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Misconceptions and Vital Info on Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon hints and tips for Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories

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Misconceptions and Vital Info on Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon


Well, this is my first submission but that's irrelevent.

First, I just need to get this off my chest. Whoever says that they got 999,999 starchips through dueling is most likely FULL of POO (99.9999% chance). Here's why, I did the math:

The game was released on March 19, 2002, just over three years ago. Okay, at an average of four starchips per duel, and one duel every two minutes, (and that is fast), you would have to play 7 1/2 hours a day, every day, from the day it came out to now and you would just barely have 999,999 starchips.

See my point?

Second: If there is a single secret to beating this game, Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon is it, and this is just about all you need to know about Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon.

Most fusions are any monster of type 'A' and any monster of type 'B' , and usually one or both have a min or max attack requirement. For example, the easiest heavy-hitting fusion:

Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon (2800/2100 thunder) = any dragon plus any thunder, with at least one being >1600 (it doesnt matter which, or both). Also there are several non-dragons-type monsters that count as dragons for fusion purposes, usually with 'Dragon' in it's name; Crawling Dragon, Stone Dragon, Thunder Dragon, Dragon Zombie, Metal Dragon, etc. As well as a few others like Spike Seadra and Skelgon. There are probably many more I've left out, but you can find them yourself.

BEWARE: not all monsters with 'Dragon' in their name count as dragons, i.e. Winged Dragon Gaurdian of the Fortress # 2, Dragon Statue, Dragon Piper, Lord of Dragons, etc...There are probably many more I've left out, but you can find them yourself.

**note- you can fuse for your first link as well:

Dragon(<1600atk) + zombie = Dragon Zombie (1600/0 zombie)

Dragon(<1600atk) + aqua = Spike Seadra (1600/1400 sea serpent)

Dragon(<1600atk) + thunder = Thunder Dragon (1600/1400 thunder)

Dragon(<1700atk) + warrior= Sword Arm of Dragon (1750/2030 dinaosaur?)

Dragon(<1800atk) + machine = Metal Dragon (1850/1700 machine)

Dragon(<2000atk) + rock = Stone Dragon (2000/2300 rock)

Dragon(<2100atk) + plant = Black Dragon Jungle King (2100/1800 dragon)

Dragon(<2400atk) + Time Wizard = Thousand Dragon (2400/2000 dragon)

Any of these + any thunder = Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon (2800/2100 thunder)

This combo is not for certain, I heard it and have yet to test it:

Thunder(<1500atk) + spellcaster (<1500atk) = The Immortal of Thunder (1500/1300 thunder)

The Immortal of Thunder (1500/1300 thunder) + thunder or spellcaster = Kaminari Attack (1900/1400 thunder)

Thunder(1500-1900atk) + spellcaster (<1500atk) = Kaminari Attack (1900/1400 thunder)

Thunder(<1500atk) + spellcaster (1500-1900atk) = Kaminari Attack (1900/1400 thunder)

Kaminari Attack + any dragon = Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon (2800/2100 thunder)

These are examples. There are many more combinations, find them for yourselves.

Equip Cards:

Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon is powered by: Beast Fangs, Dragon Treasure, Dark Energy, Megamorph, Bright Castle(not tested), Invigoration (not tested), Horn of Light (not tested), field magic Umi or Mountain

Fill your deck with nothing but stuff to build and power your Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon, and maybe a few strong fiend or spellcasters (like Summoned Skull or Dark Magician, who can both use several of the same power-ups and start off at 3000 when dueling enemies on a dark field).

I beat the game with nothing stronger than Dark Magician (until fusing).

I hope this was helpful to some one and I'll try to write up some other hints.

-----------------Dao_Ryu ------}<('o')>)) BYE.

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Added by: Dao_Ryu
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