro. Well when this is done just get the rocket that Ada will throw to you Shoot it at him while he is down then he will be dead. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It isn't the end. (Don't read on if you don't want it spoiled!!).
Ada will then throw you a key to a jet ski. Then she will jump into a chopper. At this point run and get the 100,000 that Saddler drops. Then run like hell to the elevator. Go down meet up with ashley. Run down t..

Kick open doors

Double tap the "A" button when you are opening doors

Best weapon choice

Well, on my data I have a chicago typewriter ,with a broken butterfly,semi auto rifle and mine thrower, fully customized. The chicago typewriter takes the place of a handgun and shotgun plus it has infinite amo allowing you to save tons of space. The mine thrower kind've takes the place of you're grenades. And the semi auto rifle is for long range shots. When you get enough cash though sell the rifle to get an infinite rocket launcher. And if you ever by some chance get really lucky and beat all mercenary games with all characters with a 5 star rating to unlock the hand cannon sell you're broken butterfly and get it. So basically you should try to get the chicago typewritter and infinite rocket launcher,with hand cannon,and mine thrower fully custom.( trust me using these items saves a t..

Merry Christmas

After you plays as ashely and get back to Leon instead of running to the next part run backwards to the locked tower by the main gates. Using Ashely you can get in. Inside is a free broken butterfly. Keep it and customize it because it'll come in handy on the "it" on the island

Payback Time!

Remember the part when the three men on the bridge throw a large boulder at you well after you dodge it you can go back up the hill and shoot them down.Sweet Sweet Revenge!

Beating salazar

On your first time round this is extremely difficult unless you know what your doing.
First make sure you have a powerful gun a broken butterfly to get this without paying the merchant as soon as you get ashley in the castle head back past the bit where you met ada and carry on heading back through the door.... walk forward to the fountian and turn left then check the door send ashley in then open the big chest the broken butterfly will be in that this will only have it in if you don't have the broken butterfly!!
Then when your just about to face salazar talk to the merchant and get a rocket launcher if not upgrade the rifle whichever one you have then go through the door after the cutscene shoot the eye on the thing infront of you.
Pull out the rocket ..

After beating the game you get an infiinent rock..

After beating the game you get an infiinent rocket launcher.
P.S.the red9 rules.

Extra ammunition

This works with all weapons that can have an upgraded capacity. After you run out of ammo when firing a weapon DON'T reload (if you have any spare ammo). Instead, make sure you have enough money to upgrade the weapon's capacity. When you encounter the next Merchant upgrade the capacity for that weapon. The weapon will not only have an increased capacity, but you would have had it completely topped up with ammo. So you get extra ammo when you upgrade the capacity. This is very helpful on the Professional difficulty stetting.

A weird glitch

This isn't really a cheat it's a glitch. Ok get your infinte rocket lunacher out and slash a zombies face with you're knife so they stumble around then run up and kick that zombie your lunacher look normal still when you run up but when you kick the zombie the lunacher should impale leon if it doesn't work don't start yelling profanity at your tv because it didn't always work for me.IT OLNY WORKS SOMETIMES.

fan kicking

If you play as ada,you get the most suckest weapons ever.but if you improvise,you can either shoot someone in the knees or the face and they will flinch(do it with the punisher)and while they`re flinching,you can fan kick them to save some ammo.(NOTE:this only works best if you do it in ada`s mission,not the mercenaries thing)

Free Weapons

You can obtain several weapons in this game for free. Here I will list the locations of these weapons:
Handgun - Automatically available from the start of the game.
Shotgun - Found in the house that triggers the villager attack cut-scene in the village in 1-1. It is in the upstairs bedroom, hoisted on the wall. However, on the Easy difficulty, it is automatically available from the start of the game, like the Handgun.
Punisher - Shoot 10 of the 15 Blue Medallions around the village and cemetery. The Merchant will give you this gun for free the next time you see him. If you shoot all 15 of the Blue Medallions, you'll also get a free Firepower upgrade for the gun.
Rocket Launcher - Found towards the end of 3-3, in the large room with the bridge c..

Themal scope? Who needs it!

1.beat game
2.beat assignment ada
3.start new game
4.get 1,000,000 pesetas chicago typewriter
Follow these steps and you don't need the thermal scope to kill regenerators.
(i guess it shoots so dam fast that the things can't regenerate fast enough

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