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Scenario 1 Walkthrough

by Russell the Ultimate Duelist

Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories


Insert the Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories Disc into the console and turn the console on.  You will then see the SCEE and Playstation Logo, then the game will begin.  Press Start at the Title Screen and then select New Game.  State your name and press X to make your selections.

How to play

Please refer to the Instuction Manual and look up 'Basic Rules'

Scenario 1: City of Amenhotep, as a prince

At as soon as you enter your name, the game will start and you will see a guy that has found something. (Explanations are given as the story progresses) Then you will find yourself a prince of Amenhotep and talking to your tutor.  Listen to him once then run away.  Go to the town duel field and duel Teana and then leave. Teana will then take you to some kinda festival.  There you will find Jono and Seto dueling.  Jono loses and Seto challenges you to a duel.  Accept and Seto must leave due to his duties.  Meet him in the duel ground later and he will duel you.  Now go back to the Palace and duel with your tutor, Simon Muran.  Beat him and save.  Then go to the duel ground and duel Jono, then Seto, followed by Villager 1, 2 and 3.  Then go to the palace and you will go to your room.  The high mage Heishin will invade the palace, killing the King and Queen.  Heishin will Duel you and you will lose.  Simon will give you the Millenium Item and then shatter it.  Your soul will be trapped in the item and will be released when somebody assemble all 7 Millenium Items....