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Weapon Locations

NieR: AUTOMATA Walkthrough and Guide by Mogg1342
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Weapon Locations

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Here is a complete list of where to find every weapon in the game. A necessary first step in a completionist's quest to unlock the Inorganic Blade trophy.

Small Swords

(01.) Virtuous Contract - 2B's default weapon.
(02.) Cruel Oath - 9S's default weapon.
(03.) Beastbane - Purchase from Resistance Camp weapons trader.
(04.) Ancient Overlord - Purchase from Resistance Camp weapons trader.
(05.) Machine Sword - Purchase from Machine Village weapons trader.
(06.) Type-3 Sword - Purchase from Davola and Papola's shop at the Resistance Camp.
(07.) YoRHA-issue Blade - Reward for completing sidequest: 11B's Memento.
(08.) Type-40 Sword - Reward for completing sidequest: Find a Present (Route A only).

(09.) Iron Pipe - Found through fishing in the sewers of the City Ruins.

(10.) Phoenix Dagger - In chest at bottom of canyon during sidequest: Lord of the Valley.

(11.) Engine Blade - When escaping from the Abandoned Factory with Pascal in Route A, move through the facility until you spot a break in the railing. Go left along the the top-side of the press machine here and enter the room at the end. The weapon is in one of the item boxes.

(12.) Faith - Found in a chest inside the Soul Box (Flooded City) Resource Unit (Route C).

(13.) Cypress Stick - In a chest on top of one of the massive arches outside the Forest Castle. Find a toppled pillar and use it to reach the upright ones, then carefully traverse to the top of the archway at the other end.

Large Swords

(01.) Beastlord - Purchase from Resistance Camp weapons trader.
(02.) Machine Axe - Purchase from Machine Village weapons trader.
(03.) Type-3 Blade - Purchase from Davola and Papola's shop at the Resistance Camp.
(04.) Type-40 Blade - Reward for completing sidequest: Data Analysis Freak 2 (Route B Only).

(05.) Virtuous Treaty - Found in the Abandoned Factory. At the edge of the collapsed bridge where you battled Engels during the prologue chapter of Route A.

(06.) Phoenix Sword - In a locked chest on the building where 2B and 9S land when they arrive at the City Ruins for the first time (Route B).

(07.) Cruel Blood Oath - Found behind a locked door at the underground section of the Desert part of the City Ruins (Route B).

(08.) Fang of the Twins - Found in the Desert Housing Complex. On top of the fire escape at the area where you collect items for Operator 21O during the Data Anlysis Freak 2 quest.

(09.) Iron Will - Use the pod scanner to check under the collapsed roads at the Flooded City.


(01.) Machine Spear - Purchase from Machine Village weapons trader.
(02.) Type-40 Lance - Reward for completing sidequest: YoRHA Betrayers.
(03.) Spear of the Usurper - Reward for completing sidequest: Heritage of the Past.

(04.) Phoenix Lance - Use the pod scanner to search the southeast edge of the brighter circle of the Desert Zone.

(05.) Dragoon Lance - Found in a chest near the ravine at the Forest Zone.

(06.) Beastcurse - In a locked chest at the Forest Castle Library.

(07.) Virtuous Dignity - Head down to the sewers connecting the City Ruins to the Amusement Park. Moving forward, ignore the first ladder you come across and go all the way to end. Climb that ladder to find this weapon in a small clearing above.

(08.) Cruel Arrogance - Located behind a locked door in the underground section of the Abandoned Factory.

(09.) Type-3 Lance - At the Flooded City, there is an isolated white structure in the distance when you stand on the big slanted collapsed building. The weapon is on top of that building and you'll need to do some acrobatic platforming to get there. To start, double jump forward and hold X to hover then press Square to spin and press the dash button. Repeat until you reach the structure.

Combat Bracers

(01.) Bare Fists - Default weapon for all characters.
(02.) Machine Heads - Return to the Machine Village after wiping Pascal's memories. He will have a shop there that sells this weapon (Route C).

(03.) Type-40 Fists - Found in a locked chest behind the Resistance Camp access point.

(04.) Demon's Cry - In a locked at the far-right end of backstage area in the Amusement Park. There's an elevator to the right of the stairs leading to the boss chamber. Take that down to the basement where you'll find this weapon.

(05.) Virtuous Grief - From the Forest Zone: Center access point, go toward the southwest edge and climb a higher plateau where you must glide over the gap to reach an isolated area. Here, you'll find a hollowed-out tree with chains around it. Go inside for this weapon.

(06.) Cruel Lament - Received from Masamune after upgrading a weapon to level 4. You may have to speak to him a few times after before he hands this over.

(07.) Emil Heads - Pick it up from the ground after defeating Emil as a secret boss in his home.

(08.) Angel's Folly and Type-3 Fists - Buy from Emil's shop. This one can be a quite a chore since you need to make Emil change his route so that he travels close to the Resistance. He starts out near the exit to the Desert Camp when you check his shop for the first time. Now to get him to move, you can either leave the area on foot or travel between access points. I personally had better luck with the former.

If done right, Emil will start patrolling closer to the Abandoned Factory. Stop him here and repeatedly talk to him until he complains that you're being too aggressive. He should be ready to move again at this point, so if you're lucky he will move closer to the Resistance Camp. You'll also notice that Emil's little truck will be moving really fast and his theme song will be playing on fast forward. Stop him here and he will start selling the weapons.

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