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Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories Cheats and Tips

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We've got codes to unlock cards and we'll tell you how to get the rare cards. We'll evens show you how to buy cards without spending Star chips.

More Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories Playstation Cheats and Tips

We have 165 cheats and tips on PlayStation. If you have any cheats or tips for Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories please send them in here. For more Codes for Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories go to:
Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories GameShark Codes

You can also ask your question on our Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories Questions & Answers page.

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Codes to Unlock ALL Cards

Below is a complete list of ALL the cards available and their codes

7 Colored Fish - 23771716

Abyss Flower - 40387124

Acid Crawler - 77568553

Acid Trap Hole - 41356845

Air Marmot of Nefa - 75889523

Akakieisu - 38035986

Akihiron - 36904469

Alinsection - 70924884

Alligator's Sword - 64428736

All-seeing Goddess - 53493204

Alpha the Magnet Warrior - 99785935

Amazon of the Seasons - 17968114

Ameba - 95174353

Amphibious Bugroth - 40173854

Ancient Brain - 42431843

Ancient Elf - 93221206

Ancient Jar - 81492226

Ancient One of the Forest - 14015067

Ancient Sorcerer - 3682153..

List Of Fusions Part 2

Dancing Elf + Ancient Jar = Mystical Sand

Machine + Dinosuar = Cyber Saurus

Dragon + Stone = Stone D

White Dolphin + Obese Marmot = Tatsunshigo

Mushroom Man + Obese Marmot = Flower Wolf

Useful Power-ups For Twin Headed Thunder Dragon:

Dragon Treasure


Wasteland (not tested)


Beast Fangs (not tested)

Here is all the cards passwords and atk and def and the cost of

001 Blue Eyes White Dragon - 3000/2500 - 89631139 999999

002 Mystical Elf - 800/2000 - 15025844 160

003 Hitotsu-Me Giant - 1200/1000 - 76184692 70

004 Baby Dragon - 1200/ 700 - 88819587 999999

005 Ryu-Kishin - 1000/ 500 - 15303296 30

006 Feral Imp - 1300/1400 - 41392891 140

007 Winged Dragon #1 - 1400/1200 - 87796900 999999

008 Mushroom Man - 800/ 600 - 14181608 30

009 Shadow Specter - 500/ 200 - 40575313 15

010 Blackland Fire Dragon - 1500/ 800 - 87564352 80

011 Sword Arm of Dragon - 1750/2030 - 13069066 1000

012 Swamp Battleguard - 1800/1500 - 40453765 290

013 Tyhone - 1200/1400 - 72842870 120

014 Battle Steer - 1800/1300 - 18246479 230

015 Flame Swordsman - 1800/1600 - 45231177 320

016 Time Wizard - 500/ 400 - ..

2200 for only 80 star chips

Here's the password for getting 2200 for only 80 star chips:


(This really works!)

Sent in by Yu-gi-Master

Begginers guide to winning!

First of get this card,it will help you threw out the game.Type in at password 94773007 ATK/2200 DEF/100, it lacks defense but makes up for ATK points.It cost 80 starchips.Now that thats done lets move on to Fusions!There are many ways to get the same card by fusing!Here are some basics.

Pot the trick+Key mace=Mystical sand ATK/2100 DEF/i don't remember

Pot the trick+Petit dragon=Stone D. Dragon ATK2000/DEF2300

Petit Dragon+Any plant card=Jungle King Dragon ATK2100/i don't remember

Key mace#2+Mystical Elf=Dark elf ATK2000/800

Happylover+Wolf=Garvas ATK/2000 Def/1800

Yes there are many more fusions.More will be seen later.Our next topic is star chips to get some heres the chart!

S-Rank Duel 5 Star-Chips



Does anybody know where to get summon skull at help would be nice plz.

How to get good very rare cards!

Hey guys I got Labyrinth tank (Atk-2400 and defense-2400) yesterday.

If you beat Heishin 2 and whenyou get a screen "YOU WIN!" let it fade away by itself and don't click anything that's the only way to get rare cards.

I also got twin headed thunder dragon from Seto 3.

I did the same thing as I did to Heishin 2.

Seto 3 was easy. I beat him with my skull knight with an attack of 4150 in mercury guardian star. If you attack blue eyes ultimate dragon with skull knight with attack of 4150 in mercury guardian star he'll be 4650.

Trust me this works.

See ya soon and don't forget to let screen "YOU WIN!" fade away.

How to make t.h.t dragon

Baby dragon + water dragon fairy + celtic gaurdian + dragon zombie + morphing jar + arlowny + oscilo hero #2 that is the way to make twin headad thunder dragon than activate mountain and megamorph + 2xbeast fangs and it have the attack of ATK/8200 and the defence of DEF/7200 out dogs

The proper cheat

Do you know when every body says how to get good cards first you have to do all the shrines before goin on free duel and gettin good cards because I tried and only got them when I done all the shrines so whoever is sayin dis is a lyer so get stunned by thedude07

Lagend cards...

I have new cheats...the lagend name is exodia

Right leg of exodia forbidden=08124921 999999

Left leg of exodia forbidden =44519536 999999

Right arm of exodia forbidden=70903634 999999

Left arm of exodia forbidden =07972349 999999

Exodia the forbidden=33396948 999999

If you use all this card,the exodia will be active...

I hope,all my cards is use to you...thaz

Regards,Leon S,Kennedy

3 good fusions

Magic users+stone=mystical sand 2100atk dragon+stone=stone.d 2000atk add electric snake=twin headed thunder dragon


Hi evrybody

Fuse dragon+aqua+elecric you should get a twin headed thuder dragon like a

Shadow and on the battlefield he will be A spike sedra

Hey this is mikelyon this is my frist subsciript..

Hey this is mikelyon this is my frist subsciription

But dark magician girl all you need to do is this

Any dragon+any plant+ any thunder=twin headed thunder dragon it has to be in that order.

Then put down mountian make sure to put twin headed thunder dragon in moon not pluto.

Fusions are good

Mamoth graveyard+the graveyard and the hand of ivanataion=mamoth gold finger:2200atk plant+fairy+plant=crismison


If you did them in the right order they should micks


Yo what's up home dogs!

I read somewhere on super cheats(good webpage!) that some one asked how to beat the high mage wit the gate dude(gate gaurdian).

First get three ragekis ill tell ya how. If you have 2 memory cards

then you should be able to do this.

First you enter any name that you like on memory card b(the game with out your data that you want to keep) and look for rageki and if its not there try it again wit the name thing and all.

Do this till you get 3. Aight? Next defeat low medow mage lots of times with good ratings.

(A and S)

You'll get cards like black meteor d and black skull d and skull knight and dark magician.

How I think it works is luck and good ratings because some people defeat him 25..

Some fusions with magic and monster cards and a little bit of ch

First of all you might need a certain amount of starchips ok here we go.

ok heres a couple of my favourite fusions.


Jirai Gumo+Metal Morph=Launcher Spider+Machine Conversion FactoryX3=Launcher Spider with an atk and def of this 3700/4000

Dark Magician+Black PendentX3=Dark Magician with an atk and def of 4000/3600.

Labyrinth Wall+Magical LabyrinthX3=Labyrinth Wall with the atk and def of 1500/4500


Here are some magic fusions.

Dark Hole+Wasteland=Eternal Rest

Electro Whip+Elecro Whip=Rageki

Warrior Elemination+Monster Tamer=Electro Whip

Red Medicine+Red Medicine=Goblins Secret Remedy

Goblins Secret Remedy+Goblins Secret Remedy=So..

Unlimited Number of Every Card

First you need 3 memory cards and 2 of them MUST be for PS1. The third can be for PS2. We are going to name these Memory Cards 1, 2 and 3.

Start a new game on Memory Card 1. Go to the card shop and save. Copy Card 1's file to Card 3 and then to card 2. TRADE, not copy, TRADE all of card 2's cards to card 1. Copy file 3 to card 2. Trade to card 1 again. Play on card 1 untill you get some good cards and copy file 1 to cards 2 and 3. Trade the good cards to card 1.

Repeat as many times as you want.

Blue eyes ultimate dragon ritual

I got a way to make the blue eyes ultimate dragon ritual.

All you have to do is fuse dragon treasure and megamorph...

You get the ultimate dragon ritual.

Infinate star chips

This is not realy infinate star chips it's just tells you how to buy cards without spending star chips

So first you are going to need 3 memory cards (A,B and C)

So get an amount of star chips needed for a card that you want on memory card A then copy data from memory card A to memory card B. Buy the card you want on memory card B then start a new game on memory card C then trade the card you just bought from memory card B to memory card C then trade it to memory card A. This should mean that on memory card A you should have the card you wanted and still alot of star chips, you bought a card without spending a single star chip. You can repeat this as many times as you want. And if you ever manage to get to 999,999 star chips (which I can't) then you can buy every single ca..

If you want good cards should beat the Meadow ..

If you want good cards should beat the Meadow Mage in Campaign mode. Then beat him in Free Duel.

After you beat him about 30 times or before or after you might get the Dark Magician or even the Black Meteor Dragon Atk/3500 Def/2000 and more.

You should get B to S ranks if you want to get good cards.

The codes you don't need unless you have duelist..

The codes you don't need unless you have duelists of the roses for ps2, cause that is what it is for.

Game over kuriboh

In campaign mode when you lose and go to the game over menu wait a few seconds and a kuriboh carrying cards should start to walk acros the screen!

Good cards and fusing monsters

Hey I was just wandering I no how to fuse monsters but I don't no which ones you have to fuse to make a certain monster. And also how do you get good cards without using star chips.

Get a deck of blue-eyes white dragons.

keep on winning againts kabia,and nightmare for beud.

How to fuse to get Meteor Black Dragon ATK 3500/DFD 2000

To fuse to get Meteor Black Dragon:

Red Eyes Black Dragon + Meteor Black Dragon = Meteor Black Dragon

To get the Red Eyes Black Dragon you have to face jono 2nd for it most likely you will recieve it in 10-65 wins A pow or S pow

To get the Meteor Dragon you have to face Low Meadow Mage for it and most likely you will recieve it in 35-150 wins A pow or Spow

I hope I helped out someone that was having trouble getting the Meteor Black Dragon

Good Cards and how to get them without gameshark

1st of all, NO code for 999999 starchips need gameshark for that. meteor b.

Dragon-Low meadow mage 20-100 A ranks You cannot win it with S rank

Dark magician-skull knight-Low meadow mage 5-50 A or S ranks

Gaia the fierce knight 10-100 B to S ranks

Blue Eyes white dragon-seto 2nd,seto 3rd, darkNite,Nitemare 50-200 A or S ranks

Pefectly Ultimate great moth-high forest mage or weevil underwood 25-200 S ranks

CANNOT win gate guardian or blue eyes ultimate need ritual and needed cards

Pieces of gate guardian-labyrinth mage, heishin 1st+2nd-Any number of duels

Zoa or metalzoa-steo 2nd+3rd sebek and neku-100+ duels with s or a rank

Good dragons like b. Skull-high mountain mage-30-50 A or S ranks Cannot get lower rank

Good Traps and m..

Good cards location

Hey people if you are looking for rare cards such as Meteor Black dragon and zoa here is where to find them:

Zoa- High desert mage Martins, Heishin 1,2 seto 3rd But sugest you to fight high desert mage Martins i got my zoa on 11 duels as his easy but just watch out for his lab wall

Meteor Black dragon Low Meadow Mage, Jono 2nd, Heishin 1,2. seto 3rd and again i sugest you to duel low meadow mage

How to get extreme cards extremely easy.

ok this is a awesome cheat. it got me the following cards within 20 minuets.

dark magician=2500/2100

skull knight=2650/2250

meteor B dragon=3500/3000

curse of dragon=2000/1500

millennium shield=0/3000

skull bird=1900/1700

kwagar hucules=1900/1700

HOW!!! this is how:

beat low meadow mage in campain and then go to free duel. battle him and get a S-TEC BUT!!!! when it says YOU WIN! let it fade dont press anything while it is on that screen. the 1st time i did it i got dark magician. its very helpfull.

hope this helps. Smile Smile

Twin headed thunder dragon

The cards im about to say will fuse to make twin headed thunder dragon always have thunder last

a plant any + dragon any + thunder any =twin headed thunder dragon

dragon + plant + thunder = twin headed thunder dragon

time wizard + dragon (those 2 cards make thousand dragon just thought id say that) + thunder = twin headed thunder dragon

pot of tricks + dragon + thunder = twin headed thunder dragon

Quit giveing bad cheats...

If you start a new game and have a really good card on another memory card, trade the good cards on to memory card 1 from memory card 2.

When you go up against Tania you will get a a right arm of exodia if you get a ranking.!

Forbidden Memories in General

Hi! It's me again! I've decided to write a LOOOOONG Cheat so you don't really have to read this if you don't want to. First I'd like to say what cards you can get from who. Simon Muran: Exodia Pieces. Be careful when you do duel him, he has Exodia, all 5 pieces.

Teana 1st: You might be able to get some Exodia parts from her too. Jono: Time Wizard, Baby Dragon you could make Thousand Dragon, ATK/2400DEF/2000. Maybe if you beat him 1000 times he will give you Thousand Dragon!

He could also give you Kunai With Chain if you S-Tec him. Villager 1: Dark-Piercing Light if you S-Tec him enough. Villager 2. Dragon Zombie. Villager 3: Dragon Zombie. All 3 Villagers may give you Exodia parts and Thunder monsters to go with that Dragon Zombie to Make Twin-Headed Thunder Drago..

All card

7 Colored Fish - 23771716

Abyss Flower - 40387124

Acid Crawler - 77568553

Acid Trap Hole - 41356845

Air Marmot of Nefa - 75889523

Akakieisu - 38035986

Akihiron - 36904469

Alinsection - 70924884

Alligator's Sword - 64428736

All-seeing Goddess - 53493204

Alpha the Magnet Warrior - 99785935

Amazon of the Seasons - 17968114

Ameba - 95174353

Amphibious Bugroth - 40173854

Ancient Brain - 42431843

Ancient Elf - 93221206

Ancient Jar - 81492226

Ancient One of the Forest - 14015067

Ancient Sorcerer - 36821538

Ancient Tool - 49587396

Ancient Tree of Enlightenment - 86421986

Fusion to Twin Headed Thunder Dragon

A dragon type monster 1600 atk up and a thunder type monster will

Combine to become a twin headed thunder dragon 2800atk power

How to copy starchips and cards

If you have a game started and you have less then three cards and you want to copy them all you have to do is: 1. Make a copy of the game of the memory card. 2. Next start a new game with a different NAME the name is important. 3. Play a little while just so you have cards to trade. 4. Trade which cards you want to copy from the copy with the game with a different name. 5. Take the memory card with a different name and trade it to your original memory card and repeat. If you every get enough star chips to buy the expensive cards which are 1 star chip away from a million (I know because I have all the codes) all you do ids copy your memory card and start a new game just like you were going to (above) to copy cards by the card with the copy trade it to the memory card with a different name..

A way to get good cards during a freel duel

When you're in a free duel a way to get good cards is to do an S-tec and right after a A-Pow. Keep switching back and forth from S-Tec to A-Pow. I actually figured it out today. When I did it twice I got Gia the Fierce Knight and Curse of Dragon from the Low Meadow Mage. Hope this tip works for all you gamers

Get a cool combo

Mix a dragon, rock and thunder (IN THAT ORDER!) to get twin headed thunder dragon

Get some good cards

Hi this is my first submission so cut me some slack ok? Ok!

Beat the first Jono loads of times to get his Time Wizard Baby Dragon and Kunai with chain these cards with help a lot because a Time Wizard on any Dragon card with under 2400ATK will turn in to Thousand Dragon and Kunai with chain goes on any warrior beast-warrior and goes on so other cards like Summond Skull and Skull Knight.

Beat the Low Meadow Mage loads of times to get Meteor B. Dragon, Gaia the Fierce Knight - Dark Magician - Skull Knight ang other good cards from him. BE PATIENT because it took me 227 times on Meadow Mage to get a Meteor B. Dragon from him ok.

Get Better Cards

If you Want Better Cards here is a tip:

1) Get a good deck and beat the game, so you have everyone in free duel.

2) Take Every card out of your deck and replace them with the weakest monsters you have.

3) Play lower duelists with fusions until you get better cards with your weak deck. But don't put any of your replaced monsters in your new weak deck, only put stronger monsters in if you just won them from a lower duelist.

4) Keep dueling lower duelists until you get your weak deck strong enough to beat higher duelists and then when your new deck can beat the game, beat it and start all over again.

5) Repeat this 5 times, because after 5 times you must have won some better cards than your original deck, Then create the BEST DECK O..

Free duel helpfullness

Ok here's what I did and I got tons of awesome cards.

1.beat low meadow mage 100-200 times he will definatly give you the following cards if you get s-pow.

Dark magician 2500/2100

Meteor b dragon 3500/2100

Gaia the firce night can't remember but good attack and deffence.

2. Beat peagus's 100-200 S-TEC very hard!!! He will give you the following cards 100%

Megamorph x3

Beast fangs x3

Electro whip x3

Harpie's feather duster. X3

Mountains x3

And many many more strong magic and trap cards. Then face heishin in free duel. This is how you beat heishin. mountains meteor B dragon it's attack will be 4000

3. Use megamorph x3 on it.

4. Meteor B dragons's attack will b..

54 Card Passwords+Card Names Thes..

54 Card Passwords+Card Names

These r just a few cards that I have in my deck and I figured out that u can't put in the 8-digit number at the bottom left corner of a magic in the trading card game(I have no idea why).

Go to LOAD and click on it then 6 options will pop up and click on then type in any of the following:

1.Blue-Eyes White Dragon 89631139(Atk.3000 Def.2500)

2.Dark Magician 46986414(Atk.2500 Def.2100

3.Gia The Fierce Knight 06368038(Atk.2300 Def.2100)

4.Summoned Skull 70781052(Atk.2500 Def.1200)

5.Curse Of Dragon 28279543(Atk.2000 Def.1500)

6.Steel Ogre Grotto#1 29172562(Atk.1400 Def.1800)

7.Misairuzame 331784..

Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories FAQs

Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories Walkthroughs