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Superstar Road

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Spine Tingling Spine Coaster

These star coins are all in sight and easy to obtain.

Avoid the invincible stars, this is not like the first coaster level. You will NOT need a star to get all star coins.

Fire mario is a great means of taking out the fuzzies. Try and keep him. At the end it gets a little rough with all the fuzzy enemies. Try and be patient at the very end not moving is the most useful tactic.

Run For it

Star Coins 1+ 2

1. Number one is easy just ground pound too it. Although make sure not to smash all the blocks or you will fall.

2. Star coin # 2 is right above a green para koopa. Wait until you can gain enough height by jumping on his head into the star coin.

Star Coin #3

#3 is strange. You must stand on the brown block near the 3 coins. Listen to the music closely this is a rough one.

Swim For your life

I Recommend using the penguin suit here to make things easier. You can get one from one of the nearby Toad House mini games.

All of these are in plain sight. Although for the ones covered by Urchins you will have to use the fish and make him knock them out.

Hammer Swing Caverns

Star coin 1 is up in an aclove above 2 swinging hammers near the start of the level. Just wall jump up the invisible wall to grab it.

You need squirrel mario for this one. Notice a green pipe after riding a hammer all the way to the right. Go inside the pipe and grab the coin.

Star coin # 3 is right in sight as well. Hover up to it with Squirrel mario.

Spining Platforms of Doom

(*) Star coin one is in sight but your going to have to hover to it with Squirrel mario.

(**) Star Coin #2 is also in plain sight Although you must be good with wall kicking and jumping to grab it.

(***) The final star coin of the level is hidden. You should see a brown block alone. It is below two rows of coins. Ground smash DOWN on it and climb down it.

To the right is an invisible wall. Inside is a warp pipe. Go inside then wall jump in there to the star coin.

Fire Bar Cliffs

1. Number 1 star coin is in view, dodge the fire bars to grab it.

2. # 2 star coin: Look for an indent in the wall to the left. You should know what hidden walls look like by now, without even going through them yet.

If still confused it is near a large lone fire bar and to the left. Go inside for a warp pipe. The warp pipe Will lead to a dangerous area with a fence. Be careful and cross the fence to the star coin.

(***) Star coin number 3 is towards the end of the level. You should see a THREE line fire bar, to the left of it is an inivisble wall with a warp pipe. Go inside. Follow the fire bars without getting hit to star coin # 3

Lakitu, Lakitu, Lakitu

Star coins one and two or in view. All you need to do is play it cool, and wall jump for them.

The 3rd star coin is Hidden halfway, although you should be able to see it. You will need a Lakitu cloud to grab it though.

Pendulum Castle

First star coin is in sight. Drop down a dounut and be quick back up it so you don't die.

Second star coin is right at the end of the donut line except its up the wall inside a pipe. So wall jump right to left to a pipe on the right side. Go inside the pipe.

Inside here Move to the end dodging the pendulum. You must get the ? block with an invisible star to get the 2nd star coin safely.

The 3rd star coin makes Mario hit the P button in sight. Hit it to make a bunch of red blocks appear. Although there will be a pendulum and a time limit. So be quick and careful.

Follow That Shell

Throw the first red koopa shell to the right so you open up a path to star coin # 1.

Star Coins 2 + FINAL !!!!

There will be a red koopa near an arrow sign pointing right. Throw him across the gap. Follow it and once it reaches the 2ND layer of blocks. Hit the Nearby middle brown block to REVEAL a P button.

Hit the P button so the shell picks up the star coin for you. Timing is key as well as practice. IF you did this correctly the shell will keep moving AND hit a block revealing a bean stalk. The stalk leads to star coin # 3.

This is the FINAL star coin of the game so congratulations !

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