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by razie92

    ______              __             _   __
   /  ___/  __   _____ / /            / | / /
  /  /   ___\ \ / ___// /____ ____   /  |/ /
 /  /   / __  // /   /  __  // __ \ /     /
/  /___/ /_/ // /   /  /_/ // /_/ // /|  /
\_____/\____//_/   /_'____/ \____//_/ |_/

Need For Speed: Carbon


PlayStation 2 Version
Version 0.9
Created by razie92 (Razie)

    Table Of Contents

1 - Introduction
  1.1  About the Author
    1.1.1  Contact Information
    1.1.2  Copyright Information
  1.2  About Need For Speed: Carbon
2 - Game Information
  2.1  Controls
  2.2  Storyline
  2.3  Car List
    2.3.1 Car Classes
  2.4  Game Modes
  2.5  Race Types
3 - Career Mode
  3.1  Start Of Career
  3.2  Territory
    3.2.1  Rival Crews
  3.3  Your Crew
4 - Frequently Asked Questions
5 - Version History
6 - Credits

  1 - Introduction

 1.1  About the Author

Hi, I'm a 16 year old gamer and a fan of the NFS series. I have all the
NFS titles except Hot Pursuit 2 on the PS2. I bought NFS Carbon in mid
November and completed the game under my first alias with almost everything
unlocked except for a few (hard) reward cards and stuff. 
And then I've decided to write this FAQ; this is my first FAQ ever. So 
forgive me if there are too many flaws in this guide.

   1.1.1  Contact Information

Nick  : razie92 (Razie)
Email : razie92 [at] gmail [dot] com
Please send me a proper email.
Email me if you have any questions about the game or any errors in this FAQ
or if you want to send in tips and tricks. I will credit you for it :)

UPDATE : I may not reply to your emails immediately because I have other
         commitments at this time.

   1.1.2  Copyright Information

Copyright© razie92 2008.
This guide may not be reproduced or redistributed in any ways without prior
permission from me. If you would like to post this guide on your site,
you can email me for permission.

The following sites have my permission to post this FAQ on their site:


All trademarks and copyrights in the game and this guide are owned 
by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

 1.2  About Need For Speed Carbon

Note: This guide covers the standard version of Need For Speed Carbon.

Need For Speed Carbon is another installment in the great NFS series. It
is the sequel to Most Wanted, where the player continues the story after
the ending of Most Wanted. Carbon is set in Palmont City, where crews fight
for territory. The car customization is also tweaked out; it features
the Autosculpt, where you can change your car's body parts just the way you 
want and some other new additions like changing your ride height.

The newest addition to the NFS series is the introduction of crews similar to
Juiced but better on my opinion. You can read further about this crew thing 
in the Career Mode section.

  2 - Game Information

 2.1  Controls

Race Controls
X           button : Accelerate (pressure sensitive)
O           button : Look back
Square      button : Brake (Reverse when stopped)
Triangle    button : No use
R1          button : Handbrake
R2          button : Shift up
L1          button : NOS
L2          button : Shift down
Right analog stick : (UP) Accelerate
                     (DOWN) Brake (Reverse when stopped)
Left analog stick  : Controls the car
Directional pad    : Controls the car
                     Career (UP; enter safehouse, car lot, races)
                            (LEFT; world map)
                            (Right; view SMS)
R3          button : SpeedBreaker
L3          button : No use

Menu Controls
X           button : Accept
Triangle    button : Back
Directional pad    : Highlight mode
R2          button : Showcase car

Career Controls
Square      button : Sell car
L1          button : Reduce Heat
R1          button : Increase Impound Strike
O           button : Career controls

Square button is used to add layer of vinyl to your car.
Right analog stick is used to rotate view when showcasing car.
Left analog stick is used to update vinyls (move/scale/rotate/skew)

 2.2  Storyline

The story starts before the beginning of Most Wanted. You were a street
racer in Palmont City. One clear night you were racing with three other 
racers in a suped-up Supra belonging to a friend of yours. You were clearly 
going to be winning the race when the police ambushed the run and shot EMPs 
but barely misses your car. Street racers and other people scramble to get
away. You broke off and ran to Rockport.

After the events in Most Wanted, you are going back to Palmont City in your
BMW M3. While strolling down the canyon you are suddenly being chased by 
Sgt. Cross, who had lost his job after failing to arrest you. The chase ends
with you recking your car. Sgt. Cross breaks off after Darius showed up.

With your car totaled, and Palmont City a battleground now, you have to get 
a new ride. That's when Nikki gives you a hand. You have to pick between 
tuners, muscles, and exotics. After that you will essemble a crew to conquer
Palmont City and get to the bottom of what happened six months ago.

 2.3  Car List

(Note: This is the standard version, not the Collectors Edition)


Tier 1

    * 2004 Lexus IS300 (bonus car)
    * 2007 Mazda 3 MPS
    * 2003 Mazda RX-8

Tier 2

    * 1999 Mazda RX-7
    * 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX (bonus car)
    * 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT
    * 2005 Renault Clio V6
    * 1986 Toyota Corolla GT-S (AE86) (bonus car)
    * 1992 Toyota MR2 (bonus car)
    * 2006 Volkswagen Golf R32 

Tier 3

    * 2004 Infiniti G35
    * 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX MR
    * 2006 Nissan 350Z
    * 1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R
    * 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI
    * 1999 Toyota Supra 


Tier 1

    * 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS
    * 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS (bonus car)
    * 2005 Chrysler 300C SRT-8 

Tier 2

    * 1969 Dodge Charger R/T
    * 2006 Dodge Charger SRT-8
    * 2006 Ford Mustang GT
    * 1969 Plymouth Road Runner (bonus car)
    * 2006 Pontiac GTO (bonus car, police car)
    * 2005 Vauxhall Monaro VXR 

Tier 3

    * 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06
    * 2008 Dodge Challenger
    * 2006 Dodge Viper SRT-10
    * 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500
    * 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 (bonus car)
    * 1970 Plymouth Barracuda 


Tier 1

    * 2006 Alfa Romeo Brera
    * 2005 Mercedes-Benz CLK500 

Tier 2

    * 2004 Aston Martin DB9
    * 2004 Lotus Elise 111R
    * 2006 Lotus Europa S (bonus car)
    * 2005 Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG
    * 2006 Porsche Cayman S 

Tier 3

    * 2007 Audi R8/LeMans Quattro (bonus car)
    * 2003 BMW M3 GTR (bonus car)
    * 2005 Ford GT
    * 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo
    * 2004 Lamborghini Murciélago
    * 2006 Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 (bonus car)
    * 2004 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren
    * 2006 Porsche 911 GT3 RS (bonus car)
    * 2006 Porsche 911 Turbo S
    * 2004 Porsche Carrera GT 

Note: Some bonus cars can only be driven in certain modes. Example:
      Porsche 911 GT3 RS can only be driven in a Challenge series event.

   2.3.1  Car Classes

In Need For Speed Carbon, cars are separated into three (3) different car
classes and each car class has three (3) tiers of cars. Tier 3 cars 
has the best stats in a car class. Each car class handles and runs 

- Tuner Cars
- Muscle Cars
- Exotic Cars

Tuner Cars
Tuner cars has the best handling of all. Tuners don't go very fast, but
with these cars you can out-smart and out-manuever the Muscle cars. However,
you will probably get a hard time racing against Tier 3 Exotics with Tier 3
Tuners; they'll smoke you. Nevertheless, Tuners are good for some races, like 
Drift and Canyon races.

Muscle Cars
The greatest fact about these gorgeous cars is their unrivaled acceleration.
They can go up to 200 mph in just mere seconds. The weak point is, Muscles
handle like a brick. You pretty much struggle in corners but with practise
and determination, you can conquer the corners.

Exotic Cars
Exotics are preferably the best cars in the game and with top-notch top 
speed. Exotics can outpace the other car classes because they have similar 
handling and acceleration as Tuners and Muscles. The only let-down is,
it'll cost you a fortune to get your hands on one. Other than that, Exotics
are definitely the best choice.

 2.4 Game Modes

Career Mode      - To play the game you must have an alias. In career mode, 
                   this is where you do most of the unlocking and play the
My Cars          - This is where you customize your car for racing in Quick 
                   Races without paying anything.
Challenge Series - A series of challenges that you can engage in. Consists of
                   12 challenges with each challenge having three (3) races
                   to gain medals. Winning Bronze races will unlock Silver 
                   races. Silver races will unlock Gold races to get the 
                   final reward such as cool spoilers.
Quick Races      - Basically races you can enter using tracks you unlocked in
                   career mode and using cars that you customized, customs, 
                   stock cars, bonus or career cars.
Reward Cards     - Each Reward Card will unlock a new body part, vinyls, or 
                   a brand new car by completing them. Each Reward Card needs
                   four (4) tasks to be done in order to unlock the reward.
                   There are 25 Reward Cards and 100 tasks.
Statistics       - This is where you can view all your accomplishments in the
Options          - You can change your gaming preferences here as well as the
                   EA Trax. Also where you can view credits and trailers.

(Additional note: If you're wondering what the Tracking Mode in Quick Race
                  does, don't look at me, because I don't have any idea what
                  it does too. It's not even in the manual)

 2.5  Race Types

Basic race types that was in the last three NFS games are here to stay except
the Drag race. There are new race types as well a race type that makes a 

:: Circuit Race
:: Sprint Race
:: Checkpoint Race
:: Drift Race
 : Canyon Drift
:: Speedtrap Race
:: Canyon Races:
 : Canyon Duel
 : Canyon Race
 : Canyon Checkpoint

Race Type Information:

:: Circuit Race
 - The most basic race in any NFS game.
 - You must reach the finish line in first place to win.
 - Consists of two (2) laps. Most of the time you will race against two rival
   crew racers with the help of a crew member. In other occassions you will 
   be racing against a rival crew boss, alone. 
 - Circuit tracks all have shortcuts but I don't recommend using some of them,
   because they actually might not help at all and even slow you down.
 - Crew members will be useful as you advance through the game. Blockers can
   buy you some time, Drafters can give you a boost of speed, and Scouts can
   find shortcuts and even win the race for you.
 - Crashes are inevitable in Circuit Races, so be careful but not too careful.
 - Don't face corners at 100 mph because you will probably crash into a wall.
   Brake before the corner, turn slowly, and hit the gas as soon as you passed
   the apex of the corner. This is called the "Fast In, Fast Out" technique.
   I got it from Rachel in NFSU2.

:: Sprint Race
 - These are simple Point A to Point B races.
 - You must reach the finish line in first place to win.
 - You will race against two rival crew members with the help of a crew
   member. You can pick Blockers, Drafters or Scouts to be your racemate.
   Scouts usually help a lot.
 - Rivals will usually get ahead of you early in the race so try to get
   ahead of them. You can use shortcuts but mind you, some might not be
   shortcuts at all.
 - Remember the "Fast In, Fast Out" technique.

:: Checkpoint Race
 - Similar to Most Wanted's tollbooth, but with checkpoints instead of
   tollbooths. The point is to get from one checkpoint to the other before
   the timer runs out.
 - You race alone in these races.
 - Be sure to keep your NOS meter up. NOS is useless if you use it bit by
   bit. Its far more effective to use a full shot.

:: Drift Race
 - This race type makes a comeback after being removed from Most Wanted.
 - In this game, a totally new mechanism is used. Different from Underground.
   So you better get used to it. You can practise on Tuners for starters.
 - Drift Races are set in circuit tracks with 2 laps.
 - You must have the most points in the end to win. You will be drifting 
   against three (3) AI racers although you can't see them on the track.
 - If you can connect a drift from one corner to another, and keep this up,
   you get drift multipliers. These really help a lot as they multiply your
   drift score to the respective number.
 - You don't just tap the analog stick to the direction of the drift, you
   have to hold on to your car throughout the drift. One good way to drift
   is to get your speed up to full, turn slightly to drift, keep pressing on
   the gas, maintain control, and if you think you're about to hit that wall
   and lose it all, well, read this tip down here.
 - If you are drifting and are about to hit the wall, release the gas and
   move your car out of the way with ease. If you think that pressing 
   on the gas will save you, think again.

 : Canyon Drift
 - Same as Drift Races but on cramped canyons instead of tracks.
 - You must have the most points in the end to win. You will be racing
   against three (3) AI racers although you can't see them.
 - Keep the Drift Multiplier up by connecting drifts. You'll get massive
   drift points in the end.
 - I don't recommend going too fast because you'll never know when things
   might go wrong. Just go moderately fast and be careful.
 - You can fall of the canyon by crashing into the yellow barrier. So be
   careful and keep an eye out for these parts of the canyon.
 - Always remember: if you are about to hit that wall, release the gas.
   It works.
 - Don't go too fast into a corner as if to crash into the wall 

:: Speedtrap Race
 - These are Point A to Point B races.
 - There are 5 to 6 Speedtrap icons located throughout the race. These will
   record your speed when you pass them. Be sure to get your top speed up
   before reaching these icons.
 - Using NOS before you hit a Speedtrap will obviously give you some needed
   extra miles.
 - You can deploy a Blocker to help you slow down your enemies or a Drafter
   to really give you a boost of speed. But be careful with Drafters, because
   as you stay in his/her slipstream to turn corners, you also might be 
   going into the corner too fast and crash into the facing wall.
 - I don't remember using the "Fast In, Fast Out" technique, I just go silly
   around the corners. Speedbreaker helps a lot.

:: Canyon Races: (Races set in the canyons)

 : Canyon Duel
 - This is probably the hardest race type in the game.
 - Canyon Duels are Boss races and the last stage needed to accomplish to 
   take over their territory.
 - Canyon Duels are point based races. There are two (2) stages.
 - During the first stage of the race, you will be tailing the Boss. The 
   closer you are to his/her car, the faster your points will increase. If 
   you can't keep up with the Boss, your points will increase slowly or 
   don't increase at all. If you stray to far from him/her, a ten-second
   timer will appear and if you don't get close enough to the Boss before 
   the timer runs out, you will lose the race. The points you collected after
   you've reached the finish line will determine how much points you will
   have for the second stage.
 - During the second stage of the race, the Boss will be tailing you.
   The closer he/she gets to you, the more points you will lose. You will win
   the race if you have some points left when you reach the finish line.
 - There are other ways to win the race: You can try to get ahead of the Boss
   and stay ahead for ten seconds. Or you can push the Boss of the cliff.
 - Remember the "Fast In, Fast Out" technique.

 : Canyon Race
 - Similar to Sprint Races except there's no crew member to back you up.
 - Read Sprint Race for more details.
 - NOS and Speedbraker are available, so those should help a lot.
 - Remember the "Fast In, Fast Out" technique.

 : Canyon Checkpoint
 - Similar to City Checkpoints, only you race on canyons.
 - Read Checkpoint Race for more details.
 - Again, remember the "Fast In, Fast Out" technique.

  3 - Career Mode

 3.1  Start Of Career

There are a few things you must do before you advance in your career. After
you've watched the video, you will have to choose a car class that will
determine how your career progresses and things you'll unlock.

Picking Your Car
If you choose:

RX-8 (Tuner class) : You will start in Downtown Palmont City.
Alfa Romeo Brera (Exotic class) : You will start in Fortuna.
Chevrolet Camaro SS (Muscle class) : You will start in Kempton.

Note: Read [2.3.1 Car Classes] for more information on your choice.

You can choose a car class based on your driving preferences. For starters,
you can choose between the Tuner and the Exotic, but I highly recommend not
choosing the Muscle, because the car will just run uncontrollably. Test
drive to see how your choice performs.

(Additional note: There's absolutely no way to start in Silverton)

Crew Tutorial
After you've chosen your starting car, you'll be taken to a tutorial on how
to use crew members and what exactly a crew type will do to help you in a
race. To activate a crew member press the Triangle button. Crew member
activation is not always available just like NOS. A quick list of crew 
member types and descriptions:

Blockers: Obviously they do what their name suggests. They will block your
          rivals with their cars and buy you some time. 
Drafters: They may be called speed demons because they're fast and they 
          will give you an extra boost of NOS. But their real purpose is 
          to let you drive in their slipstream, and by pressing Triangle 
          again will result in you shooting out with more speed.
Scouts  : Scouts find the shortest ways around the track. They also have
          amazing acceleration; they will shoot out of the pack at the 
          starting line. 

Also, each crew member has a second specialty:

Fabricators: They mainly enable the Autosculpt feature.
Fixers     : They can reduce your heat level and buy off truckers.
Mechanics  : They can get you discounted cars and parts.

(Additional note: You are playing the tutorial in the San Juan district.
                  This place is inaccessible in career mode and can only 
                  be played in Quick Race mode)

Your First Pursuit
Nikki runs off after you've completed the tutorial and leaves you with
Neville. You guys take a stroll on the highway when a cop car spots you. You
get in a pursuit and gets separated from Neville. You get chased by three (3)
cop cars.

You can drive off to the nearest Pursuit Breaker and try to lose them there.
Or you can just finish them all by ramming their cars to walls as soon as
you take control of your car.

You will be given the coordinates of a safehouse when you lose the cops.

(Additional note: Pursuit Breakers are objects or obstacles that immobilize
                  police vehicles. You activate them by driving into them.)

Career Races
Alright, its time to race. You'll start in different areas depending on 
your car class. Whenever you want to race, just open up your map, and scroll
through the star icons. Winning two out of three races in an area will have 
you conquering that area. Sometimes people forget about the last race and
just go to other areas so they can conquer that big territory. They will
leave out some unlockables without knowing about it. I recommend that you 
complete all races in order to get the most out of the game. It can get
pretty repetitive and boring sometimes, but you'll get cool unlockables in
the end.

Note: Read [2.5 Race Types] for more information on Race Types.

Free Roam Challenges
Sometimes, or often, when you are driving in Free Roam looking for races or
shops or just cruising around, you'll encounter a rival racer from a rival 
crew (similar to NFSU2 but without the crew) and challenge you to a race. 
Pressing UP on the D-Pad will accept the challenge and open up the map with 
finish lines scattered around. You have to choose a finish line and reach 
it first. You'll get a $1000 reward if you have successfully done so.


- Before accepting the challenge, make sure that your car is not facing any
  wall or obstacles because if your car is in that position, the rival racer
  will have a head start on the race.
- Take a look at the rival's car before thinking of accepting a challenge.
  If you're driving a Mazda RX-8 while the other guy drives a Dodge Challenger
  Concept, think carefully.

 3.2  Territory

Palmont City is a battleground for racers and crews. They battle for control
over territories. Four rivalling crews control the major territories as well
as well as some small, minor crews. You will take over territories to advance
in the career mode. Taking over territories will benefit you in some ways.

Benefits from conquering territory:

- Less cops patrolling the area.
- You get discounts at shops.
- You get the rival crew's safehouse.
- You won't find rival crew members as often.
- And other benefits.

Main areas in Palmont City (4):

1 - Downtown
2 - Kempton
3 - Fortuna
4 - Silverton

There's also the San Juan disctrict and the canyon areas. There are four
canyons namely the East Canyon, West Canyon, Carbon Canyon and one unnamed
canyon located on the south east.

   3.2.1  Rival Crews

There are four (4) major crews that controls most of the territories:

Kenji's Bushido
Control: Downtown
Boss: Kenji
Cars: Mazda RX-7
      Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX
Car Class: Tuners

Wolf's TFK
Control: Fortuna
Boss: Wolf
Cars: Aston Martin DB9
      Lamborghini Murcielago
Car Class: Exotics

Angie's 21st Street
Control: Kempton
Boss: Angie
Cars: 1969 Dodge Charger R/T
      2006 Dodge Challenger Concept
Car Class: Muscles

Darius' Stacked Deck
Control: Silverton
Boss: Darius
Car: Audi Le Mans Quattro
Car Class: Mixed

(Additional note: Winning Boss races will give you the chance to use two
                  markers out of six. One of the first four may be the
                  pink slip to the Boss' car)

There are also small, minor crews that holds small territories:

Car Class: Muscles
Control: Small parts of Kempton in the beginning.

Los Calibras
Car Class: Exotics
Control: Small parts of Fortuna in the beginning.

Car Class: Tuners
Control: Found throughout the city in the beginning.

Car Class: Exotics
Control: Found in Downtown in the beginning.

Car Class: Tuners
Control: Found throughout the city in the beginning.

Black Hearts
Car Class: Muscles
Control: -

 3.3  Your Crew

You have essembled a crew. So you just need crew members. You can hire them
as the game progresses:

- Neville (Blocker, Fixer)
  Car(s): Same car class as you.
  The first person to join your crew. Obviously a loser.

- Sal (Scout, Fabricator)
  Car(s): Same car class as you.
  Your second crew member. He was particularly interested by your reputation.

- Yumi (Scout, Mechanic)
  Car(s): Mazda RX-8
          Mitsubishi Eclipse GT
          Subaru Impreza WRX STi
  She'll be joining your crew after you've defeated Kenji.

- Colin (Drafter, Fabricator)
  Car(s): Alfa Romeo Brera
          Porsche Cayman S
          Porsche Carrera GT
  He joins your crew after you've defeated Wolf.

- Samson (Blocker, Fixer)
  Car(s): Chevrolet Camaro SS
          Dodge Charger R/T
          1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda
  Joins your crew after you have defeated Angie.

- Nikki (Drafter, Mechanic)
  Car(s): Ford GT
  Joins your crew after you have access to Silverton. 

(Additional note: You can customize your crew members' cars. You can paint
                  your crew logo on each car if you want to)

  4 - Frequently Asked Questions

Before you start sending me emails and questions about the game, take a look
at the list of Qs and As below. They might answer your questions.

1) Q. What car did you use to beat Darius?
   A. I used the Lamborghini Murcielago because one of the best cars to 
      drive is the Murcielago, if tuned right.

2) Q. How do I unlock the remaining Reward Cards after I completed career
   A. Depending on the tasks the reward cards need you to accomplish, you
      can go back to your completed career mode and start winning free roam
      challenges or evading pursuits.

3) Q. Where do you find the Audi Le Mans Quattro?
   A. The Audi can only be used in Quick Race mode in the custom cars section. 
      It can't be modified and it's not available for purchase in career mode.

4) Q. How the hell do I get 6 infractions in a pursuit? I tried everything
      but I still get only 5 infractions!
   A. There are 8 infractions in Most Wanted so here are some you can try:
      1. Hit and run - Hit a traffic car.
      2. Cost to state - Wreck stuff up!
      3. Resisting arrest - Go into cooldown mode.
      4. Driving off roadway - Self-explanatory.
      5. Ramming a cop car - You know what to do.
      6. Speeding - Reach speeds of 120-150 mph.
      7. Excessive Speeding - Reach speeds of 160-190 mph.
      8. Reckless driving - Reach speeds of 200+ mph.

5) Q. How do you win 50 defensive races after you've completed career mode?
   A. As far as I know you have to re-do every race and every 3 or 4 races
      re-won will trigger a defensive race. But somebody told me that this
      doesn't work. I will let you know as soon as find it out.

      Alternate answer from DBrady: 
      You can't, you need to restart career mode to do this and only do
      the necessary races i.e. 2 out of 3 races in a mini territory. Then do
      some races that you have already done, or do a defensive race to
      another crew (Scorpio) and win it, then Scorpio might want to race you
      again to win it back. You can also decline every defensive race so you
      can get some more cash.

6) Q. How do I buy a car in career mode?
   A. To buy a car in career mode, you need to go to free roam and open up
      the World Map and scroll to the Car Lot icon.

7) Q. How do I sell a car in career mode?
   A. Go to your safe house, scroll to Select Cars and choose it, then
      scroll to the car you want to sell and press Square.

  5 - Version History

Version 0.7 finished [28.12.06]
Version 0.75 finished [04.01.07]
 - Added new stuff.
 - Corrected errors.
Version 0.8 finished [06.01.07]
 - Added some stuff.
 - Updated car list.
 - Added FAQ section.
Version 0.85 finished [12.08.07]
 - Corrected grammar mistakes.
 - Changed email address.
 - Changed car class info.
 - Added info on minor crews.
Version 0.9 finished [11.01.08]
 - Edited About the author.
 - Updated contact information.
 - Updated FAQ section.

  6 - Credits  

I'd like to thank the following:

DBrady for info on the FAQ section (questions 4 & 5). for the car list.
Wikipedia for the minor crews list.
SuperSubaru for helping me remember the "Fast In, Fast Out" technique.
Dave for pointing out a mistake.
Zach H. for additional info.
EA for another great Need For Speed video game!

          "There's always someone faster than you, and 
           sooner or later they're going to catch up."
                     Copyright© razie92 2008.