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Super Mario 64 DS Pack Shot

Super Mario 64 DS

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how to get waluigi. cheat for Super Mario 64 DS

how to get waluigi. as luigi with 150 stars.
2.get on top of the castle.
3.get the power flower.
4.while you're invisible shoot yourself into princess peaches painting and go get the power flower go in the mirror and you see a big piranah plant.go grab a bombomb and hit the plant and you see a waluigi key grab it and you get access to waluigi.

Added By Guest
Oct 15th 2010, ID#14724


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Nov 1st 2015 Guest
click to reveal
ID #621518
Aug 3rd 2015 superjedi
to prove there is no waluigi I know a couple of cheats my self: go in the front door of the castle
go in the middle of the sun or star on the floor and use the camera by pressing x I think to look
up and you should go to a secret level tip complete the first few levels first get at least 4 or 5 stars first if I could remember it right and one more: get 150 stars and you will unlock a cannon in the back lake were that square drain looking thing is on the small hill...
ID #593309
Aug 3rd 2015 superjedi
there is no waluigi and yes it is a hack because if you watch the you tube vidio of it you could tell
it was a hack because I tryed the princess peach painting thing with every charcter and yes luigi
and I allread have 150 stars I got the cannon I did everything and when I did it I ran right into
the panting of peach nothing happend and trust me I beat the whole game I know...
ID #593308
Jul 7th 2015 Guest
I have a theory but i don't know if it will work, remember when you drain the castle moat and there is a box of black bricks that only wario can break, well do you remember that if you die in the course under it, you return a little ways a way from it in the water anf there is a pit underneath you that you can swim down but it pulls you back up, what if you collect 150 stars then go to the roof and get the power flower and turn into metal wario, what f then you go back to the pit and go down in it, now this is only a theory so it may/may not work.
ID #581300
Jun 25th 2015 Guest
well idk because im never going to get 150 stars its to hard for me but that sounds pretty correct and I do believe he is in the game
ID #575474
Jun 18th 2015 Guest
i try it but when i'm at the mirror i don't see the big flower. Where i the flower?!
ID #572182
Apr 22nd 2015 Guest
Is this a hack?!?!
ID #546437
Apr 8th 2015 Guest
i think its fake
ID #539655
Mar 22nd 2015 Guest
How do i get waluigi?
ID #531838
Mar 15th 2015 Guest
I noticed something... the "black box" is an overhead view of the cannon.
ID #528956
Nov 25th 2014 Guest
Believe it or not, that worked. But when u go into peach's painting, There's a portrait of waluigi. And u have to coplete a whole level before the boss. And the white door we be replaced with Waluigi's door.
ID #476067
Nov 10th 2014 Guest
There is no Waluigi.I've tried for two years(not two straight years)and never found him.Tried every theory and everything.I looked up videos on it and still nothing.The closest proof(possibly fake)is a www.wario video on it.Even then,no got waluigi.If there is,Nintendo would have told us years ago.Even if he is there,make a real lets play video with him for proof.No pictures,no comments,just a video playing as Waluigi.
ID #470074
Oct 26th 2014 Guest
I've been having dreams about Waluigi in SM64DS. One was to ground pound at a certain time when you started a new file, then the black box would be breakable. Another one was to break these weird green bricks in the lobby, like, beside the stairs. Then you'd appear on a mushroom. Collect 7 red coins, then the eighth would appear. Collect that one, and more mushrooms will appear, along with the star. Collect it and you will jump out of a hole with a Waluigi key. The one I had last night was simple. You know the bridge that goes to the castle's door? Stand on the front of the two things that prevent you from falling in the moat and you will hear distant breathing. (By the way, I was Yoshi.) Catch the rabbit in the flowers over by the black box, and he will spit out ANOTHER RABBIT! This rabbit will spit out a key and it will fly far away. Wait a while, then collect 8 red coins in the castle grounds and you will get a Waluigi key. But these are dreams so they probably don't work. By JEC03.
ID #463357
Sep 18th 2014 Guest
No its get 130 stars get Mario Luigi wario and Yoshi then you go to the mirror go to waluigi panting and get his key go to ombobs panting go to chomp and waluigi hat wil come then go to his door that's how you get waluigi
ID #449128
Aug 21st 2014 Guest
I got a problem wish version of super mario 64 I need to chose I got an action replay dsi
ID #439051
Aug 16th 2014 Guest
Como Secón sigue a waluigi en súper Mario 64
ID #437548
Jul 6th 2014 Guest
Listen up, there is in fact a super mario wiki that has a collection called BJAODN (Bad Jokes And Other Deleted Nonsense) and in this collection there is an article about the about the black box and about how it is not true. It gives what the original instructions for getting Waluigi were, so go to the Mario wiki, search BJAODN, and pull up that page. Try the instructions and if they don't work then please help put this rumor to rest, since every set of instructions you can get is bogus. WALUIGI IS NOT IN THIS GAME SO QUIT LYING ABOUT IT!!!!
ID #413327
Jun 20th 2014 Guest
thanx it worked I now have my hands on walaluigi and he is helping me find other easter eggs
ID #403409
Jun 16th 2014 Guest
ID #400399
Jun 9th 2014 Guest
Waluigi is real this answer is FAKE but I saw my friend he had him I asked him how he said "its been too long since I`ve played this game" but he also had pictures the look exactly correct I know you are going to ask me "i don't believe U because U don't have no pics" I just cant find them?
ID #396499
Jun 4th 2014 Guest
@moomoo97 what's the name of the video?
ID #393756
May 30th 2014 Guest
I like to eat MONKEYS!
I like to eat ELEPHANT
ID #391312
May 28th 2014 3DSLoveR64
ID #390142
May 21st 2014 Guest
LET ME TELL YALL SOMETHING, WALUIGI IS FAKE PERIOD! Because yall see PURPLE does not mean he is in the game. If WALUIGI was in the game, his door would probably be by wario. PLUS yall would ALL have the same way to get him. YALL might think i am being rude , but i am not. First of all how would yall know Waluigi was in there? Yall did not design this game. Those people did! Yall would of known he was in there whenever yall first bought that game. HALf of the stuff on youtube is fake. Those fake Waluigi pics persuade you to come to their. THEy do not even have proof of how they did. I bought this game because I am a Mario fan, not because they had hidden characters in it. people these days need to open up their eyes because thier they are looking at fake pictures instead of how they do it. PWADE wrote this comment
ID #386631
Apr 13th 2014 Guest
Iv tried to blast at the painting but it dint work
ID #374391
Apr 12th 2014 Guest
Alright you can question me all you want. You don't need to be a jerk just because you know I am right.
ID #373970
Apr 10th 2014 Guest
to get waluigi get sm64ds and get ar to get waluigi
ID #373395
Apr 6th 2014 Guest
have u even tried it?
ID #372160
Mar 3rd 2014 Guest
I Need Proof For This.
ID #360720
Mar 3rd 2014 Guest
If you look in the corner on peaches secret slide picture it shows a upside down L
ID #360708
Feb 22nd 2014 Guest
His power up is super speed. Unlike you I'm not a hater like who has just given up.
ID #357865
Feb 15th 2014 Guest
if waluigi was real what would his power up be? gotcha there
ID #355331
Feb 5th 2014 Guest
told you guys it works.
ID #352022
Feb 2nd 2014 Guest
it worked

ID #351196
Feb 2nd 2014 Guest
then how come the wrench bar is purple on the main menu
ID #350873
Jan 12th 2014 Guest
waluigi is only in the japan versoin
ID #343094
Jan 6th 2014 Guest
That guy is right read purple prizes now I have him.
ID #340254
Jan 2nd 2014 Guest
You guys are idiots open up your eyes and use the evidence if you have read the Purple ''Prizes'' it clearly states how to get Waluigi it says nothing nothing about a 2d black box or peach painting or you have to be luigi and it says nothing about a pirhana plant. It says "Find all the stars and be the fasts foot racer in the land. Afterwards a secret switch will reveal my door and al that remains is a challenge from the rabbit king for its key" See I have Waluigi. Because I read direcions that were you given to me. While you guys have been looking for stuff that isn't real what so ever. Call me out if you get waluigi. Have Fun!
ID #338250
Jan 1st 2014 Guest
Ok, guys, stop bla bla bla and make a Video of actually showing how to unlock him no exceptions!
ID #337718
Jan 1st 2014 Guest
All right everyone by the comments I see that you guy all want Waluigi in the game. I know this might make some of you mad but Waluigi is not in the game there just saying that so you will buy the game and waste you time trying find something that isn't real. Belive me I have wasted my time all ready just get over it he is not real.
ID #337636
Dec 31st 2013 Guest
Waluigi isnt real =(
ID #336886
Dec 26th 2013 Guest
Guys, Waluigi is real! This is how to get him
1.Be Wario and get in the cannon (Metal Wario)
2.Shoot yourself into the peach painting, but when you bump into it, quickly pause the game, and close your Ds (Don't turn it off)
3.After a few minutes, unpause it, and you'll be in the painting!
4. Once your in, keep walking into the right (or left) corner
5. After you keep walking, you'll find yourself in Piranha Plant Battlefield
6. Go up the mountain, and a giant piranha plant will be waiting there
7. Keep punching it, until it dies.
8. When it dies, the Waluigi key will appear
9. White door turns purple ( not sure if it turns purple, or the door appears somewhere).
ID #334328
Dec 23rd 2013 Guest
I appreciate the effort put into adding this cheat, but this is a hoax and does not work. I have tried it and Luigi cannot enter the portrait even when invisible.
ID #333266
Nov 22nd 2013 Guest
so what is this 2d box? and is it a glitch or not and i did watch a video of that chief chilly thing but it didnt work please help
ID #321134
Nov 13th 2013 Guest
If you don't know, the peach's picture myth is fake. That's where peach comes from after you beat the final boss.
ID #319335
Nov 11th 2013 Guest
There is a version of wikipedia ALL ABOUT MARIO STUFF. On that website, the only thing about Waluigi in SM64DS is that it is an untrue rumor. The "black box" is just a glitch and the purple rabbit in the manual is Mario's rabbit, but they didn't get a good screenshot of it so therefore it looks purple. This thing is the most popular rumor about SM64DS but it isn't true. DO NOT BELIEVE ANY RUMORS ABOUT HIM!!! Many people have posted pictures of Waluigi because they cannot get a video of themselves playing as him. They can't because he isn't in this game. They make fake pictures to try to get everyone to believe that he's in this game. Anyone who says he is is lying. If you say you know how to get him I know your just lying. If you know how to get him, post a video somewhere that shows you unlocking him and then playing a level as him. On another note, every time I try this I always bounce right of the picture and lose power. Thanks for reading!
ID #319022
Sep 29th 2013 MooMoo97
the least stars it takes to get to the roof without AR is 8.

Heres how u need 8 to get mario, then do the tree glitch. u can find how by using youtube.
ID #311739
Sep 29th 2013 MooMoo97

-Ps the n64 one is really good but only works for n64
ID #311736
Sep 29th 2013 MooMoo97
Are u sure that the ar code above works?
ID #311734
Sep 29th 2013 Guest

-sorry hit the caps button didn't mean to (-;
ID #311732