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Final Fantasy X



by LiL pLaYa

                 ####### ### ###     ###\'\'\'\' #     ####
                  ##\'###  #   ###    ##\'\'\'\' ###     ##
                  ##\'\'\'#  #   ###    ##\'\'\' ## ##    ##
                  ## #\'\'\' #   ## #   ##\'\' ##   ##   ##
                  ####\'\'\'\'#   ## #  \'##\'  ##   ##   ##
                  ## # \'\'\'#   ##  #\'\'##   ##   ##   ##
                  ##    \'\'#\'  ##  \'#\'##   #######   ##
                  ##     \'#\'\' ## \'\'\'###   ##   ##   ##    #
                  ##      #\'\'\'##\'\'\'\'###   ##   ##   ##  ###
                 ####    ###\'###\'\'\'  ### #### #### ########
    #######     #     ###  \'\'\'###\'##########    #     ##### ####    ####
     ## ###    ###     ###\'\'\'\'## \'##\' ##  ##   ###   ##   ## ##      ##
     ##   #   ## ##    ###\'\'\' ##  #\'\'\'##   #  ## ##  ##   #   ##    ##
     ## #    ##   ##   ##\'#\'  ##   \'\'\'##     ##   ##  ##       ##  ##
     ####    ##   ##   ##\'#   ##    \'\'##     ##   ##   ##       ####
     ## #    ##   ##  \'##\' #  ##     \'##\'    ##   ##    ##       ##
     ##      ####### \'\'##   # ##      ##\'\'   #######     ##      ##
     ##      ##   ##\'\'\'##    ###      ##\'\'\'  ##   ##  #   ##     ##
     ##      ##   ##\'\'\'##    ###      ##\'\'\'\' ##   ## ##   ##     ##
    ####    #### ####\'###     ###    ####\'\'\'#### #### #####      ##

           FFFFFFFFFF    FFFFFFFFFF  XXX         XXX
           FFFFFFFFF     FFFFFFFFF    XXX       XXX
           FFF           FFF           XXX     XXX
           FFF           FFF            XXX   XXX
           FFFFFFF       FFFFFFF         XXX XXX
           FFFFFF        FFFFFF           XXXXX
           FFF           FFF             XXX XXX
           FFF           FFF            XXX   XXX
           FFF           FFF           XXX     XXX
           FFF           FFF          XXX       XXX
           F             F           XXX         XXX

Version: New but Final

Table of contents

4-The Sphere Grid
  A. Characters\' overdrives
  B. Overdrives modes
7-Side Quests/secrets
 A.Omega Ruins
 B.Secret Aeons
 C.Ceslestial Mirror and Legendary Weapons
 D.The Aeons can also break the damage limit!
 E.Secret Locations/treasures(using the Airship)
 F.The secrets of Luca
 G.The Clasko\'s side quest
 H.Travel through Spira a second time!
 I.Al Bhed Primers full list/locations
 J.Two tricks to level up
 K.Easy gil strategies
8-Monster Arena
 A.What is it?
 B.What you need?
 C.The strategies!
  -Area Conquest
  -Specie Conquest
  -Originial Creations
9-General Tips

Legal Disclaimer: This guide cannot be used for commercial matters. If you 
want to post it in your website then you must send me an e-mail to ask the 
permission, and only once I have accepted, you can.

You can find this guide at:

1- Introduction

So! You decided to play an RPG like Final Fantasy X? Then be ready for one 
hell of a great game. Awesome story, gameplays, graphics, sounds, everything! 
Usually, players fall in love with Final Fantasy X, let\'s hope it\'ll be same 
for you :D. One year ago, when I wrote this FAQ, it was my first one, but 
since then, I managed to write several boss guides for FF7, FF8 and FF9, so 
let\'s say that this is my only FAQ/walkthrough so far.

2- The Characters

Each Final Fantasies have their characters, and in Final Fantasy X I 
definitly found that they were completly different from the other ones in the
previous games of the serie. Maybe because in FFX each characters have their 
own voices I guess.

Tidus: The hero of Final Fantasy X, he is a blitzball star player of the 
Zanarkand Abes, and definitly one of the funniest character out there. He\'s 
also pretty usefull in battles, really, for a teen, he owns!

Yuna: The main female of the game, a summoner with the task of defeating the 
world\'s greatest fear; the evil Sin. Without the shadow of a doubt, she has 
one hell of a destiny, as well as responsabilities for becoming such an 
important character. She\'s also extremelly usefull in battles. Probably 
because of the fact that she is the only character who can summons.

Wakka: The captain of the Blitzball Besaid Aurochs team, Wakka is a close 
friend to Yuna. Both grew up together, along with Lulu. He\'s definitly 
awesome in battle because his weapon is a ball, allowing him to attack even
out of range enemies. BUT, the best Wakka about Wakka is his accent. Oh and 
also, you gotta love his hair cut.

Kimahri Ronso: One of my three favourite character of the whole game, a big 
strong scary warrior, Kimahri has protected Yuna since she was a child. He\'s 
also from the Ronso Tribes, meaning that he does use blue magics, pretty 
usefull at several times in the game. 

Lulu: The black mage Lulu! She is really usefull(especially in the beginning 
of the game) with her magics, as long as you know how the elemental works.
Like I mentioned earlier, Lulu also grew up with Wakka and Yuna in Besaid 
village, so they are close friends.

Auron: One of the(if not THE) most popular character of the entire game, 
Auron has watched over Tidus in Zanarkand for a long time, and Tidus doesn\'t 
know actually from where Auron came. Extremelly strong, Auron is one of the 
hardest striker of the game(especially in the beginning), and you gotta love 
his red coat!

Rikku: Like Tidus says in one of the sequences of the game; Rikku is a good 
person, she\'s just Rikku! Well, depends by what you mean when you say \'good\'. 
Rikku is a thieve, but she only steals the bad guys, so I guess she IS a baby 
face after all. But oh well.

Jecht: Tidus\'s father, awesome blitzball player but he passed out ten years 
ago. Actually, no one has never knew what happened to him in Zanarkand, he 
just went off to train at the beach one day and never came back. Jecht is an 
arrogant man, and Tidus hates him, because Jecht has \'raised\' Tidus by 
playing his own admirable smart ass attitude.


In each Final Fantasies, there is a way to summon some creatures that will 
help you in battles. Now in FFX however, you can totally control them like 
you control a character! Anyway, here a list of them.


Location: Besaid Temple

Technic: Sonic Wings

Black Magics: Fire, Thunder, Blizzard and Water.

White Magics: None

Element: None

Overdrives: Energy Ray and Energy Blast, Energy Ray deals non-elemental 
damages to all enemies and the Energy Blast deal bigger non-elemental damages 
to all enemies.


Location: Kilika Temple

Technic: Meteor Strike

Black Magics: Fire

White Magics: Null-Frost, Null-Blaze

Element: Fire

Overdrive: Hell Fire, deal Fire elemental damages to all enemies.


Location: Djose Temple

Technic: Aerospark

Black Magics: Thunder and Thundara

White Magics: None

Element: Lightning

Overdrive: Thor Hammer, deal Lightning damages to all enemies.


Location: Macalania Temple

Technic: Heavently Strike

Black Magics: Blizzard and Blizzara

White Magics: Null-Frost, Null-Blaze

Element: Ice

Overdrive: Diamond Dust, deal ice damages to all enemies.


Location: Bevelle Temple

Technic: Impulse

Black Magics: Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, Water , Fira, Thundara, Blizzara, 
Watera, Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga and Waterga.

White Magics: None

Element: None

Overdrive: Mega Flare, deal major non-elemental damages to all enemies.


Of course, there are some other Aeons, to get them, refer to Secret Aeons in 
the Side Quests section.

4- The Sphere Grid

Since Final Fantasy V, each Final Fantasies had their own and different \'grow 
up\' systems. In FFX, it\'s totally different from the others, since now your 
character just can\'t have a level, since you SPEND those levels to move on a 
grid called \'the sphere grid\'. Read this section if you have problems 
learning the basics. 

First, there are the spheres:

Power Sphere: Strenght, +HP and Defense.
Speed Sphere: Agility, Evasion, Accuracy
Mana sphere: Magic, Magic Defense, +MP
Ability Sphere: You make your character learn anability.
Lvl Key sphere 1, 2, 3, 4: Allow you to activate the specific Lvl Key node 
Fortune Sphere: Activate the luck node.

Now, you use those spheres to activate the next nodes;

Power nodes: These are corresponding to the Power Sphere, so you activate 
them by using a Power Sphere. There are three different type of nodes that 
you can activate with a power sphere, there are the HP nodes, Strenght Nodes 
and Defense nodes.

Speed nodes: Read above, just that now you use speed SPHERES on those to 
increase stats like Agility, Evasion and Accuracy.

Mana nodes: Same as the two previous nodes just that now you gonna use mana 
SPHERES to improve stats like your Magic, your Magic defense and your MP.

Ability nodes: For this one, you simply use an Ability Sphere on a Ability 
Node to learn the ability of that node. If the node is let say \'Haste\', then 
you activate it with an ability sphere so your character can learn this 

Luck nodes: Activated by a Fortune Spheres, the Luck nodes make your 
characters have Luck(increase rate of stealing good items and critical hits).

Lvl Key nodes 1, 2, 3, 4: To activate those ones, you need to use a specific 
lvl key sphere on it. Let\'s have an example: if you are at a level 1 key 
node, it blocks your way, so use a lvl 1 key sphere on it to unlock the 
passage, allowing you to move on. HOWEVER, I don\'t recommand you to use those 
early in the game, you better just have your characters stay on their part of 
grid and learn every abilities that they are supposed to.


Simply by gaining AP in combat. When you gained enough AP, you level up, or 
actually I should say that you gain a s.lvl(sphere level), so then you USE 
that sphere level to MOVE on the grid. If you let say have 4 s.lvls, you can 
move 4 nodes.

The way to move is simple. Press X on the grid, then you select \'Move\' and 
you go to the direction you want. When you are at a node that you can 
activate, simply select \'Use\' and then, select the approriate sphere.

Note: There are a lot of other spheres in Spira, but they are more \'Rare\'(and 
more usefull of course), here a list of them.

Rare Spheres

Strenght Sphere(Strenght+4)                    
Master sphere(Activate any nodes on the sphere grid)
HP sphere (HP+300)
Clear Sphere  (Clear node already activated)                 
Defense sphere(Defense +4)                    
Friend sphere(Join an ally on his part of grid)           
Agility sphere(Agility+4)                       
Return Sphere(go back to a sphere already activated by your character)   
Accuracy sphere(Accuracy +4)
Evasion sphere(Evasion+4)                      
Teleport sphere(go to a sphere already activated by an ally)  
Magic sphere(Magic+4)
Magic defense sphere(Magic defense+4)   
Attribute sphere(activate any Attribute sphere of an ally)
MP sphere(MP+40)                                         
Blk Magic sphere(allow you to learn a black magic from an ally)
Skill sphere(Activate any skill sphere of an ally)
Special Sphere(Activate any special sphere of an ally)
Wht Magic sphere(allow you to learn White Magic ability from an ally)
Warp sphere(move to any node)
Luck sphere(Luck+4)
5- Overdrives

This section is divided into 2 parts; the characters\' overdrives, and the 
overdrives mode.

A). Characters\' overdrives

An overdrive is a limit break, and in FFX, EACH characters have their own 
DIFFERENT way of learning new ones.

The SwordPlay of Tidus: 

Spiral Cut: you will have it at the beginning of the game.
Slice & Dice: You must perform 10 GREAT overdrives to obtain it.
Energy Rain: You must perform 30 GREAT overdrives to obtain it.
Blitz Ace: You must perform 60 GREAT overdrives to obtain it.

When I say that you must perform a GREAT overdrive, I mean that you must 
press X when the cursor of the overdrive is in the white space of the bar. Tt 
will also increase the damage of the attack.

The Grand Summon of Yuna.

This one is pretty usefull, when one of your Aeon doesn\'t have his overdrive, 
use Grand Summon one of them and once he/she\'s on the field, you\'ll see that 
he/she\'ll be ready to perform his/her limit. Now also, if you Grand Summon an 
aeon who already has his overdrive,  you can then use that Aeon\'s overdrive 

The Wakka\'s Slots:

Element Reels: You have it at the beginning of the game. 

To deal nice damages with this attack, you gonna need to correctly select the 
right elemental circles. If you are let say fighting a ice fiend, try to 
select three red circles in the spins so you can perform a fire elemental 
attack to deal nice damage. 

Fire: Red Circles
Thunder: Yellow Circles
Blizzard: White Circles
Water: Blue Circles

Attack Reels: Learn it as a Blitzball TOURNEMANT prize(not in a league).

Probably one of the greatest attack of the game, if you manage to correctly 
select three spins of 2 Hits in the wheels, Wakka will attack 12 times the 

Status Reels: Learn it as a blitzball LEAGUE prize.

If you manage to select three same abnormal Statuses roulettes, you will 
inflict that abnormal Status on the enemy. 

Aurochs Reels: Learn it as a Blitzball TOURNEMANT prize.

Here, if you select three same wheels, you will attack all enemies for major 

The Ronso Rages of Kimahri:

You will learn all of the Kimahri\'s Overdrive by using his technic Lancet. 
Simply Lancet the approriate enemy to recieve a new blue magic. Here the list:

Jump, Seed Cannon, Thrust Kick, Fire Breath, Aqua Breath, Stone Breath, Self 
Destruct, Doom, Bad Breath, White Wind, Mighty Guard and Nova.

See a Blue Magic list FAQ/guide to know which monsters to Lancet. 

The Lulu\'s Fury

Fire Fury                             Waterga Fury
Thunder Fury                       Blizzaga Fury
Blizzard Fury                        Bio Fury
Water Fury                          Osmose Fury
Fira Fury                              Death Fury
Thundara Fury                      Drain Fury
Blizzara Fury                         Demi Fury
Watera Fury                         Flare Fury
Firaga Fury                           Ultima Fury                        
Thundaga Fury

To be able to use one of those Fury, you just need to have Lulu learn that 
spell. For example, if you let say wanna use a Fira Fury, you gonna need to 
have Lulu learn Fira.

For this one you have to turn the right analog Stick very fast, the more you 
spin, the more spells you gonna perform.

The Auron\'s Bushido

Dragon Fang: You will have it at the beginning of the game

Down+Left+Up+Right+L1+R1+O+X is the combination to perform it.

Shooting Star: Really a good one, Auron runs at one enemy and strike it to 
send it out of the battle field. You will have it when you find the Jecht 
Sphere after beating Spherimorph in the Macalania Wood.

Triangle+Circle+Square+X+Left+Right+X and good bye to the victim.

Banishing Blade: Nice one here, not only that it deals nice damages but also 
that when you use it correctly, Auron will inflict all the breaks(Power, 
Armor, Mental and Magic break)to the enemy. You will learn it after finding 
Three Jecht Spheres.

Up, L1, Down, R1, Right, Left+Triangle

Tornado: The last one, damages all enemies. You will obtain it by getting all 
ten Jecth spheres.


The location of all the Jecht Spheres.

- Macalania Wood after beating Spherimorph you will automatically get one.
- Just at the right of the Besaid Temple in the Besaid Village.
- Go to Besaid and take the SS Liki Board, then go into the Cabin.
- At Luca, in the stadium, near the Aurochs\' Locker Room
- In the Mi\'ihen Old Road just near the chest where you found the Mars Crest
- At the Mushroom Rock Road, in the Precipe(past that broken elevator)
- At the moonflow just in front of the beautiful lake
- At the south part of the Thunder Plains
- In a dead end at the beginning of the Mt Gagazet
- In the Macalania Wood, near the Women and her little kid

Note: You will find some sphere named Auron\'s Sphere or Braska\'s sphere. 
Don\'t worry, these are Jecht spheres. 

Rikku\'s Mix

Rikku can mix the items for making a new one with two any items. For more 
information, go see a Mix FAQ(I\'m definitly too lazy to write all the recipes 
you can get...also the fact that there are already a whole lot of guides with 
detailed Mix results so...)

B). Overdrives modes

You see, in this game, you choose your own way of having your overdrives bar 
increases. Let me explain. In Final Fantasy VII for example, the only way to 
have his limit bar increase is by getting damaged. Another example, in Final 
Fantasy VIII, you need to have your HP in crisis, or near, level(low). In 
Final Fantasy IX, it was just like in FF7 as well(to go in Trance). Now 
however, in FFX, you choose your own mode! So I\'m gonna write a list on all 
those modes, and how they work. To set an overdrive, you need to go in the 
Menu and select Overdrive. Now select set and choose the overdrive mode you 

Stoic: Increases as you are damaged by enemies.

Warrior: Increases as you damage the enemies.

Healer: Increases as you heal an ally.

Comrade: Increases as your allies take damages.

Slayer: Increases as you kill enemies.

Victor: Increases as you win battles(need to be in the party)

Tactician: Increases as you inflict abnormal statuses to enemies.

Hero: Increases as you kill powerfull enemies.

Ally: Increases as your character gets his/her turn.

Daredevil: Increases as you fight with low HP.

Loner: Increases as your character is alone in the fight.

Coward: Increases as you flee from battles.

Dancer: Increases as you dodge an enemy attack.

Rook: Increases as you reduce an enemy or nul flie an enemy\'s attack.

Sufferer: Increases as you are inflicted with abnormal statuses.

Victim: Increases as you participate in battle with abnormal statuses 
inflicted(piece of trash)

Avenger: Increases as enemy kills your allies.

6- Walkthrough

Yes! Finally, I\'m at the walkthrough part, the reason why I made this FAQ :D! 
Hope the section will help you to pass through the game.

Please, only read and use this walkthrough when you_are_playing_the_game. If 
you are getting FFX tomorrow, and wishes to read this walkthrough before, 
watch out cause you WILL see some spoilers since this walkthrough will take 
80% of the whole FAQ, meaning I\'ll be explaning the plots of the scenes a 
lot, and I\'ll also detail each areas with the treasures you can get and all.

So at the main menu, when you select New game, you will first see the 
introduction sequence.

You\'ll see several persons sitting around some fire. And then, a guy will ask 
you to listen to his story.


Welcome to Zanarkand! First, you will gain control of a blond headed guy in 
amazing clothes. He is a professional blitzball player of the Zanarkand Abes, 
and he has a game to play. Now, head south and go talk to your fans and name 
yourself. The default name is Tidus, and I\'ll use this name to refer him in 
the whole walkthrough so in case you gonna name him personally then just keep 
his name in mind. After that, just have Tidus talk to his fans and all, and 
then he\'ll be on a bridge heading to the stadium. Run to the next screens on 
the bridge. You can also listen to Zanar, the blitzball(is he?)commentator, 
he\'s talking about Tidus\'s old man, Jecht and he\'ll mention that ten years 
ago he vanished into thin air. Anyways, once you are the stadium, be ready to 
watch an AWESOME CG movie in which you\'ll see a real game of Bliztball! Enjoy!

However, in that sequence, you\'ll see something huge attacking Zanarkand. 
When you gain control of Tidus in the middle of a destroyed city, just run 
away from the stadium and meet Auron on the way. You\'ll also meet a strange 
little guy who will inform you that your story begins. Once he\'s gone, Auron 
will introduce you to that huge bubble type monster that is attacking; it is 
named Sin. Now, that huge monster will throw some of it scales on the bridge, 
so you will have to fight them. Auron will also give you a Longsword, a gift 
from your old man.

Anyways, have your two characters take care of those enemies. Make yourself 
familiar with the basics , cause it will be like that for the whole game. 
Just like Auron said, just beat down the ones that matter and pass through 
them. After a couple of battles, it\'ll be time to fight your first boss of 
the game!

Boss: Sinspawn Ammes(with a couple of sinscales)
HP: 2400
AP: 0
Difficulty: Easy

Here, meet Sinspawn Ammes! Well, in this battle, you\'ll see a mini overdrive 
tutorial, and then you will be able to perform Auron\'s Bushido overdrive; the 
Dragon Fang. Use it properly to take
down all those sinscales, as well asto destroy one of the boss\'s tentacle. 
Once you did that, you just have to pummel Ammes, each time you do so, it 
loses a tentacle, and you have to dispose of all those tentacles to win the 
battle. The boss will only use one attack; Demi. That one takes away 1/4 of 
the party\'s HP, so unless you have 1 HP left only, you can\'t die, so DON\'T 
bother wasting potions to heal you. 

When it\'s dead, you will gain control of Tidus. So now, follow Auron but 
don\'t miss that Save Sphere just behind the dead body of Ammes, so use it to 
save your progress so far and to heal your HP as well(since that in FFX, each 
time you touch a Save Sphere you regen your whole party\'s HP). Once your 
done, follow Auron, and once again some sinscales will be in your way, but 
now, looks like there are hundreads of them. Anyways, once you have killed a 
bounch of them, Auron will advice you to destroy that tanker at your right, 
so follow his orders and destroy it(will take a couple of hits)so it will 
fall and explode, so that huge titantron(with a picture of Jecht on it) will 
fall, so then it\'ll be time to RUN AWAY. You\'ll see another CG in which Auron 
will tell Tidus that this is the beginning of his story, and then you will be 
absorbed into that black hole. 

Now you\'ll be in the middle of the air- in a totally destroyed Zanarkand. 
Have Tidus flies to that Jecht looking person on that roof, so then you\'ll 
see one more CG. After that, Tidus will wake up in some strange and scary 


In there, Tidus will be in the water, and on your map you can see that there 
is a red dot. So head there, however, while you do so you better swim always 
to the left until you arrive at some little stairs, so go up there and go 
open that chest for 2 potions. You can also find a chest containing 200 gils. 
When you are done, head to that red dot, and continue on that \'bridge\'. When 
you have the opportunity, go left and then south to get a chest that contains 
an Hi Potion. Once you grabbed the item, go back and continue on that bridge 
until it collapses, and you\'ll find yourself in the water, with three 
sahagins messing around you. Dispose of two of them, and the last one will be 
crushed by the next boss.

Boss: Geosgaeno
HP: 32 767
AP: 0
Difficulty: Hard

Let\'s see, Geosgaeno has nearly 33 000 HP, and his physical attacks are 
gravitational elemental;
they hurt you for half of your HP. Also, his defense is so high you can 
barely deal 30 of damage points each time you hit him. Well, once you 
attacked him 3 times, Tidus will, fortunately for you, flee from the battle.

Once you saw that cool escape from Tidus, you\'ll find yourself in a new 
place, actually looks like a temple to me.

Unknown Temple

Just go north up the stairs and you\'ll enter a huge room. In there, it\'s 
cold, so you\'ll need to make a fire in the middle of the room(red X on your 
map). So first, go southwest from you and use the save sphere to save/heal, 
then enter that door next to the sphere. Examine the opened chest to get a 
flint. Now, go back to the huge room, and head to the door northwest. In 
there, open the hidden chest in the bottom of the screen to get an Ether. 
Then go up the stairs and on the way, examine that thing on the wall to 
obtain a Whitered Bouquet. Now continue up to the screen and you\'ll arrive at 
a balcony of the huge room. Head right to get to a chest containing an Hi 
Potion, now go back to the principal room and make a fire with the Bouquet 
and the flint. Now Tidus will fall asleep even though he\'s hungry, and he\'ll 
dream. When he wakes up, the fire will light off, and then a creature will 
attack you.

Boss: Klink
HP: 1500
AP: 5
Difficulty: Easy

This won\'t be hard, just have Tidus hit Klink with physical attacks. After a 
while, that door you couldn\'t open earlier will explode, and a group of 
strange individual will come out of it. Now that cute girl with glasses will 
enter the battle and help you. You\'ll see a mini tutorial on how to Steal, 
and once again just like with Auron previously, your commands will be set 
that you will have to steal. So have Tidus use his physical attacks, and use 
that girl to ONLY steal. Steal a maximum of Grenades from Klink, because 
those will be pretty usefull after. Don\'t forget to keep an eye on your HP 
too, but Klink does barely 100 damage each physical attacks so really you can 
win pretty easily.

After the fight, you will see the group discusses in their strange languages, 
and then take you to their ship(not friendly though). 

Al Bhed Ship

There, you\'ll meet Brother, actually a punk with a Mohawck. They will talk in 
their strange language and then, that girl that helped you out to beat down 
Klink will translate in english what they are saying!!! Well actually, you\'ll 
understand that if you wish to stay, you\'ll have to work for them. Now grats, 
you just found yourself a job! Oh well, go to the upper right on the dock to 
get the Al Bhed Primer volume 1. Now, save at the save sphere on the left and 
then go talk to the girl. She will then explain to you how the sphere grid, 
the \'grow up\' system, works! It\'s a tutorial, so if you still have problems 
to understand it, refer to my sphere grid section OR you can use a Sphere 
Grid FAQ as well. Anyways, once you are done, go talk to the Al Bhed left to 
Brother to recieve 3 potions. If you wish to see the whole sphere grid 
tutorial again you can talk to the Al Bhed just right to Brother. When you 
are done, talk to the girl once again and she will explain to you what is the 
first mission. They say that underwater, there is an old ship, and that there 
is still power in it. So you and her will go underwater to see if that ship 
can still be used, and then you know.

So you will jump in the water, and then head to the red dot on your map. Once 
you are at the generator like place, you can save(there is a sphere at the 
bottom right of your screen), and then examine the little screen in the room 
to open the door, allowing you to enter the thing. Now, follow the girl to 
the next room, and you\'ll be attacked by some piranhas, so once again have 
Tidus take care of them via physical attacks and use the girl to steal some 
Grenades. After that, have Tidus examine that machine, and then you\'ll be 
attacked by a boss.

Boss: Tros
HP: 2200
AP: 8
Difficulty: Easy

The battle isn\'t hard really. Now have the girl use all those Grenades she 
stole so far, and use Tidus to strike Tros as well. Just use your physical 
attacks and Grenades, and after a while, Tros will swim to the other side of 
the room. So now you\'ll learn about Trigger Commands, it\'s a command that 
allow you to move your characters in a battle(a bit like when you could 
change your  row from Back to Front and vice versa in the previous Final 
Fantasies). So then you\'ll be able to use Stand By, which makes you regen 50 
HP. Do it a couple of times and Tros will use his best attack; Nautilus 
charge, which deal nearly 180 damage on both characters. When he does that, 
quickly have your characters heal themselves with NORMAL potions(don\'t waste 
Hi Potions). Don\'t forget that the girl has only 360 HP. Tros will also use 
some physical attacks on one character for around 60 damage. Once Tros has 
escaped to the other side of the room a couple of times, you\'ll be able to 
use the trigger commands named Pincer Attack, so do that and your two 
characters will surrender Tros to send him to oblivion from both sides. Have 
the girl use her Grenades(deal around 350 damage, pretty good) again and 
Tidus uses his physical attacks. 

Once you won, get out of the place and follow the Al Bheds(the group on the 
ship) to even more deeper in the darkness of the sea, and you\'ll finally find 
out that what you were seeking; a ship. Oh well, even though it\'s in bad 
condition, it can still be dragged out like one of the Al Bhed says once you 
are back at the dock. 

Al Bhed Ship

So there, even though Tidus played a major role in completing the mission, 
the Al Bheds still won\'t let him enter into the cabin and will leave him on 
the dock without any food. So Tidus, who still hasn\'t eaten yet, will of 
course depress. However, the girl will come to you and give you a meal! 
They\'ll also have a conversation, and you will finally learn her name; Rikku. 
Now in the conversation, Rikku will also ask to Tidus who he is, and where he 
came from. So he\'ll honestly reply that he is a Blitzball Star Player of the 
Zanarkand Abes, and that his home was just destroyed by a huge monster named 
Sin. Now be ready to be shocked, cause when Rikku hears that she will tell 
you that Zanarkand was destroyed by Sin, not a couple of minutes ago but a 
THOUSAND years ago. Without a doubt, Tidus won\'t believe his ears, and the 
only hypothesis he\'ll come up with it is that he is now a thousand years 
later in the futur. Rikku will also tell you that Tidus might just be sick 
from Sin\'s toxin, which is like a drug that makes you hallucinate and believe 
things that never happened. Anyways, in the conversation, you\'ll learn that 
they are Al Bheds, and that the religion in the world is the Yevon church. 
Also, Rikku will tell you that she\'ll take you to Luca \'cause someone could 
maybe recognize you there, since there is a blitzball stadium there. So now, 
when Rikku will enter into the cabin to tell it to the others, Sin will 
attack you and once again absorb you to take you to a new place.

Besaid Beach

There, Tidus will wake up in the water. You\'ll then recieve a blitzball in 
the back of your head. So Tidus will perform his sphere shot to the group who 
sent the ball from the beach. Now swim to the beach and meet the Besaid 
Aurochs(bliztball team!). Now, the tall man with a funny hair cut will ask 
you to show him the move one more time. After that, he\'ll introduce himself; 
Wakka, captain of the Aurochs. Tidus, in the conversation, will say that he\'s 
a player of the Zanarkand Abes, so the group will be shocked since just like 
Rikku said, it was destroyed a long time ago. Now Tidus will be hungry, so 
Wakka will take him to his village. He will also tell you his point of view 
about Sin, and that Sin came because the humans were using machinas(machines) 
and that it was forbidden, so Sin would be a punishment. Now anyways, follow 
him, and you\'ll jump into a river. Now, you\'ll once again have to swim. On 
the way, at the beginning, open that chest on your right to get a pheonix 
down, and then follow the map to the red dot. Don\'t forget to open that chest 
near the end as well to get 2 antidotes. Now once you are out of the water, 
Wakka will tell you about his ambitions, and that the Aurochs have never won 
any games. He\'ll also tell you that last year, he couldn\'t focus on the game 
and couldn\'t show a good performance \'cause he had something on his mind
(you\'ll learn about it later). So continue to the village, and you\'ll meet 
the Crusaders on the way as well. Now head to the village.

Besaid Village

In there Wakka will show you the prayer. Then, he\'ll also show you where is 
the Crusader\'s lodge so you can go visit them. So when you can control Tidus, 
explore the village. At your left just near the item shop, open the chest to 
obtain a pheonix down. Now, between the two tents on the left in the village, 
you can go in a hidden passage to get to a place with 3 chests. Get 2 
potions, 400 Gils and an Hi Potion from those treasures. If you are still low 
on money, I advice you to go sell those Grenades, each can be sold for 75 
gils and since you won\'t need them anymore, just sell them. Now when you are 
done with the goodies, go the Crusader Lodge(the blue tent at the upper left) 
and talk to Gatta and Luzu to learn the history of Crusaders and why they 
exist, and learn also what is a summoner. Now, grab that Al Bhed Primer 
volume 2 on the ground right near the counter. After that, go present 
yourself at the temple, so head to that big structure north of the village, 
and talk to the priest to learn what an HIGH summoner is, as well as who last 
defeated Sin(high Summoner Braska)ten years ago. When you are done, go back 
outside and go into Wakka\'s lodge(middle right one), here Wakka won\'t give 
you food but will advice you to take a nap. Now in the meanwhile, the priest 
will come in and ask Wakka to follow him to the temple because the Summoner 
hasn\'t came out yet. Tidus will then have a dream, about a day ten years ago 
in Zanarkand. Now when you wake up, go in the temple and once the hero 
learned what happened, he\'ll run into the cloister even though he\'s not 
allowed to, at the rescue of the summoner!

The Besaid\'s cloister of trials.

Each temples have their own different cloister of trials, which are \'puzzles\' 
that you need to solve in order to reacj the Chamber of Fath, chamber in 
which the summoner prays to get an Aeon. You\'ll learn more later. The 
Besaid\'s cloister is definitly simple, you\'ll see.

So first, examine that glyph on the wall in front of Tidus. By doing so, the 
green glyph at your right will glow, so touch it as well to open a door to 
some stairs. Go down those, and then go examine that glyph on the wall to 
learn a bit about the cloisters. So take that Glypgh sphere off, and continue 
down the stairs. Put that glyph sphere in the double doors to open them. Now 
continue on the way until you arrive at a pedestal blocked in a wall. Touch 
the signs on the wall opposite of it to open a secret door. In there you can 
get a Besaid Sphere, so take it and pop it in the pedestal blocked in the 
wall. When you do so, the wall will vanish, allowing you to move the 
pedestal. However, don\'t do that yet. Instead, go back at the double doors 
you opened with the Glyph sphere, and you\'ll see that the sphere is still in 
the recress, so take it back, and then put it in the first recress wall you 
meet on your way back to the pedestal. So when you do that, a hidden room 
will be revealed, and you can get a destruction sphere from the recress in 
it. So take it, and go back in that big room in which you took that Besaid 
Sphere. Put it in the recress, to break a wall at the end of the place. So go 
there and you\'ll see a chest, open it to get the Rod of Wisdom. Now go back 
to the pedestal, and push it on the glyph sign on the floor to complete the 

Now, you\'ll see Wakka joining you on that elevator and tell you that what you 
did was taboo, and that the only persons that can enter a cloister are the 
summoners, and their guardians. Now he\'ll also inform you that he IS a 
guardian, and that the guardian\'s duty is to protect the summoner in his 
pilgrimage. Now before the chamber of fayth, you\'ll meet Lulu, one of Yuna\'s 
guardian and even though she\'s a beautifull woman, watch out cause she gets 
mad easy(and I do mean easy). Now, after the conversation, you\'ll finally see 
the summoner; oh what the, the summoner is not an HE but an SHE! I, too, just 
like Tidus, first thought that summoners were all old geezers. Well actually, 
Yuna is a pretty young lady. Well, once you saw her, she\'ll be exhausted, and 
a strange gigantic lion like creature will help her to walk out of the 
temple. So once you are out and back to the village, go in the middle of it 
to see a summoning! Enjoy! When the sequence is over, it\'ll be the 
celebrating night, and Wakka, along with Tidus, will introduce the Aurochs to 
their new goal; Victory! Anyways, after that, when you can control Tidus, go 
to Yuna and she\'ll introduce herself to you, as well as talk a bit with you. 
She\'ll also mention that she would like it if you could talk to her about 
Zanarkand tomorrow in the ship; she\'s going on her pilgrimage and you are 
following her until you arrive at Luca since it\'s your destination to see if 
someone will know you there remember? So go talk to Wakka and choose to rest. 
Now you\'ll have a dream. In this dream, you\'ll be on the deck of Besaid. You 
can also control Tidus, so just run to Yuna at the end of the deck and talk 
to her. You\'ll also see Rikku, as well as Tidus\'s old man; Jecht. Now you can 
definitly see how scumbag Jecht was with Tidus, and that he \'raised\' his son 
by gitching him(replace the G by B and you\'ll understand I meant, now tee-hee 
no one will be able to tell I was vulgare!). 

Now when you wake up, it\'ll still be the middle of the night, and Lulu and 
Wakka will be talking about a certain Chappu outside. You will also hear Lulu 
mentions that Tidus does look like Chappu. Now, once Lulu left Wakka, he\'ll 
come to your tent and tell you that that famous Chappu was his little brother 
and that he was killed last year by Sin. Now the next morning, your party 
will be waiting for you outside the lodge, this is the beginning of your 
journey in Spira bud, enjoy.

Outside the tent, Wakka will give you the sword he gave Chappu; the 
brotherhood. So now, once Yuna has joined you, you\'ll leave Besaid Village. 
Now, go back in the village and go in the item shop, talk to the girl who 
sells medicines and she\'ll tell you that her dog has dug something yesterday
(or what ever). So go in the upper right tent of the village and \'talk\' to 
the dog in there. You\'ll then obtain Valefor\'s second overdrive, the Energy 

So when you are done, leave the village for good to expose yourself to the 
evilness of the fiends. On the way, you will go into two battles in which 
you\'ll learn some basics for the beginning. For example, you\'ll learn that 
Wakka is best to take down those flying fiends, and that Lulu is the perfect 
character to beat down those elemental monsters. In the battle in which you 
must use one of your black magic spells, you gonna have to kill a water flan, 
so lightning(thunder) magic works the best for that.  Anyways, continue on 
the screens and all, and at the area where there are two fallen pillars, the 
scary cool looking lion like creature you saw in the temple back in Besaid 
will come at Tidus, and engage a battle.

Boss: Kimahri
HP: 800
AP: 0
Difficulty: Easy

Now, the difficulty of this battle is easy, but it could definitly be the 
first battle in which you can actually lose! It\'s a one on one duel between 
Tidus and that blue beast; Kimahri. Have Tidus use Cheer if you wish, and 
attack the opponent. Kimahri uses physical attacks for around 160 damage, as 
well as Jump for around 100 damage. He\'s pretty fast, meaning that it\'ll be 
a \'you hit I hit\' battle. Just use your physical attacks, and whenever your 
HP goes down to 150(or even 200), you better use a potion. After you dealed 
800 damage on Kimahri, the battle will be over because Wakka will stop the 

After the duel, Wakka, Lulu and Yuna will tell you more about Kimahri. 
They\'ll tell you he is from the Ronso Tribe, and that he fights using the 
fiends\' way of fighting. Hmm keep that mind for later, you\'ll understand.

Now in the next random battles, you will go in a battle in which you\'ll be
able to use Yuna\'s aeon; Valefor, against a Garuda. Then after, you will also 
once again battle a Garuda but this time you\'ll learn that you can defeat 
those without using any Aeons. Blind that enemy is the key, so have Wakka use 
his Dark attack to inflict Darkness on Garuda, so then it won\'t be able to 
hit you.

So continue on the way, don\'t bother gaining some AP to level up, the 
monsters of Besaid don\'t got much AP to give, just move on with the story and 
you\'ll arrive at some much better places for leveling. Once you are at the 
Besaid Beach, DON\'T board the boat yet, instead, go in the water and play 
with the waves!

No seriously, go in the water and swim to your west until you reach a hidden 
side of the island, open the chest there to get the Moon Crest, you\'ll 
understand what to do with it much later in the game. So finally, go at the 
boat and talk to everybody there and you can get an Ether, 400 Gils, a 
Remedy, 3 Pheonix Downs and a Seeker\'s ring as well(HP+5%). Then, say good 
bye to Besaid Village.

SS Liki

On board, Tidus will take someone\'s googles and look at the now far away 
Besaid island, and then look at the party with it. Anyways, when you gain 
control of him, first head down into the cabin and you\'ll meet O\'aka the 
twenty third, merchent extraordinary! Gotta love his strong accent. Anyways, 
go talk to him and lend him some gils(be a pal and give him 100), that will 
be usefull for later. Now, then, head to the bottom of your screen and go 
into the power room, you\'ll then find out how the boat can move; because of 
the chocobos! If you haven\'t played other Final Fantasies, then you obviously 
don\'t know what a Chocobo is. Actually, it\'s a big cute yellow bird, and it 
has an incredible power and can run for hours without getting tired at all. 
Oh well, anyways. Head to the bottom of the screen and get the Al Bhed Primer 
volume 3. Now, you can head back to the previous screen, and go talk to Luzzu 
and Gatta to find out that it seems that they are carrying something in the 
room behind them. Anyways, now enter the room to your left. In there, you can 
get a remedy from the chest, and you can see a luggage that you can kick. Now 
from what I understand, each times you kick it you get a free potion, and you 
can kick it and get a potion each time until you have 20 potions at ALL in 
your inventory. Anyways, when you are done, you can laugh if you wish and go 
talk to Botta, you\'ll see that he is seasick. Then, go in the end of this 
room and talk to Keepa, he\'ll tell you that Botta is sick and that he can\'t 
stand to look at him feeling that way because otherwise he\'ll be sick too. 
Final Fantasy 9 humor style :D. Anyways, now head all the way back to the 
dock, and go talk to Wakka. Now, go try to talk to Yuna and you\'ll understand 
from those Kilika blitzball players that Yuna is the daughter of High 
Summoner Braska. Hmm, go talk to Wakka again and you\'ll now learn that Yuna\'s 
father DID beat Sin ten years ago so he could get the \'I\'ve beaten the crap 
out of Sin!\' title. Anyways, once you red the conversations in which you can 
understand that Tidus finds hard to have a famous parent(his father was the 
greatest blitzball star remember?), you\'ll finally be able to pass through 
Yuna\'s fans to talk to her. In the conversation, you will then be shocked; 
Yuna KNOWS the Zanarkand you came from! Actually, a man named Jecht told her 
about it, and that he was Braska\'s guardian! Of course, Tidus won\'t believe 
his ears and tell Yuna that it\'s impossible cause his father went to train at 
the sea ten years ago and that he never came back. Now, to shock you even 
more, Yuna will tell you that she actually did met Jecht exactly ten years
(and three months) ago! 

Are you beginning to understand? Oh well, you won\'t have the time cause the 
boat will then be attacked by the terrible Sin. Actually, it doesn\'t seem 
that Sin is attacking the boat but simply showing off his body to you, 
because he\'s just heading to Kilika. Now naturally, one of the Kilikian(can 
we say that?) will try to distrack Sin by throwing the harpoon on him, so of 
course, Sin will take that as an offense and will engage a battle with you.

Boss: Sin(along with Sinscales)
HP: 2000
AP: 10(and 2 from each Sinscales you kill)
Difficulty: Easy

What the bloody hell? You already have to battle the big bad meanie Sin??? Oh 
well, don\'t fret, this won\'t be an hard battle really. So first, Sin won\'t 
actually attack you, but will simply throw on you some Sinscales like he did 
in Zanarkand remember? Anywways, each scales have 400 HP, and they still 
attack for same damage that before, so they are once again not a threat at 
all. However, I recommand you to kill off a couple of them so you can get a 
pretty good ammount of AP at the end of the fight. Anyways, once you are 
done, let Sin throw 3 scales on you again and then dispose of only two of 
them, letting one last on the field. Now bring out Lulu, Wakka and Kimahri, 
in order to damage Sin. Since he is out of range for physical attacks from 
fighters like Kimahri and Tidus, you gonna have to use Wakka, since his ball 
can reach about everything out there. Now, have Wakka attack the fin, have 
Lulu use her black magic spells, and use Kimahri\'s Lancet as well to deal a 
cool little ammount of damage. If you never get too low on HP, have Yuna with 
her Cure magic, definitly good and way better then potions.

Once you have taken care of Sin, the harpoon will unfortunately be cut off, 
and Sin will go away(nah don\'t think he\'s fleeing, it\'s just that he has 
business to take care of somewhere else). So now, with all those waves moving 
the boat, Tidus will fall in the water, and Wakka like the big brudda he is, 
will dive in the water as well at his rescue and give him a potion or a 
pheonix down what ever, but you\'ll be attacked by yet another boss. Now be 

Boss: Sinspawn Echuilles(with some piranhas)
HP: 2000
AP: 12
Difficulty: Medium

Woah, this battle isn\'t an easy one! Actually, it\'s not hard but you 
definitly need to watch out cause you could get your butt kicked if you don\'t 
do things correctly! So first, let\'s talk about your situation. You have 
Wakka and Tidus and only(underwater), and the Sinspawn Echuilles is 
accompagnied by piranhas. Now, there are an infinite number of those fishes, 
so killing them is meaningless. Now, to talk about Echuilles itself, it\'s 
going to use both Drain touch, which drains away around 60 HP of one 
character\'s HP, and he will use terrible Blender attack as well, which deal 
nearly 200 damage on your two characters. Now also, the piranhas will attack 
you for around 70 damage at well. First, begin the fight by having Wakka use 
Dark Attack the boss in order to blind him, then have Tidus use Cheer
(optional but still cool). Once Echuilles is Darknessed(another one of my 
cool words), his drain attack will now most likely miss, but not his blender, 
so still be ready to use potions at any moments(when your HP gets down to 150 
or less). Have your two characters pummel the boss, and whenever Darkness is 
gone, use Dark Attack again. Like I said earlier, it\'s useless to kill off 
those piranhas cause they keep coming back.

Once you finished off the boss, you\'ll see a new CG sequence. Now in it, 
you\'ll see the vicious Sin attack Kilika with a huge tsunami to of course, 
destroy the whole village and of course, to do some more victims... Once you 
saw all the scenes, you\'ll disembark at the Kilika\'s deck, and Yuna will talk 
to a couple and ask to be taken to the dead victims so she can perform a 
sending. Now, you\'ll also see Wakka, along with two Aurochs players run in 
town to see what they can do to help. Once you have the control of Tidus, 
touch that save sphere and heal yourself after all those battles. When you 
are done, continue in the village and head to your left to see one more CG, 
now in it you\'ll see a pretty sad movie of Yuna performing a sending. 

After that, you will take the night off to go rest at the Inn. When you wake 
up, talk to the HILARIOUS kid running in the Inn and he\'ll tell you that he\'s 
gonna be a BLITZBALL when he grows up. Allow me to laugh. Anyways, now go 
outside of the Inn, and head to the screen to your left to see a little girl 
crying in a destroyed tent/house(what ever). Try to talk to her and the 
tent/house(what ever) will collapse, so Tidus will jump on it and rescue the 
little girl. Now go all the way back to the deck and head into the pub, in 
there, open the chest to get an Ether; you can only get that chest if you did 
saved the little girl(it\'s a token of her big sister\'s gratitude). Now, get 
out of the pub and follow Datto advice earlier and go talk to Wakka. After 
the conversation in which Wakka tells what he think about playing blitzball 
even in such terrible events, follow him to the left of the village. On your 
way, go into the house just right in your screen(where you saved the little 
girl) and open the chest in it to get 3 potions. Now get out of it and head 
north to get into the wood.

Kilika Wood

In there, you\'ll see a little conversation between your characters and Yuna 
will ask to have Tidus as her guardian. Once the convo is over, run into a 
random encounter to learn the Lancet\'s basics from Kimahri, and Lancet that 
seed plant to learn Seed Canon. Now don\'t use that overdrive yet, keep it for 
the next boss fight. When you are done with the enemy, you can explore the 
whole wood and do some treasure hunting Final Fantasy 9 style OR you could 
simply head north first and battle that huge monster blocking the path. So 
head north to meet Luzzu and Gatta, Luzzu will tell that that huge sleeping 
plant is actually Ochu, and that it\'s a pretty tough one. Now when you gain 
control of Tidus, talk to Luzzu twice to recieve 4 antidotes, and then run 
into the lord of the Wood for a battle.

Boss: Lord Ochu
HP: 4675
AP: 40
Difficulty: Medium

Like I said earlier, this battle is optional, but you should definitly fight 
it so you can show to the Lord that he\'s not the boss of the wood out there 
at all. Now, the battle is actually longer then tough. Lord Ochu is an high 
HP user, 4675 is pretty high. You can summon Valefor if you wish but I would 
more recommand you to take down Ochu with your party and test your skills so 
far. Ochu will use Poison Claw for around 150 damage on one character and to 
inflict poison. Now also, it will use Water on one character for around 140 
damage as well, and when it falls asleep, if you wake it up with physical 
attack it will counter with Earthquake which is it most devastating attack 
because it deal up to 250 damage on party. Anyways, in your party, I 
recommand you to have Tidus, Wakka and Lulu or replace Tidus or Wakka by 
Kimahri. As you might already know, fire is the best magic to take down a 
plant enemy, and also you might already know that Water actually heals them. 
Anyways, have Lulu use her Fire, and have your strikers hit the boss. 
Whenever one of your character is poisoned by it claw attacks, quickly have a 
character switch to Yuna and have her cast Esuna. You can also use antidotes 
as well. Same goes for your HP, whenever you are too low on HP, have Yuna use 
her Cure magic. After you dealed enough damage, the impolite Ochu will fall 
asleep in your face, now, QUICKLY wake it up with PHYSICAL attacks because 
when it\'s sleeping, it\'s regenning around 500 HP at each turns! However, as I 
told you earlier, each times you wake it up, the boss uses Earthquake, and 
it\'s a pretty dangerous attack I\'d say, so heal. Anyways, the battle is not 
easy, yet not hard neither.

When you are done, it\'s time to explore the place a bit. First, talk to Luzzu
(if you managed to kill Ochu) and he\'ll reward you with an Elixir! Now head 
to your north until you reach a dead end. There, open the chest for a Luck 
Sphere. Now go all the way back and at your first intersection turn to your 
left and you\'ll eventually see some Crusader giving orders to his inferiors. 
Now talk to the leader once to get a Remedy(is it a Remedy actually?) and 
then, if you did killed Ochu then he\'ll also reward you with a SOS Nullflies 
armor. Now, go south to you in the hidden passage through the wood and find a 
chest. Once you opened it, go all the way back to the first intersection of 
the wood and head to your right to get a chest. Now go back and continue 
north until you meet yet another crusader. Talk to him again to be rewarded 
with one more gift as well(an elixir? Sorry I don\'t remember). Now turn to 
your right, and continue on the next screen to reach some stairs. There, 
you\'ll learn that High Summoner Ohaland(or what ever) trained here. So then, 
Wakka, Tidus, and two Aurochs will race, and Yuna will be the one who gives 
the count. However, she will fool them and run before them before the count 
of 3. Once you gain control of Tidus, you can talk to Lulu and actually hear 
her laugh for the one of the only time in the whole game. So save at the save 
sphere north of the stairs, and continue on the next screen to see that Wakka 
is calling you; one more boss battle for you.

Boss: Sinspawn Geneaux
HP: 3000
AP: 450
Difficulty: Easy

Another Sinspawn! Actually, this battle isn\'t hard really, it\'s even pretty 
easy. However, it requires some technical skills from you. If you try to 
attack Geneaux with physical attacks, you\'ll find out that it armor is 
extremelly resistant. So then, if you try to harm it with magics, those two 
giant tentacles in your back will absorb the magic! So, what you gonna do? 
Well, you need to first take out those two tentacles. Use your strongest 
strikers for that. Have Tidus, Kimahri and Wakka attack those tentacles until 
they are dead. Their attacks won\'t be too dangerous(some physical attacks of 
around 100 damage on one target). Geneaux will also attack you with Sigh, 
which deal around 120 damage on party. Anyways, once you took out the arms, 
bring Lulu in the field and have her use Fire magic. After a couple of turns, 
the boss will finally break out of it shell to reveal itself. It now won\'t be 
resistant against physical attacks anymore, but it will also be able to 
attack you with it arms to inflict poison, so once again make full use of 
Yuna\'s Esuna. 

Once you are victorious, Wakka will tell you you are a pretty good guardian, 
and then head up the stairs to your north. On your way to the temple, you\'ll 
meet up with the Luca Goers(blitzball team), and they will play their 
arrogant smart asses. Once Wakka gave them a rendez-vous in the finals, head 
to your north and enter the temple of Kilika. 

In there, go pray with Wakka if you wish, and you\'ll see another summoner, 
Dona(accompagnied by her guardian, Barthello) and she as well, will remind 
you of Jecht and the Luca Goers, since she will gitch(replace the G by B and 
you\'ll get I meant, tee hee once again no one will be able to tell I was 
vulgare), to then leave. Now save, and enter the cloister of trials. In 
there, the party will go on that elevator but Kimahri will push Tidus off it, 
you are not a guardian yet, so you can\'t go with them. Now, once they are 
gone, try to go on the elevator and Dona(along with Barthello) will come 
back, and that big muscle head man will force you to enter the cloister by 
picking you and throwing you on the elevator. Now, you don\'t have the choice, 
so head north and open that huge door. Yes, it\'s time to do another cloister 
of trials!

So first, you\'ll be in a room with a huge door in front of you, and to your 
left you can see a pedestal with a Kilika sphere in it recress. So take that 
Kilika sphere, and put it in the recress of the huge door. Doing so 
will \'burn\' the door, so then take off that Kilika sphere to completly open 
yourself a path. Now go in the next room and put that Kilika Sphere you are 
holding in the recress on the north wall. When you do that, a glyph will 
appear. So take off the sphere and pop it in either the recress on the right 
or left wall, and then go touch that glyph sign. Now the wall will open to 
yourself. Go in the next room, and now you\'ll see that at your left you can 
go down some stairs to a lower level but actually, there is fire blocking 
your path. You can also see another Kilika Sphere on a recress to your right. 
Go take it off(the fire will light off on the lower level), and go pop it in 
a recress in the previous room. Now come back, and go step on that glyph sign 
on the ground in order to move the pedestal from the previous room in this 
room. Now take the glyph sphere from it, and put it where you just took off 
the last Kilika Sphere. The wall will open itself to you, and in there you\'ll 
see a destruction sphere. Ignore it for now, and go back in the previous 
room  and take a Kilika Sphere, now come back and put it in the pedestal. Now 
push the pedestal to the glyph sign on the ground just like you did in Besaid 
Temple. When you do that, that part of the ground will be lowered, revealing 
yet another Kilika Sphere in a recress. Go take it, and now go up the stairs 
to the other side of the room and put the sphere in the recress of the door. 
The door will burn just like at the beginning of this cloister, but don\'t 
take off the sphere to completly open yourself a path yet. Instead, go back 
to the other side of the room and go take that destruction sphere in the 
little room that was revealed when you used that Glyph Sphere. Now, put that 
destruction sphere just where you took off the last Kilika sphere(down the 
second level) to destruct the wall, now open that chest to get a Red Armlet. 
In last, go up the stairs and take off that Kilika sphere from the burning 
door in order to open yourself a path to some stairs leading to room from 
where you can acess the chamber of the fayth.

When you arrive there, your party will of course be shocked, since you aren\'t 
supposed to be there. Now talk to both Wakka and Lulu to learn what is Yuna 
doing in a chamber of the fayth, and how the summoners can get their Aeons. 
When you are done, try to leave the room and Yuna will come out of the 
chamber, along with a new Aeon; Ifrit! Now Tidus will tell you that he 
remembers that song you are hearing(the hymn of the fayth) from his 
childhood. Now when you are out of the temple, Tidus will be down because he 
wants to go back home, and after a little convo you\'ll leave to the wood. Now 
go all the way back to the deck of Kilika, you might want to buy some 
equipments and medicines and when you are ready, go see your party and choose 
to embark to board the SS Winno.

SS Winno

You are finally on your way to Tidus\'s destination; Luca. Now on the boat, 
it\'ll be night, and you can hear several conversations. From where you are(in 
the cabin with the Aurochs and two female players of the Luca Goers), get out 
and lend some more gils to O\'aka if you wish, then go out to the dock. Now, 
you can go try to talk to Yuna if you wish, and you will confront the Goers. 
Now, when those annoying-no-fun-good-for-nothing little worthless and sad 
pathetic excuses of the humanity are gone, talk to Yuna more if you wish. Now 
go up the stairs to your left if you wish to stalk Wakka and Lulu while they 
are ...talking about the futur of Tidus. You can hear four different convos 
from them. When you are finally done with all, go at the front dock and 
you\'ll see a blitzball. Examine it in order to have a flashback of Tidus, in 
which you\'ll see Jecht showing off by showing him the Jecht Shot. Now, you 
gonna play a mini-game. Tidus will try to do that Jecht Shot, and YOU will 
decide if he succeed or not. You see, you\'ll hear Jecht throwing at you some 
bad comments in the screen. Well, you need to press an arrow and X to the 
areas of the screen where you gonna see those comments. If you let say see 
something left on your screen, you need to press the arrow pointing to the 
left+X. If you see one in the middle screen then you just press X. So do the 
mini game correctly and you will learn the Jecht shot! Now in a blitzball 
game you\'ll be able to use it, that is once you can set a technic. Anyways, 
if you did beat the mini game correctly, the Aurochs will once again ask you 
to show you that move one more time. After that, go talk to Yuna and you\'ll 
discuss about Jecht, and Yuna will tell you that since Jecht was her father\'s 
guardian, who is high summoner, he is famous in Spira, meaning that if he 
died she would just know it. That means that Jecht IS alive, but what 
happened to him... Hmm. Anyways, after the conversation, it\'ll be bed time. 
Save your progress so far(you\'ll have the choice), and the next morning, 
you\'ll see an FMV of the boat arriving to Luca!


Once you are there, you\'ll hear the two no good annoying commentators of Luca
(Boba and Jimma, or what ever) bragging about the Goers(since they are from 
Luca), and then definitly insult the Aurochs. Anyways, Tidus won\'t let the 
Goers do what ever they want and will tell them this year, they are sure 
taking the cup. Now, you\'ll also hear some dudes running around saying that 
Maester Mika has arrived. So your party will head to Dock number 3 in order 
to see the Grand Maester. There, you\'ll first see a Guado, Maester Seymour
(former principal of an high school in the Simpsons, ok I was kidding), and 
finally, you\'ll see Mika. Can\'t stand his voice. Anyways, he\'ll introduce to 
you Maester Seymour, who just took the place of his father, Gyscal Guado, who 
has departed to the Farplane(dead) couple of nights ago. Once Seymour 
finished his speech(and noticed Yuna), you\'ll see Tidus enter the Aurochs 
Locker Room. In there, the team will be depressed, cause even though Tidus is 
with them, they are scared of facing the Goers again this year and to lose. 
Well, Wakka will come after and inform them that they have to face the Al 
Bhed Psyches first, and then they are in the finals! Yes, two wins and they 
won the cup! But at the same moment, Yuna will enter and tell you that 
someone saw Auron in a cafe!!! So of course, Tidus will want to head to that 
cafe, but Wakka will tell you to come back quick \'cause the game starts like 
real soon. So with Kimahri and Yuna, you\'ll head to that cafe. Outside of the 
locker room, Tidus will meet two Al Bheds and will try to ask them to thanks 
a girl named Rikku for helping him out earlier. Now of course, they won\'t 
understand but anyways. So with your party, just follow the red dot on your 
Map in Luca until you arrive at that cafe. On the way, Tidus will help Yuna 
to learn how to whistle, and they will talk a bit about Zanarkand as well(the 
Zanarkand of Tidus). So after that, head into the cafe and of course, Auron 
won\'t be there anymore. However, Kimahri will meet two giant Ronsos, Biran 
and Yenki, that he hasn\'t talked for 10 years. Now however, they are not 
friends, actually rivals, and since they will mock Kimahri, he will smack one 
to Yenki to knock him off, but then the game will start so your party will 
look at the screen to see Mika\'s speech just before the game. Now in the 
meanwhile, Biran will take this opportunity to give Kimahri a cheap shot, but 
now Yuna will be gone!!! So you\'ll head out of the cafe to meet Lulu, and 
she\'ll tell you that the Al Bheds took Yuna in hostages! So you will have to 
head to their ship, which is at the dock number 4(just follow the red dot on 
your map). On your way near the ship, you\'ll meet some Workers, these are 
actually machinas and they will try to stop you, so yeah the Al Bheds were 
expecting you since they sent them for you. Now, you\'ll have to battle nearly 
10 of them, and as you can see they have pretty good defense against physical 
attacks, so the key to win is follow Lulu\'s advice and use lightning on them. 
As you know, machines enemies aren\'t really good against thunder, so abuse of 
Lulu(her magics I mean...). On your way, you\'ll meet O\'aka if you gave him 
some gils earlier, just buy some Eye Drops from him, it\'ll be pretty usefull 
for your next boss battle. Once you reached their ship, they\'ll be escaping 
so you\'ll jump on the ship before they can get away, and then you\'ll have a 
boss waiting for you.

Boss: Oblitzerator
HP: 6000
AP: 36
Difficulty: Easy

Even though this boss has a lot of HP, it\'s still an easy one. The only 
annoying thing about it is that it can inflict Darkness on your characters, 
so have those Eye Drops you bought earlier at full use. Oblitzerator is a 
machina so it is weak to lightning. However, first, you can see a crane at 
the right of your screen(Tidus mentions it), and you can use it to attack the 
boss. However, it\'s out of power, so when a machine is out of power it\'s 
usually because it needs some energy! Now, you gonna give some energy to it 
by casting Thunder on it around 3 times. Then, have Tidus use it, so then the 
crane will lift up Oblitzerator in the air and then let it crush itself on 
the ground, now the boss will lose it upper part, as well as nearly 3800 HP! 
So then just finish it off with your physical attacks from Kimahri and Tidus, 
as well as with Thunder from Lulu. As long as Tidus and Kimahri are always 
ready to use an Eye drop to cure Darkness, the battle is definitly easy.

When the fight is over, you\'ll see Yuna coming out the cabin by herself, and 
you can also see behind her that she has taken care of the Al Bheds :D. Now 
you\'ll see a little conversation between your characters(actually, between 
Lulu, Yuna and Tidus, Kimahri being the loner guardian he is), and when Tidus 
will mention that he was helped by some Al Bheds when he was first absorbed 
by Sin and that this boat you on looks like theirs, Yuna will then ask you if 
there was a man named Cid on that boat. Who\'s Cid? Her uncle. He\'s an al bhed 
actually, now wait a second. Yuna is Al Bhed on her mother\'s side? Ouch, 
Wakka must not hear this because as you know, he doesn\'t have much 
appreciation for them. By mentioning Wakka, you\'ll then remember that you had 
a game to play! So the party will get back at Luca, and you\'ll see Wakka 
score a goal on the titantron just before the last second of the match 
against the Psyches to win 3-2!!! You are in the final!! Grats!

However, Wakka is all beaten up as you saw. So he\'ll leave the bench to 
Tidus! He will also inform the Aurochs that after this game, he\'ll quit and 
be a full time guardian. Now, your next opponents are the Luca Goers, and 
you\'ll have to play a blitzball game. Learn the basics, and then save your 
game and finally, talk to Wakka to begin the game. Actually, just before the 
game, you\'ll see the fans cheering, and then, you\'ll see the cool looking man 
in a red coat who helped Tidus out at the beginning of the game, you man you 
were seeking by heading to that cafe earlier: Auron! So anyways, now, let\'s 

You will have to play the game against the Goers, and you can lose the game 
if you wish. HOWEVER, since you are here, you should just try to win!!! Now, 
it\'ll be tough cause the Goers are pretty hard. Here, I\'ll tell you what 
happens if you win, and what happens if you lose.

If you win: Once the game is over, you\'ll see a sweet \'obtained Strenght 
Sphere\' message in your screen. A strenght sphere is a sphere that you can 
use on a empty node, so then it\'ll create a Strenght+4 node, AWESOME for this 
point of the game! Also, after some events(you\'ll see), when Wakka is saying 
good bye to his team, he\'ll be holding the cup and he\'ll give it to Datto.

If you lose: Now you WON\'T obtain any rewards, and after some events of the 
after-blitzball game, when Wakka is saying good bye to his team, he\'ll give 
Datto a blitzball.

So, of course, winning is way better! To win, I hope you did learned the 
Jecht shot from that mini game on the SS Winno. So in the first fall of the 
match, Tidus will unfortunately be too low level to be able to set any 
technics. So the first two times I\'ve beaten the game, I never won the game 
cause I never actually tried to. However, th 3 times after, I\'ve always been 
able to win it, and I used a simple strategy. In the first fall of the match, 
since you can\'t have Tidus with the Jecht shot yet, I advice you to do 
nothing except keeping the ball away from the Goers. Try to goal if you wish, 
but it\'s definitly hard, since Balgerda and Doma(or what ever their names) 
are usually protecting the goal, ALONG with their goaler. So then, try to use 
Tidus enough so he get enough points to level up once the fall is over, and 
try to keep the score at 0-0 in the whole fall, or like I said earlier you 
can still try to score. Now once the first fall is over, if Tidus levels up, 
then you\'ll be able to set a technic, so set the Jecht Shot. Now, in the 
second fall, have one of your player passes to Tidus when he is really near 
the goal, and have him use the Jecht shot. If only two Goers were breaking 
Tidus, the Jecht Shot will knock them off to clear yourself a path(use the 
move once and you\'ll understand), and then, if you were close enough, their 
goalie shouldn\'t able to block the ball, so then you should score! Now, it\'ll 
be 1-0(or maybe you were capable of scoring one more goal?), and then do 
nothing but PLAY with the ball. Have your characters just pass and, just make 
sure the Goers never get the ball. Once the fall is at 3 minutes, Tidus will 
get out of the sphere and will tell Wakka to replace him since it was their 
deal after all(and also because the fans were cheering for Wakka!). So now, 
for the remaining 2 minutes, try to score if you wish(use Wakka in that 
case), but still try to keep the ball away from the Goers\' hands.

That was how I was able to win the last 3 times I\'ve beaten the game anyways. 
Now, either you win or lose, after the game, the blitzball sphere you in will 
be infested by Sahagins! You\'ll have Tidus and Wakka to dispose of 18 of 
them. If you worked on Tidus and Wakka\'s stats properly since the beginning 
of the game, it won\'t be hard really. Once out of the sphere, you\'ll see that 
the stadium is full of fiends chasing the fans! Now you\'ll see a short but 
AWESOME FMV of Auron, in the middle of the fleeing fans, with his huge sword, 
watching a viouvre(a fiend). Now you\'ll have to fight it, and you\'ll control 
Auron, but as you know, Auron is strong so in one hit the viouvre will be 
dead. Now Tidus and Wakka will arrive and now Tidus will learn from Wakka 
that Auron is the best guardian there ever was- so Auron is a guardian? Now 
you won\'t have time to think cause you\'ll be attacked by a Garuda, remember 
that fiend in Besaid? So use same strategy that before, which is using Dark 
Attack on him and then pummel it to death. Now after that, you\'ll be attacked 
by one more Garuda, accompagnied by a Dingo and a Viouvre, however, you\'ll 
then see another FMV in which you see Seymour summoning his aeon, Anima. That 
Aeon is extremelly powerfull, and she will take care of all the evil fiends 
in the stadium.

After the FMV, you\'ll see Auron talking with Tidus in one of the dock of 
Luca. You will learn that Auron did defeat Sin with Braska and Jecht ten 
years ago; Braska was the summoner, Jecht and Auron were his guardians. Now 
you\'ll hear another SHOCKING new. If you aren\'t at this part of the game yet 
don\'t read cause there is a spoiler: when Tidus will ask Auron why he watched 
over him in Zanarkand since he was a child, Auron will reply that Jecht asked 
him too. Now, when Tidus will ask Auron if Jecht is alive, Auron will tell 
you that Jecht is still alive, actually, he is Sin. That\'s right, Sin is 
Jecht. Of course it is a shock heh. Anyways, after the conversation, follow 
Auron to the red dot and you\'ll now see Wakka saying good bye to the team(if 
you won the game you\'ll see him giving the cup to Datto), and then he\'ll go 
talk to Yuna and Lulu. You\'ll now learn a bit more about the incident, and 
that the fiends just came like that in the stadium. Hmm, did someone released 
them in there or they just came like that? We have no clue for right now, and 
you\'ll now see Auron coming to Yuna, offering his services to her in order to 
become her guardian! Auron has now joined you! He\'ll also tell you that Tidus 
will won\'t stop at Luca neither and will continue on the journey.

Now, once you can control Tidus, go to Yuna for quite an hilarious scene in 
which you\'ll see them trying to act like if they were happy when they are 
actually sad.

Mi\'ihen Highroad

First, go to the save sphere and now, you\'ll see that you can play blitzball 
via the save sphere! Play a bit if you wish, if you do, then I recommand you 
to try to get Wakka\'s second limit break, the Attack Reels(see my overdrive 
section for more infos). Now when you are done, head north. On the Mi\'ihen 
Highroad, EACH(and I do mean each) persons you see will give you items when 
you talk to them. Now please, you can get an awesome spear for Kimahri, the 
Hunter Spear, which has the next abilities on it:


You can get it by talking to a guy with a blue coat and long brown hair. Just 
talk to everybody on the road to get some goodies. Now head north, and you\'ll 
see a scholar staring at a statue. Talk to that guy and, with his strong 
accent, he\'ll explain to you who\'s the person in statue. It\'s actually 
Mi\'ihen himself, he founded the Crimson Blades eight hundread years ago, and 
then they became the Crusaders couple of hundread of years later by growing 
up their ranks in Spira. Now, continue to head north until you see some ruins 
on your left. Now, the man who just explained to you who was that statue 
minutes ago will come at you, and will introduce himself to you. He is named 
Maechen, and just like he said, he\'s a scholar at Yuna\'s service. Now, in 
different places of Spira, if you ask him, Maechen will teach you different 
stuff about places. Pretty cool isn\'t. Now, continue on your way and you\'ll 
meet Lucil, captain of the Chocobo Knights in Djose, accompagnied by her two 
assistants. She will warn you that there is a huge monster who eats chocobos 
around, so you gotta be cautious if you never rent a chocobo. When they are 
gone, continue on the road and when you have the opportunity(you\'ll see a 
little area on your right), go in it and go talk to that woman you see. She 
is Belgemine, a summoner, and she will challenge Yuna to an aeon fight. So 
first, make sure Valefor has her overdrive, then choose to duel Belgemine.

She will use Ifrit, so you can only use Valefor. Summon her and have her use 
her overdrive. If you did learned Energy Blast in Besaid like I told you in 
Besaid then it should definitly be enough to take down Ifrit, now otherwise, 
don\'t use your overdrive yet and instead, have your Valefor attack Ifrit with 
Blizzard. Now, when you are told to use the Shield command, do it, and once 
you have your turn unleash your overdrive. Why is it that complicated? 
Because if you never use your overdrive as your first attack in this battle 
and that Ifrit is still alive, then he will use his Meteor Strike without 
letting you block with Shield, and since it deals pretty high damage...

Anyway, if you are victorious, Belgemine will reward you with an Echo Ring
(HP10% and Silence Ward on it), and if you lose then she\'ll just give you a 
Seeker\'s ring. So once she\'s gone, continue on to the next screen. There, go 
to your left past Elma and open the chest to get a Remedy. Go back on the 
road and go talk to that woman with her daughter, and they\'ll talk with you a 
bit. You\'ll now finally learn what the hell is the Calm. As you can 
understand, the calm is the time when Sin is defeated. However, you will also 
learn that Sin always come back... Once you can control Tidus, continue on 
the road. If you wish, kick the ball on the ground for fun but then the 
little kid running around won\'t give you 3 softs. So first go talk to the boy 
in order to recieve 3 softs, then show him your gratitude by kicking his ball 
away. Yes, I\'m an evil and vicious dude. Anyways, continue on the way, don\'t 
forget to talk to EVERYBODY again, and go in the next screen. By the way, you 
might have been able to note that each peoples you talk to mention stuff 
about the Crusaders who are trying out some operations or what ever. Keep 
that in mind. Now, continue on the third screen and you\'ll see a caravan, and 
you\'ll see Gatta and Luzzu as well heading to a little area on the right. Go 
talk to them, and now if you won the blitzball game earlier Luzzu will 
congratulate Wakka. Otherwise, if you lost, he\'ll cheer you up by telling you 
that it was close. Anyways, once you finished talking to them, they\'ll leave 
you. Now continue on the way, you can get 2000 gils in some ruins to your 
right eventually, so don\'t lose this opportunity to make some cash. Once you 
are near the end of the long road, you\'ll see a religious lady trying to stop 
the Crusaders from doing something forbidden. Now, Yuna will cheer her up, 
and once you are done, continue on the next screen grabbing that chest over 
there for 3 Eye drops. In the next screen, the party will arrive at a Inn, 
actually Rin\'s travel agency. Wakka, who doesn\'t like Al Bhed won\'t agree to 
go in it but Auron, who\'s kind of the big boss won\'t let him the choice and 
head in it. Now, you will try to sleep but Tidus won\'t be able to, so go out 
of the agency to see a long conversation between him and Yuna. In that 
conversation, Yuna will tell you more about how the summoners defeat Sin(with 
the Final Aeon), and Tidus will also ask if using machinas is THAT bad. He 
will also mock Mika, allow me to laugh. In last, Yuna will also tell you that 
you can obtain the Final Aeon once you prayed to each temples of Spira, and 
then by going at Zanarkand. The party will then rest for the night. 

Now, the next morning, a dude will give you a level 1 key sphere, and if you 
try to go out the Inn, Tidus will bump in an Al Bhed. That Al Bhed is 
actually Rin himself, owner of the Inn. He will give you an Al Bhed primer 
volume, and will then advice you to not talk Al Bhed in religious places of 
Spira. Now, in the middle of the conversation, you\'ll hear a girl screaming 
for help out there, so Rin will give you 2 Mega Potions. Now, Auron will come 
at Tidus to summon him, so go save and head out for a boss battle.

Boss: Chocobo Eater
HP: 10 000
AP: 90
Difficulty: Rough

Remember what Captain Lucil told you? There is a monster who eats Chocobos 
that is running around. Well you are now in front of that thing. The battle 
can actually be easy, but I\'d say it\'s pretty rough with low stats! Chocobo 
Eater is the highest HP user so far(beside Geosgaeno, but he doesn\'t count 
since you didn\'t have to defeat him at all but just bite him), and his attack 
power is pretty good. His fist of hell(or what ever is the attack) can deal 
more then 1000 damage! Also, his normal physical attacks deal nearly 700 
damage each hit. In last, when the chocobo eater is on his back, it counters 
your attacks with Blizzard for around 300 damage. Now, have Auron use his 
Power Break to cut down the boss\'s strenght a bit, then have Tidus cast Haste 
on as many characters as possible. When Chocobo Eater is on his feet, I 
recommand you to have Auron, Lulu and Kimahri. Auron and Kimahri are good 
with their piercing weapons, and Lulu is good for her magics. Have her use 
Fire, and the others should just attack the boss. Once he falls on his back, 
Auron will advice you to push it now, so that means that if you hit the boss 
more with your physical attacks, you can push him off completely screens over 
in the water to win the battle and get good items. Now however, yes you can 
push off the boss in the water but watch out, he can push you off the cliff 
in your back as well! Whenever you see him doing a clothesline like attack, 
he\'ll push your whole party from one screen. If he never push you off the 
cliff, it won\'t be game over, you just won\'t get the 90 AP bonus, and back at 
the Inn they won\'t let you rent a Chocobo for free(you\'ll have to buy 1000 
gils). So it\'s in your best interest to win. If you wish, you can have Yuna 
with her Aeons but if you wanna test your skills a bit, try to win without 

Once you won, you won\'t be charged if you wanna ride a chocobo. So choose to 
ride one, then head to your north for a long road. Ride your chocobo to the 
next screens until you arrive at a gate, but then don\'t go there yet and 
instead, go to the bottom left path in your map to go in the Mi\'ihen Oldroad. 
Time to do some more treasure hunting! On your way, always look on your map 
and you\'ll see some little areas that you can\'t access. Well you actually 
can, at each little hidden area you see on your map, there is a chocobo 
feather(a little yellow feather) on the ground somwhere. Press the action 
button on it so your chocobo(with Tidus on it back) will jump on those hidden 
areas to get some chests like a Thunder Blade and a Scout. You can also get a 
Fortune Sphere(extremelly rare item) from another chest that you can access 
using a chocobo feather. Then continue down the road to arrive at a huge 
place when you can see several chocobos messing around. You can also see 
Captain Lucil there. Anyways, continue to head south and you\'ll meet O\'aka, 
buy some items from him if you need, then save at the save sphere. Now 
continue to a dead end to the south and open the chest to get a Mars Crest, 
gonna be usefull later in the game(much later). Once you are done, go all the 
way back to that gate, and dismount your chocobo. Now, you\'ll see Dona with 
Barthello arguing with a Crusader guarding the path. He\'ll tell you that ONLY 
Crusaders can pass through the gate until their mission is over. So talk to 
Dona some more and when she\'s gone, go to the caravan and you\'ll see Luzzu 
and Gatta once more. Now, talk to the guard if you wish, and he won\'t let you 
pass neither. You can also do a donation to the other guard, and he\'ll give 
you tokens of his gratitude. If you lend him 100 gils, you get a scout, 1000 
gils and you get an Ice Lance and if you give him 10 000 gils, you get a Moon 
Ring. Now, try to backtrack and you\'ll meet Seymour with two guados. The 
Maester will ask you if he can be of any help, and when Yuna will demand him 
if he could do anything about the gate, he\'ll go talk to the guard and will 
allow you to enter the gate. My friends, the Mushroom Rock Road awaits you on 
the other side.

Mushroom Rockroad

You\'ll first see a sequence of Maester Seymour, giving a speech to the 
Crusaders and the Al Bheds. Now, Wakka will of course be angry at Seymour, 
since he is supporting them, and as you know, they are going to use forbidden 
machinas(I\'ll tell you what is the Operation soon). So Wakka will go ask 
Seymour why in the hell he\'s not stoping the operation, and the Maester will 
answer that the will of having Sin killed is strong enough to betray the 
Yevon\'s teachings. Once he\'s gone, go north and talk to the three Crusaders 
on your left to get some items. Now, remember that you are supposed to be 
heading to the north path to Djose Temple in order to get an Aeon there for 
the pilgrimage however, you\'ll see Clasko(the chocobo knight who\'s usually 
with Captain Lucil and Elma) who will tell you that you cannot pass since 
Seymour wants Yuna\'s presence at the command center, which is at the end of 
the Mushroom Rock Road. So head left instead, you\'ll meet O\'aka there, who 
has managed to sneak into the road and fooled the guards. Buy some goodies if 
you wish, then continue on the next screen. Talk to the Crusader there(as 
well as every other Crusader you meet on the way), and save your game. Now, 
go to that \'elevator\' and press X to be lifted. Now continue on your way 
until you see a guard and a chest toward a cliff. Go talk to the guard to get 
some potions, then open the chest to get 1000 gils. Now still continue on the 
way and get every chests you find. You can meet Shelinda on the way as well. 
Now once you reached the end of the road(and took all the treasures possible, 
definitly good since you can get some cool items like Remedy and so on). So 
take that elevator at the end to be lifted. Now, you\'ll see a Crusader 
standing there. Talk to him to get an X Potion. Now go to your west and on 
the map you\'ll see a small way that curves in a spiral. Run to the end of it 
to get an Al Bhed Primer! Now, go back and continue north. On your map, 
you\'ll see a red dot to your west, go there to take one more elevator, and 
take it to get to a lower level. There is a chest there. Now head back up, 
and continue north until you arrive at the end of the place, take the 
elevator to be lifted up. Now continue on your way(following the map) and 
you\'ll see a real elevator(machine), and a guard next to it. Talk to him to 
get a Mega Potion. Now, save your progress and heal your wounds, and then you 
can see Gatta upset about something. Follow him to the bottom of the screen 
to see a scene between him and Luzzu.

Gatta is actually upset cause they ordered him to defend the command center 
in the operation. As you know, he came all the way from Besaid to fight Sin. 
Luzzu won\'t still try to help him, so Gatta will run away even more upset. So 
now go talk to Luzzu, and since HE was told to go on the front line in the 
operation in order to battle Sin, meaning that yes, it WILL be dangerous. So 
since this might be the last chance for him to talk to Wakka, he\'ll tell him 
that he was the one who convinced Chappu to join the Crusaders. Wakka will of 
course smack him one, but then after you\'ll see a conversation in which 
you\'ll learn that Chappu and Lulu were actually in love and that Chappu 
decided to quit Blitzball and become a Crusader in order to protect her love, 
Lulu, from Sin. Anyways, once Luzzu left, save your game, and it\'s now time 
to train! Around the save sphere here, you can find some pretty good 
monsters, especially the Garudas. If you can overkill them, you can get 250 
AP, so grow up on your grid. Also, have Lulu learn the grade 2 levels of her 
black magics; Fira, Thundara, Blizzara and Watera. You\'ll need those for the 
upcoming battle. So once you increased your party\'s stats enough, save, heal, 
and go in that platform to be lifted up to the command center. There, you\'ll 
see some of those forbidden machinas(canons), and Wakka will curse them. 
You\'ll then learn from Lulu that Chappu actually got killed by Sin when he 
was using one of those. Now continue on the next screen, and Yuna will tell 
Wakka that she isn\'t totally against this operation neither. Now once again, 
continue on your next screen totally and head north. There is a chocobo 
knight in front of the command center, and you can ask him some questions as 
well. To your left, you can see a save sphere and O\'aka once again, so save 
and buy some goodies. Now, head into the command center and you\'ll see Gatta. 
Still upset, he\'s wondering if he should go in the front lines.

Now boys and girls, it\'s time for you to choose the destiny of Luzzu or 
Gatta. If you tell Gatta to go on the front line(top option) twice, he\'ll go, 
and fight Sin on the most dangerous post. If you do that, something will 
happen. Now if you don\'t tell him to go, then something else will happen. 
Here a little spoiler, if you want Gatta to live then don\'t tell him to go, 
but in that case, it\'ll be good bye to Luzzu... Now however, if you do tell 
Gatta to battle Sin, then Luzzu will live but Gatta will...die. A tough 
choice I know, each times I go through this game I don\'t know which one to 

Anyways, go in the command center to meet Maester Wen Kinoc, one of the four 
Maester of Yevon AND commander of the Crusaders. He\'ll talk with his long 
time friend Auron and told him that this operation won\'t work. Now, when 
Gatta will come to tell Kinoc that everything and everybody are ready to 
begin the operation, Kinoc will proceed. Now, let me finally explain to you 
what is the famous dangerous operation Mi\'ihen.

The Crusaders and the Al Bheds have joined force, and they collected 
sinspawns from all over Spira to gather those here in Mushroom Rock. As you 
know, Sin always return to it sinspawns, so they will lure Sin. Now, once the 
evil frog is here, the Crusaders and the Chocobo Knights will attack Sin and 
it army of sinspawns, and will try to imobilize Sin. In the meanwhile, the Al 
Bheds will shoot Sin with their forbidden canons, and will give the finishing 
blow with an huge extremelly powerfull machina weapon. 

So before you talk to that Crusader near Kinoc, get the two treasures in the 
command center and then talk to the soldier and tell him you are ready. 
You\'ll now watch a sequence in which you see a huge sinspawn breaking out of 
a steel cage. Now, since that sinspawn is extremelly agressive, you\'ll have 
to calm it down by beating the crap out of it. Guess who\'s gonna have to do 

Boss: Sinspawn Gui(with an head and