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City Ruins Sidequests

NieR: AUTOMATA Walkthrough and Guide by Mogg1342
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City Ruins Sidequests

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Route A or Route B

The Weapons Dealer's Request - 50 EXP, 5000G 5x Rusted Clump, 5x Crystal, 5x Beast Hide.

This is a story-related quest you get upon arriving at the Resistance Camp for the first time. The Complex Gadgets that the guy needs are found lying around within the big red target zone; simply locate the four shinys around the area and pick them up.

The Supply Trader's Request - 50 EXP, 3000G, 2x Amber, 3x Warped Wire, 2x Medium Recovery

This is another story-related quest you get upon arriving at the Resistance Camp for the first time. For the materials requested by the supply trader, you have to destroy some enemies and hope they drop what you need. You should already have some of them on hand if you did a good amount of fighting before reaching the camp. So just go for the ones you're missing until you can check off everything on the list.

The Manager's Request - 3000G, 5x Tree Seed, 5x Animal Bait, Anti-Chain Damage +3 Chip

This one becomes available upon returning to the Resistance Camp after visiting the Machine Village for the first time. The client is sitting in front of the entrance to the storage site at the east side of the camp. He asks you to find him a Music Box which your pod suggests is the Amusement Park. Despite the bad logic, 9S tells you to go check the place out. Head to the quest marker there and check the corpse to get the Rusted Music Box.

Resistance Disappearance - 5000G, Max HP +3 Chip, 5x Pyrite, 3x Pearl, 2x Medium Recovery

This one becomes available upon returning to the Resistance Camp after visiting the Machine Village for the first time. The Resistance Member needs you to search for his missing friend. However, you must first complete "The Manager's Request" to gain access to the storage site at the same camp. Once you can enter, head to bottom and check the scaffold on the left. 9S will mark a location on the map based on the coordinates so head over to the desert section of the city ruins. At the location is a vengeful machine lifeform you must defeat.

Check the body of the resistance member afterward to retrieve some items. Report back to the client and you will be given a choice of whether to lie or be truthful. Do other things for a while and a message will eventually pop up telling you to check on the client. Head to the camp to find her missing. So your reward will be handed to you by someone else.

Sorting Trouble - 350 EXP, 3000G, 5x Rusted Clump, Evade Range Up +3, Skill Salve L

In chapter 4 after defeating the Goliath class machines in the city ruins, head to the Resistance Camp and enter the storage area. The client has a package stuck in storage and you must help him get it out. Push the crates as shown in the image above.

Photographs - 5000G, 3x Pyrite, 2x Amber, Medium Recovery, Speed Salve L, Charge Attack +3

In chapter 4 after defeating the Goliath class machines in the city ruins, head to the Resistance Camp to find the client for this quest. He has apparently lost some of her memory and shows you three photographs of three different locations. You must find each of these places and provide their coordinates to the client. One is obviously a photo of the Amusement Park, the other is an oasis at the Desert Zone, and the last one is at the Forest Kingdom.

By the way, you can pick up a pod at the desert some ways south of the oasis. Its location is marked by a big red hotspot on the map so be sure to head over there and grab it.

Investigating Communications - 320 EXP

Short quest here. This one unlocked at some point during chapter 5, where you'll receive a call from command about an access point signal being lost. Head to the access point at the City Ruins: Cave and destroy the machines there. Check the access point again after.

Anemone's Past - 430 EXP, 10,000G, 5x Simple Gadget, Powerup Part S

You get this one from Anemone after reporting to Pascal about about A2, but before initiating the assault mission in the Flooded City. She needs you to collect data chips containing information about A2 in the Abandoned Factory. Head to the marked locations in the area and check the remains of some of the machines. Report back to Anemone at the Resistance Camp once you have everything to complete the quest.

Speed Star - 750 EXP, 10,000G, 4x Dented Plate, 3x Speed Salve L, Moving Speed Up +3

The client for this quest can be seen flying around by the broken bridge near the Goliath arm. He will challenge you to three races and you need to win in all of them to complete the mission. You can increase your movement speed by using Speed Salves (sold by Davola and Papola) or by fusing Moving Speed Up chips. Take note that there's 20% cap for this though. The A110 Slow pod program also helps quite a bit here if you have it.

Robo Dojo White Belt - 600 EXP, 3,000G, Weapon Attack Up Chip, Melee Attack Up L

Father Servo is waiting on top of one of the buildings at the center of the City Ruins. This can be done with either 2B or 9S, but I personally waited until Route B to get started so you have all the items he needs to reach his final form. Spar with Father Servo here and defeat him.

Robo Dojo Brown Belt - 1,150 EXP, 3,000G, Melee Defense +1 Chip, Melee Defense Up L

Father Servo will demand a Warped Wire as payment for his "lesson". Give him one, drop back down to the ground then return to where he is. He should have finished his upgrades by now and be ready to spar with you again.

Robo Dojo Black Belt - 1,280 EXP, 5,000G, Ranged Attack Up +2 Chip, Ranged Attack Up L

Father Servo will demand a Memory Alloy and a Broken Circuit as payment for his "lesson". Give him the items, drop back down to the ground then return to where he is. He should have finished his upgrades by now and be ready to spar with you again.

Robo Dojo Red and White Belt - 1,500 EXP, 5,000G, Ranged Defense +3, Ranged Defense Up L

Father Servo will demand a Silver Ore, a Pristine Screw and a Broken Battery as payment for his "lesson". Give him the items, drop back down to the ground then return to where he is. He should have finished his upgrades by now and be ready to spar with you again.

Robo Dojo Red Belt - 2,000 EXP, 10,000G, 5x Memory Alloy, Powerup Part S

Father Servo will demand a Gold Ore, a Filler Metal, a Pristine Cable and a Large Battery as payment for his "lesson". Give him the items, drop back down to the ground then return to where he is. He should have finished his upgrades by now and be ready to spar with you again.

Machine Examination 1 - 500 EXP, 3,000G

This can be started by examining the broken Goliath machine in the city, before reporting back to the Bunker about the aliens. 9S needs a Pristine Screw to fix the thing. Once its been repaired, 9S will be able to extract an archive data (Engels 110-B Record 0005) from it. But the machine apparently requires further repairs for him to get more information out of it.

Machine Examination 2 - 750 EXP, 5,000G, Max HP +6 Chip, Fast Cooldown +6 Chip

This quest is given as soon as Machine Examination 1 is completed. 9S needs 4 Pristine Screws and a Large Gear to complete the repairs. Once that's done, the Goliath will be able to speak properly and asks you to tell stories for it. Soon it will say it needs to rest, and from here you'll need to move the main story forward until before the big escort mission in the Flooded City.

Return and speak with Engels until he gets tired again. Now all you need to do is fast travel between access points to reset the world until the Goliath feels like talking again. The quest completes after Engels readily accepts death. You'll get a couple more archive entries during the course of this quest by the way.

Route A

Terminal Repairs - 600 EXP, 3,000G, 3x Simple Gadget, 2x Medium Recovery

After reporting to Pascal about A2, go back to the Resistance Camp on foot and you should receive a transmission from Operator 6O. She mentions that one of the access points in the city ruins has gone offline. The one you're looking for is the City Ruins: Center access point. Go there and destroy the enemies then check the terminal to complete the quest. Check your inbox for the rewards.

Find a Present - 800 EXP, 5,000G, 4x Amber, Type-40 Sword, Pod Program: A130 Bomb

After completing Terminal Repairs, teleport to the Resistance Camp and this quest will be given automatically. Use the access point to fast travel to the Desert: Oil Field and trek over to the marked location to find the Desert Rose. Check 2B's inbox to claim your rewards.

Route B

Retrieve the Confidential Intel - 800 EXP, 5,000G, Pod Program: A140 Gravity, 4x Dented Plate, 3x Crushed Nut, Large G Luck+, Large Recovery, Skill Salve L

You'll find the Resistance Member on top of one of the buildings after the Goliath attack in the City Ruins. He asks that you track down three plug-in chips apparently stolen by the machines. Go to the three marked locations and defeat all the enemies to reclaim the missing chips. Once you have everything, go back to the client and you will have the option to give him the chips or refuse. I personally just handed it over.

Now go to the Desert Housing area and you'll find the android standing on one of the ruined buildings. Talk to him and he'll introduce you to a newly built Scanner unit. Finally, go back to the Resistance Camp and you should receive an email from command that the wanted android was found dead, having been killed by machines. This completes the quest.

Amnesia - 1300 EXP, 5000G, Pod Program: A090 Wire, Offensive Heal +3, 5x Tanning Agent, Melee Attack Up L, Ranged Attack Up L

This mission becomes available after the Goliath attack in the City Ruins, and the client is in the same building where you retrieved your flight units when the attack started. Do as she asks and hack into the pod to retrieve an image. Next, head to the Resistance Camp and speak to the person with a red hood outside the storage area.

You are then given a lead that takes you to Jackass in the underground section of desert area. Her story shifts suspicion back to the client. Go talk her again then hack the pod on the ground one more time to finally solve the mystery.

Parade Escort - 750 EXP, 10,000G, Reset +3 Chip, 3x Dented Socket, 4x Dented Plate, Large Recovery, Impact Bracer L

After the Goliath attack in the City Ruins, go to the sewer entrance that connects the city to the Amusement Park and talk to the machine lifeform there. He will ask you a series of questions which you must give positive answers to. Eventually, you'll be asked to escort a parade to promote peace. Agree to do so. Try to go far ahead of the parade and clear all the enemies before the group you're protecting reaches the area. Keep doing this until they reach the goal and the quest should end. The mission is still not complete however, so pass some time by doing other things until the quest updates. Go see the client again after.

Route C

Davola's Request - 1,670 EXP, 3,000G, 5x Mushroom, 5x Pure Water, Range Defense Up L, Melee Defense Up L, Large Recovery

Davola wants you to fetch a Stripped Screw, a Small Gear and a Machine Oil. You should have plenty of these on hand by now, so just give them to her and the mission should be done.

Papola's Errand - 5,000G, 2x Meteorite, 2x Meteorite Shard, 2x Gold Ore, Full Recovery

This quest given after you've completed Davola's Request. This time Papola needs you to gather five Desert Roses. These are found in the area of the Desert Housing Complex where you fought Adam for the first time. Start your search here then head down the tunnel that leads back to the city ruins to find the rest.

The Twins' Request - 2,050 EXP, 10,000G, 3x Dye, 2x Black Pearl, Papola's Booze

Complete Papola's Errand and talk to the twins again. All they need now is a Tree Sap which you should have plenty of on hand. If not, then the location for the item will be marked on map for you to collect.

Sorting Trouble 2 - 1,600 EXP, 5,000G, 5x Elaborate Gadget, Drop Rate Up +3, Full Recovery

Go to the storage area of the Resistance Camp, and speak to the guy that gave you the first Sorting Trouble quest earlier in the game. It appears that his packages are stuck in storage once again and its up to you to get them out. There are two packages this time by the way, so move the crates as shown in the image above.

Sorting Trouble 3 - 10,000G, 3x Complex Gadget, 3x Machine Oil, Pod Program: A120 Repair

After completing Sorting Trouble 2, go back to the storage area in the Resistance Camp and you'll notice that someone is missing. Talk to the other guy instead and he says your usual client has gone to the resistance's storage facility and hasn't returned. Go talk to Jackass at the Desert Camp before going to check on what exactly happened to the other guy. The storage facility is on the rooftop of one of buildings with all the crates piled atop each other.

The dude got himself trapped in there for some reason, so you must move a few crates to clear a path for him so he can get out. If you cannot talk to him, it means there are enemies nearby. Check for hostiles both on the rooftop and on the ground. Once the dude is out, Jackass arrives with the better half of your reward, including an archive entry.

Route C (9S)

Gathering Keepsakes - 1,800 EXP, 10,000G, 2x Complex Gadget, 2x Meteorite, Max HP Up Chip

The client asks your help to try and find his missing comrades, or at least bring back something of theirs if they're dead. Start your search at the Flooded City where you'll find the first squad member dead by the road. Grab his dog tag and head over to the Abandoned Factory: Entrance, only to find another dead body. Pick up this dog tag as well then go to the Amusement Park. More bodies. There is also a distress call from someone in the desert.

Fast travel to the Desert: Center and defeat the enemy there. After which you'll find that you've arrived too late. Take the last dog tag and take them back to the client at the Resistance Camp. He mentions the human custom of bringing flowers to mourn and honor the dead. You'll receive your rewards here but quest is not complete. Head to the basement of the commercial facility to grant 9S a bit of closure. The feels...

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