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Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories Game Shark Codes

From ilovemissyelliott18 Aug 2005, ID #13064

Have All Cards!

Have All Cards (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)

5000FF02 0000
801D0250 C8C8
50006A02 0000
80105F96 C8C8

From ilovemissyelliott18 Aug 2005, ID #13065

Infinite LP P1

Infinite LP P1
800EA004 270F

From Yugi_Moto ID #10061

Real Copy Card cheat?

You need 2 memory cards for this but any number above one will do

i had 7 memory cards and i only used..

From ???? ID #9856

Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon #380:

801D03B6 0505

801D03B8 0505

801D03Ba 0505

801D03Bc 0505

801D03BE 0505


From joshgell29 ID #9862

For Exodia Enter These Passwords ..

From pickles1235 ID #10062

hi i've only just signed up so this is my first cheat.

max star chips:(gameshark needed)

801d07e0423f then type in 801d07e2000f

now ..

From Real Duelist ID #10064

Here are some codes I hope are helpful, and i would really like to know the real way to get infanite starchips without a gameshark, and how to pau..

From Jared ID #9858

Celtic Gaurdian


120 starchips

Black Skull Dragon (Red Eyes + Summuned Skull)11901678

99,999 starchips

From shroeder ID #9860

84257639-Dian Keto The Cure Master


82878489-Bright Castle

11901678-B. Skull Dragon

89631139-Blue Eyes White..

From USAgator00 ID #10059

First of all that IDIOT saiyanmasterTT is totally wrong about the no gameshark code for unlimited starchips i have a gameshark CDX and it works pe..

From ultimate blue eye ID #10066

for infinte star chip's put this code:



and if u want more email me.

twin headed thunder dragon


From ilovemissyelliott18 Aug 2005, ID #13066

No LP P1

No LP P1
800EA004 0000

From ?????? ID #9855

This might sound a bit stupid but how do you enter gameshark codes?

Is the uk version different to the us cos I can't enter any of the c..

From greg styles ID #9857

here a few passwords for you to try illusiont faceless mage 28546905 launcher spider 87322377 flame cerebrus 60862676 dark elf 21417692 jirai..

From sergio perez ID #9859

cardpasswords Cards password cost

7oo- 77454922 10

699- 31066283 10

698- 0456167..

From dead silent ID #10058

My cheat is for game shark but it gets u starchips go to new game and put in these values 801d07e0 4235

801d07e2 000f

then save the ga..

From BETO ID #10060

NO LP P1 800EA004270F



From chuggthecardmaster ID #10057

If u want to start the game with 5 Blue eyes white dragons and 5 Mystical elfs enter this code....




From Code Master ID #10065

Here are some codes

Ushi Oni atk(2150)def(1950)=48649353)

Millennium Shield atk(0)def(3000)=32012841)Garnecia Elefantis atk(2400)d..

From came in by yugi ID #9854

Here are some codes so use them to kill people

blue eyes toon dragon 53183600

blue eyes white dragon 89631139

dark magician 46986414..

From ilovemissyelliott18 Aug 2005, ID #13068

No LP P2

No LP P2
800EA024 0000


You all want the Infinite Starchips Cheat, well you came to the right person to get the Infinite starchips cheat.

You type in the Actio..

From ilovemissyelliott18 Aug 2005, ID #13069

Enable Code

Enable Code (Must Be On-Version 1)
D0168188 023A
8016818A 1000

Enable Code (Must Be On-Version 2)
D0168100 000A
80168102 1000

From ilovemissyelliott18 Aug 2005, ID #13067

Infinite LP P2

Infinite LP P2
800EA004 270F