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Super Mario 64 DS Pack Shot

Super Mario 64 DS


Super Mario 64 DS Enemies & Bosses Guide

by Cez

Super Mario 64 DS

Cezís Guide to Enemies

In this game you will encounter a wide variety of enemies. This guide is here to tell you what they are, what they look like, and how to deal with them. Enemies are listed in order of appearance, with notes on what they look like, where theyíre found, how to beat them, and other important details. Enemies are split into two groups; standard enemies and bosses.

Standard Enemies

Goomba: The first enemy youíll find in the game. These brown lumps shouldnít give you two much trouble. Theyíre the most common enemies in the game; there arenít many levels where you wonít find one. They do 1/8 damage, and can be beaten by a simple punch or jump. If youíre Yoshi, they can be eaten and spat out or turned into eggs. Some Goombas may be wearing a Mario, Luigi or Wario cap.

Bob-Omb: These walking bombs come in two flavours; pink and black. The pink ones open cannons, and show you the locations of hats and red coins. Donít worry about them. The black ones, however, are the more troublesome ones. They can be found mainly in Bob-Omb Battlefield, although they do appear in Tick Tock Clock, all three Bowser levels, and some other levels. They can be defeated by throwing or spitting them, or simply by letting them spot you, and running away. They self-destruct after a few seconds of spotting you. Bob-Ombs cannot be turned into eggs.

Koopa Troopa: These turtle enemies are mainly found in Bob-Omb Battlefield and Tiny-Huge Island. One hit will knock them out of their shells, which you can then surf on. Koopa Troopas give up a Blue Coin when defeated.

Chain Chomp: This toothy wrecking ball is invincible, and can only be found in Bob-Omb Battlefield. It can be stunned by hitting it with a Bob-Omb or an egg, and does a massive 3/8 damage with each hit. The only way to get rid of it is to pound down the stake holding it, which will earn you a Star. In the Silver Stars mission, the Chomp escapes, and can be found running wild near the Koopa Troopa. If you get a Super Mushroom, you can kick it around for a while.

Piranha Plant: These carnivorous flowers live on Whompís Fortress and Goomboss Battle. They are usually asleep, and will only attack if you wake them up by running nearby. Sneak up on them and attack, or throw an egg, to beat them. Piranha Plants each cough up a Blue Coin when beaten.

Thwomp: These stone blocks are native to Whompís Fortress and Tick Tock Clock. Despite the spikes, it is perfectly safe to jump on them. They cannot be defeated.

Whomp: As the name suggests, these walking paving slabs live on Whompís Fortress. Run in front of them to make them fall over, then Ground Pound their backs to defeat them.

Bullet Bill: As the name implies, Bullet Bill is a living bullet. Bill lives on Whompís Fortress and Dire Dire Docks. It will follow you for a short time before soaring off in whichever direction it is facing. They can be defeated with a stomp or an egg.

Bullet Bill Launcher: These cannons fire Bullet Bills. They can only be destroyed by using a Super Mushroom, and donít pose any threat on their own. Get to higher ground and youíll be fine.

King Conger: The giant red eel from Jolly Roger Bay. It canít be beaten. To lure it out of its home, swim in front of it. After you get the Star from its tail, it can be found swimming around the bay at all times. Avoid if possible.

Jumping Snowman: These enemies are found on the bridge of Cool Cool Mountain. They bounce along the bridge in a set pattern, and are easy to avoid. They can be defeated with an egg or a blast of fire from Yoshi.

Snowball Snowman: These snowmen are found on Cool Cool Mountain and Snowmanís Land. They throw snowballs with very little accuracy. To defeat them, run around them rapidly, or just hit them with an egg, crate or jet of flame.

Whirlie: The flying flowers in Cool Cool Mountain and Snowmanís Land. Jumping on them launches you into a helicopter spin. They are more of a help than a hindrance.

Lakitu: Not only is he your cameraman, he is also a Spiny-throwing lunatic found in Goomboss Battle and Rainbow Ride. An egg can defeat him, or you can jump at him. You canít ride his cloud, though.

Sparky: Black electric balls found in the Bowser levels, Wet Dry World and Tick Tock Clock. They will orbit a particular spot, making them easy to avoid. They cannot be defeated.

Spitball Sparky: Similar to the Sparky, these black balls shoot fireballs at you. They are found in the same places as Sparky. A quick note; they will not function underwater.

Boo: A shy ghost found in the Castle Courtyard, Big Booís Haunt and Big Boo Battle. They will disappear if you face them. Attack from behind or Ground Pound to beat them. They usually hold Blue Coins, but some will hold Red Coins, and one even hides the entrance to Big Booís Haunt.

Mr I: A giant eyeball found in Big Booís Haunt, Hazy Maze Cave, Lethal Lava Land and Big Boo Battle. It shoots star-shaped rays at you. Run around it quickly to beat it and win a Blue Coin.

Arantula: No, thatís not a typo. This spider is native to Big Booís Haunt and Hazy Maze Cave. One hit should defeat them. They move quickly if they notice you, so attack quickly.

Haunted Piano: The piano in Big Booís Haunt. Once youíve grabbed the Red Coin, it will try to attack. Run away, it canít be beaten.

Haunted Book: The huge toothy books in the libraries of Big Booís Haunt. Hit them before they hit you for a Blue Coin.

Chuckya: The giant purple Bob-Omb look-alikes from Battle Fort, Tall Tall Mountain, Wet Dry World and Bowser in the Sky. Grab them from behind and throw them to defeat them.

Flipper: A clockwork enemy found in Battle Fort, Wet Dry World and Tick Tock Clock. They cannot be defeated, but will flip you into the air if you stand on them. Use them to your advantage.

Bat: These annoying winged critters live in Hazy Maze Cave. Jump-kick them to beat them.

Monty Mole: The brown, rock-throwing moles found in Hazy Maze Cave and Tall Tall Mountain. They canít be defeated, but a punch or jump will knock them out.

Pokey: The cactus enemies from Shifting Sand Land. Punch or throw eggs or crates to knock chunks out of them. Hit the head to beat it.

Fly Guy: The red flying masked enemies found in Shifting Sand Land and Tall Tall Mountain. Like Whirlies, they send you into a helicopter spin if you stomp them. They shoot fireballs too.

Klepto: The condor from Shifting Sand Land, Sunshine Isles and Tiny Huge Island. After you nab the Star itís carrying, it will try to steal your hat. Donít let it, as you take more damage when hatless.

Mummy Thwomp: A bandaged Thwomp found in Shifting Sand Landís pyramid. They will either keep to the same spot or patrol a set route. Easy to avoid, impossible to kill.

Mummy Roller: A bandaged cylinder-like enemy found in the pyramid of Shifting Sand Land. It canít be killed, so avoid it.

Bully: The horned cannonballs found in Lethal Lava Land, Bowser in the Fire Sea, and Chief Chilly Challenge. They cannot actually hurt you, but they can try and push you off the platform you are stood on. Jump on them to push them off the edge, or just ignore them.

Shark: What an inventive name. This enemy is found in Dire Dire Docks. Try and avoid it, because you canít attack underwater.

Water Spider: Another inventive name, these spiders live in Wet Dry World. Stomp on them to defeat them, or punch them if theyíre on dry land.

Monkey: These light-fingered primates live on Tall Tall Mountain, and will steal your hat if you grab them. So donít, obviously. The one at the top gets you a Star of you grab him.

Blowhard: A cloud from Tall Tall Mountain. It will try and blow you off the mountain, so just run straight past it.

Coin purse: These enemies are found in Snowmanís Land, and pose as coins. Ground Pound them before they can escape.

Tiny Piranha: A miniature Piranha Plant found in Tiny Huge Island and Bowser in the Sky. It relies on shooting fireballs for defence. Stomp it before it gets the chance.

Tiny Goomba: These miniature enemies live on Tiny Huge Island, and are even less threatening that usual. They cannot do any damage, and will die if they run into you, so donít worry about it.

Tiny Koopa: A tiny Koopa Troopa found on Tiny Huge Island. Like its Goomba counterpart, it dies if it hits you.

Giant Goomba: A massive Goomba found on Tiny Huge Island. These are more dangerous than usual. Extreme caution advised.

Giant Piranha: An immense Piranha Plant that shoots fireballs. It guards a Star on Tiny Huge Island. Be careful, and jump-kick it in the head.

Giant Chuckya: A bigger-than-usual Chuckya found on Tiny Huge Island. It can throw you even further than usual, so stay away.

Boss Bass: Possibly the most dangerous enemy in the game, this giant Cheep Cheep lives on Tiny Huge Island. It can swim faster than you can, and if it eats you, you die instantly. Keep out of the water at all costs.


King Bob-Omb: The first boss of Bob-Omb Battlefield, this guy is actually two boss fights. The first time, grab the Bob-Ombs he throws and fling them back. Three hits and you win the fight. For the second, grab him from behind and throw him. Donít throw him off the edge, or youíll have to start over. Again, three throws wins the fight for you.

Koopa the Quick: Koopa the Quick can be found in Bob-Omb Battlefield and Tiny Huge Island. On both occasions, you have to race him. The first time is easy: the top of King Bob-Ombís mountain. The second time, the Windswept Valley, is more difficult. Use any shortcuts you can find.

King Whomp: This giant Whomp is the boss of Whompís Fortress. To beat him, simply run in front of him and Ground Pound his back. Repeat three times for a Star.

Giant Penguin: This lump of a bird challenges you to a race in Cool Cool Mountain. He will try to push you off the slide at every opportunity, so stay in front and block him. And donít take any shortcuts, or heíll disqualify you.

Goomboss: This guy is the king of the Goombas, and has captured Mario. When the fight starts, run away from him and circle the arena to get behind him. Eat a Goomba, turn it into an egg and throw it. Repeat the process three times until he gives up Marioís key. He gets bigger every time, and gets more Goombas with each hit. To save a bit of time, Flutter Jump around him, over the purple pond.

Bowser in the Dark World: This Bowser fight is easy. When the battle starts, run behind Bowser and grab his tail. Use the Touch Screen to find the nearest bomb, spin Bowser around, and throw him. If you have bad aim, use small throws to get him closer to the target.

Big Boo 1: This refers to the Big Boo in Big Booís Haunt. When you find him, attack him from behind as you would a regular Boo. He gets smaller and faster each time. Repeat until he is defeated.

Big Boo 2: This battle is the boss fight of Big Boo Battle, where Luigi is held prisoner. Approach the mirror to start the fight. Ground Pound the shadow, making sure Big Boo is visible in the mirror. When he comes out of the mirror, attack from behind to send him back in. Hit the shadow again to get the key to Luigiís room.

Big I: A huge Mr I found in Big Booís Haunt. He packs a bit more of a punch than the regular one, but can be beaten in the same way. Spin him out for a Star.

Rocky Ruins: The giant stone hands that you fight in the pyramid of Shifting Sand Land. When one of the hands opens its eye, punch it. Three hits destroys a hand. Be careful when thereís only one left, as the remaining one will try to push you off the edge. Destroy both hands for a Star.

Big Bully: The boss of Lethal Lava Land, youíll fight this oversized Bully twice. On both occasions, wait at the edge and let him charge at you. Backflip over him and ground pound his back. This should knock him into the lava. You get a Star each time you beat this lump.

Bowser in the Fire Sea: When the battle starts, run away. Bowser will shake the arena, and you can slide off into the lava if youíre not careful. He can also teleport if you get near his tail. Wait near a bomb and let him charge at you. Backflip over his head, grab his tail and lob him at the bomb. Youíll get the key to the second floor.

Wiggler: After draining the lake at the top of Tiny Huge Island, drop down the hole to fight Wiggler. To defeat him, simply Ground Pound his head three times. He gets faster each time you hit him, so try not to play as Wario for this one. Take the Star when heís beaten.

Chief Chilly: This boss may be a little bigger than Big Bully, and a little smarter, but heís easier. Run at him, jump, and Ground Pound him in the face. Heíll slide backwards. Repeat until heís in the water. Heíll shrink the arena a bit, making the fight easier. Knock him in again and he shrinks it some more. One more dunking wins you Warioís key.

Chilly Bully: The boss fight of Snowmanís Land, Chilly Bully is like a smaller, dumber version of Chief Chilly. Use the same tactics as you usually would against a Big Bully; backflip and Ground Pound.

Bowser in the Sky: Here it is. The main event. The grand finale. Bowser is now stronger, faster and smarter than heís ever been. From the start, run away and wait by a bomb. When he charges, backflip over his head and bounce him off the mine. Easy, right? Wrong. He landed on his feet, which means he isnít done yet. Bear in mind that every time you miss, the arena gets smaller, so watch your aim. After another hit, Bowser gets desperate and destroys most of the arena. Watch the touch screen map, and you should see the outline of a Star on the battlefield. Make sure youíre standing in that. When Bowser tries to breathe fire, get behind him and grab his tail. Spin him round, line up a throw, and let him fly. If he hits a bomb, heíll surrender the Big Star. Grab it and enjoy the ending.

Legal Junk

This guide is, for the most part, copyright of Team Chaos. Unfortunately, lawyers are fairly expensive, so Iím not going to sue you if you use this on your own website, print it out, sell it to your friends, or whatever. Go ahead, do what you want with it. Just make sure I get some credit, okay?