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Follow the dark path or use the light

One: Acorn Plains

New Super Mario Bros. U Walkthrough and Guide by codebreak1337
Thank you for printing this page from Remember to come back to check for updates to this guide and much more content for New Super Mario Bros. U

One: Acorn Plains


Acorn Plains Way


- Flying Squirrel Suit

Area Enemies

- Goomba
- Flying Squirrel
- Green Shell Koopa
- Piranha Plants

(^ ^) Head Right Past the Goomba, The 3rd Question mark Block has the NEW, Flying Squirel Suit inside. Pick it up for fun.

Star Coin #1

(*) You Should See Star Coin # 1 as you move along the path, you can get it easier with the Squirel Suit. Jump and Hold the Y button to Hover a bit into the Star. If you need an Extra Squirel suit, there is one in a ? block to the left of the Star Coin.

Star Coin #2

(**) There will be an Area with a ton of coins, inside a rectangle of Brown blocks. To the Left there is a pipe. Go Down the Pipe, Inside will be a secret area with a Star Coin, as well as a bunch of Coins.

(I) You Should Come Across an area, with a ton of coins inside a bunch of blocks. Use the ZR button to propel yourself up to the top area. There will be a lone brown Block, Hit it For a Ton of Coins.

(^ ^) Head Right to Another Question Mark Block With Another Squirell suit OR super mushroom if your low on health.

(I) Near the diagnol arrow sign, there is a cave a bit lower, head inside for a bunch of coins.

(I) Near the Flag will be a bunch of brown blocks, Ground pound the brown blocks, and fall down. Collect a bunch of coins, then jump up and hit the half way flag.


(^ ^) After the Checkpoint Flag, there will be Another Question Mark Block Hit it for another Squirrel Suit.

(o) A little bit down the road will be a YELLOW pipe, next to it an odd looking red hoop or ring. Jump inside. A bunch of red coins will appear. Collect all EIGHT, before the time limit. You will receive either a one up, pending on your suit level, or another mushroom and or suit type item.

(^ ^) Move your way to the next ? Mark Block and Hit it for yet ANOTHER squirrel suit.

Star Coin #3

(***) From the ? block, head up USING the Squirell suit ZR trigger command. Go Up the pipe, enter another room. Float down, and *NOTE* the Star Coin is directly down the MIDDLE. I suggest nabbing the coins ONLY if your confident.

(1) Finally, Come out of the area through the pipe, and head right until the ending blocks, Jump over and float with Squirrel suit to hit the TOP of the flag for the nice !1UP!

Tilted Tunnel

- Fire Suit

Area Enemies:
- Piranha Plants
- Red Shell Koopa
- Goomba

(@) Head Right and hit the first ? block for a fire Flower.

(I) Jump up On top the green pipe and enter a COIN cave to the right. Once inisde a bunch of coins will appear outside.

(@) Go Down the Pipe enter the cave. Hit the First of 2 question blocks, for another fire flower.

(I) Past some Piranha Plants, and near a yellow pipe, there will be a ton of COINS on the lower level, Shoot the Piranha plant with Fire balls, or slide past him for the COINS.

(@) Head Right through the colored surfaces blue and pink. You will reach 2 more ? blocks. The 2nd one has another fire flower.

Star Coin #1

(*) Work your way through some piranha plant pipes, and a moving beige platform. Be sure not to fall. Slide Down a slope area with a bunch of goombas, taking them all out. At the End of the Slope do a little jump with some speed. You should reach the Star Coin with Ease.


Head just a little bit right from the star coin, there will be a bridge. Run across it and hit the flag for the check point !

(I) Next, there will be a bunch of really close together, small pieces of surface. You CAN run through and past them if you have enough SPEED. Gain some speed and do so. Doing so will net you the coins below, as well as an ARCH of coins above the flag.

(I) Continue Onward, until you reach a set of 4 pipes. The bottom left pipe is enterable so go down it. You will see a POW block, do NOT attempt this area with Small Mario its very annoying. Jump to break the blocks and hit the POW block. Which will make a bunch of coins appear. Break the rest of the blocks and get some coins among a fire flower or mushroom.

(Y) Once you exit the POW block area, Jump on top the red koopa. Grab his red shell and toss it over the red pipe into the 2nd Brown block. This will make the bean stalk appear and lead UP. If you ground pound this brown block, it will make it go DOWN.

Star Coin #2

(**) Up the bean stalk, there will be a LONE green pipe. Jump inside and get blasted, a bunch of coins will appear as well as the Star Coin !

(o) After you come down from the previous area, head a bit foward. You will see ANOTHER red loop.


You will thank me later. For now Jump through the loop. Head foward to collect the easy red coins, by jumping and running.

Star Coin #3

(***) Head right a bit, until a SIGN with a downwards arrow. Ground pound right near the sign, this will move the colored surface. Jump into the pipe. Slide down the slope, to nab the Star Coin. Slide back and exit via the original pipe.

(1) Keep Heading right past some Piranha Plants, and head up the last pipe. Then jump over the block bridge to the flag.

Crushing Cog Tower


- Ice Suit

+ This Will Be necessary In taking out the Skeleton Koopas. Freeze them, then ground pound them FTW.

- Fire Suit

+ There will be a HIDDEN fire suit block towards the end of the tower. Use it if you would like vs the mini boss.

Area Enemies

- Skeleton Koopa

([email protected]) Head right like the sign says. Go up the Cog and head left. There will be TWO ? blocks. The Top one holds an Ice Flower. Use these vs the skeleton koopas. ( See enemy section)

Star Coin #1

(*) Head right from the Ice Flower ? block. Wall jump left to right and pick up the first star coin above.

([email protected]) Head left and past a ? block. Then head right up the cog with some coins in it. Another Ice Flower Question block, with a skeleton koopa to the right.

Star Coin #2

(**) Head left then go up the platforms with Skeleton Koopas. There should be FIVE platforms. There will be a RING of COINS above one of the Koopas. KEEP THAT KOOPA ALIVE ! Freeze him with an ice shot then jump in the middle of the coin circle. This reveals a block. Jump up onto the block. Then jump left into the Star Coin.

(I) To the Right of the star coin, a little secret cave. It is directly below the Cog. Go in and pick up some COINS.

(o) Next will be a red coin ring, up top the 2nd cog. Jump in it. Begin platforming to pick them ALL up on the moving cog. You should receive a nice 1UP.


Head left then Right and run past the flag to get the Easy Checkpoint.

([email protected]) Head up and to the left. There will be another ? block. Hit it for an ice flower.

Star Coin #3

(***) From the ice flower head up and right to the first spining Cog of THREE. Directly across from the middle cog, will be a cave. There is a pipe below. Jump in the pipe. It will shoot MARIO up into the Star Coin.

(I) Head Left towards the Final Lone Cog and a bunch of Skeleton Koopas. Use some ice shots to clear a path. Run left pass the Cog. Shoot 2 more koopas with ice. The wall seems like a dead end. If you kick jump up it coins will be revealed. Kick jump all the way up to the Red Boss door.

(@) To The Right of the Boss Door, there will be an INVISIBLE brown block. Jump at the very far right wall to reveal a fire flower inside.

Crushing Cog Tower Mini Boss

+ Fire Flower style, this gun takes a TOTAL of 12 shots to take out. 4 shots will stun him.

++ Three jumps on his head will take him out as well for good.

+++ Rather Simple, yet I suggest keeping the fire flower. You will still be able to Jump attack if things get sticky. You also have the fire balls at your disposal as well.

Yoshi Hill


-Green Yoshi

+ This Level Introduces Yoshi. You Can Do the Following :

: Eat Fruit : Once the Fruit meter is Full, Yoshi lays an egg and an item such as a mushroom will come out of it.

: Eat Enemies : You can eat enemies by pressing Y button. Some enemies such as Piranha plants let yoshi breath fire.

: Hover : Yoshi has a hover manuever similar the the Squirrel suits.

Area Enemies

- Digging Moles
- Piranha Plants
- Goomba

(@) Start off the level by sliding down the big hill. 3 ? blocks should be in front of you. The Top one hold a fire flower.

(1UP) Head right, near the first mole enemy. Jump up top hit the brown block, jump up on that one to reveal a 1UP mushroom.

() The next question mark block will contain the Yoshi.
Hit it and Jump on !

Star Coin #1

(*) Right near the Yoshi, use the B yoshi hover move, to grab the star coin.

Star Coin #2

(**) A little ways foward will be some brown blocks on the ground. They are a little bit difficult to notice. Keep an open eye and then ground pound with yoshi on them. Go Down the RED pipe. There will be a bunch of Piranha plants Inside. Eat Them all and pick up the Star Coin via hover move.


Head right after you emerge from star coin 2's pipe. There will be a ton of moles that pop out of the wall. Jump over them or Spit a koopa shell at them with yoshi. Hitting them all results in a nice 1UP. Then head right to the Checkpoint flag.

() Head to the area past the flag, with 4 ? blocks. The block on top reveals another Yoshi if you need one.

(I) Keep moving right, then come across 2 ? blocks. They contain a coin or two.

Star Coin #3

(***) Past the last 2 ? blocks, you will see TWO rows of coins. It also seems like a pit below. Jump down that pit, you will discover a red pipe. Inside the Pipe is the Star coin, Run and jump to get it.

(1) Basically from the return red pipe, just keep heading right past some enemy obstacles to the Level Ending flag.

Mushroom Heights

*NOTE* - When you complete level 3, Yoshi Hill. 2 possible paths open. One leads to this level, the other to level 5. To The right there will be a baby yoshi that appears often. You will NEED the baby yoshi to Collect ALL star coins in this level.


Baby Yoshi :

Introducing Baby Yoshi. This little chubba can turn into a big ballon and let you float up in the air. You can also continue to float via B button for a bit. Problem is you MUST hold him the whole time.

Holding baby yoshi also has it's benefits. He will EAT literally everything in his path. He is very hungry so feed him well.

Area Enemies

- Piranha Plants
- Flat Head Goomba
- Giant Piranha Plant

(@) Head right with baby yoshi in hand to first ? block. Hit it for a fire flower, just for back up defenses.

Star Coin #1

(*) Past the Next ? Block you will see an ARCH of coins. Use the Baby Yoshi's balloon ability to float up to the Star Coin.

(I) Same area to the right, use baby yoshi to collect a horde of coins in the air.


Head past some piranha plants and some huge piranha plants, while holding onto baby yoshi. This can be difficult a bit, but you should be able to make your way to the Checkpoint flag.

(@) Next question mark block, hold another fire flower.

Star Coin #2

(**) Your going to have to use your skills with baby yoshi here. You will see the star coin under the Blue Mushroom. Jump a little beneath it towards the left, then use baby yoshi and extend to the right. You should acquire the Star Coin.

(o) The Pipe past the star coin has 2 piranha plants guarding it. Eat one of them with Yoshi. Then go down the pipe. Jump through the GREEN circle. a Lucky clover style coin group will appear. Begin to collect them. Collect them all for a nice 1UP !

Star Coin #3

(***) Rise up from the pipe, head right. Notice the Star coin below a teal mushroom, in between 2 GIANT piranha plants. This is the only Star coin we do NOT need the Yoshi for. So you can berid of him/her. Time your jump so you fall ontop of the platform. Note as well, if you feel good with yoshi, use his balloon ability. Only if your more comfortable with it.

(1) Continue onwards, jump over 2-3 more Teal mushrooms, and with baby yoshi you can reach the top of the Flag for the 1UP !

Rise of the Piranha Plants


Fire Suit :

The Fire Suit is STRONGLY recommend here if not Necessary to get ALL star coins. It also works well vs the Giant Piranha plants. 4 shots to take them down. We will need to so we can get ALL star coins.

Area Enemies

- Giant Piranha Plant
- Green Shell Koopa
- Hammer Bros
- Red Shell Koopa

(@) Take out the giant Piranha plant. Jump up the green platform to the top one with the ? block. Hit it for a Fire mushroom.

(I) Above a coin arch and a giant piranha plant, will be a cave below. Go inside to pick up a horde of coins.

Star Coin #1

(*) Head past the ? block that contains a fire mushroom. Inbetween TWO giant piranha plants will be an easy star coin. Destroy the plant most right then jump to aqcuire it.


Run past the Hammerbro, or take him out via jump or fire balls. Then run through the flag with a ? block right next to it.

(@) There will be 3 piranha plants on 3 slopes. Run past them or destroy them. Past another hammer bro to a ? block. Hit the block for another fire mushroom.

Star Coin #2

(**) Head to the giant piranha plant guarding a green pipe. Take him out with FIRE balls. You will need Fire or at least a suit to get past the piranha and get the coin. So just make sure you have a Fire suit. Go in the pipe, take out the giant piranha plants and pick up the Coin.

Star Coin #3

(***) You will come out of YELLOW pipe. Make way through some piranha plants and goombas. Slide down the slope to avoid/kill goombas and plants. Notice star coin guarded by Hammer Bro. Take him out from afar with a Fire ball, or jump on him if you have no choice. Note you can also take him out by hitting the block under him. Then pick up the Star Coin.

(1) Finally try and triple jump over the platforms, into the end level flag for the nice 1UP!

! Acorn Secret !
How to Enter Bloopers Lair :

Simple enough, easier said and taught then discovered yourself.

Head to Level 2-1 Tilted Tunnel. Head to the area I said to REMEMBER earlier in this guide. Once again it is the Red Loop area, where all the red coins appear. Your going to want to Jump over that loop. You will land on a platform ABOVE.

Now it gets a little more tricky. The Camera will NOT show you where to go next. To the right is a bunch of coins and the normal exit. But if you notice an INCLINED blue surface seems to be made of crystal. Run up the Incline and jump to another platform. The Camera will then move showing you the path way.

Follow the path way to the end, and the signs. Run into the End flag. After a cutscene will come up, and entrance to the secret area bloopers lair will now be accessible.

Blooper's Secret Lair


Fire Suit will be appearing here and your going to need it.

Area Enemies

-Blooper Family

(@) Head into the pipe, and start swimming to first ? block. Hit it for either a super mushroom or fire mushroom you will need them.

(@) Keep heading right dodging the 3 ZOOMING bloopers that shoot out at MARIO. Dodge them and be careful. Hit the next ? block for the fire mushroom. *NOTE* In this level it would be wise to take things slower then normal.

Star Coin #1

(*) You should see the star coin uptop the yellow pipe. It's pretty easy to get, just swim while the pipes are blowing in the direction of the Star Coin.

Star Coin #2

(**) Let the Pipes water thrust mario to get through towards the next star coin. You should see one that looks impossible to get. To make the impossible possible, head below the red pipeline. Make sure you do NOT go to low. Swim Across from the bottom of the red pipe to the Star Coin.

(o) Red Coin Loop is past the Star, it is an easy one let the pipes thrust mario into them all. Collect the easy 1UP at the end. Be weary of the blooper ! Then go up the green pipe.

Star Coin #3

(***) This one is a little tough. I suggest having fire mario. Taking out the bloopers. Then head through the pipe on the left. It is near a row of coins and 2 other pipes with no thrusting water. Once inside will be a family of bloopers 2x. Avoid them the coins are NOT worth it. Collect the Star Coin for # 3.

(1) Head up the GREEN pipe to exit the level. Run across the sign. Take it all the way to the end level flag.

Lemmy's Castle


- Flying Squirrel Suit

This will be the suit that drops in this level. It is also important to have this one for ALL star coin collection.

Area Enemies

-Skeleton Koopas
-Lava Man
-Lemmy Koopa

(^ ^) Enter the castle and pick up the first ? block which contains the Squirrel suit.

(I) Before the next ? block. Head up into the small crevice in the ceiling. Head left and pick up a coin cache.

Star Coin #1

(*) In between two swinging blue platforms. Get some speed and jump to nab it. Or use the squirrel suits hover ability.


Your going to have to either be pretty good at jumping or using the Squirrel suit to get past the blue swings. I recommend the Squirrel suit, it is a bit easier and also faster if your good. Once near the end you will see the, Checkpoint flag. Run through it for the save.

(^ ^) Be Sure to pick up the squirrel suit, near the star coin. It is also right after the check flag.

Star Coin #2

(**) Have the squirrel suit and head to the RIGHT of the coin. From there gain some speed and jump at it to the left. Wall kick back to the right, then hover to the original platform. This is the easiest way I found to do it, get used to the wall kick.

(o) Run through the red coin loop ring. There will be swings. Take it slow here and carefully. We want to collect them all. the first 6 are easy, just kind of flow into them. The 7th coin, is more tricky so be careful. Pick up the final easy one. Then, collect your 1UP mushroom.

Star Coin #3

(***) After the red coin loop head right. More blue swings. After some platforming you will see a green pipe in the lava. Jump down into it SMOOTHLY. This one is a little difficult. Just make sure to dodge the lava man. Squirrel suit helps out due to hover ability and air lift. Exit via the YELLOW pipe. Finally Head right through the giant blue boss door.

Lemmy Koopa : Boss # 1 Vs Mario The #1 Plumber

Lemmy throws star colored bombs at mario. You can jump on them to disable them. He will also be on a yellow ball. He moves just, a little spratically.

The Key to beating lemmy is Jumping on his head. It is simple enough you just want to dodge the bombs, or disable them with a jump.

After being jumped on. Lemmy will spin in his shell back and forth. This is easy enough to dodge with basic jump moves.

Finally for Round # 3. Lemmy will get a HUGE star, colored bomb. You can still jump on these but it is more difficult. Especially note that Lemmy Koopa throws the bombs even faster. Just time yourself and get that final jump in on Lemmy's head.

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I notice goombrats as "flat top goombas,"dry bones as "skeleton koopas," you can leave the "shell" out and just say green Koopa and red Koopa,and Monty moles are "digging moles."
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