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Emil Sidequests

NieR: AUTOMATA Walkthrough and Guide by Mogg1342
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Emil Sidequests

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Emil's Memories

Emil's shop appears on the map after you've completed the story events at the Forest Kingdom. Check your map icons to see where his shop is and go there, then shoot his little truck to make stop and talk to him. You'll get a trophy for looking at his wares for the first time

Once you've officially met, head to the commercial facility and examine the glowing flower under the tree. It will have a red event marker so you can't miss it. Emil arrives to give you this quest soon after. The locations of the four other Lunar Tears are as follows:

Flower 1: This one is in the Forest Zone at the same area as the Dragooon Lance treasure chest. From the Forest Zone: Center access point, move through the area until you come across a huge chasm by the waterfall. Go to the spot shown in the image above for the flower.

Flower 2: Go to the Amusement Park and enter the back alley that connects to the attraction square. Look under stairs for the flower.

Flower 3: This one is growing on the rocks at the front end of one of the broken sectiond of the road in the Flooded City.

Flower 4: This one is a bit harder to find. Starting from the Desert: Camp access point, go forward passed the building and you should see a hole on the rock face up ahead to the left. Go in there and drop down to the underground section. Here, head left then down as soon as you are able and follow this path all the way to the end until the ceiling opens up. Turn around to jump up to a higher path and keep goung until you reach the big gap. Jump onto a ledge up ahead then to the next one in the distance. Drop to the ground from here and you should find the flower at a dead end on one side, directly across from a locked chest.

Once you've found all the flowers, Emil arrives to give you the Elevator Key. This should let you use the elevator at the commercial facility, where an entire field of Lunar Tears are thriving in the basement. View the events with Emil here to complete the quest.

Emil Heads Weapon

After completing the quest Emil's Memories, its time to find where your new friend actually lives. Warp to the access point at the City Ruins Center, and head for the edge of the broken bridge shown in the image below.

Once you get there, look down to see a building below and directly above it is a huge pipe that's gushing water. That pipe is where you need to go. Use the elevator inside to head down to the cave, where you must go as deep as the level allows. You'll find Emil's house at the end.

There, try to grab one of the masks on display and the pod will warn about how theft of objects can upset the resident. Ignore the warning and the Emil Mask anyway. Go find Emil's shop again after this, and he should tell you that a bandit broke into his home and how he has kept his stuff in a safe place.

Go back to Emil's house and have 9S loot the Emil Heads from locked chest. Emil will stop you as you try to leave and thus begins a boss battle you must win in order to proceed to the next part of Emil's tragic story.

Here is my plug-in chips setup for this battle: 2x Melee Defense +6, Offensive Heal +4, Weapon Attack +6, Resilience +2 (go ahead and use a +6 if you have room). This setup should be good enough to keep you healthy for most of the encounter. The main problem here is Emil's desperation attack when you get his health down to less than 20%.

This can kill you in one hit regardless of difficulty and he uses it without warning. At this point, I strongly suggest equipping Auto Chips and let these finish the fight for you. Winning the battle unlocks the Naughty Children trophy. Don't forget to pick up the Emil Heads weapon on the ground before leaving.

Emil's Determination

This sidequest requires you finish the two prerequisites above and upgrade every weapon in the game to level 4. Once you've done all that, head to the commercial facility and Emil should be there waiting. Talk to him and he'll rush off. Track him down at the desert to get into a boss encounter against a large number of Emil Heads. Destroy as many of them as you can until they start telling a story.

The head will initiate its self-destruct sequence at the end of it, so quickly launch your combos before the time runs out to stop it. Watch the closing scene to complete the quest.

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