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Final Fantasy X

Game Reviews for Final Fantasy X


Full Reviews

RJ75525th Sep 2005, ID #188
This is my thorough review on Final Fantasy X which has been one of Square Soft's most succesful games to date. I know it's a bit late to review it now it's in it's third year of retail but I just w..

Rating: 96%Read Full Review

BubbaT11th Mar 2006, ID #281
Hey personally this is the best game I have ever played you would love it

Rating: 100%Read Full Review

adam j22nd Aug 2006, ID #398
Yo this is adam reviewing the highly popular game ffx if youre fans of the previous games than this one should not disppoint! Now I wasnt a big fan of the genre rpg but after playing this I'm a chan..

Rating: 82%Read Full Review

kapital29th Oct 2006, ID #444
This game is a MUST HAVE for the Final Fantasy fan. Square Enix outdid thereselves when they made Final Fantasy X. And having a sequel to this AWESOME game really make people think about buying it. ..

Rating: 90%Read Full Review

ressurection66616th May 2007, ID #615
Hello This is my review on Final Fantasy X. This is my first review so please take this into consideration whilst reading. I have completed Final Fantasy X now about 15 times and I thought I would g..

Rating: 86%Read Full Review

Yuna169th Nov 2007, ID #728
Do you love the Final Fantasy series? I do. This game in my opinion is one of the best Final Fantasy games. This game is full of action,drama,hate,happiness and a wonderful love story too. If you ar..

Rating: 88%Read Full Review

dragonx25410th Oct 2008, ID #963
Final Fantasy X is the first Final Fantasy game for the Playstation 2. The story starts out in a city called Zanarkand. The main character is Tidus. He is a star blitzball player. Blitzball is a sp..

Rating: 86%Read Full Review

MisterLink189019th Apr 2010, ID #1237
All I have to say about this game is simply "Wow". It has the most in depth story of the whole final fantasy series and I still play it today every now and then, almost ten years after the..

Rating: 94%Read Full Review


Quick Reviews

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!Added 9 Apr 2004, ID #8013
I must say I love final fantasy it is the best game in earth and X is my favourite

Good points: Aeons stay is battle, side quests (hidden aeons, battle arena etc.), lots of characters, deep storyline

Bad points: none

The worst final fantasy everAdded 24 Feb 2004, ID #7106
Final fantasy X just dosent have what it takes to beat the likes of pokemon, alundra, and other final fantasy's its just not good enough.

Graphics 10/10
the detail is excellent in this game. it shows that the ps2 can beat the gamecube and is an improvement to the playstation

gameplay 3/10
this game just dosent keep you up all night like the other final fantasy's and the gran turismo series plus the new battle system is not as good as in final fantasy IX, VII VIII, the sphere system is confusing aswell

controls 6/10
the controls are good but not excellent

graphical improvement

not long enough
not good enough story
too easy
the begining fights are too easy
and everything else in this review

overall 1/10
this game shouldn't be called final fantasy X it should be called something else because this game dosent live up to the name FINAL FANTASY
Don't go near this game.....

DudeAdded 3 Jan 2004, ID #5909
When I first saw this game I figured it was going to be about stupid, but when I tried it out my mind was really changed.

The story to the game is long, but is really good.

The most I really liked about this game was playing blitzball.

The greatest almostAdded 20 Dec 2003, ID #5513
This game is awesome and surely deserves a Louisiana pothole worth of credit.

It still ain't as good as VII because it doesn't have me in it.

Get itAdded 6 Dec 2003, ID #5204
This is the best finalfantasy game exept for finalfantasyx-2.

The graphics r good plot is pretty good battle system, the same as all the others but the extra stuff like celestrial wepons and area conquest and original and dark aoens make the game a lot different from the others.

In my game i've beaten everything u can beat including 250 blitzball games I've played 200 hours.

Over all id give this game a 9.8 because it had some flaws but its a really great game and u should by it peace....

Final Fantasy XAdded 5 Nov 2003, ID #4698
I bought this game about 2 weeks ago and I have been playing it for about 70 hours already.

Extremely addictive in every way. I'd say the graphics use most of the PS2's power but not all of it, to give you a smooth yet attractive, long-lasting, emotional yet fun experience throughout.

In the game there is so much to do, the storyline is just half of it, which is quite massive by itself to be honest.

If you're a Final Fantasy fan then you should know that they all have little mini-games included in them and FFX has the mini-game BlitzBall! Which is a cross between water polo and rugby. You can also sign on new players to make your own dream team.

If I had to rate this game out of 100% I would proudly give it 99, because 100% would just be predictable.

The story of the game can be sometimes hard to follow (more reason to play it over and over!).

OVERALL: I think this is the game the PS2 was made for. You see what I'm trying to say? Yes, buy it if you haven't already, and good luck to those still playing it =)


A true piece of art. IAdded 16 Sep 2003, ID #4205
I'm speechlesss....
In a good way.
Final Fantasy 10 is a true Masterpiece.
The story actually feels like i'ts really happening. You can actually feel the emotion coming from Tidus when he learns a shocking truth or has a Blitzball kicked at his head.

Now usually when i buy a nice preppy little game like Ratchet and Clank or something like that, i finish it in 2-3 days flat.

But as soon as i walked into the shop i wanted a long lengthy game. The owner dude pointed out Final Fantasy X. Before i owned this game i only knew very little about Final Fantasy. So this was obviously my first FF.I knew very little about Final Fantasdy and i knew that it was a movie and a title to about 12 Games.The games dude got to test these games. he told me it was an international masterpiece. " Really enjoyable".It only cost 15. (Second Hand.)

I have been playing FFX for 1 and a half months and now, at 8:35PM on the 16th of September 2003, i'm still stuck on Braska's Final Aeon (Damn You Jecht!)

The story was the best ever edited and acted story ever. And take it from me. When i say that, You want this game.
The emotional cutscenes really hooked me on the game. I haven't saeen the ending yet. So I'll be ready with a box of tissues after i defeat Yu Yevon.

The music. Seriously,is the bomb."To Zanarkand" wasreally emotional.
And the song "Braska's Final aeon" composed by
Nobue Uematsu. In other words, the song when you fight BFA.

If i had to put a price on this game it would have to be about 1 Million billion squillion Gillion pounds to be very exact. I was suprised i got this for 15 even at a second hand shop.

The acting. Well No game can have perfect acting, but this comes close. Yuna and Tidus could be improved but they are still to my liking.

The battle system is nothing like i've ever seen before. You have a series of weapons with different abilities. The real treat is the Celestial Weapons.
oooooohh, yes. They are the ultimate weapons to collect.
You get to fight many different species of fiend, which is fun. Plus you benefit.

Overall, this game is the most Best game i've ever played. Even better than Vice City. Vice City fans should agree.
It is graphicly,emotionly,most fabulous pieces of gaming history ever to be put on a Games console.

10/10 Square!
Thankyou for producing the best international game ever.


ID #921

I just finished FFX and it is amazing. I couldn't beleive the graphics. The voices were awesome. My only grudge with the graphics is the movement of the mouths to accomodate the voices. Other than that it is an awesome game. I suggest you get it.

ID #920

Final Fantasy X

Whoa nelly!! How the heck do they fit this all into one disk? This game rocks! I have so much to say, so I'll put them into sections.

Graphics: The graphics rock! The graphics during the blitzball game in Zanarkand are the best! I love seeing Tidus backflip out of the water and see Sin bombard the Sphere pool. I think the graphics in regular gameplay are OK.

Graphics always get way better when something major is happening, or you are meeting a new character. So when the graphics suddenly get great( I'd say good, but the graphics are always good) expect an important event.

Graphics rating: ********

8 out of 10

Sphere Grid: To be truly honest, I couldn't give a hoot if there were still level ups and experience points, or if there were Spheres. I don't care too much for it.

Sphere Level up rating: ****

4 out of 10

Storyline: The storyline is okay. I have a few things on top of my head that I would change if I could.

1. Auron isn't an unsent (Dead person, for those not up on vocabulary)

2. The final aeon doesn't kill the summoner

Warning: If you hav not seen the ending and don't want to spoil it for yourself, don't read on!

3. Tidus doesn't "disappear at the end.

That's about it.

Storyline rating: ******

6 out of ten

overall rating: **********

10 out of 10

FFX rocks man!


ID #919

This game is all right but a little corky. The graphics are awesome and the new battle system is too. Although the final boss is REALLY EASY the ending movie rocks!

Final Fantasy X gets a

9 out of 10

ID #918

This is the best RPG I have ever seen. It has excellent graphics, especially on FMV's, it's got great lifespan and the gameplay is superb. It can last way over 30 hours if you're playing properly and it is dead hard to put down.


Gameplay: 9


Overall :10

ID #917

This game rocked, i played it for 86ish hours before i decided to even bother with the last boss, and quite frankly i wish i hadn't, it was a 20 minute battle that even a monkey could off done, throughout the game you were required to use startegy not to get killed, but in this battle you couldn't lose. For one you are given auto life and it is recasted on you if you die and fighting your own aeons took so long and yet i was one hit killing them, all in all a great game but the ending was lacking, even omega was easily beaten and i used bahamut for the whole battle, i will admit he may of had curaga and his attack did 36000 dmg per hit but another easy boss, i didnt feel like id really achieved the title of finishing the game, unlike FF9, fighting ozma was the hardest battle ever and i only scrapped through by sheer luck but it all seemed worth it to get chocobo paradise and meeting the great bird himself.

I rate the game 10/10 but the end a pitiful 1/10 because any animal with the strength to tap the x button continuosly could of done it.

Sorry about the lack of fullstops.

ID #916

This game was the entire reason i bought the PS2, and it didn't let me down. The story started off right in the action, not wandering around a peaceful town doing nothing for the first hour.

The plot line was excellent, and you had to beat the game and restart to fully understand all of it. Another plus was the fact that the main boss appeared in the beginning, and didn't just appear at the end, leaving people guessing where it came from. This game reminded me a lot of FF8, in the sense that the people were actually like people, not midgets like in previous games.

However, this game was extremely esay. The fact that every save point gave full health, and you could switch party members or change equipment in battle was a little to easy. But this also brought down the frustration level of finding health. You could train and level up a lot faster around a save pint, without using up all your items. The only other bad thing was the dubbing.

The voices had a hard time matching the mouths, and can be compared to metal gear solid 2, where the voices matched perfectly. All in all, i'd give this game a 10 out of 10, for an excellent story, and great gameplay and graphics.

ID #915

Final fantasy 10 is the best of the series. It is an outstanding RPG game, maybe the best in history. It is about Tidus(a blitz ball player)loses his hate-ful father.

Then Sin attacks Zanerkanad(where he lives)during a blitz ball game. Tidus joins Auron to deafet Sin.

He meets many friends on the way,Rikku,Auron,Kimari,Yuna,Wakka(another blitz ball player),Lulu and more. You get to play blitz ball too. It's awesome! You at least have to play for 50 hours to beat it.

There's a great story line too. You get to summon aeons(monsters) to defeat bosses or enemies. All you final fantasy fans, you won't be disapointed! I rate this game the folling:

Story line 1010

fighting 1010

graphics 1110

music 910

playabilty 1110

lifespan 1110

Overall 1010

ID #914

This game nearly got 10/10 in everything I had a coice vice city or FFX i'm glad i did go for FFX its way better than vice city but FF 7,8,9 and but them together FFX will still be better

ID #913

This is by far my favorate game. The grapics, music, sounds, gameplay, and storyline all are mind blowing. The only thing i didnt like about this game was the main character: Tidus. He was very cocky and self centered and just annoying. But that didnt stop me from loving the game.

Graphics-9.5 i would have given it a 10 but during the regular gameplay they didnt "Blow me away"

Music-9.9 the music really fit the game and had excellent music for each part of the game. Also i liked how each character had there own music.

Sounds-9.0 Pretty realistic the monsters growled but you couldnt really hear much when you were just walking around.

Gameplay/Storyline-9.9 i liked it the only part that took off .1 point was the blitzball. It just wasnt that fun and it was hard to do.

Overall this was a great game i reccomend buying it.(Ive beatin it 3 times working on 4)

ID #912


This game is great (as you'll know) The graphics 10,

The gameplay 9,

The battle scene 10,

The "on the edge of your seet thrill 7,

The story 9,

The time and play 26 hrs 32 hrs tops.

I personally love any and every game (so far) from Squaresoft. If you have played 7, 8, 9, you'll most likely like this one. Total grade 9.0

Until next time,


ID #911

How to start.

Graphics 10

although the movemnet of mouths should be changed to accomadate the english words rather than japanese.

Audio:Music, Voices etc was very pleasing to see, 9

Gameplay: Hmm a little shorter than other FF's but sill 8

Battle scenes: Awesome overdrives and magic. Aeons were so much beeter then prvious ff's. 10

Story: Best one yet 11

Over all i'd give it 9.5. Could have been longer, but the dark aeons make up for that i suppose.

If you only get 1 game a year get this.

Finally in comparison with other ff's it beats 8 and 9. And is still better than 7 but not by too much.

Plz check out my hints and tips for the monster arena

ID #910

^o^ such a perfect game! Tidus reminds me somewhat of Leonardo di Caprio, so i hate him for that, n e ways onto business:

this is a game based on a blitzball player called Tidus (pronounced tee-dus) who gets transported to a place called Spira AND on top of that 1000 years into the future. i dont wanna spoil the storyline, so buy/rent it yerselves!

ID #909

Final Fantasy X was great and is a credit to the final fantasy series i purchased the game in hopes it would rank with the best game of the series final fantasy 8 i think it didnt quite make it to that standard although the graphics were astounding and the story progressed to be awesome i am however a little unhappy with how the game finished there were a few black spots that were quickly justified by another member shammy crab so thanx shammy crab u have been quite informative, it is certainly one of the greats that will stay in my posession for a great deal of time and has many hours of great fun left in it yet the sound track was great i liked a few tracks in particular on two occasions the opening cutscene introducing blitzball (very cool) and when you battle jecht/ braskas final aeon fellow gamers buy this games very cool overalli give this game 9/10

thanx SC

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