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Follow the dark path or use the light
Final Fantasy Hub


by joe draisey

                   Final Fantasy 10

   final fansaty 10 walkthrough (english and US) version
   for playstation 2 (only up to Luca)
   e-mail address/contact :[email protected] 
   walkthrough by joe draisey.

with this guide you must do NOTHING that gains profit and
must be used for personal use only.
you MAY print off part or all of this walkthrough aslong as
it is for personal use only.
this walkthrough is only to be avalible of
YOU MAY copy the layout of the walkthrogh if you wish to.
when e-mailing me do NOT send the same message more then 1 time.
feel free to e-mail me for more help on any part of the game.

this guide has taken me  ALONG  TIME  TO  FINISH!!
so in other words DON\'T delete or edit enything.
this is the best game ever for ps2 and beats ANY Xbox or
gamecube game by a hundred miles !!! \'_\'

KILIKA TEMPLE (cloister of trials)


The map is the thing in the right-hand corner of the screen
here is what all or the symbols on it mean:

red triangle = where to go
yellow triangle = you
green dots = where you can go
white dots = save spheres    


for people who have played other games final fansaty series
the controls are the same as always but for people who haven\'t
here they are:

x= examine objets
triangle= menu
o= cancle or to walk
square= try to get a blitzball player to sign contract
left analog stick and d-pad to move and controle your characters

strength- the higher the strength the more the character will
do with normal attacks during battle.

defence- the higher the defence the less the character will
take from enemy attacks (not magic)

magic- the higher the magic rateing the more magic will do
(black magic or white magic) 

magic defence- same as defence but the higher it is the less
the character will take from magic.

agility - the higher the agility the faster the character will
be able to have his or her move during battle.

luck- determines how likely the character is to do an ovrkill.

accuracy- the higher this is the more likely your charater is
to attack the enemy succesfully and not miss.


You start with the a small intro movie where you see all of
the characters together.Next you will be controlling the 
character.Move down and either speak to the children or the
two ladys.(i chose the two ladys).You will now be able to name
the character you have been controlling.Lets call him his defult
name Tidus.Afterwards you will see one of the coolest movies in 
the game.Where our hero Tidus plays the best sport blitzball.
During the movie you will see sin (the masive water thing) attaking
zanarkand.You will also see Auron the guy who is in a red cloak
and not caering about sin.Don\'t worry he is on your side.
Also note that Tidus is atualy narating the story himself.
Next you will see everyone running from sin.Tidus and Auron will
meet up.The thing in the right top-hand corner is the map white 
dots are save spheres,the red triangle is you and the green
dot shows you where to go.After speaking to Auron keep following
the green dot on the map till you see loads of blue monsters.
Auron will give Tidus a sword then prepere to battle some sin
spawn (the small blue monsters) keep attacking (only hitting the 
ones in front of you) till you finally fight the boss.



This, luckly is a very easy boss and can be killed by just using
normal attacks and overdrives when needed.If you do get low on 
hp then just use a potion by going to items selecting potion 
and then chosing which character to use it on.

Next save using the save sphere then keep on going till you
go in a battle with a machine on the right keep attacking it.
When the battle is over you will see another movie where Tidus
and Auron get sucked into sin.

ruins (outside)
First of all press o to dive and anolog/d-pad to move. 
keep folowing the the red triangle on the map in the right
hand corner till you get to land.
Save and keep going north till you fall into the water and
go in a battle against 3 green monsters.After you kill 2
of them a boss called goseango comes in and eats the last
monster but now you have to fight him.You do not know this
yet but he has 30,000 hp.But you only have to hit him two 
times then Tidus runs away into he hole but cannot get out.

ruins (inside)
When you get in go straight towards the pile of wood and
examine using x.Then head over to the save point.Go through
the door next to it and examine the draws for the flint.
Then go back to where the wood is and go north through the
door go left to get an ether.Go up the stairs till you see
some flowers on the wall examine them to get them.Go back to
the save point and save.Then go to the fire.Tidus will light
the fire then fall asleep and have a dream.Next when Tidus 
wakes up the fire will be very low but a boss comes and you
have to fight him.


This is an easy boss keep attaking for a while and use potions
when needed.After a few attaks an lady will come in (she is on
your side)just keep using grenades with her and if you run out
use her steal to steal some more grenades of the boss.

Afterwards unless you know about the al bhed and can speak
there language (like i can!!) then you will not have a clue
what they are saying.So very luckily i have translated what
they say.Here it is:

al bhed person - a fiend ! in human disguise !
al bhed person - loes ! it is so !we kill it ?
      lady     - wait ! what if it is human ?
al bhed person - they are the same in death .
      lady     - i ferbid it ! 
      lady     - we bring it with us. 

      lady     - sorry 

After that the lady knocks Tidus out.

When you wake up the al bhed have another talk in there 
language.This is what they say:

sit v captive !
no moving , hear ?
do you not speak ?
insolence !
io you , re near death ,
really near death , 

Then you will find yourself on a ship in the
middle of an ocean.Go straight to the save sphere and save 
your game.Then talk to everyone for some items.Afterwards
speak to the lady and she will teach you about the sphere
grid.Then the al bhed will have another talk this is 
what they say:
use this !move it ! get to work ,
immediately ! you afrid of the sea ? weakling !

Afterwards go back and save your game again then speak
to the lady to go into the water.

Keep going towards the red triangle.When you are on it 
hold O to keep going down when you are right down under-water
cary on following the red triangle forward and forward and
forward.When you get in keep on going and fighting the
phranas when they pop-up till you get to the save sphere.
Save your game.Carry on going till you get to the machine.
Examine it using x.When the lady has got the thing in the
machine go out.But there is just one thing before your out.



This is again another quite easy battle if you know what to 
do.First of all use Tidus to attack and the lady to help
out with her grenades.After a few hits he will move so you
can not attack him.Just put Tidus on stand-by and let the
lady throw grenades at him.Then he will lunge himself at 
you taking out round about 100+ HP just cary on attacking
him till he moves round again.This time you have an option
called pincer attack.Tidus and the lady will both get by 
the sides of Tros and he won\'t be able to move again.Now
is your chance to plummle him to the ground.Keep attacking
him with Tidus and using grenades with the lady.(steal some
of Tros if you run out).

Next follow the lady out and head back to the ship.

When you get back you will have a talk with the woman.You 
now find out she is a girl named rikku.They will have a 
talk about Zanarkand and Rikku will tell Tidus that it 
was destroyed 1000 years ago.Afterwards Sin will attack the
ship and Tidus will get sucked in like he did in Zanarkand.

First you wake up on an island called Besaid.A guy kicks
a blitzball to you then you see a cool short movie where 
Tidus kicks the blitzball flying past the guys sholder.
Next Tidus and the guy have a talk about blitzball.You 
find out the guy is called Wakka.(The guys Wakka is with 
are his blitzball team botta,keepa,datto,letty and the
leader of the team,Wakka).(There team is called Besaid
Auroches).After the talk with Wakka talk to all of the
players on his blitz team 2 times,most of them will give
you items.Speak to Wakka then save.Keep folowing wakka
till you get to the cliff.Go to the edge.Wakka will push
you off into the water he will then jump in himself.
After another talk with him keep folowing the red triangle
on the map.After a while Wakka will come and ask Tidus 
to help them win the blitzball tornament because they 
have never won a blitzball match since Wakka joined.
Tidus will agree.When you get back on land you will
be on the iner part of Besaid.Keep going down the hill
when you get to the bottom Wakka will show you the 
prayer.Then next you need to go into the crusaders lodge
where Wakka showed you.When you go in speak to the two
guys sitting at the table.(Luzzu and Gazza).After you 
have spoke to them save.Cheak all the houses till you
find where Wakka is speak to him.He wil tell you to
go to the temple and ask the priest to help you recover
your memory go to the temple.When inside speak to the guy
afterwards you will learn that a person trying to become
a summoner has been in there for more than a day.Tidus 
disobays the rules and runs into the cloister of trials
where you are not allowed to go unlease you are a summoner
a guardian (someone who protecs the summoner) or training
to be a summoner.When you get in you have to solve a set
of puzzels called the cloister of trials.This is by far
the easyest temple on the game.

First of all touch the glyph on the front wall.Then 
touch the glyph on the right wall.A door will open.
Pick up the glyph spere (the green sphere) and put 
it in the big red door.Go down the stairs and touch
the white symbols on the right-hand side.Get the 
besaid sphere and put it in the pedstal (rock 
holder thing).Keep pushing the pedstal forward.It
should open up another door.Go inside.You will see
the summoner coming out and the other guardians will
be angry that you came in and disobayed the rules.

When you get outside the new summoner (Yuna) will
summon her aeon that she just got called Valefor.
Everyone will be amazed.Afterwards talk to Yuna
then to Wakka and chose to go to bed.Tidus will
have a bad dream about his farther Jecht.Next
Tidus will see Wakka and one of Yuna\'s guardians
called Lulu talking about him.When Tidus gets up
immidiately save.Then go outside Wakka will give 
you your next sword called Brotherhood.Just keep
going as the game goes for a while then Tidus decides 
to help Yuna on her pilgramige with Wakka,Lulu and a 
ronso named Kimari.Just keep going on for a while
till you get to a place called ancient road.

First of all save.Then keep on going along the path till
Kimahri comes jumping down and you have to fight him.


This battle is easy just use normal attacks and overdrive
when possible use potions when nessersary.

Afterwards keep going along the road again killing any
fiends -(proper name for monsters) as they come.Till
you get to the end of the path.You will now be back in 
Besaid beach where you started and first saw Wakka.

Save then get on the boat.

When you first get on Tidus will nick a guys bonocliers
and you will be able to see the the next place through them.
(Kilika).Talk to Wakka.Then talk to everyone round Yuna.
Speak to Wakka again.After you have talked to him go round 
the back of the boat and go downstairs.Speak to the guy 
in geen called Oaka the 23rd.If you can lend him as much 
gil as you can.If possible 1000+.The more you give him the
less his weapons and items will cost later in the game.
Next save.Go into the left room and keep kicking the suitcase
for round 15 potions.Then go into the room behind Oaka called
The power room.Inside you will be taught about chocobos.
(they are pronounced cho-co-boes not choco-bos or choco-boes).
Then save and go back up and speak to Yuna.
After a talk with Yuna you\'ll see sin heading straight
towards Kilika!After a couple of cool movies you\'ll have
to fight one of sins fins.



This is not too hard.Just defeat 2 NOT 3 of the sinspawn to  
else more will just keep coming.Then just keep hiting sins
fin with Wakka and black magic-(fire) till the battle ends.
Try not to let Tidus\'s and Wakka\'s health to get to low because
you\'ll need them in the next battle.

Tidus is no where to be found.So Wakka jumps into the water
to find him after Wakka finds Tidus another boss battle



This is quite a long battle with a lot of potions needed
but luckily you just got loads of them of the boat.(20+)
First of all you main attacks shold be on the boss forget 
about the sinspawn.Make sure to use plenty of dark attacks
on the boss to avoid him draining your health.Remember to
us as many potions as you need or you will lose very quickly.

After the battle you will be back on the ship and a very 
bad movie apears.Where sin destroys Kilika and on a small
amount is left of it!

Save in the little hut then go forward then left and go
towards all of the people.You will learn about the sending.
The sending is a thing that a summoner has to do to the
people fayths (souls) and she or he sends them to the
Farplane in guadosalam,or else they turn into fiends.
After Yuna preforms the sending you will wake up in
Kilika-inn.When You get up save then go out.Keep following
Datto to the right and speak to Wakka.Keep going left again
as far as you can go then go up into Kilika woods.

Save then keep going forward.The party will have another 
talk about Tidus becoming a guardian but Tidus still
does not become a guardian.Then it is a good idea to save
again because a boss is near....
Go forward and and you will talk to the crusaders about
the boss he is called Lord Ochu you\'ll now have to fight him.



This battle is simple aslong your characters and you know
the basics.Try to have Valefor with overdrive bar full since
it can tack out more than 1100 hp if he has trained enough
and afterwards he can use sonic wings a lot of times without
being touched by the boss.If the boss falls asleep to recover
his hp.Just attack him and he will wake up and use earthquake.
But since as valefor is flying it will always miss!If valefor
dies just keep attaking and use fire when ever possible.

Afterwards speak to gazza for an elixer then go back and 
save.Next keep folowing the path till you get to a lady
speak to her then keep going right then keep going up till 
you get to some stairs go up them.You will have  race but 
it is impossibe to win so make sure you save using the save
sphere on the stairs.Go up and another boss battle awaits you..





First of all kill the tentacles,use fire on them both then 
finish them of with normal attacks.Now for the main thing.
Summon Valefor and try to make sure he has his overdrive.
After you have used his overdrive (if you can) keep using
sonic wings to give you more goes.It is possible to finish
him off with Valefor but if not keep using normal attacks
and fire till you win.

Carry on up the stairs.

Afterwards you will see 3 members of a blitzball team called
Luca goers.They will try and be nasty to you.Then go into 
the temple and save.Speak to wakka.A summoner named Dona will
come and Yuna will have a talk with her.Save.Now go into the
cloister of trials.The party will not allow you to go in
because you are not a guardian.Try to go out,Dona will come
and make you go in the cloister of trials.Here we go.....

KILIKA TEMPLE (cloister of trials)
First take the sphere and put it into the door then take it
out again.Head into the next area.Put red sphere in next door 
then take it out again.Then put it in the wall on the side.
Touch the wall.Go into next room.Step on the shiny floor to
call the pedstal to you.Put the red sphere in the next room
back in the first or second room.Put the green sphere where
the red one was.Get the pink sphere called a destruction 
sphere and put it on the pedstal.Put any red on the big door
in front then take it out.Head up the stairs.Speak to Wakka
and Lulu.Then Yuna will come out.
Afterwards Tidus will scream!Then you will be back in Kilika 
Just keep going back the way you came and save at the save
sphere when you get back to the begining of the woods.Go
back out.
Go to where you first came in on the boat.Speak to your
party and choose to embark.

When Tidus gets up get the tresure box for a hi-potion.Then
go out from in there and save.Keep on going up to the top
deck and here Wakka and Lulu talking about you.
If you wish to get one of the best blitzball shots there 
is.Then go back down and save.The go back up and go to
the front of the boat and examine the blitzball on the 

Tidus will think about how much he hates his farther Jecht.
Then you will have a challenge,to do about trying to preform
one of the best shots ever made up by Jecht called the Jecht
shot.What you have to do is is if the writting appears in the
top-right hand corner you press diagnol+X and if in the middle
you just press X and so on.Try to make sure you do this since
as you can win 150+ blitzball maches later on in the game just
by using the Jecht shot you will learn if you do this right.
If you do not get this right then tidus will jump up in the 
air,miss the ball and fall on his bum.BUT IF YOU DO THIS RIGHT
then he will spin rouned and sucessinvly kick the ball.

Afterwards Yuna will talk to you about the shot.If you did it
right then wakka and his blitzball team will be TRYING to do
a very bad impresion of the Jecht shot in the background.But if 
you did it wrong they won\'t be there and you will not have got 
the Jecht shot.

Next you will be shown a short movie of luca.

When you get here you\'ll be greeted by a very annoing announcer
who will introduce some of the blitzball teams but be very nasty
about the besaid aurochs who have nerver one a match and very,
very nice about there home team luca goers.Then save at the save
sphere and follow the red triangle on the map till you meet
Maester Mika and Maester Seymour.Next you\'ll be asked to save 
your game again.Then you\'ll be in the besaid aurochs locker
room and you\'ll be told that insted of playing the luca goers
first (like they have done for about the last 6 years) you\'ll
be playing the al bhed psychs first in the blitzball tornement.
You will then be show some different totorials about blitzball.
If this is your first time playing then you should DEFINATELY
go through most of these totorials and definatly look at marking
and techcopy.After Yuna will come in and say someone has seen
\"sir\" Auron.(Yuna always calls Auron Sir Auron).Tidus (you) will
go with Yuna to try and find Auron.Save on your way out.This
is very simple since as there are no battles andyou can just follow
the red triangle on the map till you get into the cafe.(When you are
near,Tidus willshow Yuna how to wistle and Yuna won\'t no what it is)
Auronwill not be in there Kimahri will have a fight/argument with
Biran and Uenki.(two other ronsos).Afterwards Yuna will be gone!
You will go out and Lulu will come and tell you that the al bhed
took her and in order for her safe return they want the Besaid
Aurocs to lose the blitzball game they are playing right now!
She says that they are in dock 4.Go back to the last place you 
saved and save then again.Keep heading left.Destroy the al bhed
machina by using thunder with Lulu,normal attacks with Tidus and
lancet with Kimahri.After you have defeated all of them you should
eventualy you will see that one of the al bhed has put Wakka on
sleep!(blitzball)!Just carry on and follow the red arrow on the 
map till you see Tidus,Lulu and Kimahri jump onto the al bhed
ship just as it is leaving.But before you can get Yuna and get 
back off the ship you\'ll have to fight one of those anoying things
called a boss.



Make sure you have Tidus and keep using \"triger comand use 
crane\"with him.After using \"use crane\"a few times Tidus will
say \'Lu u use that thunder spell on it,it might make it work\'.
Just keep using thunder on it and keep using use crane till the
crane finally works and takes of more 5500+ hp  on the boss.
Just keep hacking at him till you win.

Then Yuna will be safe and after a talk with your party Wakka 
will score a goal just in the last few seconds of the match and 
the Besaid Aurochs will win the blitzball match.

After go back to the main gate and save.Then go into the Besaid 
Aurochs locker room and go to the left off Wakka and speak to
him.You will now see a big totorial all about blitzball.If this is
your first time playing ff10 then you will want to go over all of the
totorials and definately cheack the ones about tackling,passing.
shooting,breakthrough and DEFINATELY go over the one about
\'\'Techcopy\'\'.Then let the game begin.

Blitzball Luca first match
Now the main thing that makes you win is if you know a LOT about
blitzball and if you have the Jecht Shot for Tidus.But the main key
is to have someone with hi pass with the ball right next to your goal.
Just stay there till there are a lot of Luca players near you.Then 
quickly pass up to your next player and then the next till you have 
a player right next to the opponens goal.(Try to make it Tidus).Then
shoot.If you have Tidus right next to the goal and you have more than
120 hp with him then use the Jecht shot,if you are right next to the 
goal with him then there is a 90% chance that it will go in!

Afterwards (it does not really matter weather you won or lost) you will
see Wakka and then loads of fiends will attack!