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Forbidden Memories in General hints and tips for Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories

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Forbidden Memories in General


Hi! It's me again! I've decided to write a LOOOOONG Cheat so you don't really have to read this if you don't want to. First I'd like to say what cards you can get from who. Simon Muran: Exodia Pieces. Be careful when you do duel him, he has Exodia, all 5 pieces.

Teana 1st: You might be able to get some Exodia parts from her too. Jono: Time Wizard, Baby Dragon you could make Thousand Dragon, ATK/2400DEF/2000. Maybe if you beat him 1000 times he will give you Thousand Dragon!

He could also give you Kunai With Chain if you S-Tec him. Villager 1: Dark-Piercing Light if you S-Tec him enough. Villager 2. Dragon Zombie. Villager 3: Dragon Zombie. All 3 Villagers may give you Exodia parts and Thunder monsters to go with that Dragon Zombie to Make Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon! ATK/2800DEF/2100! Seto 1st: Bear Trap if you Tec Rank him.

Occasionally Blue-Eyes White Dragon but don't get your hopes up on that it is VERRRRY Rare to get Blue-Eyes from him. Heishin 1st: Gaia the Fierce Knight Sanga of the Thunder, Suijin, Kazejin, Labrynth Tank, Twin Headed Thunder Dragon, Exodia and if you S-Tec Him you could get Widespread Ruin or maybe Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!

ATK/4500DEF/3800! Next is the Tournament Players. Rex Raptor: B. Dragon Jungle King if your lucky and get enough S-Pows. Weevil Underwood: Great Moth and Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth again if your Very lucky. Mai Valentine: Exodia parts. Thunder Monsters and Dragon Zombie. Bandit Keith: Exodia Parts and Dragon Zombie and other cards that are 1700 ATK or higher such as Axe Raider.

Shadi: Exodia pieces. Yami Bakura: Some Equip Magic cards like Sword of Dark Destruction if you S-Tec. Pegasus: Megamorph if you S-Tec him. Isis: Aqua Dragon: Kaiba: Widespread Ruin, And occasionally Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Thats the end of the Tournament. Jono 2nd: Be patient with him if you do you could win Red-Eyes B.

Dragon or Meteor B. Dragon. Teana 2nd: Maybe Exodia parts, Queen of Autum Leaves. Now for the mages: Mage Soldier: Job change Mirror. Ocean Mage: Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon, Aqua Dragon. High Mage Secmenton: Twin-Heade Thunder Dragon, Aqua Dragon.

Forest Mage: Great Moth. High Mage Anubisis: Great Moth, Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth. Mountain Mage: Monstrous Bird, SkullBird, Meteor B.Dragon. High Mage Atenza: Monstrous Bird, SkullBird, B. Skull Dragon, Meteor B. Dragon, Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon. Desert Mage: Summoned Skull. High Mage Martis: Summoned Skull, B.Skull Dragon.

Meadow Mage: Sogen, Meteor B. Dragon, Gaia the Fierce Knight, Curse of Dragon, Gaia the Dragon Champion, Dark Magician and Firewing Pegasus. High Mage Kepura: Sogen, Meteor B. Dragon, Gaia the fierce Knight, Curse of Dragon, Dark Magician, Firewing Pegasus and Gate Guardian.

Labrynth Mage: Labrynth Tank, Gate Guardian. Seto 2nd: Twin Headed Thunder Dragon and Gate Guardian. Sebek: Zoa and Metalzoa. Neku: Zoa, Metalzoa and MetalMorph. Heishin 2nd: Twin Headed-Thunder Dragon, Cosmo Queen, Gate Guardian and Blue-Eyes Ultimate dragon. Seto 3rd: Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon, Sanga of the Thunder, Suijin, Kazejin and Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

Darknite: Gate Guardian. Nitemare: Gate Guardian, Blue-Eyes Ultimate dragon. Duel Master K: Axe of Despair. Now i'd like to tell you the game in General for people who don't know the whole thing. First there is the Town Plaza and you can Duel Jono, Teana, Villager 1, Villager 2 and Villager 3.

If you go Listen and Then Run away at Simon muran, you can return to him right after you exit and duel with him, if you win, you get to go and play who you want. When you come Back Heishin invades the Palace. Then you duel him, you have to lose to go on so lose on purpose. Then is the tournament, First is Rex Raptor, Then Weevil Underwood, then Mai Valentine, Then Bandit Keith, then Shadi, Then Pegasus, Then Isis, Then Kaiba. After that you've beaten the Tournament. Then go to kings valley and then leave as fast as you can.

Go to the Pharaoh's Palace and duel the Mage soldier, (hes not too hard) and then leave. Go back into the palace and then search. You'll find a map to the forbidden ruins. Go to the king valley again and give it to that guy he will take you there. You'll find Seto there he will tell you about the mages and that you have to beat them.

Theres Meadow, Mountain, Ocean, Desert and Forest, First, beat all the little mages and save. DON'T Proceed until you've beaten them ALL then proceed 2 times and win then save then go to the duel grounds and Jono will tell you that teanas gone and you both go to heishins Palace.

Go meet the Labrynth Mage there he has 3 Gate Guardians so be careful. Then after you beat him go right right left right or else youll have to play him again. Then You play Seto 2nd. He is slightly better than the Labrynth Mage. After you Beat him save and then beat all the High Mages then Save again. Then go to the Vast Shrine and Youll play Sebek and Neku. After you beat them you play Heishin 2nd. After him you play Seto 3rd he has Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. Then after you beat him Seto will be on your side.

Darknite gets summoned and he sucks Heishin into a card. Then Burns it. You play Darknite and after you beat him he Morphs into NITEMARE. He also has Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. Beat him and yuo've completed the game. After you beat the game it will give you a password. DON'T believe anyone who says it changes your deck ITS BOGUS. The Password is for PS2's Duelist's of the roses.

Write that password down and when you play duelists of the roses type it in and you get a card. Thanks for reading my review, hope I helped, BYE Now!

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