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Eight: Peach's Castle

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Meteor Moat

First Star Coin is easy its in plain sight, just watch out for the lava rising a bit.

Star Coin #2

... and the much needed Checkpoint.

First grab the Checkpoint. You will see the star coin below a few brown blocks. Let the fire rain down on the blocks breaking them and then pick up the star coin.

Star Coin #3

You can get this one in 2 ways. Wall kicking and jumping which is difficult due to the lava rising. Or you can also freeze a beatle and then throw him into the coin. # 2 sounds easier right? well it isn't they are both equally hard. So bottom line pick one and stick with it.

Secret Exit

Hitting the P button you might have seen will make blocks appear. IF you run across all these blocks, you come to a pipe that is accesible while the P button timer is still going.

Go up the pipe and inside it, you will see a new area to the right is the secret exit flag. Use it, this will give us access to firefall cliffs. Firefall cliffs is peach's castle-4.

Magma River Cruise

Honestly this level is kind of easy. The cloud in the back will kill mario. although it moves extremely slow. The star coins are simple as well.

Star Coin #1

In plain view, jump off the wall and onto its platform to grab it.

Star Coin #2

Hit the pow block and grab it. Avoid the Red koopa or take him down for more ease, once again nothing to hard at all.

Finally there will be tons of these mini goombas, as well as moles. You want to take them out or you will be eaten by the fire cloud. When you make it towards the very end you will see...

Star Coin #3

Grab the third star coin while the ride has stopped then quickly go into the green pipe.

Rising Tides of Lava

Star Coin #1

In plain view just give a quick jump to ensure that you get it.

Star Coin #2

1. First get the Checkpoint in case you die.

2. Run back to a good starting distance. We have to run through to the star as fast as possible.

3. Run like the win, jumping over the bumps may speed up the process.

Star Coin #3

1. Near the spining mushroom with the ARROW pointing right SIGN. in between 2 ? blocks. Jump and reveal a beanstalk (Y).

2. Climb up the bean stalk and try and bounce over the lava chomp. Bounce on him or over him into the star coin.

3. If option one does not work, you CAN in fact triple jump to the star coin. This is shown in the video as well.

(1) Finally for the end of the level. Wait until the lava RISES all the way. Once the big beatle is in its SHELL you can land on him safely. Mario will NOT bounce. Once on the shell jump and press UP into the pipe. Then exit the level like normal.

Fire Fall Cliffs

This level is hard and fast. So you must be hard and fast back at it.

Star Coin #1

POW : When you see the POW block hit it quickly to make Star Coin 1 drop from the sky. Pick it up quickly then head right.

Squirrel suit is the drop of the level, be sure to hit the ? blocks they will keep you alive.

Head up the stairs, and a ? block will have an invincible star. Use it and then continue onward to the next ? block with another invincible star. Use these two stars so you get to the Checkpoint, safely !


Star Coin #2

To the left will be a climbable wall. The problem is it will move quickly and eat the Star Coin waiting there. Must be quick and use the ledges to avoid damage. Pick up the Star Coin.

Star Coin #3

First get the green loop ring. It is a real easy one and will get you another acorn a.k.a. squirrel suit.

You will then come to another climbing section of the level. This time Stay to the right and you should see the Star Coin#3. Dodge the fire balls using ledges and manuevers into the last star coin of the level.

Finally exit out the green pipe, then run a bit to an easy end level flag.

Red Hot Elevator Ride

All star coins are in plain view. The only one of interest other then the platforming problems you will encounter. I am going to list them in number form below. Will be !, The p button star coin which is Star Coin # 2.

Star Coin #2

Must hit the 2nd P button and get to the right QUICKLY. before the coins close out. Also note there is another P button below that must be hit to complete the level.

Things to Worry About...

- NO Checkpoint :o!

- Lack of power ups.

- Tons of damage possibilites to Mario.

- Tilting the wii mote tablet, while controlling mario, all the while dodging bom bomb's koopas, a tidal wave of lava and more. Also you can control Mario to !


+ Keep a SUIT

+ Pick up any power ups you can i believe there are 3 in this level.

+ Keep cool and dodge whatever you can.

Like stated before the other 2 star coins are right in sight. After this is the final battle and something good ?

Final Battle.

For all the star coins, they are all in view. Just be quick getting them

Star Coin #1

Jump down grab it and wall kick back up, simple enough. Yet we have Bowser Jr. to worry about as well as lava.

Star Coin #2

Underneath some crushable blocks, we must have Bowser Jr crush the blocks for us. Then quickly grab the Star Coin#1.

Star Coin #3

See it jump for it, wall kick and jump back on the platform. Then jump to the boss door, which contains the best Checkpoint in the game !

Be careful Bowser Jr. doesn't fall on the platform your wall jumping to or it is gameover.

Final Battle - Boss - Bowser 1

Run through the level dodging the fire balls, until you reach bowser. If you have a full suit here and don't lose it Kudos to you.

If you happen to die, then your going to be re running this battle and the next one as super mario without a suit. UNLESS you have a stash full of items.

All you, have to do honestly is hit button to make the axe cut the bridge and Bowser will fall in his own lava. The problem is Bowsers jump is very tricky.

This is also the reason why you may get hit at least ONCE during this battle. Then die in part 2 because of getting hit in part 1 !

So yeah, run under him and hit the switch.

Final Battle - Boss - Final Bowser

1. Dodge Fire balls

2. Dodge Bowser Jr.

3. After Dodging Bowser Jr, jump on him.

4. Go inside Balloon Copter.

5. Fly towards Bowser then ground pound on him.

6. Bowser will revert to a giant shell form.

7. Dodge his spins and jumps by running.

8. Rinse and Repeat TWO more time, and then achieve victory.

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