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Super Mario 64 DS Pack Shot

Super Mario 64 DS

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How to play as Waluigi hint for Super Mario 64 DS

How to play as Waluigi

The hardest thing to do is get Waluigi but, if you got him action replay there must be a way to get him. My friend *code name* sexigigas has found something that most people don't expect. In the boo garden go to the door and jump on the ledge you need moon jumping to for action replay jump of the empty area where Luigi's rabbit should be after you have collected all 151 stars you should be able to jump to another ledge above that. That is where Waluigi is go to the end of the ledge jump into the wall and you will end up on the other side of that mirror thing to get Wario after that go into the Waluigi painting fight the rabbit king and you get to play as Waluigi if doesn't work or if you cannot find the other ledge I will show you a video and prove it.

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Feb 9th 2011, ID#15247


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Aug 17th 2015 Guest
ID #599412
May 4th 2015 Guest
Please give a vid then.
ID #551884
Apr 2nd 2015 Guest
I cant find waluigi
ID #536556
Jan 11th 2015 Guest
I found the Waluigi AR code!
ID #500008
Sep 6th 2014 Guest
I need to know these things 1.where is the 151st star 2.will you post a video 3.what is the action replay code for moon jump
ID #445266
Jul 19th 2014 Guest
Hey you the beach in the main door go the water room (don't go in the picture wait ) you see the black box in the right side of the room the black box you can't go in it
ID #421386
Apr 2nd 2015 Guest
I know man I found the 2d black box in the title screen but in the water room you can find it once u talk about that 2d straight angled box i think that your saying its in the water secret level with the 8 red coins.
ID #536560
Jun 18th 2014 Guest
if you read the kids that said r u trying to fool us that person has to get the action replay he does not realize that.
ID #402067
May 16th 2014 Guest
i have 149 stars to collect one more.
ID #384616
May 3rd 2014 Guest
Guys i emailed nintendo and they said WALUIGI IS FAKE SO STOP LOOKING FOR HIM ITS A WASTE OF TIME
ID #380955
Apr 13th 2014 Guest
Youre so gullible, tall purple one isnt in this game
ID #374296
Feb 16th 2014 Guest
Got him (not really)
ID #355561
Jan 22nd 2014 Guest
1you get all 150 stars 2 go to the mirror room with luigi 3 get the power flower to the left corner bottem
4 get the powerflower top of the left corner 5 get the powerflower right corner top 6 jump in wario's picture 7 get EVERY COINS IN WARIO'S LEVEL (THAT IS 79 COINS) 8 after you see you the wario cap and jump in the hole to cheef chilly 9 kick him and he will lose coins 10 that will be 100 coins and the red mushroom will appear 11 now beat cheef chilly you big and you will com in the mirror room 13 wait few hours and go to the witte door and you see the Waluigi door enter the door and you will com in a negative world
ID #346709
Jan 22nd 2014 Guest
1 so the Waluigi picture is the pictureto the stairs top floor
2 jump in and you will com to the boss the piranah plant.
ID #346700
Jan 20th 2014 Guest
i dont no how to get WALUIGI
ID #346081
Nov 24th 2013 Guest
Waluigi is in the japan version but there has to be a ar code
ID #321725
Nov 16th 2013 Guest
get luigi get the power flower on top of castle get invisible shoot thru peaches picture
ID #319842
Oct 28th 2013 Guest
hi my name is Tristan im 11 and i have 139 stars
i know how to get on top of the castle with MAMA LUIGI. (no Action Replay cheat code needed)I also know how to swim in water under the ground(no Action Replay cheat code used either).its very simple.[spoiler][/spoiler]<-(kind of a spoiler).
ID #316813
Oct 25th 2013 Guest
Cheaf Chilly is in Wario's poster.
ID #316205
Sep 6th 2013 Guest
OH WELL...[b][/b] ran away from home
ID #308476
May 15th 2013 Guest
um where is this video but if there is no video then he's FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
ID #282973
May 11th 2013 Guest
Can't you tell he's lying? Waluigi is absolutely NOT in Super Mario 64 DS. There, I said it. He is NOT in this game.
ID #281961
Apr 18th 2013 Guest
i have 240 stars
ID #275419
Apr 4th 2013 Guest
It's a myth you need to use a code or go through your life,without even a slightest bit of purple.
ID #270539
Mar 30th 2013 Guest
i have dstt so i can cheat
ID #268761
Mar 9th 2013 Guest
If you have an action replay, you can surely add codes to get more stars.
ID #262173
Feb 7th 2013 Guest
There are only 150 stars
ID #251440
Jan 28th 2013 Marioman1035
I have 151 stars. You have to type in a certain code and talk to a toad and he will give you a star + if you go to test room 2 and have the infinite coins code on and collect a coin you will get 3 stars so there are 154 plus that one that is hard to get that that toad has in tick tock clock so that would be 155 stars in the game!
ID #247430
Jan 24th 2013 Guest
i got 156 stars by action replay and i still cant find Waluigi
ID #246090
Jan 13th 2013 Guest
y don't u show us the video to prove it!
ID #242256
Jan 3rd 2013 Guest
now i have 152 stars
ID #236287
Dec 29th 2012 Guest
hi my name is joey and i have 144 stars
ID #231277
Dec 23rd 2012 I want Waluigi!!!!!
Look, to get Waluigi, you only have to defeat Chief Chilly with Yoshi?
ID #226995
Dec 18th 2012 SonicMan77
I have 150 stars so I need 1 more
ID #223886
Oct 26th 2012 Guest
I know how to go through mirror with yoshi but u need ar. As soon as you open the door with the mirror, hold moon jump and that will take u above the room where there is pitch black. Keep holding jump and u will see a mirror reflection of urself. Go forward all the way till u pass the mirror u and u will here the music lullaby or waterer. Let go of jump and u will fall all the way back down on the mirror side of the room.
ID #201474
Oct 26th 2012 Guest
There is no purple rabbit cmon ok im not 100 shure have a goo
ID #201384
Sep 5th 2012 Guest
ID #183624
Aug 25th 2012 Guest
yes u can get him but Iam unsure how to I think you need 120 stars and then go to the mirror room with luigi and get the power flower go though the mirror and go to the wario painting thats all I know
ID #180080
Aug 12th 2012 Guest
for all that are looking for chief chilly:
You have to fight it to get access to Wario... It isn't in cool cool mountain or any other level... You need to have Luigi, when you have luigi you have to go to the mirror room and turn invisible with the flower that shows up when you have luigi, go in the Picture on the other side of the Mirror, the picture with Wario, finish the level and wario is yours, if you want to get a new star access the Door in the other side of the mirror... If you don't know where Luigi is go with Mario to the Boo Garden defeat the Big Boo go to the level go to the second floor of the level and enter the room at the right, jump on the red Block and then jump in a place with a door right in front of the block, there will be a Luigi picture enter it and luigi is yours... Enjoy...
About Waluigi... I don't know, I think he doesn't exist int he game... I really like him and it is sad that you can't have him... But enjoy Mario, Luigi, Wario and Yoshy...
ID #175234
Aug 6th 2012 Guest
I DID IT! go on the third floor of the castel and go to the clock lvl then go to the toad on the right
[ ]
[ ]
ID #172932
Aug 5th 2012 Guest
I have 173 stars and tried this. it is fake. (stars obtained be ar)
ID #172446
Jul 28th 2012 Guest
to get 151 stars get action replay enable test map 1 (or 2) then get the star there then do what that guy said

problem solved

hope this helped :D
ID #169381
Jul 20th 2012 Guest
chef chilly is not in cool cool mountain or snowmans land he is in the wario painting and the thing about waluigi in super mario 64 ds it is FAKE i think you can only get him apparently on a action replay. Also even though it says on the back of the super mario 64 ds cover that there is 150 stars i got 151 stars! so it may not work the first time but after geting 150 stars go to the toad next to the tick tock clock level with luigi, talk to him and you have 151 stars!
ID #166710
Jul 16th 2012 Guest
i cant get him it always freezes.
ID #165043
Jul 15th 2012 Guest
hes in the japan version
in that version theirs 151 stars happy everyone!?!?!?!?
ID #164487
Jul 6th 2012 Guest
in super mario 64 i dont think there is waluigi but there is wario
ID #161088
Jul 2nd 2012 Guest
I have ALL stars !!!!!!!no 151 star!!!!!!!!no waluigi !!!!!!!! :(
ID #159564
Jun 26th 2012 Guest
Tell me to things. 1 how do you get 151stars? 2 how do you find the bunny? Tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #157292
Jun 23rd 2012 Guest
He's obviously trolling.
The only way you can play as Waluigi in SM64DS is by hacking him in. Don't ask me for the code, I'm trying to find it.
I think Nintendo may have planned him at one point, which explains the purple bunny in the Instruction Booklet, but ultimately, like multiplayer adventure mode, it got scrapped.
ID #156076
Jun 20th 2012 Guest
i have 128 stars but i cant find the rest of the stars i checked almost the whole castle but i cant to find the rest of the stars to find waluigi!it's so hard!
ID #154719
Jun 19th 2012 Guest
Everybody! I have an idea! Maybe u only Unlock Waluigi with Luigi or Wario. Cause Waluigi dosen't realy know Yoshi, and Mario is Wario's rival so just unlock him with Luigi or Wario.
ID #154482