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Three: Sparling Waters

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Watersprout Beach


- Ice Flower

Area Enemies

Bad Crab

(-@) After dodging or defeating two crab enemies. This block will be on the right for an ice flower.

Star Coin #1

(*) After the (-@) ? block, head right and past 3 watersprouts. You should see the first Star coin. Do a double or triple jump to grab it.

(-@) Pass another ? block with an ice flower. Pass some more crab enemies. Then hit the NEXT ? block which contains an ice flower.

Star Coin #2

(**) Right after the latter, wait for the fountain to just begin to sprout. You should see the star coin. If timed right you will be able to run into it.

(o) Red coin loop comes up next. Run into or jump to start the red coin game. Then jump for the first one. Run at top speed down the water sprout's for the rest of them and a 1UP!


After the red coins, we should run right into the Checkpoint flag. Run through it.

(-@) Continue onward passed some watersprouts. Eventually you will come to another ? block with ice flower.

Star Coin #3

(***) Head past the ? block, run into a POW block. There are 5 watersprouts here. Make sure to hit the POW block, so the Star Coin will land in the CENTER sprout. Then collect it.

(1) Do some platforming, over the piranha plants and try triple or double jumping into the level flag for the nice 1UP!

Tropical Refresher


- Fire Flower Suit

Area Enemies


Cheep Cheep's

(I) Small coin cache up above the entrance level pipe.

(@) Fire flower block at start of the water level.

(I) Hit all yellow pipes for coin bonuses.

Star Coin #1

(*) This one is a little confusing. It is past 2 YELLOW pipes. Then it is a YELLOW pipe in between TWO red pipes. Keep swiming into the yellow pipe. Wait a few moments and the Star Coin will come out. Grab it quickly.


Your going to have to pass a ton of cheep's and sea urchins. Best to have power up suit, since fire suit is abundant in this level use that. You may also want to START with an invincable star, after the Checkpoint for ease.

Star Coin #2

(**) Go Pass the check point, then pass all the RED pipes. Pass the first giant purple sea urchin. BEFORE the green pipe. There is a platform you CAN swim under. There will be a ? switch under it. Hit the switch and the star coin will drop NEAR the GREEN PIPE !!! Be quick !

Star Coin #3

(***) For this one your going to have to go down the green pipe. We just talked about it before. Go down it, and hit the ? block for an invincible star. Then exit via the pipe on the right.

Swim up and hit the next ? block, if your invincible then this box will hold the star as well. Grab it and head right until the next green pipe. Go Down it and kill the GIANT purple urchin. Below him is the Final Star Coin of the level.

(1) For the end of the level there will be tons of cheep's AND bloopers and maybe an urchin or two. Fire balls work nicely. Then triple jump on your way out over the pipes to the end flag.

Giant Skewer Tower


- Flying Squirrel Suit

+ This is useful for the star coins in the level. It also makes the end of the level much easier. The problem is losing it. Try to keep it the whole way for an easier time. Also NOTE there is only ONE of these in the level and if your small mario, you will only get a super mushroom. Every other item ? block is a fire flower.

- Fire Flower Suit

Area Enemies

Skeleton Koopa

Giant Skeleton Koopa

Giant Skewers

Star Coin #1

(*) Start off the level by jumping on the MUSIC notes and head, into the pipe. From there swim up past the two ? blocks and make your way towards the left grate. Swim up it a bit for the first star coin.

Star Coin #2

(**) Head up from star coin 1, then swim RIGHT through the "invisible" wall. Head up and you will see the coin. Use the Squirrel suits hover to grab it OR, run and jump from the other side.


Make your way up being PATIENT of the giant skewers. Head up and up past some skeleton koopas. You will see a green pipe. Although to the LEFT is a hidden wall with a red pipe. Go up it and you will see the Checkpoint flag.

(I) If you notice from the red pipe, there will be a POW button. Hit the pow button to make a bunch of BLUE coins appear. They count as normal coins, but are only avaible to collect for a short while.

(^ ^) You can get the SQUIRREL suit in the left ? block near the skeleton koopa above the music notes. I suggest grabbing it definitley.

Star Coin #3

(***) You should see it guarded by a giant skewer. Use the Squirrel suit to grab it and make things easier. If you do NOT have the suit, your going to have to Run and jump for it, which could be dangerous :o

Giant Skewer Tower Mini Boss

For this battle right before you get there can be TOUGH. I hope you have the squirrel suit to help hover over the skewer areas. If not at least have a level 3 item, EXAMPLE: fire flower, ice flower and the like.

You also want to be super mario or higher for the battle just incase. Small Mario takes one shot he is dead, and its likely to happen in this battle if you mess up.

Haunted Shipwreck


- Fire Flower Suit

Area Enemies


Boo Party

Homing Bone Fish

+ Boos only move when your not looking at them.

(@) Start off by running right, through the water and then go through the wall. Inisde the wall will be a ? Block with either a super mushroom or a fire flower.

Star Coin #1

(*) Note in this area there are TONS of fake walls. Continue right pass the sign and just run all the way to the end. You should be in water, but there will be another fake wall. Go all the way to the right then up you will see the Star Coin.

To get it, you must jump through the wall from the moving square platform. Time your jump and do so and collect the star coin.

(@) In the next room jump Down into the boo party where the ? block is. DO NOT hit any of them you will take damage. Pick up the fire flower if you need one.

Star Coin #2

(**) Head right and up dodging the Boo's and the bone fish. You should see the star coin above. Play it cool and snag it with some skills and jumps.

Star Coin #3

(***) Exit the area by heading up and to the right, go through the green door. Jump UP through the hidden walls, until your on the 2ND platform. From there gain some speed and jump LEFT. The coin is hidden directly above the green door.

(1) Continue right collecting coins along the way. There is ONLY one enemy and it is in clear sight at the green door. It is a boo, move him away from the door by NOT looking at him. Try and open the door to reveal a fake one. Jump up or kick climb from the right wall. There is the REAL door up top, go through it.

Run Through to the LEFT, to the green pipe and go up it. Follow the arrow to the end level flag.

Above the Cheep Cheep Seas


(*) Invincibility Star

+ You can get these through the entire level. Sometimes it is actually harder to keep one though.

(o) Yoshi

+ Yoshi could make getting a certain star coin much easier read below.

Area Enemies

Flying Cheep Cheep's

(o) Start the level by going up the waterfall and hit the 2nd? block. Yoshi will be inisde hop aboard.

Star Coin #1

(*) Star Coin will be in plain sight. although you must run over a bunch of dounut blocks to get it.


Keep platforming through the level trying to stay high at all times to avoid cheep cheep's. Do this until the Checkpoint flag.

(o) To the right of the check point flag is ANOTHER Yoshi egg

use it to get yoshi.

Star Coin #2

(**) Right near the yoshi egg, will be a star coin. You should see it next to the water sprout. Wait for the sprout to go DOWN, then run and grab it and come back up. Then continue onwards.

Star Coin #3

(***) This is the HARDEST one to get in the level. If you have Yoshi it may help. Run past a few of the obstacle platforms. You should see a short green pipe to the right. Your going to have to run and jump for it and do a spin at the end for extra distance. You can also use Yoshi's hover, Or even launch off Yoshi. Note, keeping Yoshi in this level can be difficult.

Go down the pipe. You will see a POW block. Jump over platforms and pick it up then throw it. The Star coin will drop on one of the platforms. Get it before it falls. then up via the right pipe.

(1) Now there will be a TON of cheep cheep's. Be quick and i suggest being at LEAST super mario. You may get hit so try and time your jumps with the waterfalls. Eventually into the end level flag.

Urchin Shoals


(.) Mini Mario

+ Necessary for ALL star coins

- Fire Flower Suit

Area Enemies

Purple Urchin

Red Koopa

Giant Urchin

(@) Start off the level,head right over the urchin and first ? block will be a fire flower.

Star Coin #1

(*) There will be a brown block. Ground pound it. A Mini Mushroom will drop. QUICKLY stand to make the dounut blocks fall down and grab the mushroom.

Run to the right, into the water with the line of coins. At the end will be the FIRST star coin. Althought CONTINUE RUNNING! Up the watersprout !

Star Coin #2

(**) Continue up the water sprout. Then Run up the pipe.Go through the mini area and collect the next star coin.


This is difficult because you are mini mario, and have only ONE health bar. Just be careful and patient. Dodge the urchins and hit that Checkpoint flag you will need it.

(@) Right past the Checkpoint flag will be either a super mushroom or fire flower. Then continue past all the giant purple urchins.

Star Coin #3

(***) The Final star coin, your going to need the red koopa shell. So get one from the nearby koopa. Time your throw so you can clear out all the purple urchins. ESPECIALLY the urchins guarding the pipe entrance to the left. The Star Coin is inside it.

Once clear, run across the water sprouts and enter the pipe. Swim through the giant purple urchins and collect it. Then exit via the pipe on the right.

(@) Pick up the super muchroom or fire flower, if you need in the next ? block.

(1) Then begin to pick up speed triple jumping over dounuts and on dounut blocks to the End LEVEL FlaG !

Dragoneel's Undersea Grotto

(@) Start off going through the tunnel. Head right to the ? Block for the fire flower.

Star Coin #1

(*) You should see this one right away, the only problem is be careful of the dragon eel. He appears right here. Be patient and let him circle around you so you can grab it and not take damage.


To the check point is pretty simple, especially with fire balls. Shoot the cheeps and go through the water thurusting pipes to speed things up. Hit the flag.

Star Coin #2

(**) Right in view. Although to the left is a ? Block. I suggest SAVE it, because you need Super mario to break the brown blocks to get the star coin.

(o) Continue onward to the red loop ring. Make a loop around all 8 coins to get the 1UP!

Star Coin #3

(***) Another easy one, right in sight. Take the RED pipe and go down it. Be quick and drop down to the star coin, before the eels come at you. Then quickly back up the pipe.

(1) For the level end flag, be at least super mario incase you get yet, as the area gets smaller and the eel is so big it can do damage to mario.

Sparkling Waters SECRET

Go To the Haunted Shipwreck, ghost house level.

Go all the way towards the end of the level, near the Arrow Sign. NOTE this is the room with ALL the hidden walls and star coin # 3.

From the arrow sign, run and jump left then wall kick Into an area that has a green door. Go thorugh collect the coins, then come out the red pipe.

From there just run across and hit the end level flag. This will bring you access to secret level Skyward Stalk.

Skyward Stalk


- Flying Squirrel Suit

+ This is the suit of the level, It drops often, try and keep it.

Area Enemies

-Flying Squirrel's

-Para Koopas

(^ ^) Start off the level picking up the super mushroom or squirrel suit then jump up the bean stalk leaves.

Star Coin #1

(*) You will see this shortly after collecting the red coins from the red loop. Pick it up easy , its on the LEFT side.

Star Coin #2

(**) Be on the lookout for this one. Hopefully you got the Squirrel suit. It is hidden behind a thick cloud on the LEFT side of the screen.

Star Coin #3

(***) This one is in plain sight on the right side of the screen. Just float with Squirrel suit to get it. You can also hop on one of the ballon floating goombas.

(1) After the last star coin, head up just a bit more. Run through to the easy end level flag.

Larry's Torpedo Castle


Ice Flower Suit is the abundant suit of the level





This level has the classic fences from super mario world for the SNES. It also brings back the first level with the "torpedo" classic enemy. Best castle yet in my opinion.

Star Coin #1

(*) Head right until you see the first star coin. There will be some of the retro fire jets guarding it. Time your wall kick so you can make it without getting hit.

Star Coin #2

(**) Star Coin number 2 is in plain sight. It is in the 2nd room, where the underwater torpedos are. Be patient. Dodge the torpedos and swim quickly underneath the nook in the floor to grab it.

Star Coin #3

(***) The 3rd star coin is in the last room before the boss. It is up above the center fence, where the line of 5-6 coins are sitting. Just climb up and you will find the Star. Note the wall is invisible.

(1) Continue right through to the boss Door. If you need a flower, there is a fire flower in a block hidden to the right.

Larry Battle

Be careful after you hit him, due to his spin attack. The watersprouts make this more difficult.

Just jump on his head and make quick work of him. Wall kick off walls helps when he is spinning in his shell which is the only problem.

I killed him so quick, I don't think he has another other attacks. Other then a magic wand shot.

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