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Police Evasion & Tactics FAQ

by Spencercat

	     __              _    __              __                     _ 
	  /\ \ \___  ___  __| |  / _| ___  _ __  / _\_ __   ___  ___  __| |
	 /  \/ / _ \/ _ \/ _` | | |_ / _ \| '__| \ \| '_ \ / _ \/ _ \/ _` |
	/ /\  /  __/  __/ (_| | |  _| (_) | |    _\ \ |_) |  __/  __/ (_| |
	\_\ \/ \___|\___|\__,_| |_|  \___/|_|    \__/ .__/ \___|\___|\__,_|
                                                    | |      


1: Intro
2: Heat Levels
3: Evasion Tactics
4: Contact Details
5: Version History

-=Section 1: Introduction=-
This is not a guide for career mode, quick races, car selection or anything like that, this guide focuses exclusively on the Police (cops) in Need for Speed Carbon, including what they do, and all of their tactics. 

-=Section 2: Heat Levels=-
This section covers all the basic heat levels from 1-5, covering what the police will use and how they will try to stop you. Note that is no mention of the same tactics twice, because they will obviously use the same tactics throughout the pursuit, the lower level cars will leave the pursuit when heat levels escalate.

--Heat Level 0--
Becomes Heat Level 1 as soon as the car hits the road

--Heat Level 1 --
Vehicles: City Ford Crown Victoria

--Heat Level 2 --
Vehicles: City Unmarked Crown Victoria
Tactics: Roadblocks

--Heat Level 3--
Vehicles: State Pontiac GTO, Light SUV
Tactics: Roadblocks, Rolling Blocks, SUV Rams, PIT maneuver

--Heat Level 4 --
Vehicles: State Unmarked Pontiac GTO, Heavy SUV
Tactics: Spike Strips, SUV blocks, SUV Roadblocks

--Heat Level 5--
 Vehicles: Federal Chevrolet Corvette C6, Heavy SUV, Cross�C6 (hard to find)
Tactics: Everything they've used before and more

NOTE: Although the Helicopter is seen in the arrest scene every now & then, it is not used, to my knowledge, in the game to help the other cops.

-=Section 3: Evasion Tactics=-
This is the point where rather than just explaining the Police Tactics, I'll explain how to evade the tactics and trick the cops.

Danger Level (1-5)
Heat Level Used (1-5)

1. Roadblocks
Danger Level: 1-5
Heat Level: 2-5
The strategy here will be different depending on the level of the roadblock:

These blocks have no cover and are very basic, trash the boot/trunk of the cop cars to bust through, usually no need for nitrous or speedbreaker
These blocks have cars behind each other and behind the sawhorses, you'll need to pick a point carefully to get through here, use N2O if you can get to about 140mph, otherwise, speedbreaker will help you through
These are the same as the roadblocks you get with the undercover cruisers at heat level 2, but these are made up of SUV's, rather than picking a point to attack, your best chance here is to try and slip through with speedbreaker
In these roadblocks, they use a similar style to the reinforced roadblock, but they use cars facing head on to you behind the first line to make sure that you stop, be very careful evading these
The spike strip will either be on the left or right, listen to the police radio to find out which, and use this to your advantage, then make sure you aim for a car or one of the cars far from the spikes. Hit the spikes and you're busted.
Normally, you'd just attack where the cop cars are, but it won't work this time, because the cops have cleverly placed a car behind the spikes, I advise using speedbreaker to see where the spikes are

2. SUVs
Danger Level: 3-4
Heat Level: 3-4
Two types of SUVs that the cops will use against you, both types go for a head on attack, and will sometimes chase you after they have missed or hit you. Unfortunately, you won't know what type of SUV they are when they're attacking you head on.

These don't do as much damage and will simply knock you back a bit, use nitro or speedbreaker as soon as you see them if you want to evade them, or you can let them hit you, and use it as an advantage to reverse after the cops go past.
These guys are nuts, they come straight at you and rather than just keeping going, they will turn to try and hit you, and often hold together to try and cause more damage, they will knock you back more than the light SUV�s, these sometimes only appear on level 4, but I have had some on level 3 before.

3. Rolling Block
Danger Level: 1-3
Heat Level: 3-5
This is quite a simple tactic; they just try to box around you and then force you onto a wall and slow you down or start to slow you down by slowing themselves down and then hoping you will. It's easy to just wait for them to slow down and then boost off. The only reason this is danger level 3 maximum is because if they use heavy SUV's, it's harder to get out, you can wait for them to slow or nitrous off as soon as they call for a rolling block.

4. PIT Maneuver
Danger Level: 2-3
Heat Level: All
They use this all the time, just rarely at lower heat levels (1 and 2).
Here we go, all they do is drive close next to you and punch your quarter panel, attempting to spin you out, boost away from them and try to escape as soon as you can, because them turning you into a bunch of pursuing cop cars is the last thing you want. 

5. Corvette Police
Danger Level: 5
Heat Level: 5
One word: Nasty. Don't even try and take these guys on if you can't get to 200mph. They are mentally fast and you are going to NEED pursuit breakers to get away from them. You DO NOT want to mess with these guys; they're completely insane, get away from them as soon as you can.

-=Section 4: Contact Details=-
If you want to contact me to comment on this guide or to suggest something to add into it, please email me at [email protected], and I will try to respond to your email as soon as I can. I'll probably add something if you have something to suggest, but please remember this guide is only for police evasion tactics, and not for anything else. Also, please no Viruses or Spam, stuff that has nothing to do with the guide or is stupid, things that are already in the guide, criticism or being rude, TyPiNg LiKe ThIs, telling me how to write the guide, hate mail, etc�

-=Section 5: Version History=-
V1.0 First original finish of the guide. Completed all planned sections. Planning on extending the guide for v1.1.