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Game Reviews for Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories


Quick Reviews

Covering all aspects.Added 30 Jun 2014, ID #16039
One word guys, Amazing! Havent completed it yet but it is awesome! I'm a huge yugioh fan and personally this tops all games of yugioh kind! Great fusions and adventure is hard yet creative as you can go back and forth how you please collecting cards and batling people from your friends to mountain mages to the peak of them all at the top! Great game, must have if your into your card games.

Woah!Added 7 Oct 2004, ID #12221
I give it a 7/10. This game is good but the cards are worth too much and you don't get enough for winning. You should be able to ask for a certain amount and if you win you get double what you asked, yours back and your opponents (you would get 4x if double duels were possible). If you lost, though, you'd lose howevermany, oh well. It takes you forever to get enough for, say, a blue eyes or a dark magician. Straight nines is not easy to get over and over, in fact hard to get period (without cheating, of course).

Added 22 Jun 2004, ID #11813
I would like to rate this game higher, but I'll have to give it a 6/10. The mages are just to darn hard!!! Along with the fact that you can't just get your cards, either. You have to buy them for thousands more star chips than their worth. Seriously, one leg or arm of exodia isn't worth 999999 stars, but they say it is! The head is a different story, but the arms and legs are worth more like...50 stars each. Nothing in there they rate as 50 stars. the lowest i've seen is 70. a thunder ball is way weak, but they make it so pricey. If anyone would like to disagree with me on anything, please do so.

Wicked!Added 18 Jun 2004, ID #11788
This game is the best! You can gain cards in there by defeating an opponent, and the 3-D graphics look cool, too! Like the TCG, you can trade your cards with your friends! Even, you can buy the cards from a shop by entering the right password! I like this game!

Added 1 Jun 2004, ID #11728
Hi, I think Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden memories is amazeing.

Before I got Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden memories I barely played on my playstation but when I got it I did not want to get off it!!

It does get a bit boring when you are stuck.

Your cheat master


ResultsAdded 19 Mar 2004, ID #11391
Hi, I would just like to give some ratings for Yu-gi-oh Forbidden Memories.

Graphics 7 out of 10 ( When you see the monsters attack they don not look like you would have imagined it!

Game hardness 10 out of 10 ( When you go against the person after Meadow Mage his is nearly invinsible!)

Sound 4 out of 10 ( When you are dueling the music gets a bit annoying!)

See ya!

My reviewAdded 4 Feb 2004, ID #11165
I would give this game 10 out of 10.

It is absouloutley the best game in the world even if it is a bit hard.

At the end of the day I think that this is a very fun and easy to pick up and play straight away game it is brilliant!

Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories ReviewAdded 9 Dec 2003, ID #10870
I believe this game is cool. It's a challenging sort of game built on strategy, skill and luck.

The three-dimensional battle feature is the best.

You get to see your favourite Yu-Gi-Oh monsters come to life and attack your opponents monsters.

You can even trade cards with your friends.

Although the first part is pretty easy, without an Xploder, Game Shark or Action Replay, the end is the ultimate challenge for even the most accomplished of duelists.

I rate this game 9/10 for its awesome graphics and gameplay but don't take my word for it, test it out for yourself.

Cme on konami!!Added 17 Oct 2003, ID #10608
your right(coolestperson in the world)I have played this game for 2 years and i barly touched 2500.

If the highest amount of star chips to earn is 5 and the goal is 999,999.

I mean come on I want to beat Heshin but I need good cards to get really far you have to use game shark,but I want to beat the game without cheating (exept for card codes).

Make a game that you just put in the card code and you got the card like the game"Enternal Dualist Soul" I meen I love this game but its to hard to get a good card

good game, but bad idea(sorry)

ID #10228

Hi everyone I'm the dulest king Yami Cody. I'm here to talk about Yu-Gi-Oh Dark Dule Stories.

Its a great card game for playstation.It has MOST of Yugi and his friends {but no Triston!}

In both Egypt and Japane.Its a great game bye!

ID #10227

It is one of the best games I have ever played.The one bad thing abot it is that there is not much of a challenge in it.

ID #10226
This game is really cool and is a great game for anyone who likes Yugio.

The graphics are good and the gameplay is cool. If you don't have this game then get it!

ID #10201

A brilliant game but I think that Konami put the price way too high for cards.

If you play at an average of 300 star chips a day itll take you

!!10!! !!years!! to get anything that is 999,999 star chips worth!

Come on Konami! Give us more cards!!!!!

ID #10200


Why because you can easily get into the game.

This game contains a earn your money system that works by batleing for your stachips which can be exchanged for cards, to select a card you must have the password for the card which you want.

As well as winning starchips you also win cards and the more people you beat the more cards you get.

The campaign mode is a hard challenge based on to hit tv seris, the game sees you as a prince who is in anciant eygpt,

when trouble arrives you must find a way of defeating the lord Heishin who is planning on getting his hands on the millenium items, only you can stop him.

So play this game because it is great fun and well worth it.

ID #10199

This game is really good if you like even if the monsters dont have effects its still a good game note that you dont have a graveyard so cards like Reborn the Monster wont work. A good thing about this game is that you dont need to pay tributes to summon monsters.

A bad thing about this game is that you have to pay starchips for cards,but that gives the game a challenge,unless you have a Game Shark or something.

ID #10198
Yo dudes out there wassup?

I think Yu-Gi-Oh is a brill game! The 3D graphics are wicked.

I can't stop playing on it! It's not too hard, and not too easy it's brill!

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