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by buicalaurentiu

                      Need for Speed´┐Ż Carbon PC FAQ/Walkthrough
                       made by Buica Laurentiu aka mafia2laur
                        email: [email protected]
                         Game Type: Racing
                          Console: PC/XBOX-360/XBOX/PS2/PS3
                           Release date: November 1st 2006
                                  Version: 0.6

 - 3-11-2006: version 0.1 - started this guide
 - 18-11-2006: version 0.2 - finished all sections until career mode
 - 20-11-2006: started career mode FAQ
 - 24-11-2006: version 0.3 is accepted by
 - 4-12-2006: version 0.4 finished the first main territory in career mode
 - 5-12-2006: added The City map/info section and The Crews section thanks
              to TheeMikester who was kind to allow me to use his to sections
             in my FAQ. So all the credit for this goes to TheeMikester.
 - 18-12-2006: added career mode: Downtown and Kempton sections
 - 22-12-2006: added career mode: Fortuna section. The Faq is halfway complete

                                 1.Table of contents(TOC)

         1.Table of contents...............................................TOC
         2.About myself....................................................AMY
         3.About the game..................................................ATG
         6.Car Lot.........................................................CLT
           6.1 Presentation................................................PST
           6.2 Tuners......................................................TUN
           6.3 Exotics.....................................................EXO
           6.4 Muscles.....................................................MUS
         7.In-game menus...................................................MNS
         8.Career mode.....................................................CRM
         9.Challenge Series................................................CHS

     To find your way easier through this FAQ I reccomend you to press Ctrl+F
   and then type the correspondind content code in the box that shows up:
    eg. Table of contents - TOC

                                 2.About myself(AMY) 

     Hi, NFS addicts. I'm Buica Laurentiu aka mafia2laur, I'm 19 and NFS series
   is my best ever game series and the one I like the most. Being In my last 
   year in highschool I won't be able too update this FAQ all the time but I'm
   sure that I could once a week make a new update to this FAQ because I know
   that outhere are a lot of NFS fans eager to know how to pass a certain race
   or what kind of car you should acquire in order to be the best. I'm sure
   I'm not going to dissapoint you guys because I myself found trouble 
   passing a certain race in the game but with a fresh mind and some broken
   keyboards(or not) you'll be able to be the best. Also I found that is best 
   not to introduce a cheats content because I'm not the adept of cheating,
   cheating will always be a last option but you might think again before 
   resorting to cheats. They'll only spoil you game(for you). Please don't
   bother me with any unuseful question about how to get this or how to get
   that because the career mode FAQ will specify which parts will be unlocked
   and when.   

                                 3. About the game(ATG) 
     This year the EA squad brings a whole new NFS franchise called Need For
   Speed Carbon but also they bring us new items combined with classic features
   of this wonderful game. If Most Wanted had a base on beeing the most wanted
   now things have changed because it's all about gaining territories and
   taking on the fiercest rival crews. Yes you heard me well, crews! I know
   what your thinking right? NFS Carbon will be another boring uncontrolable
   racing game with idiotic crews. You're wrong. NFS Carbon defines the crew 
   word in a way that even Juiced couldn't do it.
     This year EA has overcome themselves making Carbon probably the best 
   ever racing game. Now your crew members will not act like those stupid
   crewmates from Juiced where they couldn't even keep up the pace with you
   and you happened to lose the race becasue of them. Now they are divided
   in 3 categories: Blocker;Drafter;Scout which i'm sure you know what they
   mean plus they each have a special skill as Fixer;Fabricator;Mechanic but 
   also thsi game focuses less on cop chases an more on Canyon Races.
     Canyon races is a new addition to NFS and is a new gimmick found by 
   the guys at EA threw the underground racing world. This addition is also
   more or less inspired by The Fast and The Furious: Tokio Drift which we all
   know what a canyon race is. Also the game respected it's tuning features,
   this year you'll probably have the most attrative series of tuning abilities
   ranging from performance parts all the way to visuals. The fact is that 
   there are a million posibilities to tune your favourite ride with more than
   3 tiers of paint, infinite number of vinyl layers and much more.
     As for new thing I must remind the Autosculpt feature where you can
   sculpt you're ride to your likes and the intro of 3 car classes with
   3 different tiers of cars: Exotics, Muscles and Tuners.
     Each car class has differencies from the other but the most important is
   that having three sets of cars in each class you won't be able to beat a
   Porsche Carrera GT with an Alfa Romeo. Why? Because there's a limit on
   where you can tune a car from Tier 1 up to Tier 3.
     So enough with this cheap crap let's pass to serious things!

                                 4. Controls(CTS)

              right  .  you all know what they do in a racing, steer the car  
              left   .
              back   . 
              x -   speedbreaker
              l - lookback
              c - change camera
              rshift - nitrous(i've changed it to LALT)
              ralt - activate crew member( S is way easier to push the ralt)
              space - handbrake
              m - world map
              tab - SMS system
              Enter - engage event, jump to safe house, enter car lot etc.


                        1. Nikki - your former girlfriend which was very angry
                           when you left town.
                         - interpreted by Emanuelle Vaugier
                         - she also helps you in career mode being your drafter

                        2. Darius - your former business associate who double
                           crosses your whenever he has the chance.

                        3. Sgt. Cross - our ex aquintance from Rockport now
                           becaming a bounty hunter just to get you.
                        4. Kenji - leadear of the BUSHIDO crew
                        5. Wolf -  leadear of T.F.K crew
                        6. Angie - leadear of 21st Street crew

                        7. Sal - one of your crewmates joins you after
                           you conquer 2 territories and acts as a scout.
                        8. Yumi - another scout that joins you when you
                           beat Kenji.
                        9. Neville - a blocker that joins you from the
                        10. Colin - a drafter that joins your crew after
                            beating Wolf.
                        11. Samson - another blocker that joins your crew
                            when you beat Angie.

                                 6. Car Lot(CLT)

                          6.1 Presentation(PST)

     This game has many cars you can roll on them, but there are divided in
    in 3 classes, each of them having 3 subclasses called Tiers. So muscles,
    tuners or exotics, good or bad, fast or slow as a snail this cars are
    yours to play with them. So let's pass to the presentation of each class.

..........................6.2 Tuners(TUN).....................................

     Tuners are the car class that have the best handling, while top speed and
   acceleration are a little bit lower.

       Tier 1
     1. Mazda RX-8($)
     2. Mazda 3 Speed($)
     3. Nissan 240 SX($)
     4. Lexus IS 300
       Tier 2

     1. Mitsubishi Eclipse GT($)
     2. Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
     3. Volkswagen Golf R32($)
     4. Renault Clio V6($)
     5. Mazda RX-7($)
     6. Toyota Corrola GT-S
     7. Toyota MR-2

       Tier 3
     1. Infiniti G35
     2. Subaru Impreza WRX Sti($)
     3. Nissan Skyline GT-R R34($)
     4. Nissan 350Z($)
     5. Toyota Supra($)
     6. Mitsubishi Lancer IX MR Edition($)
     7. Palmont PD 1 aka Police Interceptor

..........................6.3 Exotics(EXO)....................................

     Exotics are the car class that has the best top speed, a litle bit lower
   acceleration and a lower handling.  

       Tier 1

     1. Alfa Romeo Brera($)
     2. Mercedes Benz CLK 500($)  

       Tier 2

     1. Lotus Elise 111R($)
     2. Porsche Cayman S($)
     3. Jaguar XK($)
     4. Aston Martin DB9($)
     5. Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG($)
     6. Lotus Europa S

       Tier 3

     1. Porsche 911 Turbo
     2. Lamborghini Gallard($)
     3. Ford GT($)
     4. Lamborghini Murcielago($)
     5. Porsche Carrera GT($)
     6. Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren($)
     7. Audi Le Mans Quattro aka Audi R8
     8. Koenigsegg CCX
     9. Pagani Zonda F
     10. Lamborghini Murcielago LP640
     11. BMW M3 GTR
     12. Porsche 911 GT3 RS   

..........................6.4 Muscles(MUS)....................................

     Muscle are very powerfull car, with a high top speed and a very high
   acceleration but they have the lowest handling in the game so you must
   think twice before buying a muscle car.

       Tier 1

     1. Chevrolet Camaro SS($)
     2. Chrysler 300C SRT8($)
     3. Chevrolet Chevelle SS
       Tier 2
     1. Vauxhall Monaro VXR($)
     2. Ford Mustang GT($)
     3. Dodge Charger SRT 8($)
     4. Dodge Charger R/T($)
     5. Dodge Challenger
     6. Pontiac GTO
     7. Palmont PD 3 aka Rhino
     8. Plymouth Road Runner

       Tier 3

     1. Shelby GT 500(Eleanor)($)
     2. Plymouth Hemi Cuda($)
     3. Dodge Challenger Concept($)
     4. Chevrolet Corvette Z06($)
     5. Dodge Viper SRT 10($)
     6. Shelby GT 500(2007)
     7. Chevrolet Camaro Concept
     8. Palmont PD 2 aka White Corvette   

     ($) - cars available to buy in career mode

     There are also some bonus cars unlocked but each of you should 
   discover them and also there are some cars that I simply didn't found a
   way to unlocked them. Those cars are supposed to be in the EA Downloader
   version of the game which you'll can download it from EA Games not for free
   of course.              

                                 7.In-game menus(MNS)

     1. Career - a) Start a new career
                 b) Resume career
                 c) Load
                 d) Save
     2. My Cars - add a car and tune it to your liking without any cash
     3. Challenge Series - play all Challenge Series from Bronze to Gold 
                           to unlock cool rewards for your career mode
     4. Quick race - play a race whereever you want in Palmont City
               You have a few game modes available:

           a) Canyon Race - a one on one race with no nitrous, where you
                     have to score as much points as you can so at the end
                     of this 2 stage race you can be the winner.
           b) Circuit - same as every nfs.
           c) Sprint - I) normal sprint from A to B
                       II) Canyon sprint from the top to bottom 
           d) Speedtrap - a sprint with radars on course. The winner is the
                     guy who scores the best added top speed at all radars.
           e) Drift - I) on closed circuits( slide with your car threw corners
                     and burn your tires).
                      II) Canyon/downhill drift the same as before but if you 
                     go off the edge your race is over.
           f) Checkpoint - same as Tollbooth races in Most Wanted. You must 
                     pass threw a checkpoint in time or either your race is
           g) Pursuit Tag - only online - you'll start of as a racer and
                     the others like cops and the one who busts you becomes
                     the new racer.
           h) Pursuit Knockout - only online - every knockedout racer becomes
                     a cop after being knockedout.
     5. Custom Match - play a custom race online
     6. Quick Match - play a quick race online
     7. Reward Cards - this are certain issues you have too complete so you 
                     can unlock a few rides, rims, unique autosculpt 
                     spoilers etc.
     8. Statistics - view your in game stats
     9. Options - you have to know what they do by now. 

                                 8.Career mode(CRM)

         () In the Beginning 

     This is Palmont City. The story starts when you're returning from 
   Rockport and you're thinking at that night when you had to leave Palmont.
     In That night you're having a race with 3 other opponents for some huge
   bag of $ when the Police shocked your opponets cars and you were left
   off with the big red bag with cash. Guess what? You were double crossed
   and got the blame for the stolen money. Now you return to Palmont to 
   clear your rep.

         Present day: CARBON CANYON

     Driving quietly threw this canyon you're warmed welcomed here by Sgt.
   Cross which now is a bounty hunter. After this scene you get control of
   your BMW M3 GTR and you have to escape from Cross but you end up bashing
   a tanker and another movie...

         () Welcome back, kid

     You are almost handcuffed by Cross when your old buddy Darius comes and
   tells Crogg(He can't say Cross) he can't bounty hunt on his turf and then
   he asks Cross what's you're bounty. After that he says to a guy in his crew
   to help Mr. Cross out and you're left out in the middle of a conversation
   with Darius and he says he bailed you out twice so you now have to pay him
   back and now Nikki comes with an angry face, because you left her there but
   Darius makes sure to put her work with you. Than you leave with Nikki to 
   the car lot where she says Darius gave you a choice from 3 cars to play 
   around with and you meet Neville. end. back to the game.

     You car has been totalled and you have to pick a new car. There are 3
   choices for you:

      Mazda RX-8(Tuner) - has the best handling
      Camaro SS(Muscle) - has the best acceleration
      Alfa Romeo Brera - has the best top speed

     Which of these cars you choose will determine what cars and parts you
   unlock, but choose whatever you feel comfortable driving. I myself chosed
   the Mazda Rx-8, because I like import tuners and especially the Nissan
   Skyline which is on my top 5 most important cars list.
     By the way, if you feel insecure about what to choose just grab the
   Fast and Furious trilogy and you should make an idea about the handling
   of the different car classes or watch any other car tuning movie. 
     After you choose your ride you'll be taken on the track to be thought
   a lesson about crew racing. For all of you n00bs I mean a tutorial about
   a member of a crew does.

         () 5'Os Encounter

     After you've learned how to use your crew, now you'll have to deal with a
   police chase cause Neville wants to find some "trouble". Anyway in this NFS
   pursuits have the same impact on the game as Randy Orton or Edge do on
   RAW fans. You got the picture, right? The chase mode isn't that important
   as it was on Most Wanted but the cops are the same and the dangers are also
   the same with the exception of Cross Corvette's and the helicopter. Damn I
   would've liked a helicopter pursuit in Carbon too or at least that infamous
   gig that the SWAT does at the start of the game when they freeze your
   opponents cars.

     Anyway it's your choice what to do next: either ram the police cars or 
   try to outrun them. Either way when you evade you'll get a message from 
   Neville which tells you to come to the garage.

         () The City

     The city is a battleground, as said in the intro movie of this game. 
     There are four major crews, as well as many smaller ones. Below is a
    quick ASCII art of the map, with crew territories shown as is in the 
    beginning of the game...

|   L E G E N D   |
|                 |
|BUSHIDO:      ^  |
|21st STREET:  +  |
|TFK:          :  |
|KINGS:        |  |
|SCORPIOS:     ~  |
|INFERNO:      (  |
|ROTOR 4:      .  |                            S I L V E R T O N
+-----------------+                          Control: Stacked Deck
                                         _______       _____
                                        /XXXXXXX\_____/ |XXX\____
                                       / DIAMOND X|XXXXX| SHADY /\
                                      /XX HILLS XX|STAR-| PINE /XX\___
                                    /XXXXXXXXXXXXX|STRIP|XXXXX\X TON XX\
                                     \XXXXXXXXX/XXXX'-,_|___/X INFINITY XX/
                                      \XXXXXXX/XXXXXXXXXXXXX|XXX PARK XXX/
                                       \XXXXXX\X NEON MILE X|XXXXXXXXXXX/
            F O R T U N A               \XXXXXX\XXXXXXXXXXXX|XXXXXXXXXX/
             Control: TFK                \______\XXXXXXXXXXX|XXXXXXXXX/
     ________                             \XXXXXX'-----------._______/
    /::::::::\             __              \XXXXX CANMOR DOWNS XXXXX/
   /::::::::::\___________/::\              \_____ XXXXXXXXXX _____/
  /:::PALMONT:::::::/:::::::::\_                  \__________/
  \:::UNIVERSITY:::/:::HILLS::::X               D O W N T O W N _____
   \::::::::::::::/::BOROUGH:::/.\          ___Control: Bushido/^^^|^\ 
    \::::::::::::/::::::::::::/../         /^^^^\_____________/^^^^|^^\
     \::::::::::/::::::::::::/._/         /^^OLD^^^/||||||||^^^^^^^|^^^\
      \::::::::/::::::::::::/..\         /^QUARTER/|MASON|||BILLINGS\^^^\
       \______/::::::::::::/....\       /^^^^^^^^^|DISTRICT|DISTRICT/^^^^\
        /::::\::::::::::::|......\     /^^^^^^^^^^||||||||||^^^^^^^/^KINGS\
       /::::::\::::::::::/FORTUNA.\   /^^^^^^^^^^^^|||||||||^^^^^^^\^PARK^^\
      /::::::::\________/..HEIGHTS.\  \^^^^^^^^^^^^|||||||||^^^^^^^^\^^^^^^^\
     /OCEAN VIEW|(SOUTH(\........../  /^^^^^^^^^^^^^||||||||^^^^^^^^|^^^^^^^^\
     \:::::::::/(FORTUNA(\......../   \-------------||||||||^^^^^^^|^^^^^^^^^/
      \:::::::/(((((((((((|....../     \--HISTORIC--|||||||\^^^^^^|^^^^^^^^^/
       \__:::/(((_______((|...../      /--CHINATOWN-|||||||||^^^^^|^^^^^^^^/
          \_/___/       \_|____/      /----_________|_____|||^^^^^|^^_____/
                                      \___/               \_|_____|_/
                                            K E M P T O N
                                         Control: 21st Street
                                            /+++++++++\  _____
                      ____________/)))))\ESKURI PLAZA/+++++++++\

         () The Crews

     As you know, there are four main crews: Bushido, 21st Street, TFK, and
   Stacked Deck. They own a particular area of the city, as shown in the above
   section. However, there are also smaller crews, such as Black Hearts and
   Los Colibres.These smaller crews often hold only one small area of land at
   a time and never own a part of the city. They are just there to bug you and
   the other four main crews out there. These guys are the ones who take you 
   into a defensive race to make sure your area of land stays in your 
   ownership. If you decide not to race, you lose your land automatically. 
     A defense race is only worth small change and is already a race you have
   beaten before. As with the other main crews, the smaller crews drive a 
   certain kind of car. All the crews and their cars are listed here...

           __________________________ _______________________________
          /                          |                               \
          |                          |                               |
          |           CREW           |            CAR TYPE           |
          |                          |                               |
          /                          |                               \
          |         BUSHIDO          |              TUNER            |
          /                          |                               \
          |       21st STREET        |              MUSCLE           |
          /                          |                               \
          |           TFK            |              EXOTIC           |
          /                          |                               \
          |       STACKED DECK       |              MIXED            |
          /                          |                               \
          |       LOS COLIBRES       |              MUSCLE           |
          /                          |                               \
          |         SCORPIOS         |              TUNER            |
          /                          |                               \
          |         INFERNO          |              MUSCLE           |
          /                          |                               \
          |          KINGS           |              MIXED            |
          /                          |                               \
          |          ROTOR 4         |              TUNER            |
          /                          |                               \
          |        BLACK HEARTS      |              EXOTIC           |

     In the beginning, all the crews hold some type of land. As the game
   progresses,the main crew takes over all of the land in their continent 
   while the smaller crews lose all their land. You are to take over the four
   main areas of land.
     As stated before, these crews will pop up and force you into a defensive
  race or take another crew's territory, so make sure you know what you are 

         () At the garage

     When you'll reach the garage, Neville Bio Video will pop up, and because
   he is the only crewmate available you'll have to keep him active. Remember
   there are 3 crew specialities:

      () Blocker - he blocks your opponents to give you some room
      () Drafter - he's your in-race 2nd nitrous bottle
      () Scout - he finds every shortcut on track so you can win easily

     And there are also 3 crew special abilities:

      () Fixer - he earns you extra cash and can lower your heat
      () Fabricator - You can autosculpt everything with them
      () Mechanic - he brings you discounts on cars/parts.

     Ok, now that your familiar with these things you have to choose a crew
   logo(pick from almost 20 or so logos) and you are shown with the territory
   tutorial. It's time to race...

         () Back to Business

     By now you should be familar with the game, but the main idea is to gain
   territories so you'll be put in one of these territories:
     1. Downtown - If you start with Tuner( Controlled by Bushido)
     2. Kempton - If you start with Muscle( Controlled by 21st Street Crew)
     3. Fortuna - If you start with Exotic( Controlled by TFK) 

     Now that I choosed Tuner class I'll write this FAQ in the order that I
   completed the territories but if you choose another class the system remains
   the same.
         1. Downtown  ( Controlled by Bushido)

       () Mason District 
          Unlock: Transmission - Tier 1 Street Package


        [1] Type: Speedtrap
            Name: Park Drive
            Length: 4.4 Kms
            Laps: 1 lap
            Record: 172 Km/h
            Cash: 5000
            Unlock: Nitrous & Tires - Tier 1 Street Package

     After the first race you'll be greeted in Palmont by Kenji and his crew
   and you'll watch a movie with Kenji's Bushido presentation.

        [2] Type: Circuit
            Name: Main Street
            Length: 6.2 Kms
            Laps: 2 laps
            Record: 2:07.00
            Cash: 5000
            Unlock: Brakes - Tier 1 Street Package

     * Territory acquired!
    "Note": After you complete 2 races in a certain territory you'll gain that
            territory but you'll still have one race left there so you'll
            better win that race too; to unlock customization parts.

        [3] Type: Sprint 
            Name: Lincoln Boulevard
            Length: 4.9 Kms
            Laps: 1 lap
            Record: 1:54.00
            Cash: 5000
            Unlock: Body Kits - Package 1  

       () Old Quarter
          Unlock: Mitsubishi Eclipse GT


        [1] Type: Canyon Race
            Name: Gold Valley Run
            Length: 5.4 Kms
            Laps: 1 lap
            Record: 2:08.00
            Cash: 7500
            Unlock: Roof Scoops

        [2] Type: Checkpoint
            Name: Knight Street
            Length: 6.7 Kms
            Laps: 1 lap
            Record: 2:16.00
            Cash: 7500
            Unlock: Hoods - Package 1

     * Territory acquired!

     Movie: Nikki introduces Sal(a scout) to me and Neville and he get's 
   accepted in.

       () Historic Chinatown
          Unlock: Engine - Tier 1 Street Package


        [1] Type: Drift 
            Name: Kimei Temple
            Length: 4.3 Kms
            Laps: 2 laps
            Record: 220 000
            Cash: 5000
            Unlock: Wheels - Package 1 + Drift Tutorial Video

        [2] Type: Sprint
            Name: Chinatown Tram
            Length: 8.0 Kms
            Laps: 1 lap
            Record: 3:08.00
            Cash: 5000
            Unlock: Suspension - Tier 1 Street Package

     * Territory acquired!

        [3] Type: Circuit
            Name: Silk Road
            Length: 7.7 Kms
            Laps: 2 laps
            Record: 2:47.00
            Cash: 5000
            Unlock: Spoilers - Package 1

       () Billings District
          Unlock: Brakes - Tier 1 Pro Package

        [1] Type: Sprint
            Name: Mason Street
            Length: 7.0 Kms
            Laps: 1 lap
            Record: 2:43.00
            Cash: 7500
            Unlock: Turbo - Tier 1 Street Package

        [2] Type: Speedtrap
            Name: Mason Fountain
            Length: 5.2 Kms
            Laps: 1 lap
            Record: 175 Km/h
            Cash: 7500
            Unlock: Nitrous&Tires - Tier 1 Pro Package

     * Territory acquired!

        [3] Type: Canyon Drift
            Name: Lookout Point
            Length: 3.6 Kms
            Laps: 1 lap
            Record: 60000
            Cash: 7500
            Unlock: Flame Vinyls

       () Kings Park
          Unlock: Engine - Tier Pro Package


        [1] Type: Canyon Race
            Name: Devil's Creek Pass
            Length: 4.1 Kms
            Laps: 1 lap
            Record: 1:48.00
            Cash: 10000
            Unlock: Nitrous - Tier 1 Racing Package

        [2] Type: Drift
            Name: Kings Park
            Length: 4.4 Kms
            Laps: 2 laps
            Record: 300 000
            Cash: 10000
            Unlock: Suspension - Tier 1 Pro Package

     * Territory acquired!

        [3] Type: Circuit 
            Name: Garden Boulevard
            Length: 7.8 Kms
            Laps: 2 laps
            Record: 2:50.00
            Cash: 10000
            Unlock: Transmission - Tier 1 Pro Package


                          * Boss Race *

              1. Kenji Challenge ( Bushido)

             I. Type: Circuit
                Name: North Road
                Length: 9.6 Kms
                Laps: 2 laps
                Record: 3:49.00
                Cash: 7500
                Unlock: Turbo - Tier 1 Pro Package

             II. Movie( Canyon Tutorial )
                Type: Canyon Duel
                Name: Lookout Point
                Length: 4.0 Kms
                Laps: 1 lap with 2 passes
                Record: 10 000
                Cash: 10000
                Unlock: Mazda RX - 7

            * Movie: Kenji Defeated --> Downtown Conquered
               !Note: now You can choose 2 out of 6 pinkslips from Kenji!
            * Movie: Yumi joins your crew and she tells you her side of the

       + Race Wars Unlocked
           Career Completion: 21 %

         A. Type: Race Wars
            Name: Sutherden Bell Tower
            Length: 12.3 Kms
            Laps: 2 laps
            Record: 4:04.00
            Cash: 10000  

          ! Note: You now have unlocked the other 2 territories. It's your 
     choice what boss you'll take on next, but You might as well do the 2 
     bosses simultaneosly.

         2. Kempton  ( Controlled by 21st Street)

       () Morgan Beach 
          Unlock: VW Golf R32


        [1] Type: Checkpoint
            Name: Morgan Beach Offramp
            Length: 4.3 Kms
            Laps: 1 lap
            Record: 1:20.00
            Cash: 12000
            Unlock: Stripe Vinyls

     After this race you'll be greeted in by Angie and her crew and you'll 
   watch a movie with Angie's 21st Street presentation.

        * Note! You are now on muscle cars territory and you'll only race 
         against tier 2 cars.

        [2] Type: Sprint
            Name: Dover and Lepus
            Length: 5.5 Kms
            Laps: 1 lap
            Record: 2:09.00
            Cash: 12000
            Unlock: Metallic Paint

     * Territory acquired!

        [3] Type: Circuit
            Name: Beachfront
            Length: 8.0 Kms
            Laps: 2 laps
            Record: 2:58.00
            Cash: 12000
            Unlock: Nitrous&Tires - Tier 2 Street Package

     * Movie: Darius meets up with Nikki and he tells her that you owe them,
   but Nikki tells him that he is using you.

       () Kempton Holdings
          Unlock: Vauxhall Monaro VXR

        [1] Type: Sprint
            Name: Petersburg Dam
            Length: 5.9 Kms
            Laps: 1 lap
            Record: 1:55.00
            Cash: 15000
            Unlock: Wheels Package 2

        [2] Type: Speedtrap
            Name: Stonewall Tunnel
            Length: 3.7 Kms
            Record: 182 Km/h
            Cash: 15000
            Unlock: Brakes - Tier 2 Street Package

     * Territory acquired!

     * Movie: Nikki comes and warns me about Darius and she tells me about
   that night when I took off but an unexpected visitor watches us from the
   dark.( Cross)

       () The Projects
          Unlock: Ford Mustang GT

        [1] Type: Sprint
            Name: Waterfront Road
            Length: 4.4 Kms
            Laps: 1 lap
            Record: 1:35.00
            Cash: 12000
            Unlock: Spoilers Package 2

        [2] Type: Speedtrap
            Name: Foundry Road
            Length: 4.4 Kms
            Laps: 1 lap
            Record: 185 Km/h
            Cash: 12000
            Unlock: Exhaust Tips

     * Territory acquired!

        [3] Type: Circuit
            Name: Dover Street
            Length: 11.2 Kms
            Laps: 2 laps
            Record: 3:58.00
            Cash: 12000
            Unlock: Chrome Paint

       () Eskuri Plaza
          Unlock: Suspension - Tier 2 Pro Package


        [1] Type: Speedtrap
            Name: Eskuri Way
            Length: 5.8 Kms
            Laps: 1 lap
            Record: 177 Km/h
            Cash: 15000
            Unlock: Candy Paint

        [2] Type: Checkpoint
            Name: Eskuri Plaza
            Length: 8.9 Kms
            Laps: 1 lap
            Record: 2:51.00
            Cash: 15000
            Unlock: Transmission - Tier 2 Street Package

     * Territory acquired!

        [3] Type: Canyon Drift
            Name: Knife's Edge
            Length: 3.8 Kms
            Laps: 1 lap
            Record: 75 000
            Cash: 15000
            Unlock: Hoods Package 3

       () Newport Industrial Park
          Unlock: Engine - Tier 2 Street Package

        [1] Type: Sprint
            Name: Mission Street
            Length: 5.6 Kms
            Laps: 1 lap
            Record: 1:58.00
            Cash: 18000
            Unlock: Wheels Package 4

        [2] Type: Speedtrap
            Name: Newport Trainyard
            Length: 7.1 Kms
            Laps: 1 lap
            Record: 182 Km/h
            Cash: 18000
            Unlock: Nitrous - Tier 2 Racing Package

     * Territory acquired!

        [3] Type: Canyon Drift
            Name: Devil's Creek Pass
            Length: 3.7 Kms
            Laps: 1 lap
            Record: 60 000
            Cash: 18000
            Unlock: Iridescent Paint

                          * Boss Race *

              1. Angie Challenge ( 21st Street)

             I. Type: Circuit
                Name: Kempton Docks
                Length: 11.0 Kms
                Laps: 2 laps
                Record: 3:44.00
                Cash: 15000
                Unlock: Turbo - Tier 2 Pro Package

             II. Movie
                Type: Canyon Duel
                Name: Copper Ridge
                Length: 3.8 Kms
                Laps: 1 lap with 2 passes
                Record: 10 000
                Cash: 18000
                Unlock: Dodge Charger R/T

            * Movie: Angie Defeated --> Kempton Conquered
               !Note: now You can choose 2 out of 6 pinkslips from Angie!
            * Movie: Samson joins your crew and he tells you his side of the

       + Race Wars Unlocked
           Career Completion: 44 %

         A. Type: Race Wars
            Name: Steyne Aqueduct
            Length: 15.2 Kms
            Laps: 2 laps
            Record: 4:46.00
            Cash: 10000  

         3. Fortuna  ( Controlled by TFK)

       () Fortuna Heights
          Unlock: Renault Clio V6


        [1] Type: Sprint
            Name: Agostini Avenue
            Length: 7.1 Kms
            Laps: 1 lap
            Record: 2:39.00
            Cash: 12000
            Unlock: Turbo - Tier 2 Street Package

     After this race you'll be greeted in by Wolf and his crew and you'll 
   watch a movie with Wolf's TFK's presentation.

        [2] Type: Checkpoint
            Name: Hills Borough Parkaway
            Length: 12.7 Kms
            Laps: 1 lap
            Record: 4:23.00
            Cash: 12000
            Unlock: Tribal Vinyls

     * Territory acquired!

        [3] Type: Circuit
            Name: Condo Row
            Length: 8.2 Kms
            Laps: 2 laps
            Record: 3:06.00
            Cash: 12000
            Unlock: Body Kits Package 2

       () South Fortuna
          Unlock: Lotus Elise

        [1] Type: Sprint
            Name: York Road
            Length: 6.1 Kms
            Laps: 1 lap
            Record: 2:22.00
            Cash: 12000
            Unlock: Window Tint
        [2] Type: Checkpoint
            Name: Rabinowitz Drive
            Length: 8.4 Kms
            Laps: 1 lap
            Record: 2:56.00
            Cash: 12000
            Unlock: Hoods Package 2

     * Territory acquired!

        [3] Type: Circuit
            Name: Ocean View
            Length: 11.1 Kms
            Laps: 2 laps
            Record: 2:01.00
            Cash: 12000
            Unlock: Suspension - Tier 2 Street Package

       () Palmont University
          Unlock: Transmission - Tier 2 Pro Package


        [1] Type: Checkpoint
            Name: University Avenue
            Length: 7.6 Kms
            Laps: 1 lap
            Record: 2:42.00
            Cash: 18000
            Unlock: Matte Paint

        [2] Type: Circuit
            Name: University Way
            Length: 7.4 kms
            Laps: 2 laps
            Record: 2:56.00
            Cash: 18000
            Unlock: Body Kits Package 4

     * Territory acquired!

        [3] Type: Drift
            Name: City Courthouse
            Length: 4.8 Kms
            Laps: 2 laps
            Record: 240 000
            Cash: 18000
            Unlock: Spoilers Package 3

       () Ocean View
          Unlock: Brakes - Tier 2 Pro Package


        [1] Type: Sprint
            Name: Verona Tunnel
            Length: 5.3 Kms
            Laps: 1 lap
            Record: 2:03.00
            Cash: 15000
            Unlock: Body Kits Package 3

        [2] Type: Speedtrap
            Name: Million Dollar Drive
            Length: 7.4 Kms
            Laps: 1 lap
            Record: 179 Km/h
            Cash: 15000
            Unlock: Nitrous&Tires - Tier 2 Pro Package

     * Territory acquired!

       () Hills Borough
          Unlock: Porsche Cayman S


        [1] Type: Sprint
            Name: North Belleza
            Length: 6.0 Kms
            Laps: 1 lap
            Record: 2:17.00
            Cash: 15000
            Unlock: Wheels Package 3

        [2] Type: Canyon Race
            Name: Lofty Heights Downhill
            Length: 5.3 Kms
            Laps: 1 lap
            Record: 2:13.00
            Cash: 15000
            Unlock: Body Vinyls Package 1

     * Territory acquired!

        [3] Type: Canyon Drift
            Name: Lofty Heights Downhill
            Length: 4.7 Kms
            Laps: 1 lap
            Record: 60 000
            Cash: 15000 
            Unlock: Body Vinyls Package 2

                          * Boss Race *

              1. Wolf Challenge ( TFK)

             I. Type: Circuit
                Name: Skyline Avenue
                Length: 8.5 Kms
                Laps: 2 laps
                Record: 3:15.00
                Cash: 15000
                Unlock: Engine - Tier 2 Pro Package

             II. Movie
                Type: Canyon Duel
                Name: Gold Valley Run
                Length: 5.1 Kms
                Laps: 1 lap with 2 passes
                Record: 10 000
                Cash: 18000
                Unlock: Aston Martin DB9

            * Movie: Wolf Defeated --> Fortuna Conquered
               !Note: now You can choose 2 out of 6 pinkslips from Wolf!
            * Movie: Colin joins your crew and he tells you his side of the
            * Movie: Darius tells me to drop by his place to give me the
                 payment but the only thing he does is that he double crosses
                 me, like Razor, Eddie and that guy from NFS U2 did so I end
                 up being cuffed by Cross and Darius steals my ride and tells
                 Nikki to take my car to his hideout but after Darius leaves
                 Cross let's me go because Nikki promised him a lot of Benji's
                 and then she tells me that she remembers everything that 
                 happened in that night when I left and she figured out that
                 Darius was the guy who ran away with the money and she joins
                 my crew.

             + Race Wars Unlocked
           Career Completion: 68 %

         A. Type: Race Wars
            Name: Library Square
            Length: 23.5 Kms
            Laps: 2 laps
            Record: 8:08.00
            Cash: 10000