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Resident Evil 4


Resident Evil 4 FAQ & Walkthrough

by DjSiXpAcK14

     _______  _______  _______ _________ ______   _______  _       _________
    (  ____ )(  ____ \(  ____ \\__   __/(  __  \ (  ____ \( (    /|\__   __/
    | (    )|| (    \/| (    \/   ) (   | (  \  )| (    \/|  \  ( |   ) (   
    | (____)|| (__    | (_____    | |   | |   ) || (__    |   \ | |   | |   
    |     __)|  __)   (_____  )   | |   | |   | ||  __)   | (\ \) |   | |   
    | (\ (   | (            ) |   | |   | |   ) || (      | | \   |   | |   
    | ) \ \__| (____/\/\____) |___) (___| (__/  )| (____/\| )  \  |   | |   
    |/   \__/(_______/\_______)\_______/(______/ (_______/|/    )_)   )_(   
                       _______          _________ _
                      (  ____ \|\     /|\__   __/( \
                      | (    \/| )   ( |   ) (   | (
                      | (__    | |   | |   | |   | |
                      |  __)   ( (   ) )   | |   | |
                      | (       \ \_/ /    | |   | |
                      | (____/\  \   /  ___) (___| (____/\
                      (_______/   \_/   \_______/(_______/

                               4::::4 4::::4  
                              4::::4  4::::4  
                             4::::4   4::::4  

---------------------------------FOR GAMECUBE----------------------------------
--------------------------------By DjSiXpAcK14---------------------------------

Resident Evil 4
Nintendo GameCube
FAQ & Walkthrough
Copyright 2004 by DjSiXpAcK14
Version 0.1
January 12, 2004

      "Warning: This FAQ contains scenes of explicit violence and gore."

Table of Contents
NOTE: You can use the Ctrl+F function of your browser to easily navigate this 
FAQ/WALKTHROUGH. Type the text in the search box just as it appears here. 
Don't include the numbers.

1. Intro
2. Version Info
3. The Basics of RE
4. RE Characters
5. Prologue
6. Walkthrough
7. Enemies/Bosses
8. Items
9. Weapons
10.Enemy Dialogue Translations
12.Credits, Contact Info, and Everything Else

1. Intro

This game is the greatest thing to happen to Resident Evil since...well, it 
began. It has received ratings higher than such games as Halo 2, Halo, and has 
tied the 2004 Game of the Year, GTA: San Andreas. All without a too well-known 
predecessor or a run-of-the-mill FPS engine.

Resident Evil 4 was released in the U.S. on January 12, 2005.

Resident Evil 4 boasts a new control and aiming system, amazingly smarter 
enemies, a more original installment of the Resident Evil story, as well as the
appearance of a certain character Leon has previously had an encounter with...

The true meaning of Survival Horror will be revealed.

2. Version Info

Version 0.1

I have the walkthrough through the first visit to the Village. I'm working on 
it at this exact moment, so keep checking back.

Version 1.1 (Demo)

Aha! Thanks to Robert Padua [[email protected]], I now have Spanish 
translations of many of what the villagers are saying. Check it out in the 
walkthrough and in the "Enemy Dialogue Translations" sections.


I also added the pushable shelf in Cabin #3, which I found myself over last 
weekend. It is used to block a window that the Villagers bust in through.

Version 1.0 (Demo)

I finished:

Version Info
The Basics of RE
RE Characters
Credits, Contact Info, and Everything Else

Hopefully soon, I will have translated more of the Villagers' dialogue and will
have that posted.

If you have something else, see my e-mail at the bottom.

3. The Basics of RE

This is a description of all the buttons on the Gamecube controller, and their 
functions while playing the game.

A - Action Button. It is used in a Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time-esque way 
as an action button. The command appears on screen, so you push the button to 
execute the command (Kick, Open, Climb Up, etc.)

B - Run. When the Control Stick is pressed to any direction, hold the B button
to run.

Y - Displays the status screen.

X - Nothing.

Z - Uses the binoculars.

R - Ready Weapon.

L - Nothing.

Control Stick - Used to move the character in a given direction and to aim 
when the R button is held.

Control Pad - used to move the character in a given direction and to aim when 
the R button is held.

C Stick - Look Up/Down. Also zooms in/out when binoculars are being used.

Start - Displays the map.

Game Difficulty

Luckily for you, the game picks a difficulty for you! Which exactly is it? 
Who knows?! However, I can assure you it probably is not Easy...

Health-Replenishing Items

Health in Resident Evil 4 is shown by Leon's circular health meter in the lower
right corner. Green is obviously a safe health range, while Red is dangerously 

  Restores health to "Fine" status.

  Raises health a small, but respectable amount.

  Raises health twice as much as one Green Herb.

  Raises health three times as much as one Green Herb.


  Nothing (Yes, there is a Yellow Herb in the demo).

  Raises health about 2 1/2 times as much as one Green Herb.

  Completely restores health.

  Restores health completely and raises max health (AWESOME!).

4. Characters

Leon S. Kennedy

The hero of Raccoon City, this rookie cop fought his way out of Raccoon City 
along the side of Claire Redfield in 1998. He has vowed to destroy Umbrella at 
all costs to avenge the innocent people of Raccoon City. For this particular 
mission, the President of the U.S. has asked Leon to find his daughter, who was
last seen near a strange village in Europe. Is Umbrella involved? 

Ashley Graham

The President's daughter. Although she doesn't appear in the demo, she is 
probably found shortly after the demo's ending. She's quite girly, and just may
replace Sherry as the most annoying girl in the Resident Evil series.


What? Aragorn made it into Resident Evil 4? Nah, he just looks like him. This 
is the guy Leon is hanging out with in the trailer. Not much is known about him
except he looks like he'd be fun to be battling against psycho weirdos with.

Village Chief

This is the tall, creepy-lookin' dude in the trailer. According to Capcom's 
badly-informed website, this man is the priest of the village who teaches 
"an obscure religion to his macabre disciples." Weird.

Ada Wong

This is the woman that Leon fell in love with in his adventure in Raccoon City 
in 1998. Leon thought she died due to some serious injuries, but Wesker's 
records indicate otherwise. It is almost certain she will appear in Resident 
Evil 4 (you can see her in the trailer), but nothing is yet confirmed.

Albert Wesker

Although it is not confirmed that Wesker will even make an appearance in this 
game, it is completely possible. He nearly died in the mansion disaster in 
1996, but survived by "cheating death" with a virus he obtained from a 
colleague. He hates Jill Valentine, Barry Burton, and Chris and Claire Redfield
much more than he cares about Leon, but he is working for an unknown 
organization and because the story of Resident Evil 4 is still foggy, we cannot
confirm his existence in this game. Wesker fans argue that the man with the 
crazy amount of ammo in the trailer is him, but again, this is yet to be 

5. Prologue

The official teaser paragraph from the back of the case:

A History of Horror

Prepare yourself for a scream-filled trip down memory lane as you witness the 
terrifying legacy of the Resident Evil series and then take your first steps 
into the future of survival horror. Watch the thrilling history of Resident 
Evil in six grisly movies, including a trailer for the forthcoming Nintendo 
Gamecube release. Best of all, take control of Leon as you try to survive a 
shocking playable demo of Resident Evil 4 that'll be sure to take your 
breath...and maybe life...away.

The official story from the Resident Evil 4 website:

Will not be included. It's contradictory with the game, and for Pete's sake, 
they spelled "Raccoon" wrong and nobody caught it. It's located at:

The teaser paragraph explanation that I just made up:

Leon S. Kennedy, who has apparently become a "U.S. special agent" has been 
assigned by the President to rescue his daughter. She was last seen near a 
small village of psychotic weirdos located somewhere in Europe, probably in 
Spain, judging by the native language and map. Leon is taken to the village by 
two police officers, and they tell him to go ahead and check out the village 
while they watch the car. They don't want any parking tickets...


I guess I'm not good with teaser paragraphs, but that's what's going on.

6. Walkthrough

_Prologue Cutscene_

_Opening Cutscenes_

Bridge and Entrance to Village

Parking tickets...hmm.

Walk forward up the trail. As you pass, some Crows will fly away. Although they 
pose no threat, you can kill them in one shot for 200 PESETAS (PTAS).

NOTE: Save up those PTAS! Later, you can use them to buy some fun items...

Run up to the big cottage here.


Oooo. Creeepy.

Instead of going inside this cabin, go to the left of it around the side. 
You'll find a wooden crate on a cart. Shoot it open to reveal a random item, 
which could be a GREEN HERB, HANDGUN AMMO, or a HAND GRENADE. Take whatever it
is with you. In this game, you'll have trouble filling up all your item slots.

Now run back around to the front door. You can hop over the railing on the 
porch on the side, which is one of the features that no other Resident Evil 
games have. Pretty cool, eh?

Enter the house, then run through until you find the man that you can hear 


Holy crap!

NOTE FROM Robert Padua [[email protected]]:
For those of you who aren't particularly fluent in Spanish, here's what this 
guy just said:
¿Qué carajo estás haciendo aquí? Lárgate cabrón.
Which means:
What the f*ck are you doing here? Get the hell out of here mother f*cker.

This guy doesn't look like a zombie...hmm...

WHO CARES?! Freaking blow his brains out! Aim at his head and shoot until he 
falls. If you don't see a cutscene, however, he's not dead yet.

NOTE: This is the first Villager, so he's particularly weak. Be careful against
the others.

NOTE: Kicking is a feature that is, well, for the most part new to the Resident
Evil series! If Leon shoots somebody who's close to him and they hunch over for
a moment, press A when prompted to land a roundhouse kick across the enemy to 
send him to the ground. This works on multiple enemies, too.

NOTE: Also, if you find a Villager running at you and shoot him in the foot, 
he falls flat on his face! 

Anyway, after you kill the guy, you see a 


Uh oh. Well, at least they didn't get a parking ticket, right? Heh.
Press A to pick up any items the Villager may have dropped and head out the 
front door to check on the officers.

What? Somebody blocked the door? Crap. Well, I guess we better take a look 
around here for another exit then.

You can check the guy's body to discover that he's not a zombie, and you can 
check what he was cookin', but you can't quite tell what it is...
Look at the back of the staircase to find a nasty collection of human skulls, 
then head up the stairs and around the bend to find HANDGUN AMMO on the table.

Hmm, that's a bit rooms upstairs.

Looks like the window up here is the only way guessed it. Head 
over to the window and press A to send Leon flying out the window!

There are 3 Villagers out here and they all seem a little bit cranky. Take a 
few steps away from them all, then turn around and do what is necessary to 
assure that they WON'T be coming back. When the music stops, it's over. Check 
their bodies for PESETAS, HANDGUN AMMO, a GREEN HERB, or even an INCENDIARY 

Before we continue, let's check on those officers that brought us here. Head 
back to the bridge area. Once you're there, run to the end of the tire tracks 
and press A to Look Down.


And the bridge is out, too. Looks like we have no choice but to head to this 
village. Run back to the cottage area and go to the right of it. You should see
multiple guidepost signs that read "Pueblo," the Spanish word for town or in 
this case village.

Check out the little cabin on the path to the right of the big cottage you just
came from. Inside, you'll find some HANDGUN AMMO and three wooden crates. Bust 
them open with your COMBAT KNIFE if you're a little ammo-conscious, but you 
should be alright. Inside them, you'll find 1000 PESETAS and a GREEN HERB. 
One of them is empty.

NOTE: There is a typewriter here, feel free to make use.

Leave the cottage and head up the path. You should see 2 Crows and a sign with 
human skulls on it. Ignore them but...

Press A to let the poor guy out of the trap. He'll limp off into the woods.

NOTE: The wolf heals pretty quickly, and doesn't actually serve any purpose 
other than to alert you of other bear traps. There are two others, but unless 
you go off the path, you'll only find one, and it's mentioned below.

Continue down the path until you come along some trees with red lights. Then 
STOP. Those red lights are dynamite on the trees with black, hard-to-see trip 

Here's how this area is laid out.

|  O-----O   X   O-----O  |

The |'s are the edges of the playable area.
The O's are the trees with dynamite strapped to them.
The -'s are the tripwires for the dynamite.
The X is a bear trap.

It's not too difficult to navigate yourself around the bear trap, so that's 
probably the best option. Just use your scope or binoculars to see where it is,
then walk around it between the explosive trees.

NOTE: If you want to, you can shoot the dynamite on the trees to detonate it 
without tripping it yourself or trip the bear trap the same way, but that's just
more wasted ammo.

After you pass through, you can hear a Villager yelling at you. It's just one, 
no worries. Take him out like you did the others and check the body for items.

Continue down the path until you find another guidepost and yet another cabin. 
Enter to find two wooden boxes. One contains 1000 PESETAS, and one contains 
1100. Also check out the GREEN HERB and that woman with the pitchfork through 
her face. Ouch.

Leave and continue down the path to find two more Villagers. There's only two 
of them, so it shouldn't be too much trouble to take care of them. Don't forget
to check for items.

Run across the bridge to see 3 Villagers spot you, then run off. You won't see 
them again until you reach the village...

Keep going until you get to the last cabin before the village. This one has a 
man inside waiting for you, so take him out and raid the cabin for items. 
Inside the two wooden crates, you'll find an HANDGUN AMMO and 1000 PESETAS.

Continue down the path to the gate and open it with A.

The Village


Well, a rocket launcher would be nice, too, but I guess for now, a playing 
manual is OK.

Run down the path until the A command "Look" becomes available. Press A to view


Now you're looking through your binoculars. Zoom in on that person burning in 
the fire to's one of the officers! Looks like he probably should 
have just taken the parking ticket, eh?

After you're finished, head into the village. Until they notice you, they 
pretty much keep to themselves. Here's a map of the village:

                                                        / S3 /
                                                        // ///----------------+
                                                       /                      E
       +----------------------------------------------/  +--+ +--------+------+
       |ZZZZZ        ZZZZZZZZZ  G            /  S2 //  /   / S4 /      |
   N   |ZZZZ          ZZZZZZZ                // ////  /    //////      |
       |ZZZ                                       /  /                 |
 W + E |ZZ                          ////////     /  /                  |
       |Z   ///////   ///////////// /    ==/        +------------------+
   S   |    /     /   /           / /    ==/        |/////ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ|
       |    /     /   /           / /  3 ==///// |  |/  =/ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ|
       |    /  1  /   /   2   ///// /          / |  |/ T /ZZZ//////////|
       |    /     /           /     ///////  /// |  |/// /ZZZ       Z//|
       |    ///////   /////////     |            |                  Z//|
+------+                            +-----+  +---+                  Z//|
A                          FF                                       Z//|
+------+  | |   C|         FF                             /////////////|
       |  | |   C|                                        /           /|
      /  /  |    |ZZZ////  /////////////                  /  Chapel   /|
     /  /   |    |ZZZ/          4      /ZZZ               ///////// ///|
    /  /    |    |ZZZ//////////////// //ZZZ               ZZZZZZZZ/ /ZZ|
   /  /|                ZZZZ////////   /ZZH        //////////////// ///|
///   ||  Y             ZZZZ////////   /ZZZ        /                  /|
      ||ZZZ                 ////////////           /         5        /|
  /   ||ZZZ                                        //////////////// ///|
  /   |+-----------------------------------------------------------E---+
S1/   |
///   |
  |   |

A - Entrance
C - Cow
E - Exit (Locked)
F - Fire Pit
G - Green Herb
H - Handgun Ammo
T - Tower
Y - Yellow Herb in a Wooden Crate
Z - Miscellaneous Blockage
1 - Cabin #1 (Inaccessible)
2 - Cabin #2
3 - Cabin #3
4 - Cabin #4
5 - Cabin #5 (Inaccessible)
S1- Shed #1
S2- Shed #2
S3- Shed #3 (Empty)
S4- Shed #4

This is a difficult area, obviously. In order to complete it, all you have to 
do is basically kill 14 Villagers. However, with your current nearly weapon-less
state, it will be difficult. This will walk you through picking up items and 
killing Villagers.

Step 1: Outside Items & Tower

Alright. You're at Point A on the map. You've already run forward and perhaps 
used the action button to look at the officer burning in the fire.

Run forward and take the first right you come to. While they haven't quite 
reached you yet, we're going to explore Shed #1 for an item or two. So run up 
into it, there aren't any Villagers inside. In here, you'll find a
RANDOM ITEM and a FLASH GRENADE. It doesn't hurt enemies much, but allows for 
an easy escape from a crowded area.

Now head out of the shed and back toward the fire. There's a fence on your 
right. As soon as it ends, cut sharply around it so that you're between the 
cow's stable and the fence. You should be running toward a wooden crate. Bust it
open for a YELLOW HERB. 

NOTE: We don't have a RED HERB yet, so try to save the YELLOW HERB and a 
GREEN HERB for later.

After busting open the crate, however, there is one Villager with a pitchfork 
back here that doesn't seem too happy. Ignore him and run around the back of the
Cabin here (it's #4 on the map).

After rounding the corner, grab the GREEN HERB out of the miscellaneous junk 
on the side of the building and continue to the large tower with a ladder 
inside. Climb the ladder.

Up here, check the small table for some SHOTGUN SHELLS. Yes, the Villagers can't
climb this particular ladder, but they will throw explosive firey things up at 
you if you stay up there too long. It'd be best to get down as quickly as 
possible so you don't have TOO many friends waiting for you at the bottom.

At the bottom, dash out before anyone has a chance to hit you. If you manage to
get grabbed, shake the Control Stick quickly for Leon to break out of the 
grapple and land a kick on the offender's face.

Head right around the tower, heading north Shed #2 (S2 on the map). Go through 
the gap in the fence and into the shed. Inside, you'll find a wooden crate with
a RANDOM ITEM inside. Exit quickly, you don't want a line forming at the

Now we're heading west, which is a right turn after leaving the shed. Run 
straight around the back of the building until you see another wooden crate. 
Bust it open for a RED HERB. That's _almost_ all the outside and tower items.

NOTE: Now you should mix the RED HERB with the GREEN HERB, then mix that with 
the YELLOW HERB. This will make a concoction that not only restore all health, 
but raise Leon's max health!

Step 2: Cabins 2 & 4

NOTE: We're ignoring Cabin 3 for now because when you go in there, you'll have 
a Chainsaw Guy comin' after you, and that's never fun...unless you have a 
Rocket Launcher and are invulnerable, I guess.

After picking up the RED HERB from the crate, run along the building to your 
left and follow it around the corner. There should be a door on the side of the
building. Approach it and press the action button to kick it open. Here's a 
little map of the items.

         |            ZHZ                 |
         |                              ZZ|
         |     TTTTT                    RZ|
         |     TTTTT                    IZ|
         |     TTTTT                    ZZ|
         |     TTTTT       +--------------+
         |                 |
         |                Q|
         =               ZZ|
         A               ZZ|
         =               ZZ|
         |                 |

A - Your Entrance (The Door)
B - Your Exit (The Window)
I - INCENDIARY GRENADES inside a crate
P - 1100 PESETAS inside a barrel
Q - RANDOM ITEM inside a barrel
R - RANDOM ITEM inside a crate
T - Table
W - Empty crate
Z - Miscellaneous Furniture

So run in, bust open the barrel on the floor in front of you and take the 
RANDOM ITEM. Then turn left and take the HANDGUN AMMO off the shelf. After 
that, make a quarter turn right and head to the crates on the table. Bust open 
the left one for a RANDOM ITEM, and the right one for an INDENDIARY GRENADE.

Regardless of the enemies outside of your exit (the window, B on the map), use 
the window. They disappear as Leon jumps through the window, and trust me, you 
don't want to try the door.

After exiting, turn right and go between the cabin you just came out of (2) and
the cabin beside it (3). It's a pretty tight squeeze, but you'll make it 
through. You might find a Villager coming toward you. If so, land one good shot
on his head and kick or run past him.

Run directly across the plaza to the door of Cabin #4. Press the action button 
to kick it open. Here's another map of items and whatnot:

|T                       XXX           |
|T                                     |
|R                                     |
|                                      |
                           |Q          |
                           |S          |
                           |           |
                           |           |
                           |Z-P-ZZZ    |
                           |ZZZZZZZ    |

A - Your Entrance...and Exit
B - "Locked" door
E - Empty Barrel
P - 1000 PESETAS
Q - RANDOM ITEM inside Barrel
S - SHOTGUN SHELLS inside Crate
T - Table
X - [Piece of Furniture] used to blockade door
Z - Miscellaneous Furniture

Alright. Unfortunately, there's no window in the back of this house to jump out
of. However, there is a respectable amount of PESETAS.

As soon as you get in, dart to the left to find a [Piece of Furniture]. Get on 
the far side of it and hold the action button to push that bad boy in front of 
the door. That'll hold 'em out...for a little while at least!

Bust open the barrel by the door for a RANDOM ITEM. Then head to the door at the
other end of the room. There's a lock on it, so shoot it to take it off, then 
proceed through.

NOTE: Hmph. If only Leon could do that in Resident Evil 2.

In here is a nasty blood-covered bed with 1000 PESETAS on it, and SHOTGUN SHELLS
in a crate on the endtable. There's also a barrel that has a RANDOM ITEM in it, 
so bust it open, too.

Go ahead and equip the FLASH GRENADE we picked up's about to come 
in handy. Face the door, aim at it, and wait. After a short moment, the 
Villagers will come busting through the door. Toss your grenade right in the 
middle of them and all of them will hunch over momentarily. Take advantage of 
their momentary disorientation and run right past them...or kick them, if you're
feeling naughty.

NOTE: For some extra PESETAS, you can go to the northeast corner of this area to
find a Chainsaw Villager. He has about 4x as much health as regular Villagers, 
and can kill you in one hit...decapitation. It took me all 3 INCENDIARY GRENADES
and some shots from the HANDGUN, but after he falls, he drops the RUBY, worth 
quite a pretty penny.

Step 3: Cabin #3 and Sheds 3 & 4

I'll bet with those SHOTGUN SHELLS, you can't wait to see how they work, eh? Me 

Run across the plaza and a little to the right, through the doorway into Cabin 


Ohhh crap. Leon has already pushed the [Piece of Furniture] in front of the 
door, but that doesn't always work too well, as we've seen. 

Here are some translations of what they were saying:

Once again, creds to Robert Padua [[email protected]]:

¡Abre la puerta!
Which means:
Open the door!

Vallan por detrás.
Which means:
Go from behind.

They're taking ladders around the back...

Once again, here's a map for ya:

|        FF   -H- |
|  TTTT           |
|  TTTT     R   Q |
|  TTTT    +------+
|  TTTT    |S ^  S|
|  TTTT    |T |  T|
|          |A    A|
|          |I    I|
|          |R  ^ R|
|          |S  | S|
|Y         +------+--------------------------+
|Y                                           |
|Y                                           |
|                                            |
=                                            |
W                                            |
=                                            |
|                                            |
|                                 XXXXXXX    |

A - Entrance
B - Barrel (Empty)
F - Furnace
Q - 1000 PESETAS inside Barrel
T - Table
W - Boarded Window
X - [Piece of Furniture] blocking door
Y - Pushable shelf that can be used to block the window.

First, run over to the shelf (Y on the map) and push it in front of the window 
to hold off the Villagers there a little longer.

Next, head off to the back of the building. Grab the HANDGUN AMMO off the shelf
behind the stairs, then turn around and shoot the left barrel open and take the 
1000 PESETAS. The other barrel is empty.Head up the stairs! Here is a map of the
2nd floor:

|   =S=           |
|N                |
|                 |
|P         +------+
|          |S |  S|
=          |T \/ T|
B          |A    A|
=          |I    I|
|          |R  | R|
|          |S  \/S|
|          +------+
|                 |
|                 |
|                 |
|                 |
|                 |

B - Exit (Window)
L - Ladder
N - HAND GRENADE behind Glass
P - 1000 PESETAS

Take the SHOTGUN off its classic wall hooks, then shoot the glass in front of 
the HAND GRENADE and take it. Take the 1000 PESETAS from the table on the side,

Ignore the Villagers at the window and proceed to the bed area. Take the 
SHOTGUN SHELLS, then run over to the window with the ladder. Press the action 
button to knock off the ladder. That'll delay 'em a little bit.

Now approach the exit window (the one without the ladder) and press the action 
button to jump out of it. They aren't quick enough to hit you while you're in 
the act.

Here's a map of the rooftops:

                     |                                  ||
                     |                                  ||
                     |                                  ||
                     L          +=============+         ||
                     |          ||           ||         |
                     |          ||           ||         |
+/////////--\\\\\\\\\+          ||           ||         |
|                               ||           ||         |
|                               ||           ||         |
L                               B            ||         |
|                               ||           ||         |
|                               ||           ||M   $    |
|                               ||           ||         |
|                               ||           ||         |
|                               ||           ||         |
+/////////--\\\\\\\\\-----------+             +---------+

B - Entrance (Window)
L - Ladder
$ - Optimum Shooting Position
= - Edge that Villagers can't fall off of
||- Edge that Villagers can't fall off of

NOTE: "-" and "|" indicate that enemies can be knocked off the rooftop at this 

First, run forward ignoring the Villagers up and over the roof to find another 
ladder. Press the action button to knock it off, then run to the top of the 
rooftop and face the window you came in come from. Use the HANDGUN to take out 
these two Villagers, you'll want to save your SHOTGUN SHELLS for the 
Chainsaw Villager.

After finishing them up, continue around to the next ladder indicated by "L" on
the map. Knock it off as well, then continue around to then next rooftop around
the corner with the SPINEL (indicated by "M"). Take it, then get on the very top
of the rooftop, face the direction you came, and wait. This is by far the best 
place in the entire village to take out Villagers. They all come from only one 
place and can be knocked back to the ground on the right side for extra damage 
and time. 

NOTE: Because this particular portion of the game is based on killing the 14 
Villagers and time, it is a good idea to stay here for a while. Use the HANDGUN 
for a while, and if you become a little too swamped for your liking, toss a 
grenade or two into the crowd for some extra floor space. However, always and 
forever, watch out for the Chainsaw Villager and be sure to pop him in the face 
with the SHOTGUN whenever he gets close. If you manage to kill him before time 
runs out (this takes quite a few shots, let me tell you), he'll drop 10,000 
PESETAS in the form of GOLD BARS. Heh, ALLL RIGHT. Giggidy Giggidy Giggidy.

Whenever you get bored or run out of ammo, you can approach the edge on the 
flat area and press the action button to jump off. Here you may find some 
rewards left behind by Villagers that you killed that fell off the rooftop. You
can also visit Shed #4 for a box of HANDGUN AMMO and  the ALERT ORDER file, or 
Shed #3 for, well, nothing.

After your 14th Villager falls, you'll see a


showing the Villagers going to the Chapel.

Here are some translations of what they say in that cutscene:

La campana
Which means:
The bell

Es hora de rezar
Which means:
It's time to pray

Tenemos que irnos
Which means:
We have to go

...and the fun begins.


NOTE: Pick up the items the Villagers you just killed may have dropped, and be 
on the lookout for any eggs the chickens may have laid. They can be eaten to 
restore health. In fact, sometimes you can find a GOLD CHICKEN EGG, which 
fully restores health.

Let's see...looking for a tower.

First, head over to Shed #4 to the northeast if you haven't already and pick up 
the ALERT ORDER file. Although it's a bit odd that it's in English, it shows 
that these guys have been waiting for Leon for quite some time...

Head out the exit to the northeast.


7. Enemies/Bosses


Strange Spanish-speaking people who for some strange reason kill people for no 
apparent reason. These Villagers can wield anything from pitchforks, burning 
sticks, scythes, axes, hatchets (to throw), or nothing at all. These are very 
basic enemies, but being surrounded by them certainly causes a problem.

Not a real threat, but you can shoot them. Not much to say about them. If you 
don't run, they probably won't notice you.

-----Chainsaw Villager-----
This guy wears a potato sack over his head and is rumored to be invulnerable. 
He's somewhat slow, but upon reaching Leon, he executes an immediate 
decapitation. Be sure you give him a little more priority than the average 
Villager. You can only fight two at the max, but unless you try, you'll 
probably only fight one.


...None yet. Surely that Village Chief and the Cave Troll-esque monster in the 
screenshots will be bosses, but as of now, I have no information on either of 
them, as they don't appear in the demo.

8. Items

AMETHYST STONE (LARGE) - A large precious gemstone.

AMETHYST STONE (SMALL) - Small but a precious gemstone.

COMBAT KNIFE - When you run out of ammo, this weapon is your last resort.

FIRST AID SPRAY - Completely restores health.

FLASH GRENADE - Use it to blind the offender momentarily.

GREEN HERB - Herb that restores partial health.

HAND GRENADE - This weapon will detonate several seconds after throwing it.

HANDGUN - Fires 9mm rounds. A magazine holds 10 rounds. Equipped with a laser 

HANDGUN AMMO - A box of 9mm rounds.

INCENDIARY GRENADE - This weapon will hold off the offender for a short period 
of time.

ONYX STONE (LARGE) - A large precious gemstone.

ONYX STONE (SMALL) - Small but a precious gemstone.

RED HERB - Mixing it with a Green Herb will increase its healing effect.

SHOTGUN - A 12-gauge pump-action shotgun. Maximum magazine capacity is 7. (Do
shotguns have "magazines"?)

SHOTGUN SHELLS - 12-guage shotshells.

YELLOW HERB - Mixing it with a Green Herb will increase its healing effect.

9. Weapons

Combat Knife

Well, if you're THAT desperate, you can use this to attack enemies. Anyone who 
can kill the Chainsaw Villager with this should be hailed as a god. Aim for the
Head/Neck area, and if you're lucky enough to deal recoil, you may just have a 


The standard weapon. It doesn't pack much power, but its ammo supply is more 
plentiful than any other weapon. With this weapon, it's important to make your 
shots in the vital areas of the enemies.


It's the powerhouse of the demo. This gun will easily decapitate any Villager 
and would surely blow a crow to feathers if it had the chance. It deals some 
powerful recoil against foes, though, which is particularly helpful against the
Chainsaw Villager.

10. Enemy Dialogue Translations

NOTE: All of these translations are by Robert Padua [[email protected]].
In case you're unaware, the Villagers all speak in Spanish.

NOTE FROM DjSiXpAcK14: I hope your browser can display this correctly, mine had
no problems.

When Leon enters the first house and shows the man the picture, he says this:
¿Qué carajo estás haciendo aquí? Lárgate cabrón.
Which means:
What the f*ck are you doing here? Get the hell out of here mother f*cker.

After entering Cabin #3, villagers can be heard saying:
¡Abre la puerta!
Which means:
Open the door!

Vallan por detrás.
Which means:
Go from behind.

And of course, after the bell rings, during the cutscene, the villagers say:
La campana
Which means:
The bell

Es hora de rezar
Which means:
It's time to pray

Tenemos que irnos
Which means:
We have to go

11. Links

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12. Credits, Contact Info, and Everything Else

This FAQ/Walkthrough was written by DjSiXpAcK14.

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Robert Padua [[email protected]] for translations.

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