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Blue Eyes White Dragon

Question asked by Latios Master on
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Blue Eyes White Dragon

Ok, I have 2 questions:
1. How do you get BEWD? I've battled Kaiba 325 times, most of them S-Ranks, and still don't have even one! I got 3 Meteor Black Dragons from the Low Meadow Mage in about 150 wins., what's the big deal.
2. What is difference between a S-tec and an S-pow(A-tec and A-pow, so on)? Is one better than the other? Do they affect what cards I may get?
3. Who can you get Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth from, or any other cards like Gate Guardian and Red Eyes Black Dragon? How many wins would it take to get them?

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Kenny 2x4 answered:

1) Try Heishin or the High Mages.
2) S-tec is beating your opponent when they have 3 cards or less left in their deck. S-pow is beating your opponent in 4 or less turns. Both will get you 5 starchips and they should not affect what cards you may get.
3) Not sure about them, but the High Mages are probably your best bets.

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Guest said: 6th Jul 2011 | REPORT
S-Tecs and S-Pows DO affect what cards you may get. S-Tec wins will give you MOSTLY magic/trap cards, S-Pow will give you MOSTLY monsters.
Guest said: 3rd Apr 2015 | REPORT
i got REBD against Jono 2nd beat him almost 50 time and get 2 REBD
Guest said: 12th Apr 2015 | REPORT
Low Meadow Mage Gives Out Whoop-ass cards like skull knight, MBD, Gaia, Dark Magician. And S- Tec Pegasus For Megamorphs
Guest said: 2nd Mar 2017 | REPORT
I got Zoa from Guardian Sebek, Skull knight from Montain Mage
DarkBlare answered:

1)Beat seto 3rd in free duel if you have but if you don't get him soon be patient 2)S-tec you are more likely to get good magic or trap cards and S-pow you are more likely to get good monster cards but not always and sometimes you may get monsters on S-tec and magics or traps on S-pow 3)(wouldnt let me go down a line or my pow would be messed up srry) Pefectly ultimate great moth is said to be gotten by Forest Mage Red Eyes by Jono 2nd and Gate Gaurdian I'm not so sure but I am pretty sure you could get it from Heisen 2nd or anyone in his range and the # of times is at random so like I said be patient

mankind answered:

1.Its not Kaiba! At all he will never give you it, it's atcually seto 3rd and noone else. S-POW will get you it from him.

2. Tec is for longer duals these get you Magic and Trap cards (longer tec better magic/traps; shorter pows is better monster cards)

3.PUGM (perfectly ultimate great moth) can't be gotten/got off a duel even a very good duellest like nitemare. You could try a couple of hard duells here and there but you have to buy it for 9999999 starchips.

Red eyes off jono 2nd. S, or A pow

Gate gaurdian is for 9999999 starchips.

Meteor black dragon by A-pow from low meadow mage, S-pow from jono 2nd

No Problem.

FallenEmpireLegions answered:

You can get BEWD from seto 3 REBD from Jono 2 I got my first Red Eyes after 26 wins Smile on an A pow and my first MBD from Jono 2 on A pow after about 90 wins but he is easier to defeat than meadow mage if you can make a fusion with more than 2400 atk points. Then you should try doing the copying cards cheat with 3 memory cards.PUGM can probably be obtained from an S-Pow or A-Pow from high forest mage and you might be able to get Gate Guardian from high meadow mage kepura, but hes probably the toughest mage if he sends it out because it will have 4250 atk points.Good Luck Smile

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Guest said: 2nd Jun 2012 | REPORT
i got 3 red-eyes in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd times i faced him also i got 3 gaia in about 25 duels from medow mage
Guest said: 26th May 2014 | REPORT
I got one Red-Eyes after 103 wins...
Guest said: 9th Aug 2014 | REPORT
i still havent got Red-eyes yet and ive beaten jono 2nd 120 times...
Guest said: 27th Nov 2014 | REPORT
Don't worry man I still don't have Red-eyes and I'm at 185 almost all S-pow I am trying to A-pow him cause it seems better cards drop from lower guys at A-pow. But S-powing higher guys gets you better cards but jono 2nd is not that good try and aim for A-pow I got MBD the time I A-powed him won't do good since I have 4 already
minitimmy answered: get BEWD fromseto 3rd or DarkNite
2.You already know that by now.......
3.You get PUGM from high meadow mage, gate guardian from high meadow mage,ang REBD from Jono 2nd

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Guest said: 12th Sep 2015 | REPORT
How do I win rituals from duelist
Guest said: 13th Sep 2018 | REPORT
Just always Stec them or Atec them then you can get rituals
Guest answered:

Actually you can get BEWD from seto 2nd also Nd REBD from Mono 2nd or mountain mage nd PUGM either from weevil or high mage from de forest

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Guest said: 26th May 2014 | REPORT
This is false; According to the list of confirmed cards, there is 0 chance of getting BEWD from Seto 2nd.
Guest said: 15th Feb 2017 | REPORT
Well I got one from him it took me over 300 fuels but I still got it.
Elyzjah Fuentes said: 15th Feb 2017 | REPORT
Duels *
Elyzjah Fuentes said: 15th Feb 2017 | REPORT
But it is a hell of a lot easier dueling seto 3rd.
Guest answered:

how many vins we need to get rare cards??

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Guest said: 13th Mar 2014 | REPORT
its all random you can fight 100 duels and still get no rare cards but it all depends on who you fight, jono gives red eyes, meteor dragon. pegasus gives some rare cards but not as powerful as the meadow mage. meadow mages gave me gaia the fierce knight and dark magician
Guest answered:

I don't understand question and answer about BEWD,i beat seto 3rd 235 times and i don't get BEWD..can you tell me how i can get him??

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Guest said: 28th Aug 2011 | REPORT
We've all been posting comments, that you can get it from seto 3rd. It doesnt take any certain amount of kills, you can get on 1 win, 100 wins, 1,000,000,000 wins, its all random.
Guest answered:

i got red eyes black dragon from seto 2nd in like 40 kills but i didnt die once and each time i got s-pow so idk its hard

Guest answered:

damn! i beat jono 2 220 times and he done just 2 REBD and i beat kaiba 2 170 times and he give me 2 dragon captuer and i beat begasess 70times and he give me notihng

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Guest said: 22nd Apr 2011 | REPORT
If you want rebd first you must hawe 0 loses and 0 wins on jono1 and jono2 duel jono 1 and then jono2 repeat s ranks
prince abcd said: 18th Sep 2011 | REPORT
not true i didnt have 0 wins 0 losses and i got it
Guest said: 22nd Aug 2014 | REPORT
Guest said: 8th Apr 2015 | REPORT
Because it's a no stipulation card with jono 2
Guest answered:

you can get BEWD from seto 2nd, 3rd and DarkNite but it is more common to get it from Seto 3rd. As for PUGM and REBD, REBD is winnable from jono and PUGM could possibly be won from Heishin, High forest mage and most likely nitmare.

Guest answered:

I got the letter black dragon with red eyes, and so won the jono2 (3 times), and won A-pow! I think S-pow ... Not affect them at all!

Guest answered:

Bewd from seto 3d metalzoa from guardian sebek gate guardian from heineshin 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest answered:

For REBD I battled Jono2 about 400 times for 3. For BEWD, I've got one so far off Seto3 from about 50 battles. MBD I got one from Jono2 while I was going for the REBD and the other 2 MBD I got from Low Meadow Mage in 200 battles.PUGM can't be won as far as I know, but the best bet to try would probably be Weevil or either Forest Mage. Gate Guardian can't be won either as far as I know but I believe you can win the parts from the Labyrinth Mage or Nitemare and Heishin 2.

By the way most of my wins were S-Pow.

Guest answered:

I got REBD from jono 2 after 126 battles then did the duplicate trick and I got MBD from jono 2 after 38 battles then I did duplicate trick on it and then I got another 3 from low meadow mage after about 30 battles of spow.
I wanna get BEWD but seto 3 is quite hard to spow and is it possible to get BLUD?

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Guest said: 2nd Oct 2018 | REPORT
i got a left arm of the forbidden one from low meadow mage
Guest answered:

1.) BEWD can be won from Seto 3rd, Nitemare. Thats all.

2.) S-Tecing is when you kill an opponent when they have 3 or less cards in there deck. Making them run out of cards gives you an automatic S rank, as the other maethod may give you S or A Tec.

3.)S-Powing is when you kill an opponent in 4 or less turns not using an Magic cards. So on and so forth.

4.) PUGM can not be won from anybody, although you can buy him for a harsh 999,999 starchips.
GG also cannot be won by anybody although you can for the same as PUGM.
REBD can be won by the low Meadow mage, Heishin 1st and 2nd, Seto 3rd, DarkNite.

I would advise fighting The low meadow mage allot seeing as he gives allot of decent cards, (Skull Knight, Dark Magicican, Gaia the Fierce Knight, Curse of Dragon, and other monsters above 2k attack).

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Lueroi said: 27th Oct 2012 | REPORT
REBD can also be won from Jono 2nd and I think he is easier to beat than the others
Guest answered:

The only way to get Gate Guardian is by getting the Ritual Card and fusing the 3 deities, Sanga, Kazejin and Suijin

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Guest said: 12th Sep 2012 | REPORT
ALso it can be won by other way.Just download yu-gi-oh fm mod and beat H.M Kepura over 700-800 times to get it and also you can get Black luster soldier ,Skull guardian and sengengin.
Guest said: 30th Dec 2012 | REPORT
I have every card in the game over five of each. Don't know what to do now.

Guest said: 27th Nov 2014 | REPORT
sell me your memory card!!!! LOLOLOLOL
Guest answered:

I tryed all of this and it doent not work all you guys had was luck ok. U randomly get given cards. It doesnt matter what you do it random !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest answered:

Guys if you want mega morph then get it from Pegasus first beat him in the tournament then go to free duel and beat him by s-tec but he will not give mega morph to you u must beat him by s-tec again nd again....... I get mega morph in my 5 duel by s-tec

Guest answered:

It is completely random what cards they give you, for example I got BEWD from seto 3 in 73 battles and I got gate guardian from high meadow mage after 283 battles - does anyone know who to get b skull dragon off of?

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Guest said: 5th Aug 2014 | REPORT
I got black skull dragon off the High mountain Mage but it took me 185 wins In a row with mostly s-pow
Guest said: 29th Jul 2015 | REPORT
in the original game? or mod?
Guest answered:

I got my 3 BEWDs from Seto 3. In 5 wins I got the ultimate dragon ritual from high mountain Mage 2 wins s tec. Getting the same win type in a row improves chances of better cards for example S POW Seto 3 5 x in a row for better cards. If you get it with fewer wins you were just lucky like I was

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Guest said: 2nd Apr 2015 | REPORT
I Got A Meteor B.Dragon From Low Meadow On 19x Duels..
Guest answered:

Get meteor black dragon from jono 2nd at A pow 73 wins.

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Lueroi said: 27th Oct 2012 | REPORT
You can also get meteorB Dragon from low meadow mage
Guest answered:

I got red eyes from jono 2 and got meteor b dragon and dark magician and gai from meadow mage all in under 20 duels,but it took me 40 duels with jono 2 to get red eyes

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Guest said: 9th Mar 2017 | REPORT
I got BEWD from set 2ND at around 90 wins. I never got one from seto 3rd. I got metal zoa from guardian sebek at over 400 wins. Heishin 1 drops sanga of the thunder. Gate guardian, PUGM, BEUD and BSD cannot be obtained through duels.
Guest said: 6th Sep 2017 | REPORT
hey ,really ?
Guest said: 7th Jan 2018 | REPORT
It' depending on what version of yugioh you've been played. If it's original, Only seto 3rd give you a BEWD and i have 15 copy will so hard a t the first time.but next you'll get a bunch of BEWD until you bored
Guest answered:

1. Seto 3rd is the only duelist that give you BEWD(a bunch of that I have 15 cards) for sure.but it's depending on version of ygo fm
2. Same as before
3. You can get REBD from Jono 2nd or Meadow mage(if your deck isn't strong enough). For Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth idk but like I've said before it's depending on your version of ygo fm.if original version, it's very hard to get it in normal free duel

Guest answered:

I took REBD from Jono 2nd at 110 wins.Skull Knights,Dark Magicians,Meteor Dragon,Curse of Dragon,Gaia The fierce Knight.Whoever has weak deck try Low Meadow Mage and he will bring all these cards.

Guest answered:

I got REBD and MBD from jono 2nd, and I have got 3 each of them while I just win for just 26 time lol


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