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Super Mario 64 DS Cheats and Tips

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Want to know how to get Mario Luigi and Wario, maybe you want to know how you unlock the mini-games in the rec room? We've got the answers you're looking for here

More Super Mario 64 DS Nintendo DS Cheats and Tips

We have 234 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Super Mario 64 DS please send them in here. For more Codes for Super Mario 64 DS go to:
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Super Mario 64 Cheats

Unlock Mario Key:

Defeat Goomboss behind 8-Star Door in the Rec-Room

Unlock Luigi Key:

Defeat King Boo in Luigi's Painting on the 3rd Floor of Big Boo's Haunt

Unlock Wario Key:

With Luigi in Mirror Room, hop into Wario's Painting and Defeat the Giant Ice Bully

Unlock White Room Key:

Catch all the Shinning Rabbits

Unlock Cannon:

To access the cannon outside the castle, get 150 stars. There are three 1-ups, a cap and Luigi's rabbit.

How to play as Waluigi

The hardest thing to do is get Waluigi but, if you got him action replay there must be a way to get him. My friend *code name* sexigigas has found something that most people don't expect. In the boo garden go to the door and jump on the ledge you need moon jumping to for action replay jump of the empty area where Luigi's rabbit should be after you have collected all 151 stars you should be able to jump to another ledge above that. That is where Waluigi is go to the end of the ledge jump into the wall and you will end up on the other side of that mirror thing to get Wario after that go into the Waluigi painting fight the rabbit king and you get to play as Waluigi if doesn't work or if you cannot find the other ledge I will show you a video and prove it.


Use the cannon at the start of the Bob-omb Battlefield level to launch Mario into the sky as far to the left and as far down as possible. When Mario is up in the sky and falling control his movements to scout the level. When you do this you will lose half of your health from the fall but this can be prevented by ground-pounding just before you land.

Unlock Mini-Games in the Rec Room

What you basically have to do is catch the indicated number of rabbits with the character whose mini-game you want to unlock.


Sort Or 'Splode: 1 rabbit.

Trampoline Time: 2 rabbits.

Shuffle Shell: 3 rabbits.

Bounce and Trounce: 4 rabbits.

Connect the Characters: 5 rabbits.

Shell Smash: 6 rabbits.

Trampoline Terror: 7 rabbits.


Coincentration: 1 rabbit.

Bingo Ball: 2 rabbits.

Psyche Out!: 3 rabbits.

Slots Shot: 4 rabbits.

Lakitu Launch: 5 rabbits.

Intense Coincentration: 6 rabbits.

Giant Snowball Slalom: 7 rabbits.


Hide And Boo Seek: 1 rabbit.

Puzzle Panel..

Lots of Free Lives:

As anyone except Yoshi go into the hazy maze on level 6 and proceed through it until you see a red block. Hit it, grab the mushroom, and turn the corner. Then keep running in circles right over the holes the moles pop out of and keep killing them until you have the desired amount of lives.

1-Up Butterflies

Punch the butterflies in either Whomp's Fortress, Tiny-Huge Island, or Bomb-Omb Battlefield. Sometimes though they turn into enemies but overall it's worth taking the chance.

How to get waluigi. as luigi with 150 stars.

2.get on top of the castle.

3.get the power flower.

4.while you're invisible shoot yourself into princess peaches painting and go get the power flower go in the mirror and you see a big piranah plant.go grab a bombomb and hit the plant and you see a waluigi key grab it and you get access to waluigi.

? Blocks solid

After you get some stars you will see some light coming from the roof. Use your camera angle to look up at the light and you will come to the place.

Note: there is red coins so try to collect 8 and you will get a star


Play as luigi:

get the power flower in the mirror room

go through the mirror

go trough the door

hey presto the white room is all yours

NOTE:there is a star in there

Star Bonus

When you have collected ALL 150 Stars go outside the castle and climb inside the cannon opening that is located where the grating was near the Fish Pond and aim to land on the roof of the castle. Doing this will earn you 3 lives and a red block for flying Mario if you have his wing cap from Multiplayer (Battle Fort). If you attempt this with Luigi you will unlock his last mini game.

How to get Mario,Luigi,and Wario.

Mario:Get 8 stars and enter his painting. (Easy

Luigi:Go to Big boo's haunt and go upstairs and get into the 2nd door or 3rd (i forgot) then float up to the 3rd floor and jump into the painting.Follow king boo's voice (Super Anoying

Wario: Go to where Luigi's fake painting is(NEED TO BE LUIGI!!!!) then get the flower and go into Wario's pic.


Avoid Falling Damage

If done correctly you can avoid losing health when you fall from a high location by executing the ground pound just before landing on the ground.

A connon outside of the castle?!

There is, believe it or not, a cannon outside of the castle that you can unlock after collecting all 150 stars. The cannon is located by the lake by the steep sandy hill off to the left when you're facing away from the castle. The cannon can be used to blast yourself to the Castle roof, where you can find one of Luigi's minigame bunnies.

Unlimited hats

In the snow level (in the mirror room) go get your hat blown off by the big snowman. (it's easier if you are Wario) Go down to the ground; then find the snowman that has your hat on. If you are Wario you can just punch the snowman, but if you are any other character you have to go get the box that's in the corner. Kill the snowman and get your hat back. Repeat the steps above and once you punch the snowman, he will drop twice as many hats as the last time you did it. Smile

Black Square

Ok, go to the title screen and go to the file screen. Look at the right side of the castle and note the black square. Go on any file, then go exactly where you saw it and BOOM! It's gone! Rumors say that if you hit the invisible box, you get Waluigi. I don't believe this.

Easy coins

Instead of ground pounding the wooden posts that you c in various levels just run around them 3 times and they will give you five coins this method is much faster then the other.

Super Luigi Dude's Guide to Luigi

Hi.Lots of people keep saying "HOW DO I GET THE GREEN LITTLE MIDGET??!!?!?!?!"Well first of all,he is Luigi not a midget.When you go to the mirror room Luigi's pic will be solid.Don't be fooled because that is BIG FAT PLUMP WARIO!!!!So go to big boo's haunt AKA:BOO LEVEL IN BACK GARDEN and you need to get the 1st star so you unlock the 2nd floor.Once you are on the 2nd floor you will go to the last door on the right and you will need to be Mario and get the flower and float up to the 3rd floor and jump into the painting.IT'S REAL!!!Now you will here king boo's voice follow it to get to the final room where there is a hole to where king boo is.

Go kick some boo butt!

Moon Jumping & Sleepy Heads

I just got this game and I unlocked Moon Jumping amd I'll show you how to do it. First get all 150 stars then go to Tall, Tall Mountain there should be a monkey in a crack of the mountain he will take your cap (make you play as somebody with a cap) grab the monkey and he will gived it back run and jump 3 times off the edge you should die or get shot back to where the pink bomb with hands is at if you died try this again. Complete the level then play as Luigi when you jump hold B you float in the air.

to make your charcters to go to sleep stay in ine area for a long time they go to sleep later.

Endless walk in the air

(To do this glitch you need a action replay with the moon jump code)

Go to any level (this dosen't work in the castle grounds) then you must start running the jump then when in the air press L left or right then they will be stuck in a walking are running position floating around , or not moving your legs floating around, that makes you invincable. You then can go almost anywhere like up slopes. BYE!

How to avoid fall damage

Here are some neat tricks to avoid that annoying fall damage.

1. If you are Yoshi, use the flutter kick by pressing B. If you do this at the right time, you should be well unharmed. Needs practice though.

2. If you are Luigi, try to scuttle by pressing B. If you do this at the right time, you should be well unharmed. Needs practice as flutter kick.

3. If you are Mario, try to slide aginst the wall but without wall jump.

4. Press A. You will either slide, or do a jump kick. Either of these will work. Doesn't work on Yoshi though.

5. Use the ground-pound at the right time.

6. Try to land into water if possible. The water will prevent fall damage.

7. Try to avoid enemies that will throw you away from a high place (such as those strange small bulldoze..


When you are playing, press start and close your ds. Then, listen to what mario says.

Boxing Yoshi

Be Yoshi go to the 4th star on Bob-omb battlefield. Suck up a black Bob-omb, spit it at one of the boxes after the leaning bridge. A mega mushroom will likely come out of the box. Make Yoshi get the mega mushroom he will become giant and will be able to punch and kick.

Angry penguin

To do the cheat, go to cool cool mountain and get to that place where the baby penguin is (jump on the hut in the beginning and climb a ledge after that) then take the baby and deliver it to the mother penguin. She should give you a star but don't take it. Take the bany penguin after the delivery and the mother penguin should look angry and walk towards you.

Have fun! Smile

Cube egg

Use Yoshi. Go to a world where there are these small brown boxes that can be carried around (for example, Shifting sand land, but I recognized it at snowmans land). Get to a brown box and swallow it. Don't spit it out. Lay an egg by pressing R and hey presto, a cube-shaped egg. Smile Have fun time! By: Doctor Dominic

Beating Bosses

Big BaBomb on the Summit: Pick up a babomb and throw it at the Big Babomb. Do this repeatedly.

Big BaBomb's revenge: Go behind big Babomb, pick him up and throw him But not off the stage.

Chip off Womp's Block: Get in front of Womp. Wait till he tries to smash you. Hop on his back and ground pound him.

Bowser in the Dark World: Go to the edge of the ring

wait till Bowser spits fire at you. Go behind Bowser. Pick him up and throw him at the spiky ball.

Boil the Big Bully: Go behind big bully and punch him. Do this until he is off the stage.

Bowser in the Lava Sea: Go to the edge of the stage, wait till he runs after you, do a backflip over Bowser's head, pick Bowser up, throw him at the spiky ball.

Bowser in the Sky: Go the edge..

The ? mark block

You can only get it when in the hall you see a light u have to look up by pressing x then pressing up.when You transport there you have to fly down to the botten and press it(you need mario)

Unlock red ! Boxes

After you have about 12 to 16 stars, there will be a light shining in the main hall. As Mario, press x until you are in 1st person view, then press the up arrow and look at the sun and you will be warped to the rainbow tower. You will be flying, fly down to the landing and jump on the red switch and all the red ! Boxes in the courses will be solid! Also while you are still in the rainbow tower triple jump to fly and try collecting all 8 red coins to get a bonus power star! You don't have to though, also if you fall you wont die! Have fun with the special powers!

Fight Bowser with anyone

I'm not sure if only I've noticed but after you beat any Bowser level with Mario, you can go back and fight him with anybody!

Have 100 lives

I've recently discovered a cheat to get 100 lives.

You have to go to the Hazy maze cave as Luigi (easier) and go to the toxic maze. Break the red ! Box to become invisible (and become immune to the toxic maxe). Find a place with two moles one beside each others.

Look around and find a brick box on a corner. Break it. You will get a Red Mushroom, take it and you will become very big.

Go back to the two moles and keep walking on them, and you should earn around 20-25 lives this way.

Throwing signs

To Throw signs,you need to play as wario.

Then go behind a sign & press the "A" button,then press "A" again to throw

The sign in any direction you want.


On Cold, Cold Mountain go in the cabin and do the slide. When there is a ice wall next to you there should be a few coins, follow them and you'll end up in a shortcut.

Cautions: Do not use this cheat while racing the penguin. He'll say you cheated.

Cheat is 100% safe.


If you hav the moon jump cheat,press up+B to go up really fast!

How to avoid drowning

If you are going to a level what has pretty much water in it (for example, jolly roger bay or dire dire docks) use Luigi. Luigi is very fast swimmer and can swim back to surface without any trouble. But if you're using someone else, and you're low on power (swimming underwater depletes your power meter slowly) try to get some coins or press start and choose to exit course. Coins will increase your power meter quickly, and you can rise to surface.

Hope I helped with this!

Princess's Secret Slide Cool thing

You don't need action replay for this cool thing.

Do you want to get that star that is really hard to get because you need to finish it withing 20 seconds? Well, here's how to do it! Go to the slide (as anyone) and go down past the wall. Now, as soon as the wall ends (the yellow one, not the brick one) jump down to the platform underneath and do a ground-pound (butt-slam) and that should cut bout 3 seconds off your time. If you don't ground pound then you will actually GAIN 3 seconds! So do a butt-slam just before you hit the ground. It's not really a cheat but I though it was really cool.


Snowmans big head

to get to the snow mans head first get any other star in the area exept for the one on his head after you have done that exit the stage and start it again but this time dont click on snowmans big head click on the other star you got and start the stage.When you start the stage climb alll the trees and you will find an eagle on one tree if you get to the top of the tree.You can use the eagle to fly to the top of his and get the star

Luigi's rabbit

Go into boos garden and when you're still at the door run to the fountain then triple jump in the direction of the door you just came out of if you are luigi there will be a small room with a rabbit in it!

Two Big Bully battles at a time

Go to lethal lava land as anyone and go to the platform where there are three Bullies. Kill them and you'll battle a Big Bully. Kill him too and jump on the moving platform what will take you to a platform where another Big Bully is. Kill him, and take either star you like. You can call yourself a Big Bully Killer after that. ;)

How to unlock luigi

First as Mario go through the wooden door in side the castle on the bottom. You will see a big boo fly away through another wooden door, follow it. Go in the door and there will be a lot of small boo's, there will also be a big one. Punch it and a cage will appear go next to it and you will go in. You will have to get the first star to unlock the stairs to go up to the second floor. After you have unlocked the stairs, climb them and go into the room with the books. You will have had to unlock the red ! Boxes. Jump up and collect the power flower to inflate with air and press B until you see a platform with a door. After you have deflated, go in the door. You will see a painting with Luigi on it, jump into it. You will hear laughter, follow the laughter. You will come to a room with a bi..

Glitch in Battle Fort (this glitch is on VS only so you have to

First grab the wario hat and grab your opponent with the A button after you knock them down by punching then, after you grab them take tham to the edge of Battle fort were the red brick wall is keep on throwing them and kicking them on the wall.

? Boxes

If you go into the main hall you will see a mat stand on the mat with mario and go into first persons view (press z). The look up to the light you will need more than eight stars to do this but when you look into the light you will be in another level. Go to the middle castle in this level and activate the ? Switch, then go over every level and there will be extra boxes.

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