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A Place to Train Level 40's through 60's

Question asked by Absol Master14 on
Last Modified:

A Place to Train Level 40's through 60's

I am pretty good about find areas to train my Pokemon at most every level, but I never seem to know where to train it once it hits about level 45. I used to train my level 50's and 60's in the Elite Four, but they are way too strong for that now. (They have from High 60's to high 70's now!) If someone could tell me a good place to train Mid 40's to High 50's in level, I would really appreciate it.
Thanks in advance!

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Pokemon Platinum Guide
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lezky777 answered:

Try victory road and after the elite four I ussually go to rt 225,226,227,and stark mountain.

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Guest said: 6th Sep 2017 | REPORT
my highest is 92 infernape
Guest said: 16th Sep 2017 | REPORT
Routes 225, 226, 228, 229, stark mountain and 230
Guest said: 22nd Oct 2018 | REPORT
That’s not true
Guest said: 9th Apr 2020 | REPORT
My pokemon are from 32-47 after beating all gyms
Cynder-Spyro answered:

If you can pay for it you can use the day care because every step is 1 exp point but you could always use an exp share on one at a time using you strong Pokemon to battle the elite four.

Elekidfan3797 answered:

Well once it hits 45 you could train at iron island or mt coronet or the one resturaunt at the hotel and on the route above solaceon town

Trainer Saphire answered:

Sendoff Spring, The Lakeside Restaurant, Victory Road or sometimes the route to Sunnyshore.

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Guest said: 24th Mar 2011 | REPORT
i use these on my tangrowth because floatzel gives high experience and their 35 45
earth bound fan answered:

The top traner cafa

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Guest said: 25th Oct 2010 | REPORT
train at victory road or sunyshore
Guest answered:

Route 223; Tetacruel lvl 30-39 gives around 950 to 1100xp and lvl 40 to 50 gives 1200 to 1750xp or a lil more.

Also dodge every other pokemons but if you see lvl 43-50 pelipepper their fine; lvl 43 gives 1006xp and lvl 50 gives 1350xp

Start from there, then stark mountain with all the lvl 50 pokemon wich all gives 1000xp but are a lil more work to do on them.

After that the resting area in the lil house to rebattle the gym leaders.

Then whenever your ready redo the elite four until you die Smile


1. After battling all the gym leaders in the house in the resting area...
2. Get out of the house
4. Turn off the DS
5. Turn on the DS
6. Put the time to 23:59
7. Save the time then turn off the DS
8. Quickly open the DS to start up Pokemon
9. Wait until its 00:00 IN THE POKEMON GAME
10. Go back inside the house
11. Battle the gym leader
12. Restart from point 2.

Its a bit of a work out but hey, you don't have to SEARCH for trainers to duel nor do you have to HUNT a SPECIFIC pokemon in its SPECIFIC area at its SPECIFIC level to gain that SPECIFIC exp.... Also the money.

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Guest said: 14th May 2015 | REPORT
battle gayradoes a evel 30 gyrados give 2000xp
Guest said: 15th Jan 2018 | REPORT
how about lvl. 10 shinx i have 6 gym badges should i use exp. share on shinx?
Guest said: 21st Apr 2018 | REPORT
I cannot find a place to train my lvl 46 Bastiodon, so i can use him to beat the elite 4.
Guest answered:

Make Sure that you have at least one strong pokemon around level 85 and verus the Elite Four with lots of Hyper Potions and Revives

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yuop said: 21st Apr 2018 | REPORT
Guest answered:

basicly i think the best place to trian is at snowpoint city if you have already been and ave a flying type withe the TM fly use that and train any pokemon until it reaches level 50 then go so sunnyshore city and train until 1 of you're pokemon reach lvl 70 then go the fight area and train there Smile

happy leveling Smile gd luk

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Guest said: 27th Jul 2015 | REPORT
or use the versus seeker
Guest said: 15th Aug 2015 | REPORT
Fly is a HM
Guest said: 12th Mar 2018 | REPORT
acc in gen 7 its a tm XD
Guest said: 3rd Jun 2018 | REPORT
but this is about pokemon platinum so it's an HM
Guest answered:

i think that a good place to train is where the route where the crazy dude is who wants you to get unknowns, near him there is a woman who has 3 wormadams each time u beat one of them you get about 750xp i would recomend it for lvl 30 to 45

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Guest said: 28th Mar 2018 | REPORT
Unowns, and the wormadams do give good XP
Guest answered:

[b]Actually a good thing to do to train is go to victory road and put on a max repel and then run around the only pokemon that appear with the max repel on are really tough pokemon like lvl. 50's and higher.
if you go to the water route there would be lvl 50 and higher tentacruel that would be easy to train for your electric and grass types.

Guest answered:

THe best place would be going to the place where you were in that level for example if i want to train lvl 60s i would see the slosest place to my level and rebattle ppl using the vs skker also go and bttl with the girl in the cave that is blocked by the fatguy near the end of victory road there will be a girl team up with her she heals u after every battle so battle all the trainers and the wilds wvwn though they are hard itll give good xp to low lvls like 50 and you will be healed after every battle with the gril so i suggest u stay with her for a whilwe before u lead her to the ext because shell never come bak

Guest answered:

First go to sunyshore city,then spray a max repel then surf on the route that leads you to the waterfall that leads to victory road.Mostly level 45 to 50 pellipers and tentacruels will come.You will get double the exp points if the pokemon that you want to train is holding the exp share,and is first in your party.

Hope I made senseSmile.

Guest answered:

victory road for a staraptor for sure cause MOST pokemon are either fighting (flying moves) and rock (close combat) and train electrics on the surf route just before victory road Smile

Guest answered:

If you have pokemon platinum you should go in the elite four for several times and the people in the elite four would have even stronger pokemon
Pokemon level would be in between 57~76
Hope I helped!

Guest answered:

Train your pokemon up at 226,227,228 and spark mountain and do t take buck or bill or whatever his name is to the end keep doing double battles on the wild pokemon and if a Munro or slugma comes run there a waste of pp follow this and your pokemon will be just like mine and all my mates powerful and awsome

Guest answered:

meh i justtrained at elite four till i got my lvl 100 dialga it works

Guest answered:

For electric types, If you're far into the game. Have a pokemon with surf, and a electric pokemon.Luxray,Zapdos,Electrivire,Etc,etc.

Flying times, I would go underneath Victory Road and keep staying there Intil a while.

Fire times, I would highlyyyy Recommend using fire times, since there's alotttt of grass and flying types. Trade it just before you get to sunyshore city.


Guest answered:

iron island! the pokemon there are level 40-70!plus you can also obtain riolu there and train it up with high enough friendship to make it evolve to lucario.

p.s- lucario is a ledgendary pokemon and his strongest attack is aura sphere.

signed-pokefan stephen.

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Guest said: 18th Sep 2011 | REPORT
Um... Truth is Lucario is not a Legendary: 1) It has a pre-evolution, 2) It is given to you with or WITHOUT Dialga/Palkia/Giratina being caught. ( I got the egg from Riley without catching Giratina.) and 3) Riley has one too.
Guest said: 20th Mar 2012 | REPORT
as much as want Lucario as a legendary pokemon, it's not, and plus he can learn much more stronger attacks than aura sphere, although, aura sphere is AWESOME!
Guest said: 9th Sep 2016 | REPORT
Lol tru
Guest said: 28th Oct 2016 | REPORT
I actually got my riolu like four days ago
Guest answered:

the best place is to jst train after national dex is all the way in the battle facitlies and the survial area and stark mountain and in the cafe where all the gym leaders are at those are porbally the best places to train proball the best to train throughtout the story line os snow point and at furego iron works

Guest answered:

Try Sunyshore or around those areas =)

Guest answered:

Since I don't mind grinding, (Continually training hard and getting small exp), I can train level 30-35's to level 50 at iron island and then to 70 at victory road. Only problem then is if the Pokemon you use is not effective against the types found there.

Guest answered:

Well, try training in Victory Road, or the Route before victory oad. After te Elite Four the Top Trainer Cafe and Stark Mountain. PS. Give the Pokemon your training the Exp. Share for double Exp. Points. I hope I helped !

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Guest said: 15th Aug 2015 | REPORT
that doesn't work the exp. share thing
Guest answered:

Hey guys your forgetting something snowpoint temple it has a good place to train and a legendery to be captured if you have regice,registeel and regirock.

Or you could try stark mountiun with a legendery, team galatic,strong Pokemon and strong trainers

Guest answered:

Haiz.... Its easy. Go to left of sunyshore road and use vs seeker on the fishermen, and other trainers best you go there at night cause the police will also be affected

Guest answered:

I have put together a list of places to try with Pokemon types recommended for that spot so try these:
Late 50's
Route 230-Grass, Electric, Ground
Route 222-Grass, Rock, Flying
Route 226-Grass, Electric, Ground
Route 225-Flying, Rock, Fire
Route 227
Route 229
Route 228-Water, Electric, Grass
Stark Mountain-Water, Rock
Early 50's
Route 218-Grass, Rock, Flying
Route 217-Fire, Rock, Water
Iron Island- Grass, Water, Fighting
Late 40's
Route 216-Fire, Rock, Water
Sendoff Spring
Route 223- Grass, Electric, Steel, Ground
I hope I've helped.

Guest answered:

I make my Pokemon fight stronger wild Pokemon like I make my Giritina (level 59) fight like level 70 pokemon. If they are about to faint switch pokemon. For instance I am fighting with my giritina and it is about to faint I switch to my Empolion (level 79) and empolion defeats the enemy. You don't need empolion and giritina for this!

P.s. You can also use secret candy!

Guest answered:

1.For electric Types I think the best place is Rt. 222 where those fishermen are situated down below...

Fisherman Cole has two gyradoses and both of 'em yield perfect experience for electric types...

2.For Water/ Fire Types Route 206 South of the Wayward Cave..

Hiker Anthony has two Steelixes which yield terrific exp.. (after beating at least first seven gyms)

3.For Ground/Rock/Water Route 210 South.. Just as you go up from Solacean Town..

???? (name not known xP) - One Ponyta.. One Rapidash (yields speed EVs quite easily)

Hope it helped..

Guest answered:

Try mt.silver it worked for me.

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Guest said: 5th Feb 2013 | REPORT
that is pokemon soul silver and heart gold last time i checked
Guest said: 15th Aug 2015 | REPORT
mt. silver? WRONG GAME!!!
Guest answered:

I say for the eletric gym if you have some Pokemon under level 40 you go train at iron island. I am at the 8 gym so this would be helpful for me.



Guest answered:

I suggest any of these places to train level 40 - 60 Pokémon:

Victory Road
Stark Mountain
Route 227
Route 228
Route 229
Route 230
Route 224
Route 225
Route 226

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Guest said: 8th Feb 2012 | REPORT
Survival Area is another place, and so is Resort Area.
Guest answered:

I would reccommend either iron island or Victory road. I am just about to go on Pokemon platinum, and I am training in victory road. If you got past victory road, you must not have deafeated all the trainers there, so I suppose you should take a look around from the beginning maybe? However, iron island and Victory road aren't that great for electric types, like my luxray. So for electric types, you could try the grass around sunnyshore. I really do hope I helped Smile

KnockEmDead1996 answered:

Iron Island and Mt. Coronet are a few good places to train your Pokemon.

georgejason98 answered:

I think a good place to train is in victory road. Fly to the end of victory road, then surf and waterfall down till you get in the end of V.R. Then battle wild pokemon. If you want some easier Pokemon, go towards the begining. Also, if you go right outside of Hearthome city on your way to Soloceon town, the patch of grass right above could hold a chansey. Catch a few to try to get a lucky egg. Lucky eggs give you move exp at the end of a battle, and if another Pokemon has an exp share, you get a lot of exp for each.

Guest answered:

The grass just before canalave city, gabite 35-50 2 hours before 6th gym

Guest answered:

Stark mountain is pretty good with buck just use a water type with surf and kill them all in one shot seldom the fisherman before sunny shore and the fisherman at the far side of the headges before canalave is good too hope I helped 😉

ACE_DeathPlayer answered:

Stark Mountain works but I usually use that place before sunnyshore.

Guest answered:

Left Side of Groment city. The first patch of grass you see.when you enter the sandstorm and look for Hippopotas just dodge the others it a lvl 30 hippopotas gives about 1500 xp and it's easy to 1hit due to hipppopotas has low defense. Which is easy a lvl 20 hippopotas gives 1000xp so it's really worth.

Guest answered:

When you first go to Iron Island, don't complete it all the way through. Start destroying random Pokemon together with Riley until everyone in your team hits the low 60's (after that training took too long for me to be still worth it)

If you want a lucario, you're out of luck this way though, unless you have a friend who's willing to give you one.

Guest answered:

I like to train my water types in the mountain on victory road or any other types in the grass patches outside it unfortunantly I have never been able to get the nat dex bedore the elite four so I can't train there

Guest answered:

Well, I trained at Route 223, because of the Tentacrual's in the low 50s. Or you could just grind in Mt Coronet or Victory Road. Be sure to use the Lucky Egg though! It helps a ton.

Guest answered:

I'm in victory road are my levels good

Infernape lv 51
Luxray Lv 50
Lucario lv 45
Gallade lv 45
Giratina lv 50
Rhydon lv 43

Guest answered:

On route 222, there is a fisherman, he is close to the little girl with the floating thing. He has 2 gyaradoses level 43, and 1 remoraid level 40, each gyarados giving approximately 2000 exp. And the remoraid giving 666 exp, just jeep useing vs seeker on him,
I personaly think that it's the quickest way throug trainer battels. But there is also Victor road, wich also is a good option.


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