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Need for Speed Carbon PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

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We've got a collection of cheats that include how to get infinite nitrous and crew charge, unlocking custom area cars and getting more money.

More Need for Speed Carbon PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 96 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Need for Speed Carbon please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : PlayStation 3 : Xbox : Xbox 360 : Gameboy Advance : Wii : Nintendo DS : GameCube

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At the Main menu enter the following codes to unlock the corresponding effect.

Unlock Infinite Nitrous:

Left, Up, Left, Down, Left, Down, Right, Square.

Unlimited Crew Charge:

Down, Up, Up, Right, Left, Left, Right, Square.

Unlock Extra Money:

Down, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Square, Triangle.

Unlimited Speedbreaker:

Down, Right, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Square.

Unlock Cardboard Box and Driver Vinyl:

Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, Down, Up, Square.

Unlock NFS:C Vinyl:

Right, Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Square.


Unlockable Cars

In the Challenge Series menu complete the following events to unlock the corresponding car.

Unlock Mazda RX7 (Tuner):

In the Boss Battle beat Kenji.

Unlock Nissan 240SX (Tuner):

Complete ALL 3 'Checkpoint' challenges.

Unlock Aston Martin DB9 (Exotic):

In Boss Battle mode beat Wolf.

Unlock Jaguar XK 2007 (Exotic):

Complete ALL 3 'Turf War' races.

Unlock Dodge Charger RT Classic (Muscle):

Beat the 21st Muscle Car Gang.

Unlock Crew members

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding crew member:

Unlock Nikki:

Joins after defeating ALL 3 beginning Bosses.

Unlock Sal:

Joins after 4-6 races.

Unlock Yumi:

Unlock Unlimited Crew Charge

At the Cheat menu press Down, Up, Up, Right, Left, Left, Right, Square

Unlock Custom Area Cars

The following cars will appear in the custom area when you're selecting your car in 'Quick Race' when you've completed the indicated task.

Unlock BMW M3 GTR:

Complete Reward Card.

Unlock Cross Corvette Z06:

Complete Reward Card.

Unlock Mitsubishi Eclipse 1999:

Complete Reward Card.

Unlock Audi Le Mans Quattro:

Complete the game.


Unlock Exotic Career Cars:

The following cars are unlocked when you beat the corresponding area.

Unlock Lotus Elise:

Beat Ocean View

Unlock Toyota Supra:

Beat Infinity Park

Unlock Mercedes SL65 AMG:

Beat Morgan Beach

Unlock Porsche Carerra GT:

Beat Canmor Downs

Unlock Porsche Cayman S:

Beat Mason District

Unlock Renault Clio V6:

Beat Historic Chinatown

Unlock Vauxhall Monaro VXR:

Beat The Projects

Unlock Lamborghini Gallardo:

Beat Diamond Hills

Unlock Subaru Impreza WRX STi:

Beat Silverton Refinery

Unlock Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:

Beat Old Quarter

Unlock Chevrolet Corvette Z06:

Beat Shady Pine

Unlock Collectors Edition Cars

These following cars in the Challenge Series will become unlocked when you complete the indicated task.

Unlock Mazda RX7 (Tuner):

In Boss Battle mode defeat Kenji.

Unlock Aston Martin DB9 (Exotic):

In Boss Battle mode defeat Wolf

Unlock Dodge Charger RT Classic (Muscle):

Defeat the 21st Muscle Car Gang.

Unlock Jaguar XK 2007 (Exotic):

Complete ALL 3 Turf War races.

Unlock Nissan 240SX (Tuner):

Complete ALL 3 Checkpoint challenges.

Unlock Extra Money

At the 'Title' screen enter Down, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Square, Triangle.

Unlimited Crew Charge

Unlimited Crew Charge:

Down, up, up, right, left, left, right, square

Unlimited Nitrous/NOS

To the activate this cheat, press this at the Main Menu.

Left, Up, Left, Down, Left, Down, Right, Square.


Unlimited Speedbreaker: Down, Right, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Square.

Unlimited Crew Charge: Down, Up, Up, Right, Left, Left, Right, Square.

Unlock NFS:C Vinyl: Right, Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Square.

Unlocks Cardboard Box and Driver Vinyl: Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, Down, Up, Square.

Infinite Nitrous: Left, Up, Left, Down, Left, Down, Right, Square.

Castrol Cash: Down, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Square, Triangle.

More Money!

Extra money:

Down, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Square, Triangle

To beat Darius + get bosses cars

Once you get to the caynon with Darius use a Porche Cavera GT I over took him with it. You HAVE to upgrade it all the way and around 80to 90 percent you will over take him.

Boss car which ones ? ANGIE 2end & 4th from the left, Wolf same as angie,

Kengi 1st and 4th from left

I know because I played it so many times . Oh also start with the Alfa Brera which starts with wolf.

The reward card the mkes you save 1 billion $$ start with the alfta and win the bosses car and the that one and atar on anothe tertiory then the next, DO ALL THE RACES AND DONT SPEND IT.

I know it will be hard but at the end you can buy lots of stuff

Beating darius in canyon duel!!!

You can beat darius in canyon duel if you buy a corvette with full tunned the following parts should be tunned:

1:Make all the performance parts to race package and for NOS keep full velocity, horse power full and keep high RPM

2:Use body kit 4

3:Do 100% chop top(you need to hire colin for this.

4:Use the spoiler ripper.(after market)

Tuners are best for darius

With Darius being fast, you need to have good handling, I would go with a Toyota supra

It helped me beat him, cause I beat him with a no upgraded supra, except for nos

I beat him easily, just try with a supra it worked for me

Unlock Need For Speed Carbon Vinyls

At the main menu, press this

Right, Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Square

You will get a message saying this:

"Unlock NFS Carbon Vinyls are now available!"

Annoy the cops

When you first start free roam in career mode you start at the safe house spot after you start go to your left and there will be a straight road and a road that turns left follow that road if you keep going you will see two other turns left and right follow the right one then if you keep going you will see a bridge jump if you keep going on and of the bridge jump with the cops on you're tail it will annoy the hell out of them and ultimately raise your bounty and cost to state also the set roadblocks up there all the time so it's a great way to earn some reward cards I did this for a bit and earned like 4 reward cards this is a fun way to play the game and beat it also there are not to many rhinos when you're there I saw maybe three while is was in a level 5 26 minute pursuit. hope this h..

Infinite Nitrous

To get infinite nitrous you must enter left,up,left,down,left,down,right,square

Great way to Make and Save Money

Using these guidelines I banked over $1,000,000

-If you want to get the most money in your career use your car until it can't win races,then start by adding nitrous and so on.

-Start with the camaro that way you will get samson and he gives you 10 more money per win.

-Keep Neville in your crew, an extra $200 per race can really add up.

-Yumi gives you a 10 discount on performance parts, and Nikki gives you a 10 discount on cars.


To get infinate nitrous you go to the main menu and you press:


P.S: This cheat might take a few tries but it will definately work.


To get infinate speed breaker you go to the main menu and you press:



Unlockable Cars

Complete the indicated area in the listed career to unlock the corresponding car.

Unlock Chevrolet Corvette Z06 - Exotic:

Complete Shady Pine.

Unlock Chevrolet Corvette Z06 - Muscle:

Complete Canmor Downs.

Unlock Dodge Charger SRT-8 - Muscle:

Complete Mason District.

Unlock Dodge Viper SRT-10 - Muscle:

Complete Neon Mile.

Unlock Dodge Viper SRT-10 - Tuner:

Complete Shady Pine.

Unlock Ford GT - Exotic:

Complete Starlight Strip.

Unlock Ford GT - Muscle:

Complete Silverton Refinery.

Unlock Ford GT - Tuner:

Complete Infinity Park.

Unlock Ford Mustang GT - Muscle:

Complete Kempton Holdings.

Unlock Ford Mustang GT - Tun..

Which car to use

When I played Need For Speed Carbon ages ago, I mainly went through career with two cars, Subaru Impreza WRX and the Ford GT.

I used the Subaru in canyons and used the Ford GT in normal races.

In the last part of the game, when you have to beat all the bosses in one race, it's pretty hard but I did win using the Ford GT.

So I recommend using the Ford GT to win that last race.

Unlocking crew members

You should complete the following task to unlock the creq memebers:

Sal Joins after four to six races.

Yumi Joins after defeating Kenji/Bushido.

Colin Joins after defeating Wolf/TFK.

Samson Joins after defeating Angie/21st Street.

Nikki Joins after defeating all three beginning Bosses.

Want a sport car in the start

You first need to unlock your favourite car in the game.then you get caught by the police till you loss your last car and get game over.then you start all the way again.when you do that you will also get the cars you unlocked before collect some money and buy the car at the start of the game!!!!

Hope I helped you

Canyon free roam

go to the shop in down town palmont,go to the booth across, to the right of the shop, reset your car (select)and go "into" it and wait until you are challenged, accept, your car will be through the wall, go across city (you should be under the city), then go North you'll encounter some pauses the, canyon will pop up, Note:some times your car will seem to crash at high speeds like 600mph, not turn followed by sparks, or not move at all.


How I beat darius was I used my porsche carrera gt. I actually beat him the same way I beat the lamborgini murcialogo. I tried using my murcialogo but it didnt work. But when I used my porsche I beat him (1st try) in fifteen seconds.

Better Nitrous Oxide (NOS)

If you have the unlimited Nitrous cheat activated, here is a helpful tip:

If you notice that when you go to upgrade your car in the performance upgrade, you should notice that when you buy NOS of any package, there will be a few boxes that say velocity and duration above them. Again if you have unlimited NOS, you will do better to change the bar all the way to velocity because it gives you better speed, while duration gives you less of a boost but lasts longer (if you do not have unlimited NOS active)

Peace Out!


How to get outside of Palmont City

With this knowledge, you can get to San Juan, Drift Course and all canyons.

Go to the car lot in Downtown (where you start tuner career and challenge Kenji). Drive where the road goes down. When you see the first bus stop on the left, go forward a bit and turn around. Get next to the bus stop and hit reset. Quickly drive your car into the bus stop while the car is reseting. Get your car lined up with the wall where the bus stop is and split your car windscreen. Wait for a random encounter (I call them challenges) then click the accept button and select any destination. If done correctly, your car will be split by the wall (part will be on the road and part on the other side). Turn right (>) and you will be driving on the grass but you are actually driving in mid-air. There wil..

Crew charge max

On the main menu press down up up right left left right square Game master 1996


Try to avoid collistions with the heavy suv by useing speed breaker and you can have the cheat now: down,right,right,left,right,up,down,square. Also you canboost into them and try to total them by using the unlimited nos cheat:left,up,left,down,left,down,right,square.

You blocker

If you have a scout.upgrade his car to it,s best and while racing you can crash into your oponents like a blocker and scout will finish the race for you.


When on a drift event (with a car set to normal racing not drifting) before you enter a drift turn let up on the gas a bit then when you start the turn give it some gas. When on the turn and you need to go a little bit more to the inside wall give it more gas and if you need to get to the outside wall you need to give it some more e-brake.

When on a drift event (with a car modded to drifting) you can use the same technique but let up on the gas a little bit farther away from the turn and use the e-brake more often.

The best wat to get police away!!!!

You can get police away from you if you go through the road blocks and when you go through them use speed breaker and crash a car in this case you will disable a car and get 90% evade chances from the cops following back of you.To get good pursuits you can use the following cars:


2:Ford GT

3:SLR Maclaren

Good luck!!!


Cheatmaster of all

Pass a road block

When you car passing a road block use speed breaker because your car will be more heavy.You also keep your ears open because you will get to know where the spikes are located at the left or right.

How to start carreer

Ok so the first thing before you start the carreer get a rx8 mazda then defeat take wver kenji's terrotory and him.This might not work but it is your own risk doing this you have to have his pink slip.(make sure that you save the game when you get the phone call from kenji). You need to save it because incase you have to reset it you can still directly race him this is where I got his pink slip but it is your own risk following this put your finger at the fully left slip then go 2 steps ahead.Then go and get angie then get her pink slip if you get wolf's car sell it!! Because it's pritty slow then unlock a(dont buy any car until you unlock the dodge viper) you need a dodge viper because you can pass darius really easily!!!keep some crews that discount some parts.Some people still ask do ..

Canyon free roam

Step 1. go to the car lot in mason, down town palmont city.

step 2. go right, you will see a booth.

step 3. ride turn around and face the shop with the booth in front of you.

step 4. hit [select].

step 5. quickly go into the booth still flashing.

step 6. wait for a challenge.

step 7. when challenged press ^.

step 8. cross the city.

step 9. go north toward the N on the map.


1. you have to be against the wall before step7.

2. you'll encounter slight pauses.

3. if you drive too sloppy your car may:

a.seem to crash at 160-700m.p.h.

b.get stuck in one direction.

c.stay in one spot.

Speedbreaker on Roadblocks

When coming to Roadblocks, Make sure to use your speedbreaker rarely. It makes your car more weight and have the more chance of taking out the cop cars then hitting them.

Using NOS

When coming into straight lines, build up your speed and make sure your nitrous is full. Your car must also be full loaded so you can build a new top speed when racing. This works for races but mostly half chances might helped you.

These are my opinions on what cars should not be..

These are my opinions on what cars should not be used for drifting and canyon duels. (wheather I have used these cars or not)(note: these are only exotics and muslce cars)

The cars are:





FORD GT (canyon duel)


Muscle Cars:

DODGE VIPER SRT/10 (drift and canyon duel)


DODGE CHARGER R/T (canyon duel)

SHELBY GT500 (67) (canyon duel)

(note: all these cars have thier highest level of performance upgrades)

The cheat to get the BMW M3 GTR is completly bog..

The cheat to get the BMW M3 GTR is completly bogus, I tried the cheat and it didn,t work along with a few other cheats I tried. The best way to get the BMW M3 GTR is to complete certain reward card challenges.

These challenges are: (the first two challenges you must evade the cops to gain the reward cards)

Raise your cars heat level to heat level 5 in career freeroam

Accumulate a cost to state of $200,000 in career freeroam

Unlock 33 cars

Conqouer all tracks in career freeroam

If you have done all that then you have unlocked the BMW M3 GTR.

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