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Follow the dark path or use the light
New Super Mario Bros. U Pack Shot

New Super Mario Bros. U

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New Super Mario Bros U Walkthrough and Guide

Four: Frosted Glacier


Spinning Star Sky


- Flying Squirrel Suit

+ Use it for the star coins in this level, it makes things much easier.

Area Enemies

Red Parakoopas
Black pacs

+ Black packs Can we walked or ran across when using an invincible star.

(^ ^) Start off at the first ? block and pick up the Squirrel suit.

Star Coin #1

(*) Run until you see a flying red para koopa. If you have the Squirrel suit just HOVER up to grab it. You can also jump on the Koopas head. If still having trouble, the next ? block contains a Squirrel suit.

Star Coin #2

(**) Run until you see a lone brown block. DO NOT hit it yet. Run past it and then use the squirrel suit, to hover to the block from the other side. Jump and hit it to reveal a (Y) beanstalk.

Climb up the beanstalk, then jump across the stars, until you reach the next star coin.


Right after star coin# 2 will be an easy Checkpoint. Grab it you may need it.

(o) Green coin loop up ahead over some black pac enemies. Grab them all for an item or a 1UP !

Star Coin #3

(***) Run until you see a red koopa and a slope similar to the Star Coin #1 area. There will be some black pacs on the floor. Use the squirrel suit to hover into a hidden cave.

There will be a brown block, hit it for an invincible star. Grab it and then you can RUN across all the black pacs. Keep running until you reach the Star coin.

(1) After the coin, hover or jump across a few more stars to the end level flag.

Cooligan Fields


Area Enemies

Chill Penguins

+ These guys slide across the floor back and forth. Best taken out with the fire flower.

([email protected]) Ice flower in first ? block. This is the item of the level.

Star Coin #1

(*) It is right in view on the floor. There will be some penguins you can freeze the penguins with the ice flower. Then grab the star coin.


There will be a very very long trek, to the next star coin. Make sure you get the Checkpoint. Keep an extra suit for more health. You will be running and dodging a ton of penguins.

(o) After the Checkpoint will be a red coin loop. Run right and keep jump going on to grab them all for a 1UP!

Star Coin #2

(**) Finally you will come across an area with 2 pipes and a line of brown blocks. You will NEED super mario to break the blocks. Pick up the ice flower inside after breaking the blocks. Then wall kick your way UP to the star coin.

Star Coin #3

(***) For this one your going to need a penguin to hop on. You can also use the squirrel suit, but i do not recommend wasting one.

The star coin is up top, you must reach the brown platform. Hop on a penguin to do so. Then jump across the blocks to the Star Coin.
* There will be TONS of penguins on the floor in this area.

(1) Finally avoid the penguins sliding everywhere. Then jump into the end level flag.

Freezing Rain Tower

Star Coin #1

(*) This one is on a slope to the left end wall. Run across at full speed and make sure not to get hit by the freezing rain drops.

Star Coin #2

(**) Star coin # 2 is in plain view. Although you must be QUICK to get it. Jump to make the icicles fall, then quickly jump back run grab the coin and run back out before you get crushed.

Star Coin #3

(***) After the ? Block there is a hidden wall to the left. Once inside wall kick to grab the final star coin.

Freezing Rain Tower Mini Bobs

Basically the same as the other Mini Boss battles with a.k.a. Boom Boom. Jump on his head 3 times. Be careful and have a suit just in case.

Prickly Goombas


Fire Flower

Area Enemies

Prickly Goombas
Piranha Plants
Fire Bro's

Star Coin #1

(*) This one is a bit of a walk. You might want to use an invincible star to get through the enemies. Up until you reach a pipe with 3-4 goombas. Shoot them with fire then head up the pipe. Grab the star coin and exit via right pipe.


Right after star coin number 1. Run thorugh it there will be ? block with fire flower as well.

Star Coin #2

(**) Right after the check point, you should see some coins. the coins lead to a secret cave, with a yoshi block inside. Hit it and grab the Yoshi. Be careful of the Fire Bro as he might knock you off Yoshi.

There is a little bridge like platform, hover with yoshi into the green pipe. You can bounch on the prickly goombas to the star coin # 2.

Star Coin #3

(***) Right in view after star coin # 2. Just hover with yoshi to grab it.

(1) Then slide across the level, using yoshi dodging the piranha plants along the way, into the end level flag.

Scaling the Mountain Side


Ice Flower Suit

Area Enemies

Bullet Bills
Red Koopas

Introducing the classic bullet bills ! Annoying you and me since 1985 !

([email protected]) Start off the level dodging some koopas and bullets to the ice flower ? block.

(^ ^) You should see a gap with some coins. Wall kick to collect the coins. Some brown blocks will appear. Scale the blocks, then it will reveal a squirrel suit block. Hit it for the suit. This will help out a ton with the level.

Star Coin #1

(*) In plain sight just jump to get it, or hover with the squirrel suit.

Star Coin #2

(**) Right near a bunch of bullet bills. It is easy to see like #1. Hover with suit, or just jump ontop of a bullet bill to grab it.

Star Coin #3

(***) This was the hardest one to find. It is in a hidden hole near some bullet bills. The hole is above a bullet bill your going to have to hover using squirrel suit, OR hop on some bullet bills to get into the aclove with the star coin.

(o) Right after that you will run into a red coin loop. Collect the coins if you wish for a 1UP !

(1) The red coins lead into the end level flag. There will be some HUGE bullet bills along the way.

Icicle Caverns


Fire Flower Suit

Area Enemies

Shell Beatles

(@) Start off by dodging the icicle that falls and enter the pipe. Run until you reach the first ? block .

(@) Slide or hop your way through some shelled beatles. Eventually you will run into another fire flower ? block. *!

Star Coin #1

(*) Right after collecting the fire flower just keep running right. An Icicle should fall, but you will be inside the wall. inisde is star coin # 1, then jump out .

(o) You will now be near a red coin loop. Collect them all for a 1 up. Running your way to the check point, which is MUCH NEEDED !


Make sure you get this Checkpoint if you want all stars.

Star Coin #2

(**) Keep running right past the Checkpoint, until you reach an Icy Hammer Bro. Notice the pipe above him. Without the squirrel suit, we have to hop on his head into the pipe.

Once inside the pipe, notice the star coin. Wait until the icicles fall then jump to grab it.

Star Coin #3

(***) This one is in plain sight at the END of the level. So run through everything as fast as possible, until you get to the green exit pipe. The Coin is up above just jump to grab it.

(1) After the coin proceed to end level flag to finish the level.

Swaying Ghost House + SECRET

+ This Level is pretty confusing puzzle wise, so I am going about it a little different then normal.

Star Coin #1

It is in sight, yet it seems the wall is stopping us from grabbing it.

Hit the P block, THEN run through the wall. You will pick up Star Coin # 1.

Finally, Hit P block again and make your way to the door at the very far left.

Star Coin #2

In the next room go through the top door on the right. This will bring us to Room 3.

In room 3, hit the P block near the green door. Then jump to the green door on the left.

Notice in this room the coins, move with us. Hit the P block, and they will turn to stone. Keep running all the way to the end. Then see the star coin and quickly grab it, before time runs out. Exit through the green door.

We will now be back in room 3. Hit the P block AGAIN, except this time run to the right wall below the green door. Another green door ! go inside.

Star Coin #3

... and Secret Exit !

This drove me crazy ! Hit the P block to the right. THEN ! jump down and run through
the wall on the right under the P block.

This brings us to a room with an arrow sign pointing UP. There is also a P block. Hit it then you will notice the blocks move with you as you jump.

Jump as fast and as high as you CAN. Jump ABOVE the green door. Then jump up into the center wall which reveals another hidden green door. Go inside.

This is the secret room, with secret exit + star coin. I suggest being quick here. Hit the P block and make your way towards the green door at the end. Wall jump quickly into the Star coin. Finally go through the green door.

From there, you can hit another P block. Or just run through straight to the end level flag. This will open up the secret level, Fliprus Lake.

Fliprus Lake


Ice Flower Suit

Area Enemies

Red Koopa
Pirnaha Plants w/Spikes

([email protected]) Pick up the first ? block for the ice flower.

Star Coin #1

(*) Dodge a piranha plant that is blowing a spike ball. Next to it will be a red koopa. Jump ontop the platform and grab the star coin.

(1UP) Run past a solo brown block that contains a 1UP!
You will need a koopa shell to knock it loose.

Star Coin #2

(**) Next star coin is right above the fliprus. Hop on his head to get on the platform and enter the green pipe. Defeat the TWO fliprus and run into the star coin for #2.

([email protected]) Run into another ? block for another ice flower.

Star Coin #3

(***) Right after the ice flower, will be the floating platform. Wait until it goes up HIGH enough, for you to jump through an invisible wall to the right. Inisde the wall is the final star coin of the level.

(1) Head right and dodge the fliprus and thier snowballs. Finally reaching the end level flag.

Wendy's Shifting Castle


Ice Flower Suit
Fire Flower Suit

Area Enemies

Giant Thomps
Mini Thomps
Skeletal Koopas

Star Coin #1

(*) Once you get to the area with a ton of falling thomps. Notice that the last thomp reveals a hidden star coin. Time your self and wall kick to grab it.

Star Coin #2

(**) This one is annoying to obtain and it is rather hidden. There will be TWO brown blocks guarded by TWO mini thomps. If you go near block #2 you will fall into a little coin cache.

The trick is to jump onto of the 2nd block. Then jump again to reveal an invisible block. Then jump up that into the green pipe. I suggest having a suit for this.

Finally you will see the star, but its guarded by a bunch of mini thomps. Avoid them and like I said have at least a suit, just in case you take damage. Once you have the star leave the area.

Star Coin #3

(***) This one is thankfully easier then #2. There will be a shifting platform, with some coins pointing down in a line. Go down them and you will see the pipe. Go in it.

Inside will be a giant thomp when he "thomps" you should see the star coin. Grab it quickly, while moving on the platforms. Then leave the area via the entrance pipe.

(1) Continue all the way to the right as fast as possible to avoid the thomps. You will eventually reach the boss door. To the right of the door is a (@) Fire flower block pick it up.

Wendy Koopa~ Boss #4

Wendy Has One basic attack. She will cast magic rings that float up to the ceiling. They can also damage mario. Also they will make the icicles drop when hit by the rings.

Once hit, Wendy will revert to rolling shell form. The Floor is also icy which makes things more difficult.

Best tactic I found was to hit Wendy, Right after she is done spinning in her shell. This will stop her from casting the loop spell. It is also the fastest way of taking her down.

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