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Chapter 03 - Amusement Park

NieR: AUTOMATA Walkthrough and Guide by Mogg1342
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Chapter 03 - Amusement Park

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Your next mission involves a search for some missing soldiers, so head for the marker and jump down the opening to the sewers. Moving forward, you'll find some ores at the dead end to the left. Turning the other way, check the small alcove to collect a Medium Recovery from the item box. Further up the path at the end is another ladder that leads up to a new area. Continue north into the Amusement Park, or what;s left of it.

Here we have a whole set of new enemies to destroy and record unit data for. They don't usually attack unless you strike first so that's not too bad. However be wary of the Medium Biped (the one with a tall hat and cannon for a hand); that one can be deadly if left alone for too long once fighting starts. Always make sure it's the first to go. The gate far to the north is locked so you'll have to find a different route to go further. Head up the stairs after ruining the mini robot parade, and take a right into the open gate.

Also the machines in this park occasionally drop some really good plug-in chips, like Exp Gain Up or Drop Rate Up when destroyed. So take the time to bust everything up including the friendly ones and hopefully you get your hands on a few of these chips. By the way, do ignore the stairs near the Back Entrance Machine and climb the one on front of you instead. Move east to the end of the balcony to get a Small Recovery from the item box. Go back to climb the stairs next to the robot and activate the access point on top.

There's an item box hidden high up on the busted ride in the middle of the area, and in it is a Skill Salve (S).Use the rocket cars as platforms to get across to the other side and proceed. Here you'll encounter a massive tank. Should you choose to ignore it and head for the stairs, the dialogue between 2B and 9S seems to suggest that fighting the goliath tank is optional. I'm not quite sure what happens if the thing is left alone but based on the comment from 9S, it's possible that it could lead to some serious consequence.

Now for the battle with the Amusement Park Goliath Tank, the cannon can fire a massive barrage of orbs, and its threads can turn into arms and extend to take mighty swipes at you. Evade and circle around the tank toward the side that is clear, and start hacking away at it. Repeat until the thing is destroyed. Pick up the Machine Core it leaves behind and climb up the stairs in the area to continue on.

Head left to pick up a shiny at the end and wait for the rollercoaster to arrive so you can get on. Defeat the enemies that appear and continue to do so until you arrive at the destination. There, turn around and check the body to retrieve an Evade Range Up from it. Hop down to the area below and you'll encounter yet another Goliath class machine.

This boss has quite a few tricks up its sleeve. Between the spin attack, orb barrage, missiles and lasers, it can really give you a hard time. The first three attacks are quite easily avoided by dashing, although you can also try clearing away the nearest orbs with heavy attacks when you can. The lasers on the other hand are slow-moving, so you'll have to jump over the beams one at a time as they close in on you. Cut a quarter of the machine's health and a hacking minigame will commence. Shoot all the black blocks then destroy the orb in the middle.

Complete this to trigger a scene where the boss will temporarily pull back and make you fight a considerable number of your dead comrades. Destroy all of them but keep an eye out for the rings and shockwaves. Getting hit will initiate hacking minigames where you must destroy the black orb within the time limit. Failing to do so will cause quite a bit of damage on 2B. The main target will reappear once you've cleared out most of the android horde. You'll want to put the thing away quickly at this point so hack at it until its stunned, which gives you time to attack without being opposed. Take away as much HP as you can here.

When the battle ends, look around the room for shinys you may have missed. Go outside and look to the right to spot an item box. There is a machine waiting for you a little further ahead. It will invite you to its village, agree to go and follow it until you reach the Machine Village.
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