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Machine Village Sidequests

NieR: AUTOMATA Walkthrough and Guide by Mogg1342
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Machine Village Sidequests

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Route A or Route B

Half-wit Inventor

You'll find the Scientist Machine on a high platform just before you reach the Machine Village. He will keep asking you to invest funds for his venture then give you items in return. He will ask for 80,000G in total investments plus another 100,000G. Generously provide the machine with funds only to have his venture fail. All is not lost however as he will permanently open a shop selling Meteorites and Meteorite Shards.

Lost Girl - 750 EXP, 5000G, Pink Ribbon, Blue Ribbon

The client is at the bottom level of the village and she needs help finding her little sister. The missing sibling is at the Desert Zone and you'll have escort her back to the outskirts of the city ruins, where she should be able to head home on her own. She'll give you a Pink Ribbon before leaving. Return to the Machine Village and speak to the older sister to get the full reward.

Sartre's Melancholy - 500 EXP, 5000G, 5x Beast Hide, 2x Med Recovery, EXP Gain Up +3 Chip

Sartre is at the third level of the village. Climb up the ladder from the "floor" you started at when you first entered the village. After listening to Sartre ponder on the mysteries of existence, his companion suggests you go talk to his followers instead. You'll have to find three of his fans.

The first is the "Machine with Makeup" in the Machine Village; the next one is the "Machine with a Dream" at the Amusement Park; and the last one is the "Machine in Love" who hangs at the Desert Housing area. Each of these fans will give you an item to take back to Sartre. Do so only to have him turn them down. Go tell the three admirers what happened then return to where Sartre used to be in the Machine Village. Talk to his companion to complete the quest.

The Wandering Couple - 750 EXP, 10,000G, 4x Black Pearl, 4x Moldavite, Full Recovery, Overclock +3 Chip, Pod Program: A080 Wave

In chapter 4, before you hand the high viscosity oil to Pascal, head to the lowest level of the village and speak with the two resistance deserters. They need parts to repair the leg of one of the men so head over to the Abandoned Factory, and you'll find the Elaborate Gadget as a shiny in the bottom corner atop the stairs near the Factory Entrance access point. Take this back to the pair to send them on their way.

You will find these two again at the Flooded City where they will ask for 50,000G. Give it to them then leave the area and return. You must do this before initiating the story mission in the Flooded City. Turns out the Emancipator was a fake and you'll find the male android injured. Talk to him and he'll ask you to find his friend. Agree and head to the designated location at the Amusement Park to find the female android. Watch the the scene that follows to finally clear this quest

Family Squabble - 750 EXP, 10,000G, 3x Broken Battery, Deadly Heal +3 Chip, Impact Bracer L

In chapter 4 fter defeating the Goliath class machines in the city ruins, you'll find the Mother Machine at the path leading back to the city ruins. This will be another child escort mission, quite like the Lost Girl quest from earlier. There are way more enemies this time though, plus they are quite aggressive. Be sure to stick close to the little guy because he's not as tough as the robot you escorted before.

Route B

Idiot Savant - 1,300 EXP, 10,000G, 2x Machine Head, 2x Machine Torso, 2x Machine Arm, 2x Machine Leg, Machine Core, Hijack Boost +6

This quest becomes available after the goliath attack in the City Ruins. The client is a child machine standing on some platforms just passed Pascal's position. Your task is to hack into the Wierd Machine and find the cause for its odd behavior. This is a complex hack so take the time to study the patterns of the orbs, and figure out the best way to tackle them.

The Recluse - 1,300 EXP, 3000G, 2x Machine Arm, Ranged Attack Up S, Evade Range Up +3

This quest becomes available after the goliath attack in the City Ruins. Notice that one house in the village that has a weird-looking lock at the door? The overprotective machine's son apparently locked himself in there. Hack into it and complete the mini-game.

The Recluse Stays Home - 1650 EXP, 5000G, 2x Machine Leg, Ranged Attack Up, Resilience +3

A follow-up quest from the Overprotective Machine after you complete "The Recluse". The son has shut himself in again and the lock is quite a more complicated this time. Complete the hacking mini-game to get this over with.

The Permanent Recluse - 2,000 EXP, 10,000G, 2x Machine Torso, 2x Machine Head, Skill Salve L, Damage Absorb +3

This is the last of the Overprotective Machine's quest. The son is clearly having too much fun having you hack into the upgrades he puts on the lock. Indulge him one more time and complete the mini-game. This should at least give the guy a goal in life which would be to build an even better lock.

Data on the Old World - Variable

This is a rather long quest courtesy of Pascal, where you are tasked to bring him archive data relating to the Old World. Only 9S can do this quest as most of the archive data in the game are found in locked chests. Pascal will pay you for each piece of information you give him.

Provide Pascal with enough basic information and once you find the Nuclear Arms Manual, 9S should contemplate whether to give such sensitive data to Pascal or hand it to the Commander instead. This is the last piece you need to complete the quest, and the reward for it differs (though not by much) depending on who you give the item to. Your boss in the Bunker has a Stun +6 chip in the stash while Pascal's has a Heal Drops +6 chip.

You can also try to give the manual to Pascal but he will refuse to take it so I personally just decided to hand it to the Commander.

Route C (A2)

Vanquish the Bad Bot - 1600 EXP, 3x Sturdy Socket, 2x Memory Alloy, 2x Medium Recovery

Pascal gives this quest after A2 gets her fuel filter repaired. Go destroy the machine in the village's play area then report back to Pascal to get this over with.

Play With Us! - 2,000 EXP, 3,000G, 5x Silver Ore, 5x Plant Seed

This quest becomes available after A2 gets her fuel filter repaired. A group of children in the village asks Miss Grumpy to buy them something to play with in the tool shop, so head over there and ask. The shopkeeper says he can build something if you bring him the parts, so go to the Amusement Park and start collecting the Toy Materials. Once you have all 5 give them to the shopkeeper in the village so he can make a slide out of it. Go speak with the children afterward to complete this mission.

Storage Element - 2000 EXP, 10,000G, 3x Dye, 2x Moldavite, Meteorite, Full Recovery

Pascal gives this quest after you complete Vanquish the Bad Bot. One of the children in the village has malfuctioning storage element, and you must head over to the Abandoned Factory to get the parts needed to formulate a fix. Head to the target area and defeat the enemies to get the piece you need. Take it back to Pascal.

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